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Michelle Williams Covers 'Vogue' October 2009

Michelle Williams Covers 'Vogue' October 2009

Michelle Williams is pixie pretty on the October 2009 cover of Vogue. Here’s what the 29-year-old actress said in her interview:

On Heath Ledger‘s passing: “I was holding it together by a string and a paper clip in the fall and winter. I didn’t know if I could keep it all together… You console yourself by saying it’s all a deepening process. But it’s wired. After the first year, the pain is less intense; it’s less immediate. But the magical thinking goes away too. And that’s a whole new reckoning. But every time I really miss him and wonder where he’s gone, I just look at [Matilda].”

On reflecting back on the good times: “Brokeback Mountain was an unrepeatable moment in time, a very charmed time in my life. I was in love; I was in a movie I was proud to be a part of, and with a beautiful brand-new baby. Everything was good in that moment.”

On the constant attention from papaprazzi: “It’s because of this tragedy that there’s more paparazzi. That is hard to be graceful and understanding about… It’s hard to be the man and the woman in that [paparazzi] situation. Heath always used to do that for us.”

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  • Mousse

    She’s a brave, beautiful woman, with an adorable daughter.

  • Me

    How long is she going to ride this?!?
    no one cared less about her before…..

  • yuck

    She looks much better with long hair IMO

  • Minnie

    Why do you have to post such trashy comments…. she is beautiful, matilda is beautiful. & you- me- are just dumb.

  • Minnie

    Why do you have to post such trashy comments…. she is beautiful, matilda is beautiful. & you- me- are just dumb.

  • Mary

    Unflattering photo, great actress.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • sherry

    This is just another process of coping with death. I could not imagine all the S… she went through- more than we could even imagine. This is Michelle’s way of coping….Sounds like she is now ready to say “Here I am again world!” Good for her! U GO GIRL! And good luck with this crazy world!

  • Motivelesscrime

    She looks amazing. Love the hair.

  • Beth


  • me

    Oh right, she moved on really quick…classy lady.

  • Me too

    @Me: I agree. Michelle’s milking this for all its worth.

  • Jena

    Gosh, i was gonna cry when i read this >>>> “But every time I really miss him and wonder where he’s gone, I just look at Matilda.”

    I miss Heath Ledger so much….i hate it when i’m crying.

  • denise

    She looks stunning. She only answers questions she’s asked, I doubt she raised the topic of Heath herself. I admire her for speaking on it.

  • Iris

    Michelle Williams is a very talented and unique artist.

    I wish her and Matilda have normal life that they deserve.

  • REal Me

    To me and me,
    Like said, she most likely did not raise the subject of Heath. The mags are always milking everything. Idiot!

    Moved on? She was not with heath when she died so it is not like she moved on! Idiot!

  • fnl

    She started to date again several months after Heath’s death, she definitely didn’t move on too soon.

    I wonder if she ever gonna tell what REALLY went wrong between she and Heath….

  • ah

    awwww when she said Heath’s used to do it for them..i actually got chills and got teary.

  • lol

    ………fake Michelle using her dead ex for pr…….

  • missme

    Mia Farrow, is that you??? Michelle looks amazing and seems to be doing well.

  • madmax

    I think she looks beautiful, it’s very hard to go through a break up under the public eye. I doubt we’ll ever know the real truth to why they broke up.

    I know she loved Heath very much when they were together and I am glad she’s able to still talk about him. Heath lives on in their precious angel Matilda.

  • whydowecare

    that hair is rocking…heath hasnt been gone that long

  • noelle

    im confused. i mean i did see heath’s interviews during their time together and it was obvious that they were in love but when he died, they weren’t even together. in this interview, she makes it sound like they were still a couple, and she is having a hard time to do stuff that heath usually does for them. i don’t buy it. they don’t live in the same house anymore at the time of his passing so im sure she’s used to fending papparazis on her own, or spending time with mathilda alone.

  • not required

    first of all for all of you trashing her, i guarantee she has more class in her pinky than you have in your whole body. and unlike some celebs she has never once tried to milk anything, she stays out of the public eye and does the same for her beautiful daughter who happens to look just like her daddy. and you don’t know why she still loves or misses him???? not every end to a relationship means the end to there friendship.
    grow the hell up!!!

  • jazmin

    @noelle: even dot he was important for her, they had a baby @me: i agree

  • not required

    ignorance is bliss! you people obviously are not old enough to know anything about real life!!

  • bubbaness

    She looks fabulous and has such beautiful sentiments about somebody who obviously meant a great deal to her and to their daughter.

  • not required

    nicely said Bubbaness!!

  • think again

    “when he died, they weren’t even together”
    So what?
    You can’t love your ex boyfriend ?

  • not required

    or the father of your child for that matter!!!!

  • lisa harris

    Well Heath drug dealer was in New York City… which is why he moved
    and that she did not want the DRUGS AROUND THEIR DAUGHTER.


