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Jake Gyllenhaal & Constantine Maroulis Shake It Off

Jake Gyllenhaal & Constantine Maroulis Shake It Off

Jake Gyllenhaal greets former American Idol contesttant Constantine Maroulis at the Men’s Final match during the 2009 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Monday (September 14) in Flushing, Queens, New York City.

The pair, along with Jake’s brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard, watched Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro beat out Switzerland’s Roger Federer in five sets, 3-6, 7-6 (5), 4-6, 7-6 (4), 6-2. Sitting behind them was Bruce Willis.

After the match, Federer said, “I’m not too disappointed. I thought I played another wonderful tournament. Had chances to win but couldn’t take it. It was unfortunate. The year has been amazing already . . . got married, had kids (twin daughters). Don’t know how much more I want.”

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jake gyllenhaal constantine maroulis us open 01
jake gyllenhaal constantine maroulis us open 02
jake gyllenhaal constantine maroulis us open 03
jake gyllenhaal constantine maroulis us open 04

Photos: Clive Brunskill/Getty
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  • Tianna

    It’s very interesting to see that after a billion staged photo ops with his beard, Jake still can’t manage to look relaxed and smile so sincerely likes he does when he’s out without the beard around. Reese let him off the leash for the day. When will he wise up and end the showmance?

  • Jen

    Thanks Del Poltro!

    Bye, Arrogant Man!!

  • Kate

    dump the beard !

  • H.

    The man talking to Jake in the second picture is actor, Ebon Moss-Bachrach. He is friends with Peter Sarsgaard and worked with him and Jake’s sister Maggie on the movie High Falls.

  • not_a_strawman

    Seeing is believing.. Jake is definitely not straight!

  • what?

    Constantine Maroulis and Jake Toothy Gyllenhaal ???

  • sally

    Jared i wanted to tell you that the man that is in black in one of those photos that old man is the other latin american (an argentinian too) that won the Us Open…. just for the record.

  • Em

    Is Constantine gay too?

  • innerbeyonce

    That is not Peter Sarsgaard it’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

  • Shelly

    It is Peter. He’s sitting on the other side of Ebon.

  • jazmin

    @Jen: couldn’t agree more, GO DELPO!

  • ANON

    Jake was there with two other guys and this guy with long hair came over and said hello. Lots of famous people were sitting there.

  • Toothy

    @ANON: Check out the smile,
    Jake was very happy to see him!

  • Dee dee

    Tennis balls and men in shorts oh my.

    Jakey never smiles like that for the beard.

  • leslieitis

    Nice to see Jake looking happy for a change. Haven’t seen that for quite some time.

  • leslieitis

    Have to add what I said on previous post: compared to Jake ten years ago, the charm has all drained out of him. He was a happy kid, sweet and innocent, when he started out, but being in the movies has hardened him up. I suspect what happens to almost all movie stars is that they use up their natural store of feelings in acting, and finally nothing much is left. That’s why so many turn to drink and drugs for their feelings, to make up for what acting has drained out of them.


    OMG! That Greek guy is one ugly dirty looking man. Jake looks great. For all of you who are calling him ‘gay’, where’s your proof? You got pictures? Don’t call people names when you’ve got no proof. What a bunch of a**wipes you are.





    @Dee dee:

    And you know this because you like watching women in short skirts and tits flying all over the place? Maybe YOUR a closet gay gal.

  • slambang

    Jake looks gorgeous! I love seeing him smile!!

  • Jake is gay

    @ROCKY: Yes, we got pictures.

  • Les


    Would love to see your proof that this man is gay. Don’t insult my intelligence by saying some gossip columnist said so – or my friend saw something. Where is your iron clad proof? If you don’t have any, quit your libelous comments. You sound like a jealous hag.

  • gay is ok

    @Les: Libelous comments ?!?
    You sound like a stupid homophobe.

  • whortenia

    @Les: Jake has to be gay or else when I think of what he does to Reesy in bed I get sickywicky and vomitty and my head begins to spin and I have to lie down and then up it comes….up up up…oh it’s so awfullywaffley when it does and then…here it comes…oh oh oh… aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhaaaa. oh I feel so baddy waddy I just have to go lie down and take something and maybe I can make those terrible images go away…..this is why he’s got to be gay and in a fomance……

  • fabrizio

    Aguante Del Potro Carajo!

    Y jake hermoso como siempre =)

    Para cualquier argentino que quiera hablar:

  • In His Element

    Jake glows and exudes sex and charisma when he’s around men. 5 million pics from the last 3 years of photo-ops with Reese and not one of them has the charisma and glow that these few tennis pics have. Not one.

