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Michelle Williams Covers 'Vogue' October 2009

Michelle Williams Covers 'Vogue' October 2009

Michelle Williams is pixie pretty on the October 2009 cover of Vogue. Here’s what the 29-year-old actress said in her interview:

On Heath Ledger‘s passing: “I was holding it together by a string and a paper clip in the fall and winter. I didn’t know if I could keep it all together… You console yourself by saying it’s all a deepening process. But it’s wired. After the first year, the pain is less intense; it’s less immediate. But the magical thinking goes away too. And that’s a whole new reckoning. But every time I really miss him and wonder where he’s gone, I just look at [Matilda].”

On reflecting back on the good times: “Brokeback Mountain was an unrepeatable moment in time, a very charmed time in my life. I was in love; I was in a movie I was proud to be a part of, and with a beautiful brand-new baby. Everything was good in that moment.”

On the constant attention from papaprazzi: “It’s because of this tragedy that there’s more paparazzi. That is hard to be graceful and understanding about… It’s hard to be the man and the woman in that [paparazzi] situation. Heath always used to do that for us.”

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  • ???

    Why doesn’t Michelle say she didn’t let Heath see Matilda before he died or that she was working on going for full custody and taking her away from him? She makes it sound like they were still together too. They weren’t and he had moved on.

  • lexy

    She could refuse to answer questions about HL. No one is holding a gun to her head to make her talk about him.

    I feel bad for her little girl – people act like HL was all that but he was just another druggie who OD’d. At the end of the day her father was no better than the junkies you see in the street – except he had an opportunity and threw it away. Check your local paper or news – druggies die everyday – Heath wasn’t special.

  • Carol

    @lexy: Heath L was not a junkie, idiot. His pill use wasn’t recreational, he took the meds for his medical conditions. He suffered from chronic insomnia, had an injured back and pneumonia. Thousands of people die every year because of prescription drugs interaction.
    Don’t say you feel bad for Matilda when in the same sentence you bash her father and quit spewing your vitriol. Have some respect for the dead and someone you don’t know, you judgmental prick.

  • lauren

    you people are terrible!!!!! what is wrong with you? she is “milking” the death of the father of her child, cynical sad people, you make me want to hit children and old people. i think she is an exquisite actress and if you recall she was also nominated for an oscar for brokeback mountain, so for you jerks who say that “no one cared about her before this” need to just step back and do some research. i am absolutely horrified by the carelessness which you people can say things like that! i am just in shock. jerks. your parents would be proud.

    michelle williams is stunning and a breath of fresh air for the cover of vogue, i can’t wait to get the magazine.

  • sad

    Yes, Heath was very special because of his great talent, intelligence, humbleness, beauty. Some of you here are really pathetic with your attempts to put him down, maybe you’re just jealous that if you died tomorrow no one would care.
    RIP Heath. Miss you.

  • me II

    Wow…just because she was no longer dating Heath Ledger at the time of his death doesn’t mean Michelle Williams would just up and forget about him. They had a child together…when people have children together and agree to be in the child’s life it’s a given that they’ll continue to be in each other’s lives. So I don’t find it hard to believe if Michelle Williams grieved for Heath Ledger, I know from my own experience that I still love certain people even after breaking up with them…maybe not romantically but there’s still respect, loyalty and friendship.

  • marta

    she’s beautiful, but something about the photo is off. love the short hair, but not sure about the eye brows…all in all very mia farrow.

  • kaos

    Wow, Michelle Williams on the cover of Vogue! Bravo to Anna Wintour and welcome to the big time, Michelle! I’ve always thought that Michelle has impeccable style, but she has always stayed under the fashion radar. Getting the Vogue cover is a major coup for her and her people. AM so pleased for her.

    Next should be Rachel MacAdams, another superb and lovely actress.

  • clay

    Nice. A real movie star.

  • VIT

    So sad. Well, it was obvious the relationship with Spike Jonze would not work out. In the end he was a transitional/rebound relationship which never last whether there was a partner estrangement, a conflicting breakup or the partner passed away and she and Heath pretty much had all three between them.

