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Kate Gosselin & Paula Deen Talk Show In The Works

Kate Gosselin & Paula Deen Talk Show In The Works

Telepictures Productions, which produces Ellen DeGeneres’ and Tyra Banks’ hit talk shows, is looking to develop a morning show with Kate Gosselin and TV cooking queen Paula Deen.

“They’re looking around and casting for other women to be on the show with them,” one source tells E!‘s Marc Malkin. “But they want all the women to be moms.”

A few months ago, Kate told EW that she would totally do her own show. “There are no mom-centered talk shows,” she told the mag. “I think that would be a very comfortable thing for me.”

WOULD YOU WATCH a talk show with hosts Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen??

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  • cayanne

    Stinky! :( (and you know what I mean)

  • Cassie

    No. That sounds like a horrible idea!

  • MMM

    Paula Deen puts better into EVERYTHING……..therefore I lover. I dont personally know Kate (haters, in general seriously need to get a life) but she seems fitting for the job

  • thatsnotrainonyourleg

    Hahaha! Take a look who Paula Deen shrills for in commercials, do some googling on that pork producer and pollution. Miss Katie Irene and her organic cooking she claims she does going to go with Paula Deen’s brand? Get real, it will be another fraud hoisted on the viewer.

  • mike

    why pair one of the sweetest ladies in television with one of the biggest b@tch’s in television?

  • thatsnotrainonyourleg

    But I do like Paula Deen.

  • sunday

    F*CK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    I would watch only for Paula! Kate is a total cow.
    Who could stand watching her! (PS:get some new tops,
    because those shiny ones are not flattering.

  • justme

    I think it might be fun to watch. I would certainly watch it over The View.

  • t

    definitely better than the ladies on the view

  • ha

    forget journalism school o university. just have 8 kids and yous um quantified to does anything.

  • Jackie

    What’s it going to be called?

    “How to have a bunch of rug rats ARTIFICIALLY and then EXPLOIT them for financial gain and LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE about everything all the way to the bank?”

    Sounds right up Kate’s dark alley!

  • Mary

    I will NOT be watching if Kate is on the show.

  • mandy


    They want ALL the co-hosts to be moms??

    Better get out the artificial insemination gear — and stockpile the eggs.

    That seems to be the only qualification to get on tv…..SICK!

  • Georgia

    I wouldn’t watch anything with Kate in it.

  • Jen

    Paula Deen? In a heartbeat! Kate Gosselin? Not on your life!

    I’m a mom and I have to say that there is absolutely nothing that I could possibly relate to about Kate Gosselin. I suppose if I were a newly-divorced, “single” mom, who drove off her husband, her family and friends all in the name of a buck….then, well yeah….I’d be able to relate to her.

    Keep Paula. Ditch Kate!

  • MMM

    @thatsnotrainonyourleg: WOW that disgusting

  • RaisedGreatKids

    Greatest idea yet! Go Kate Go! Dump Jon!

  • misskitty

    I cannot think of a worse combination of personalities. I wonder if Kate will hit Paula with the spoon as she did Emeril? Paula is a delight – Kate is not. Enough said.

  • wm

    Paula…Yes! Kate…Hell NO!

  • ruthy

    Noooo Paula… don’t associate with that bitch Kate. People hate this woman and with good reason. Paula, please get the box set of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and watch every show before you commit to working with this hyena bitch. She is bad news and she has destroyed relationships right and left in her wake. She is a monster. Please Paula, you are real. Don’t do it!!

  • lisa

    Oh boy!, another show for bored hausfraus. What’s Kate going to talk about? how to badger your husband …….or wipe lots of azz

  • joanne

    Put Kate on Dr. Phil’s show, she can carry his bag and pretend to be a nurse.

  • sara

    Would you GWOPers please go back to your home and stop polluting the rest of the internet with your vile words. You all sure are fascinated with Kate for people who profess to hate her. Name calling is so beneath the rest of us. And stop pretending to be several people by changing your usernames.