  • Good job Jared

    So great to see a Jake story without Just Jared doing publicity for the beard by talking about her, her kids, her divorce, her Avon crap, her current movie being filmed or her upcoming projects.

  • jane

    hmm jake is not a good actor but he is beautiful lose the 5:00 shadow

  • bonnie

    I think ever since Broke Back Mountain came out a lot of unsure people about themself have said that Jake and Heath are gay men.Heath and Jake made a great movie!!!!Heath went on with his life with Michelle and Matilda. Jake went on with his life with Reese and her kids.Jake and Heath are both great actors. I think about Heath a lot and know what a great actor and person we have lost. It makes me very happy to see Jake smile since they had become very good friends and i am sure he thinks about his friend everyday. These two men always had beautiful women by their sides,so get a life about them being gay. Maybe you should check your unsure sexual preference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • bonnie

    I don’t know why reese popped up at the end.

  • Henriette

    So how come when somebody says so-and-so is straight, nobody demands photos, forensic evidence, DNA samples, stained blue dress, etc. Oh, right… being legally married is proof. I forgot. My bad.

  • Dee dee

    @whortenia: yay it’s back (((wartinea)))

  • Bobbie

    @bonnie: LOL since when was Brokeback Mountain released in 2002?!

  • just saying

    Why do you even bother with his sexual life i mean that is so stupid you have your own life. Some of you are so anxious to prove his homosexuality.

  • thelastrealmenfoughtinww2

    Now if he could just get some talent to go with his arrogant nature. A couple movies and their gods to so many. Sad.

  • PeePee


    I think you just hit the nail on the head, (esp with Dedodedodedodedo). Truth hurts I suppose!.

  • whortenia

    Reesyweesy to Jakeypoo: oh what will I do if you go away to the game and leave me here alone?
    Jpoopy to Rweesy: You’ll have to use this while I’m gone (pointing to a dildo).

  • whortenia

    If I could be sure that she used a dildo I’d be so much happier. Then I wouldn’t have those terrible images of his thingy going into her wingy and then copcopcopcopcopcopcop u lationnnnnnn on and on and on…..oh I am getting sickywicky just thinking about it. I feel faintywainty. AND sickywicky…..oh got to keep it all down. Got to lie down. Rest restrest……

  • wartwart

    ^^ it rubs the lotion on its skin…and feels sickywicky

  • whortenia

    Nooooooooooo,……………the lotion makes me feel vomittywommity.

  • whortenia

    JJ is not paying attention to Trannydan. He needs to update his Trannydan (Radcliffe) page. Tdan is quite busy with this and that and we need to be able to poke fun at him. We’ve poked so much fun at Jake he’s all full of holes by now. We need a new target. Trannydan is it.

  • melinda

    jake is very handsome like usually.
    by the way, bruce willis is not bad too.

  • melinda

    jake is very handsome like usually.
    by the way, bruce willis is not bad too.

  • whortenia

    Jpoop is a bore. The only thing people have to wonder about him is whether he does it to Reesy or not. Is he or isn’t he? Does he do it or doesn’t he? Boooooorrrrrrrrinnnnng. Do you think you can tell a gay by looking at his picture? Many seem to think so. LOL

  • whortenia

    Let’s start some other stuff about him for discussion fun. Is he a secret terrorist? He is very very liberal….eeeeekkkkk…that is so awful and nobody knows where he lives. His residence is secret as far as I know. So what is he up to? You can usually find out where most celebrities live if you search enough. but not Jpoop. He seems to live in outer space or something.

  • Dee dee

    @jane: he is beautiful, and can keep the 5:00 shadow, but needs to kick the beard to the curb

  • whortenia

    @Dee dee: But she probably gives him room and board. GigoloJake first lived at Dunst’s place. When that fell through he moved somewhere temporarily, I would think, and then when Reese appeared he moved in with her. He gets room and board for services performed I would think. The only explanation that makes sense.

  • whortenia

    Most movie stars spend all their money on houses. Jake doesn’t even own a house, as far as I know. So what does he do with his money? Either he doesn’t make much or else he must have a BIG portfolio of stocks or an ENORMOUS bank account. That’s a bit mystery. Where is Jake’s money?

  • En(e)ma Wattsunny

    Here is Jake in Lego form:,,20307832,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    Flattering to say the least. The real thing doesn’t look half as good.