  • not required

    can people get any more dense on this site??? plenty of us have loved people that might not have been healthy to be with, but that doesn’t always mean we stop loving them just because we can’t be with them. and he loved his child very much and was a devoted father. it’s ignorant to state that just because they weren’t together she shouldn’t have cared the father of her little girls father is no longer alive.

  • Adelle

    @lisa harris: You really shouldn’t miss your therapy sessions next time.

    Will you stop screaming, you clueless moron?

  • Mousse

    lol@Adelle, you have a great sense of humor.

  • lisa harris

    I don’t need therapy THANKS the only reason to get the point across
    is to scream I am so sick and tired of every time we have to see
    Michelle it is all about Heath..Ledger ..neither am I a moron… anyone
    who interviews her should talk about today or how about his last movie
    that is coming out soon.. why Broke Back Mountain.. He did do Batman
    and was nominated and won all 3 …go back in history of a dead man
    is a horrible thing to do ..

  • aries

    Adelle:i like your humor as well!!!!!and lisa harris,none of them was a highschoolteacher,they were or are in a buisness,where they have to live with things like if i have a second for free,i will feel sorry for them.until this point i am quiet sure she wants this press and needs it too.

  • nope

    What the hell is up with her eyebrows. she looks awful.

  • Jasmine

    why does Michelle talk like they were still together, is it for publicity? they had broken up before he died and Heath was dating some model

  • Jill

    When is Vogue going to go back to being a fashion magazine?

  • LuckyL

    Why don’t the dumba**es on here ever realize these people were asked, so they answered? She’s no Aniston/Malestain.

  • LuckyL

    Anyway, I agree with Jill, haha.

  • Mary

    “why does Michelle talk like they were still together”
    Because she still loved Heath.

  • LuckyL

    Obviously many of you a**holes have never truly loved someone and from your attitudes, I count at least one divorce in your miserable lifetimes.

  • lady

    Michelle speaks so eloquently. She paints a beautiful yet sad picture of her true feelings over Heaths death. RIP Heath!

  • mertz

    go michelle!

    i don’t understand (yes vogue i’m talking to/about you. i spend money on your mags so please stop this atrocious practise of over photoshipping to sh*t) why an already pretty girl (definately average or above average like that girl kirsten dunst (?)) GETS PHOTOSHOPPED TO THE NINES TO LOOK LIKE A MOTHER F’N ANDORGENOUS ELF…why vogue why. who was in charge of this cover…because they need a reprimand or soemthing cause this is just BS. like i get that the makeup is done and they’ve done her eyebrows and that can give her face a different look…but look at her jaw line. i see some immense shaving there VOGUE, like you went in and took away her bone structure. it’s complete bullshit. aside from that from what i read of the interview at another website, it looks like a good read.

  • mertz

    i know Jill. i agree with that sentiment because i’ve been asking myself this for a long time because the ONLY magazine i buy is a vogue. anything vogue i buy…because i let myself buy their BS…but their BS is fcuken patronizing. my friend reads W, and says she only buys W mag because it is infinately better than vogue. i’ve always been a vogue person because it’s what i know but i’ve seen that there are alternative offers when i go to the bookstore or a corner store. VOGUE isn’t the end all be all it use to be, especially the american version. it’s just sad. i mean i read the september issue and aside from the shape part dress yourself in this this this and some of the spreads…the stories weren’t that interesting, and I COUNTED MORE FCUKEN AD’S than stories in the entire thing. like the entire september issue was all ads. i should be used to this by now but i’m not. their charlize piece was boring too. i might have to wise up and just give up on my vogue love. f them.

  • Chegs-HUN

    I’m always amazed how insensitive some people can be… Does it give you some satisfaction writing nasty comments? I’m so sorry for you and your sad life if that’s all that makes you happy…
    The Summer of Death took its toll, but it’s Heath’s passing that still makes me teary eyed every time I’m reminded of it and see pictures of Matilda.
    Rest in peace, Heath, wherever you are!

  • Marieme

    Michelle is such a rare bird. Graceful, classy, strong and so intelligent. Obviously beautiful. She doesn’t abandon her principles for anyone or anything – least of all her career (unlike so many others). Wendy and Lucy was an overlooked gem of a film. It’s a shame these small, quiet indies don’t get the attention they deserve because they lack the marketing money and appeal perhaps. Too few people want to enjoy a quiet, human drama sans big names. Tragic for true artistic freedom.

  • ANON

    If she had never been with him, I could look at her as an individual and decide what I think about her acting, her looks, her personality, etc. But every time I see her, I remember that she broke up with him and sent him away. They would still be together right now if she hadn’t of done that. Matilda would have a father to hang out with and he would be right here and they would be laughing. I wonder if she ever really loved him or just loved the idea of him being this huge famous actor. Now he’s gone we just have to take her at her word. I’m glad at least she doesn’t trash him because that would be wrong for his daughter to see.

  • lisa


    to say some of these people posting are insensitive is an understatement. When these miserable excuses for human beings lose an ex whom they still cared for, or anyone who they love for that matter, they’ll see exactly how it feels.