    I’d love to see Kate and Paula do a show together! They’re two of the most interesting women on TV. It’s nice to see women who are busy having lives, rather than those who sit at their computers all day bashing others.

  • rhonda

    All I can say is if Paula Deen needs another show so much that she teams up with this bitch, she deserves to lose it all. It’s not worth it Paula! Run, Girl!

  • fresh

    Never in a million years.

  • Reba

    Um, Um. Um, that’s a big NO. After seeing Kate Gosselin on “The View”, I’m sure this show will not come to pass.

  • Annie B

    Paula Deen must have lost her mind to even consider sharing space with that woman.

  • mavis

    You can expect to see a lot of negative comments here, they posted a link to this article at the Kate-hate blog. Hurry up and make up as many user names as you can haters!

    Loved Kate on The View and I can’t wait for her to have her own talk show!

  • Maddy

    There is no way this is true. Paula Deen would not put up with Kate Gosselin – no way.

  • Christy

    Yes, and I’m not a mom…

  • Barb

    - want lots of money Ms. Kate? sell dartboards with your picture on it
    - I’ll take a dozen

  • Anastacia

    I’m sorry Jared, but I do NOT want to see more pics of this ugly, not interesting person again!!!
    boohoo this stuff sucks…

  • http://comcast helen smiley

    I love Paula but will not watch if Kate Gosselin is her co-host – Kate is supposedly “organic” and if you watch Kate’s show – she really doesn’t cook – the crew or not-a-nanny cooks – she’s not home enough to cook.

  • Kitty

    I agree with Rhonda.

    Paula Deen,love her. Yes,she was a single mom of two boys and is self-made.

    KATE is Reg.Nurse. Got into the fame game because of having 6,a litter,after having twins.

    Jon has lost in the income battle with Kate.
    The only income I see him generating for himself is off of the marital assets,the 8 kids.
    Kate’s income,aside their business, the 8 kids,is all hers and all gravy.
    BOTH have made millions for themselves each off of the 8 kids.

    Hey,Octomom should be the other host of the show.
    She has really been left out of themoney deals.

    The Duggars are on baby #19 sand theycould do a segment too.

    The original babymakers,The McCaugleys should have a segment too.

  • haaa

    I’ll bet the sponsors are lining up !!!!
    ..Fleetwood Mobile Homes,,,Mountain Dew,,,,, The Dollar Store.,,,,.Mike’s Fried Pork Rinds…Tat Off tattoo removal…..

  • Faith Lynette

    What a shame…I really like PAULA…I admire her for all she overcame in her earlier years: a basically “unskilled” divorced woman, raising two kids practically on her own, starting her own initial business from scratch, persevering through all the up/down tough times she had, etc… ~ and with a lot of hard work/determination/and NEVER losing site of her children/family—making something positive, successful and wonderful out of her life
    …I admire *NOTHING* about Kate…

  • thatsnotrainonyourleg

    Paula is a survivor, Kate is a greedy narcissist. It will not work.

  • sherri

    I would def watch it. She’s right there is no show based on mom’s. And kate is very natural when it comes to interviewing. I dont know about paula deen.

  • david

    My initial reaction is who is gong to be watching Kate’s kids while she is off being a TV ‘star’? Paula’s kids are grown. How many more things can this person get involved in that takes her away from her kids? She complains about her husband (whether justified or not) yet she is making decisions she claims are for the kids, but in order for her to achieve that she has to neglect the kids. Now I know with her millions she hires help, but that is not the same. They need their mother at this time in their life. They are not the normal family with both parents that might have to work. The kids have to be confused and hurting because two of the people they are looking to the most to be in their lives are absent. Separated families can share the responsiblities. These two parents and Kate in particular seem to think the almighty buck is going to fix everything. It does no good if both parents, especially Mom have to be away from them in order to get it. They need to take the help they have already received and get out of the spotlight and try to repair some of the damage these kids have endurred. Try to turn around the kaos and gie them ALL a little piece and quiet to be able to just spend as much time with each other, with Mom and Dad being civil with each other in front of the kids and getting counseling on how to make this broken family work for the kids sake. With Kate even considering something like this show, it shows where here priorities are. Those tht are trying to put the deal together also have to take some of the blame. They are obviously going for ratings and advertising dollars and they have no interest in the welfare of the kids. They should be ashamed. Child care laws should be put in place to prevent something like this from happening again. If they are already there , then why aren’t they beng enforced?

