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Olivia Wilde Covers GQ October 2009

Olivia Wilde Covers GQ October 2009

Olivia Wilde sexes up the October 2009 issue of GQ in a pale pink bikini. Check out what the 25-year-old House actress had to say:

On her changing image: “I’m definitely at this point now where things are shifting, they’re changing very fast. The only role I really don’t understand is this recent sort of ‘sexiest-vixen’ thing. It doesn’t feel like me, doesn’t feel natural.”

On being married for six years to Italian Prince Tao Ruspoli: “There were times when people thought it would really hurt me,” Wilde says, rolling her eyes. “People said I shouldn’t be married, or lie about being married, or I should be married to a movie star or rock star.”

FYI: Olivia was born Olivia Jane Coburn and took playwright Oscar Wilde’s last name upon launching her acting career.

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • meee


  • samantha

    Yummy! I’d lick her up one side and down another, and everything in between.

  • samantha

    Overrated, is Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert “fugly ass” Pattinson. She’s peeeeeerfect!

  • qboy

    gorgeous :)

  • Mrs.Beady

    Wow she’s skinny. I would say I would love to have her body, but I almost think she’s a little too skinny. Looks good though. She’s right up there with Angelina and Megan in opinion.

  • fresh

    She 100X hotter than Megan Fox. Plus she has a brain on her and a decent personality.

  • LuckyL

    Don’t you mean C*ckburn Jared?

  • Zeiss

    She’s attractive, but the cover and inside picture are horrible.

  • yuck

    Is she part Asian or something?

  • dee

    @LuckyL – It’s spelled C*ckburn but pronounced Coburn. I know Jared has spelling problems at times, but I’m hoping he spelled it that way to keep the more immature posters at bay.

  • Superapple

    She is not ugly but she has a weird face shape and she is so flat. Not gorgeous in my eyes.

  • LuckyL

    dee–yeah true. The photo shoot didn’t do her justice, but I’ll take natural beauty or manufactured beauty any day.

  • gisela

    Id love to see myself with photoshop…

  • LuckyL

    And Mox fans, your b*tch has a crush on her.

  • ihavenolife

    she may not have boobs but she’s sexy as hell. goes to show that u don’t necessarily need implants if u’ve already got the IT factor.

  • crying

    This is not fair !!!

  • bre

    She’s very pretty and real. I’m glad that she never got breast implants.

  • jdub

    weird. she kinda looks like megan fox for a quick second on the cover

  • LadyB

    She too was/or still is in Toronto. She looked really plain. I thought she could atleast give Megan F a run for her money. Have you noticed that she looks the hottest when she is on that show “House”. Outside of house, she doesn’t really try hard.

  • LadyB

    She is too thin. She needs to gain 10 pounds. Her face is okay, but her body needs some meat.

  • LuckyL

    I wouldn’t want to try too hard like Madame Blow-Up Doll.

  • LuckyL

    Posing, prancing, and photoshop don’t work for her. It doesn’t for the naturally pretty–just makes them look weird.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she’s not pretty and she doesn’t have a nice body.

  • sarah

    Wow, she is sexy!

  • bella

    @gisela: LOL

  • Lah

    Photoshop, she’s fatter than that

  • whatever

    WAY TOO SKINNY…when will women understand that men prefer curve to stick thin litle boy body :/

  • mertz

    okay i love olivia wilde, but i don’t understand what she means about this whole sexy vixen role…if she didn’t understand it why is she on the cover of gq, in a two piece bathing suite, wet and on the beach and basically serving up the typical male fantasy. i like her but i don’t know if maybe she thought about this before she said it. she works out and keeps in shape, so that’s good. what’s not good is that this was either photoshoped or she’s tooooooo skinny, because although the way this is shot could be attributed to perspective i call full on bs and say she’s just super super super thin because that head is tooooo large for the rest of her body. i wonder if she has image isuses especially in her field of work, and if she’s had prior problems with food. man. i guess i’ve gotten used to the skinny people always in my sight and young men and women stirving to be of a certain type of beauty mostly because of low self esteem, but this is really kinda (no scratch kinda) distrubing and makes me very sad. it could all be photoshoped but somehow i also doubt it because i’ve noticed she’s always been thin…but i think my like for her is blinding my reasoning skills. super scary.

