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Gossip Girl Loves Kings of Leon

Gossip Girl Loves Kings of Leon

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr head into Avenue restaurant and lounge on Monday night (September 15) in New York City.

The Gossip Girl couple was accompanied by co-star Chace Crawford, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, and the hit band Kings of LeonCaleb Followill with girlfriend Lily Aldridge, Jared Followill, Nathan Followill with his girlfriend Jessie Baylin and Matthew Followill (not pictured).

KoL performed a concert at NY’s Nassau Coliseum earlier in the evening. Chace, Ed and Jess stood up the entire time in the first row. Taylor Swift was also in the audience.

During “Sex on Fire,” spotted Ed kissing Jess on the lips and lifting her off her feet while hugging her. So cute!

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  • Marie

    Good taste in lusic =)

  • meee

    Lol what’s with all these celebs hopping on the KoL bandwagon? bet they didn’t even know who they were before this album. too bad they’re sell outs now

  • jazmin

    @meee: i agree

  • Morgan

    I completely agree! I was definitely one of their fans before all of the celebrities got their hook of obsession over the Kings of Leon!

  • Hrh

    Feels like a Robsten moment all over again, esp. during “Sex on Fire”… hmmm… But, KOL rocks regardless!

  • Hrh

    @meee: They’re not sell outs until they get their songs on a soundtrack or commercial… and I don’t think they’ll get to that anytime soon.

  • Bianca

    well, i think that nathan IS ACTUALLY PICTURED, w/ his gorgeous gf Jessie Baylin!
    The ones which are not pictured are Matthew and gf Johanna!;D

    btw, i love kol. i tooootally love kol.

  • mary

    Ive never seen Gossip Girl in my life… Is it a good tv serie???

  • emilie

    It’s Nathan with the long hair, not Matthew. lol

  • dante

    you people are so stupid with this crap about being sell outs, what does that mean, so throughout music history the greatest most popular bangs were all sell outs, it’s like you people are desperate to pretend your cool, like really what are KOL doing, jingles for McDonald’s, pathetic losers don’t like them any more then shut up and find some other band that you think has attained your standards in obscurity.

  • ???

    Is Jared still with his girlfriend?

  • jazmin

    @mary: hell yeah

  • Lucy

    Why are they sell outs because people like their music? They’re only cool when their unknown? Even though their music doesn’t change? That bugs the shit out of me when people say that.

  • Katlynn

    Since when does being popular make you a sellout?

    When KoL start selling action figures, lunchboxes, and make an exclusive deal with Walmart to distribute their next record (like KI$$), then you can call them sellouts. Til then, just accept that they’re not your pocket band anymore.

  • hating on, but u gotta admit

    Hate Ed and Jess, separately, together, whatever, they’re fug, separately, together, whatever, like really fug look at them in that photo, they look like they’re high. But gotta say, I LOVE KoL!!! And JT’s a cool guy.

  • Paulie

    She looks like Natalie Larue, I’m sure nooooone has any idea who I’m talking about!

  • Svetlana

    I think just Josh Harnett was KoL’s fan before the hype. Now every celebrities claims to be their fans. Sorry for my bad english

  • pop86

    @Svetlana: Actually Zac Efron was a KOL fan before hype. He known the Followill brothers since he was 14.


    Cross-marketing = when non-competing products collaborate to boost market penetration and increase selling power.

    Witness the product collaboration. Capitalism at its finest.

  • thebest

    Is Jared still with his girlfriend? And all these celebrities and kings of leon is driving me nuts lmao. P.s. Caleb is beautiful lmao.

  • emmaa

    Ey! Justin :) Jessica and Chace are hot.

  • emmaa

    I meant Ed. Haha

  • klana

    Ed looks very hot..<3 and he seems to be a very sweet boyfriend..=) LOVE HIM!!!!

  • darkname

    Where is Alisa?

  • jane

    yo! i’d like to beat an egg quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan, folded around a filling of Caleb. scrambalious!

  • The viceroy

    i wounder what the new KOL album will be called? i suggest ‘Streets of Jamercia’ because it’s five cyilibles.

  • Dave

    KOL are sellouts. Their fourth album is nothing like their first three. Their forth effin blows, and their real fans, the one who knew them from their Youth and Young Manhood days, will agree. They chose to make radio friendly pop tunes. Fine with me if they want a dbag fanbase that listens to top 40.

  • Sue

    Kol have not sold out! It’s funny that no one says Jay-Z is a sell out when he raps on pop songs with girls (and he’s friends with Coldplay). Jay-Z is way more laim & a sell out. I don’t mind bands being called out for things but it’s unfair that other people get away with it

  • JV

    wow get over kings being big now. as soon as any small band gets recognized, everyone thinks they are sellouts.

    also. ummmm jared and ed in a picture would probably make my day

  • JV

    wow get over kings being big now. as soon as any small band gets recognized, everyone thinks they are sellouts.

    also. ummmm jared and ed in a picture would probably make my day

  • interneta pieslēgums

    they look awesome together. :D

  • Alexandra

    I could make a hart attack if i’d seen all this hotties together(the KOL with the guys from gossip girl to)….the boys from KOL are painfully beautiful it’s hard for me to watch them without jumping on stage,I Am really struggling, asnimal instincts are crawling…their music is great-all of it!

  • Fletcher Rhoden

    Looks like there’s a new book about KINGS OF LEON written by a former girlfriend. Not sure, but I think it’ll be the only book about the band, which is odd because they’re so huge and they rock so hard! The prologue is posted on her blog — some pretty damn good writing, I’d say. Could be an awesome read. Not sure when it’s coming out, but since there’s a blog excerpt, one would think it might be sooner rather than later, since KOL have this awesome new album out. I’ll read it, ’cause I dig Nathan and the Kings, but I’ll probably pick up a copy for my sister, who reminds me of the author, for some reason. Anyway, here’s the link:

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