  • Denise

    Any one of her team of ’round the clock not-a-nannies is better qualified to be on a Mother’s talk show than absent parent Khate.

  • soshesaid


    Totally agree. Love, love, love Paula. She’s as real as they come unlike the other “politically correct answer” Kate.

    Paula loves “REAL” food…. how will that go over with Kate?

  • anon

    Kate should learn how to simplify and downsize her life. It is what happens to many when a divorce happens. Welcome to single motherhood, Kate. Stop expecting sympathy from people constantly so people will give you a talk show or more freebies. She already said she doesn’t make enough money.
    Why isn’t she thankful for what she has? In this economy and what people are going through around the globe, Kate’s whining has gotten damn old.

  • JFS in IL

    I would NOt watch anythign with kate G. in it. She creeps me out.

  • missy

    Well, at least now Kate wouldn’t be getting money off her kids. She’d actually be working. Maybe those kids could finally get off the TV circus they’ve been on for far too long and get back to being kids. Can’t hate Kate for trying to keep money flowing and at least this way the kids could someday be free to be children, I hope..

  • ava rose

    Why is kate famous again? Was she a singer?? A dancer? A popstar? Is she a hollywood actress? ohh wait, she birthed 6 kids and has dreams of being a celebrity!! Ohhh okay!

    Word to the wise:
    - if you want to be a strong woman, disrespect people who don’t listen to your orders
    - find a pushover husband that will wait on you hand and foot and once you make it big, leave him
    - breakups aren’t easy so if you want to have a “civil” one, call the paparzzi, and get them to stalk that no use of man and take pictures of him and random girls
    - if you get the opporunity to have people on your side, play the victim
    - anytime you see a camera, be natural and POSE and be near children. The public loooves that stuff
    - be driven and ambitious – go for your dreams! Go on as many talk shoews and do interviews to get your name out in public more! And ask veterns like “dr. phil” for advice!
    - family members are not important in life – it’s people that are useful to you and once you don’t need them, you can kick them to the curb
    - most importantly, if you wanna be famous, take some fertility treatments and keep them popping!


    I would watch Paula ONLY WITHOUT KATE,Kate is nothing but someone that produced a LITTER and now she lives off of them,She is nothing special and i sure don’t need any advice from her,maybe her nannies could tell us how to raise 6 little Gosselins,Kate sure don’t know how to she’s never there more than a day or two.PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP WITH kATE STUFF PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Paula don’t get mixed up with her,she lies when the truth would be better,Paula please think of your own family,you don;t need her you’re great on your own.

  • just me

    I LOVE Paula but would NEVER watch a show that the b@#%h Kate is on. She’s a horrible person!

  • LuckyL

    Paula Dean only cooks heart-attack inducing and cholesterol raisin’ “Southern” food, only adding to the stereotype and she generally annoys a lot of Southerners.

  • hateranddamnproudofit

    @ava rose:

    Kate is a celebrity, “Uterus” who then becaome infamous for being a royal, “BEE-YOTCH” and now she is hoping to become the next talk-show Fame-Ho with NOTHING to say because she is the stupidest thing on the planet.
    They are putting Paula in there to lend some class and something worthwhile to watch but it will flop because even all of Paula’s sweetness and cooking skills can’t make up for the ugly, evil soul of Kate Gosselin. Mother Teresa and Jesus couldn’t tag-team that vile sack of slime into anything decent.