  • sEAN

    Don’t worry mertz, this is the real Olivia Wilde

    GQ = Photoshop much

  • lakers fan in boston

    i seriously dont get her appeal at all
    she’s not hot at all imo
    i usually dont complain about skinny chicks, since they’re my favorite type =]
    but since she’s skinny and short she looks worse, and her face really bugs me a lot
    dont no why maxim had her as the hottest woman, but those lists are crap anyways

  • mertz

    yeah i saw her in her spandex gear on her bike on this very website and i don’t ever imagine her as this skinny. i mean she’s skinny but she’s taller than me and she’s skinner than me. it doesn’t make any sense. since i’m not seeing her ribs like ala lindseyhohan so this just doesn’t make any sense to me. she’s pretty. why would gq photoshop her. is she not thin enough. like do guys really like this whole bobble head thing…cause this picture is disturbing. i’m going to say the same thing i said in the michelle williams vogue cover story…whoever is in charge of the cover and did this photoshopping or allowed this cover to pass muster must be reprimanded because this not only does her a disservice, it does gq a disservice, and truly it just makes everyone look like crap…and i don’t think ow or gq are crap. this is comeplete BS. she’s thin, but is she really this thin. it’s weird. feel like my eyes are warping or something…either that or i’m completely crazy. i will go with the latter. lol.

  • mertz

    what are you talking about lakers fan in boston. she’s HOT because she just is. she doesn’t front (much), and she’s not the typical hwood type. i always liked her because she does her own thing and she can actually be articulate…unlike some people her age. she has a brain and she uses it. i don’t remember her falling into this whole sexy trap (even though i always thought she was hot and she has wicked cheekbones!) until a couple years ago. oh well. she gotta do what she has to do to get the roles and the $$$$. and her husband is hot! love her. oh and she’s improving as an actor…not like before. used to really hate her acting. i think experience is good for her.

  • Chau


  • Sarah

    You must be kidding, Olivia Wilde improving as an actor? She and her only one facial expression suck.

    She looks like an alien to me

  • mertz

    lol. trust me. she is. she was BEYOND HORRIBLE…but give it time. she’s one of those pull teeth actors. if i wasn’t so blinded by the fact that she’s kinda a decent individual who didn’t use to be such a fame spotlight (sexy vixen otherwise known unkindely as a sloon-atleast she hasn’t gone pantyless and shoved her crotch to the paps yet) chica, i would say she actually still sucks and isn’t that hot really or a good actor. i use the word good quite librally like how people (myself included) like to debase the english language at every oppertunity.

  • reneelucky7

    Ok- everyone on here talking about her looking ugly- please summit a photo of yourselves, because you guys must look like super models if you think that she is ugly.

  • Kayla

    Whether I’m ugly or not doesn’t deny the fact that she’s pretty average and not the sexiest woman on Earth, money buys a lot of things

  • male

    her eyes are way tooo fake!!

  • Jessie

    @dee: @bella: Why are you people editing Cockburn? It’s her name…

  • jazmin

    so she is a princess?

  • dee

    @Jessie: I don’t know what you mean by editing, but I don’t work for JustJared. I was trying to explain to LuckyL why it may be mispelled. Besides, her legal name is Ruspoli.

  • SS

    I love how she says “The only role I really don’t understand is this recent sort of ‘sexiest-vixen’ thing. It doesn’t feel like me, doesn’t feel natural.” — and she’s posing on the cover of GQ in a bikini.

  • cassie

    she’s beautiful here..

  • Shon

    wow she is to sexy

  • #1fan

    bobble head

  • cutie

    @samantha the dyke: that’s nasty. stfu

  • carol

    i love houseeeeeee md

  • she shall remain nameless

    She’s actually more gorgeous in photos than magazine shoots. Perhaps these pictures were just bad shots of her from weird angles. But I do agree, she’s more talented and hotter than obnoxious idiotic Megan Fox! At least she doesn’t bash people and is actually smart. That idiot can learn a thing or two from this lady.

  • C

    for all the people talking about her being ugly etc its easy to say that when you behind a keyboard were no one can see you.

  • Belinha

    They photoshoped her face… looks bad