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Kate Gosselin's New Haircuit Makes Waves

Kate Gosselin's New Haircuit Makes Waves

Kate Gosselin debuts a new wavy do on her second day as guest cohost on The View on Tuesday (September 15).

“You have a new hairstyle. It’s a first!” said Barbara Walters. Added co-host Joy Behar, “It looks cute!”

Kate credited the show’s glam team for her new look, saying, “Your girls back there, woo baby! Isn’t it cute?”

On The View, Kate got to interview Taylor Swift. On Kate‘s way back to her hotel, she was seen holding an autographed picture of Taylor, which read “I love Hannah, Leah and Alexis!! <3 Taylor.” (Those are Kate‘s girl sextuplets.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s new haircut — HOT or NOT?

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  • jk

    anything different than her old hair cut is great!

  • Kate bosselin

    i loved how sherri cut her off how many times today lol

  • Sande

    Who cares?? I don;t. She should be home with her kids instead of trying to be a movie star wannabe. Doesn’t she realize that her only claim to fame is because she had a litter?? Thats it. Now go away.

  • mike

    yeah but what did the back look like? lol thats prob why she sat in the center so nobody could see the ugly shaved back part

  • Paulie

    Ugh. She is loathsome. When are her 15 minutes up?

  • lisa harris

    It is refreshing that she has a new hairstyle but Patrick Swayze dies and no one cares.. what do you have to do to get a drug
    addict like Michael and DJ Adams …just because you die of natural
    causes it is refreshing …Yes her hair is a lot better… She does not
    go out like her ex does doing the night club scene so why go away
    her ex should go away..and take his girlfriend with him..

  • Cathey

    What difference does it make what her hair looks like. She is still making money off of her children. Her and that loser soon to be ex husband Jon Dumb A**!

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tatiana

    Shes got beautiful children. I love those half chinese eyes awww so cute!!!

  • River

    This hairstyle is a huge improvement for Kate – it does so much for her face. Say bye-bye to the rooster Kate!

  • Tealeaf

    So much better then that other crappy style

  • wtf

    WHY this b1tch is on TV anyway?! She is a NOBODY!

    Oh… I forgot… this is America. Money talks bull5hit walks.


    Why do you say she’s trying to make money off of her kids by being on the show? Do you see them on the show? Leave her alone. At least she’s trying to support them on her own. What the hell is Jon doing? Nothing! Just bang’n his latest crack ho.

    And her hair looks nice. It’s a softer look on her.

  • http://justjared precious

    I Love Kate, I am a woman also and I can admire someone who can
    go through a storm and doesn’t allow it to control her. Kate looked so beautiful with this new hairstyle it does show what a beautiful lady this woman is! Take care Kate, and God continue to bless your beautiful life, because rather you know it are not you are truly blessed. Things happen for a reason, and these things we cannot change. Keep you head up!

  • Zoe

    I actually thought she’s really good on the show. She’s obviously very intelligent and sounds articulate unlike her stupid ex. who all I ever hear is him WHINING. They should keep her on.

  • Cindy Loo

    I admire how she does take the high road and doesn’t go around bashing her ex unlike Jon who only seems to care about Jon.

    I only saw a clip of her on the show and she sounded good. Liked the hair much better too!

  • Lauren

    This looks great, especially compared to her usual drastic sepration from bob to boy cut in he back.

  • Lauren

    Her hair looked better. Did anyone notice that one of the guitar players for Taylor Swift had the “Kate -do?” He was on the end to the right of Taylor. LOL!!!

  • Right?

    her hair looks great.

  • Toni

    Looks like the same cut with an odd curl to it.

  • fresh

    Someone needs to tell her she’s NOT a celebrity. She’s a loser who puts her kids on tv for fame. Now she’s on book tours and crap and she could care less about her kids unless the cameras are rolling. Cant wait till their 15 minutes is over with.

  • sberry

    HA! notice how she was the one who got an autograph from Taylor Swift. Jon had said how his kids asked him to get an autograph after the awards, and who brings it home…Good’ol MOMMY:) People need to get over the whole Jon and Kate era and accept Kate is making something for herself…I love HATERS! bring it on! You cant rain on my parade…Can someone say NEW CHAPTER! Jon who???

  • Reba

    LOL – Kate “interviewed” Taylor Swift? She asked her one question.
    Dr. Phil totally dissed Kate as well – that was good to see.

  • Tiara

    Much MUCH better

  • anon

    Kate loves being out with her man in NYC. She’s away from the kids, getting attention and she has Steve’s full attention.

  • Kitty

    NO,#12 GoodFKate,and15 Cindy Loo,

    Kate BASHED Jon during the summer.She was telling her story to all who listened.
    Now,Jon is telling his story.

    These people were separated about two yrs.ago,but the S$how must go on.

    NEITHER JON nor KATE is taking the high road.Ift they were taking the high road,they would be living in two houses on the several acreas of property on Gosselin Rd.

    Ummm,making a living,KATE is not making a living for them on her own.
    The 8 kids,which are the marital assests here, are making a living for the Mom,the dad,and themselves.

    Any “work ” KATE or JON does is related to their business,the 8 kids. It is a result of the 8 kids.

    It is rumored Kate and Jon are worth around 10 million.
    That is not counting the money set in trust for the 8 kids.
    I bet the amt. that Jon and Kate are worth is around 3-5 million.