    Single parenting and then dating as a single parent (man or woman) is really hard I know from my own family tree; my mom, aunts and uncles. Maybe one day, she’ll find a truly great partner who’ll stick it out with her and Matilda and understand Heath will always be there, that Heath’s huge group of friends and family will always be there and that cameras will always be there or maybe she’ll learn to do it all like my own single mom did, regardless it’s good to know she’s getting the hang of it and that Matilda is being well cared for and is still knowing and loving her Daddy through it all.

    You know, if she would just say why Heath and her broke up then the interviewers would just leave her alone with that question and let Heath and their former relationship rest in peace. It’s obvious their clashing schedules and work ambitions got in the way so much that they couldn’t hold their romantic bond together as a couple and they split. For the rest of her life, she’s gonna regret letting Heath go and not sticking it out and working together on their problems.

  • Jake

    “Heath was very special because of his great talent, intelligence, humbleness, beauty.”
    Couldn’t agree more!

  • lexy

    Oh please – he was just another drug addict. Yes, people die of drug interactions all the time – it doesn’t help when they’re taking tons of drugs from different doctors and getting them filled at different pharmacies – that’s the behavior of drug addicts. Seeing as he died fairly broke I’m sure his family in Australia would be suing the drug companies if this was their fault or we’d see a doctor bought up on charges if the doctor was acting irresponsibily. What’s the 1st thing your doctor does when you go to a new doctor – he asks what you are currently taking. If you’re going to the same doctor he’ll ask too – to cover his butt since malpractice insurance is so high.

    LOL! He was talented I give him that but if he were intelligent he would have gone to rehab! Humbleness and beauty – oh please…he hung out with the Olsen twins. Speaking of which why would your housekeeper see you passed out and call an Olsen twin?? Neither claim to be medical professionals – what was with all the sneaking around, covert action???

  • ks

    I didn’t think her and Spike would work out since the timing was off for both of him. She was grieving and he has spent the last year flying around the world working on a film. But maybe in the future, they might meet again and remember why they were drawn to each other… :)

    Best of luck to Michelle and Matilda

  • jennie

    @lauren: Brava! My sentiments exactly. Michelle is a gem of an actress, and those who say she isn’t, obviously have not seen her movies. I am sick and tired of ignorant people talking s*** about her. She has handled the entire ordeal of the past 2 years with absolute dignity.

  • Carol

    @sad: Well said. Heath was all that, that’s why so many people love him and miss him.

    @lexy: You’re just twisting things and making up bullsh!t, d!ckhead. I hope someone puts you out of your ignorant misery soon.

  • http://GORGEOUS Lara

    gorgeous inside and out

  • erin

    If Michelle really wanted to protect Matilda and keep people less curious about her child and have people stay out of her and her daughter’s life she would keep her grief private and not talk about her deceased ex, her lovelife with other men and her daughter at all, she should just talk about her work and promote her work and that’s it. She’s a good actress so why not just talk about her work and decline the questions about her private life? She won’t because I believe she’s realized no one will care for her work as much as her private life, so she’s sold herself out and talks about it. For instance, she delivered a lovely public statement after her ex’s(Heath) passing so what more needs to be said unless she’s trying to clear whatever garbage was probably being said about him after he passed away for their child’s sake and his family’s sake.

    Talking about your private life openly when your work with something involving the media, TV or film doesn’t help keep your private life private, but it does get you more PR which she is obviously all about. I think it’s terrible that these male and female movie stars do this with their kids and exes or troubled marriages and then they demand people leave them alone and not read anything about them in their private lives, such hypocrites. I was right about her all along since her DC days on WB and I use to be a proud fan of her and Katie Holmes too.

  • cAROLINE s.

    @ANON: “She broke up with him and sent him away.” Really? and you know this how…because he told you? Or she told you? Oh, you read it in a gossip mag. Right. Ok.

  • interneta pieslēgums


  • Jokergurl

    @Carol thank you, no Heath Ledger was not a junkie, those pills were prescribed by a doctor, it could happen, and does to a lot of young people. Sleeping pills and antidepressants just don’t mix. I think Michelle Williams has handled the whole Heath tragedy very well. It’s probably doubly hard for her because Matilda looks just like Heath! Her child’s father is gone, give her a damn break all you presumptuous trolls! The circus isn’t over for her yet though because The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus is coming out Christmas, no doubt reporters will still bug her about Heath. He had so much potential. If she declines to talk about Heath reporters make up shit, so why not talk about him? Matilda one day will read these articles.