    It would be interesting to see how Jon and Kate divide the assest, which are the 8 kids. The 8kids are the moneymakers.All money,and perks like cohostingThe View,stems from the 8 kids.
    Being onThe View is not work. Jon’s perks of jetsetting,VMA and MTV after parties are all perks of the 8 kids.

    Know what, WE will NOT SEE howJon and Kate divided up and settled financially inTHEIR divorce because they BOTH will keep that PRIVATE!!!!!!!! THEY BOTH will sign on for the 8 kids to be in the media.

    If JON or KATE wanted to,one of them could decide to stop the kids from being on display. CharlieSheen did not sign at first,for Denise Richards to put the kids out on her tv show.
    On Housewives of Atlanta,Lisa Hartwell’s ex,Keith Sweat refused to sign so their two sons CANNOT be on her show.

    I wonder if Kate writes anymore books,now being divorced,if Jon can come in a cut because the book will be based on the marital assets,the 8 kids?

    If the kids do any tv shows, whatever,Jon WILL get his cut as Kate will too.oh the kids will too.

    Jon owns1/2 of the kids.Kate owns 1/2 of the kids.

    It is AMAZING to me how people can see what they want and want is NOT there.It is like our situation now in politics.

  • rhonda

    Kate makes all the girls that have been dumped by a lousy man feel better! For those of us who actually watched the show and have NOT been dumped by a husband, you can see clearly that Kate was mean and abusive and Jon is lucky to have gotten away from her. As soon as the kids are old enough they are gonna run away from her as well.

    Curls always soften, but she’s the same bitch underneath.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i think it’s crazy how people pushed her into celebrity. no reason for anyone to know this womans name.

  • Jen

    It looks good, the other haircut was so horrendous and cheap looking

  • laurie

    Kate looked great today, I say get rid of Sherri and keep Kate on.

  • Kitty

    Rhonda is right.

  • Mary


  • Amanda

    I really like this new hair. She is definetly pretty. I personally love her, and I think she is a great mom.

  • Samantha

    I like this new her style, it is cute! I hope she wears her hair like this more often. I saw today’s episode of The View. I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed very uncomfortable being there.

  • thatsnotmyname



    Why is she on anything?????????????Oh her hair ,yes she has hair,nothing can make her look better,she just not a pretty person inside or out.Bless those children,they have no hope! No one cares about them,no one or they wouldn’t have Kate on any show.

  • Beach Lover

    Hate it and hated the other asymmetric cut, too. She looks greasy, too made-up, her shirt is far too tight on her. I don’t think she realized you had to dress differently with bigger breasts.

    Too thick to be pretty, too much everything. Gigantic teeth, no? Can’t see the goodness for all the ugly seeping out of her pores.

  • alma

    Kate Gosselin is the worst kind of woman.
    she is a vindictive hypocritical fame/money hungry classless b!tch.
    she is a horrible wife, a horrible mother and a horrible “host”
    not to mention her 90′s lesbian hairdo….

  • LB

    Wow, way to go to forget about Cara, Mady and the boys. Just the tup girls? I hope there was more than one autograph in her hand. She hasn’t had showed her motherly side and she has no respect for her children’s needs and privacy. She blabbed about her children’s reactions to the break-up to a national magazine. Now everyone knows and that information is now repeated on several websites. What mother does that? Doesn’t she know her boundaries a parent? She is supposed to shield them from the public eye and protect their privacy. That went out of the window when she flapped her lips to People, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Did they pay her too? Is that called taking the high road, huh? It’s disgusting how she is using her 15-mintue fame. If someone paid her a million dollars, she would do it without batting a eye and squeal like a pig!

    She also just confirmed Jon was telling the truth…they did meet with Dr. Phil. OMG, what the hell for? She can only go to a celebrity pseudo-counselor? Get a life, Kate!

  • kimmie

    kitty i agree…it is amazing how two people can watch the same show and on eof their opinions be completely colored by their hatred.

    it also totally amazes me how someone can take an opinion and/or something they have heard and repeat is as fact.

    simply amazing what hate can do.

  • sberry

    All you Kate Haters are BITTER just like jon. Oh well….the best revenge is Success! Jon is just a poser who cant provide…Time to add another tattoo Jon. this time how’bout a huge L on your forehead LOSER!

  • kimmie

    oh…just in case it wasn’t apparent…i was totally being sarcastic. i think kate looks good, and did with the other hairstyle as well (it is JUST hair people, get over it!).

  • sulu


    Stillllll HIDEOUS…..just like her personality and all her lies and child exploitation.

  • mommy, where are you ?

    She’s as dumb as a bag of doorknobs.

  • sj

    This isn’t a new haircut. She just curled it, lol.

  • mio

    Since when being a crapy mother makes you a celeb?

  • no talent

    What’s Kates “View” on volume azz wiping? tips?, tricks of the trade?

  • sammie

    What’s next for Kate? Penthouse?
    Ugh!! I cant stand to even look at her

  • pp

    Too fem for this angry byatch- Kate digs the butch hair

  • FLO

    @Cindy Loo:
    This witch has been throwing Jon to the wolves since May when they announced the separation. This ho has been on every magazine cover and any tv show that would have her, bad mouthing her kids father. She is media whore who has prostitutee her kids lives for her own gain, while the kids lives spiral apart she has not missed a soundbite or photo op.

  • Bless_the_Beasts

    Steve likes it, and that’s all that matters.