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President Obama Calls Kanye West a 'Jackass'

President Obama Calls Kanye West a 'Jackass'

President Obama has inadvertently put his name into the Kanye West/Taylor Swift controversy after stating that Kanye is a “jackass” for what he did at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

When asked about the incident, President Obama said, “I thought that was really inappropriate. You know it was like she’s getting an award. Why are you butting in? The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She’s getting her award. What he’s doing up there? He’s a jackass!”

Check out the audio here!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass?

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  • chelsey

    awesomeee!!!! You know you really are a jackass when the president calls you one!

  • gg

    oh snap burned by the president!! lol
    He deserved it, he is a jackass.

  • OH


  • crawstonwaffle

    He deserves at least a two-point approval rating bump for saying what everyone was thinking. And for the record, Kanye IS a jackass! Hear that Joe Wilson?

  • jess

    kanye is a jackass!
    it is now official b/c the PREZ said so!
    he can’t veto this lol

  • asha

    It’s Awesome. Kanye West is a Jackass.

  • http://none Fragafana

    Well i think kanye west was really stupid
    i support de comment of barack obama

  • Shawna

    While I agree that Kanye West is a jackass it was 100% completely inappropriate for the President to say that. As the President he is supposed to show some amount of decorum.

  • Bar refaeli fan

    Kanye West sucks! :D

  • Tiffany

    I think he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. He was just calling it like he saw it… which was how everyone else saw it too.

  • rach

    the entire world agrees with you, president obama!

  • ah

    lmao being dissed by the president, he really needs to be left alone lmao, that’s pretty much ENOUGH!

  • Cindy

    I don’t agree with the President very often but on this one…he is spot on!

  • to shawna

    While I agree that Kanye West is a jackass it was 100% completely inappropriate for the President to say that. As the President he is supposed to show some amount of decorum.

    nonsense! i say good for you mr president. i did not vote for president obama but after listening to his comments on the news concerning kanye west’s behavior i wish to god i had. i now have new respect for our president.

  • victoria #1

    The president can say what he wants, and he called it like he saw it, NUMBER # 8.. Just because he is a President dosen’t mean he has to
    wear a halo on his head, for goodness sakes.

    Kanye acted like a total Jackass, and everyone on the green earth
    agrees with the President, like NUMBER # 11 SAYS. Kanye was rude and arrognant, and the expression on Taylor’s face was one I won’t
    forget. I felt sorry for her, knowing that one moment in her life was
    totally ruined by a total immature and jealous drugged out jerk.

    Taylor handled it with grace and maturity as did Beyonce. Love them!!

  • Lorena


    The President was talking to a CNBC reporter off the record before a taped interview. Apparently they share a live wire with ABC and the ABC employees overheard the conversation and posted it on twitter. He did not make an official announcement about Kanye he was just talking to someone about the incident – and he is totally right – Kanye is a Jackass. lol

  • Kenzie

    he’s a person and he is most definitely allowed to state his own opinions.

  • jopa

    but it’s true.

  • Ada


    It was supposed to be an “off-the-record” comment. And President Obama had every right to say it, he is human. Reacting to a very human situation. Terry Moran (of ABC News, I believe) just posted it on his Twitter page, but took it down immediately.

    I think this fiasco should be put to rest. Kanye reached out and apologized to Taylor, who graciously accepted his apology. Yes, I agree. What he did was highly inappropriate, and to someone who was clearly unable to retaliate (nor would she even want to). He’s a grown man. I think Kanye needs to step back and just take time for himself. Clearly, he’s an unstable individual, who needs to deal with his mother’s death, which he admittedly said he hasn’t done. People get crazy when they’re faced with unimaginable pain, and this is Kanye, teetering over the ledge, about to fall off completely. Someone needs to reel him back. He’s been vocal about not getting awards which he thought he deserved. These are just material, insignificant things. He should focus on his love for making music, not the awards nor the empty accolades.

  • jaime

    Well firstly, i totally agree.

    and same as serena williams and roger federer, these people are humans and have opinions and breaking points.

  • Marcus
  • natt

    Wow, Obama rock the biggest time!

  • SS

    talk about punishment!! Nothing worse than having the President of your country call you a jackass. He deserved it… too funny

  • luanna

    i think his right! kanye is a major douche

  • Sofia

    I think the same that the president

  • adrian

    the president was asked jared, dont act like he cares about taylor swift and kanye. #14 you’re a dumbshit

  • Janeway

    He’s right. He said it off the record. Move on. With all the problems facing this country it is amazing the media spends so much time with all this meaningless minutiae.

  • Kanye is a douche

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I agree with him 100%. This seriously made my day. I love you Barack! Kanye IS a jackass…how can anyone say otherwise? The president was just telling the truth.
    Kanye should just go hide in a hole for the rest of his life because his career is OVER. If you’re bad enough to get dissed by the President…you ARE bad.

  • bella

    @Tiffany: agree Kanye you know you have hit rock bottom when the president of the United States is calling you a jacka**.
    Hopefully Kanye gets his **** together and realize that his ego and his lack of consideration to anyone but himself will be his downfall.

  • lissa

    What a racist! You can’t call a black man bad names, its against the law, you can only say black people are good, Jimmy Carter says you are a racist if you say anything bad about a black person. Joe Wilson got smacked by the House for calling the black president a liar even though he told several lies. You can’t say black presidents lie only if they are white. YOU a racist, only white men lie.

  • to adrian

    adrian @ 09/15/2009 at 10:34 pm

    i’m number 14; i don’t know where you went to school but i, along with many others, was taught that “dont act likes he cares” is not proper sentence construction. it also shows to the world just how much education you do not have. secondly, if you are a shining example of one of the people who voted for president obama then i am very happy i voted against him.

  • gjc

    Now I feel sorry for Kanye! Do something good and redeem yourself, Kanye :)

  • westio

    haha that’s brilliant!! =D

  • carrie

    am i the one person thinking Obama has better to do than talk on this story?

  • kim

    Ha Ha ha. Even the president knows your real name Mr. Jackass West.


  • missy

    Obama is about to take over the music industry, he doesn’t want to but it’s going down the tubes quickly without his intervention. Obama is saving America from itself. He’s the chief ACORN -n-Chief and you know he’s the smartest acorn on the planet.

  • Games

    nice one Obama

  • Ferndoggtm


    Technically he didn’t publicly make this comment. He said it and someone repeated him. I think the president, being a normal person, has the right to an opinion just like anyone else.

    The comment was still right though, Kanye West = Jackass

  • lol


  • Ferndoggtm


    Woops, Never mind. I didn’t read the story, i just watched something on TV and thats how they made it out to be. *puts foot in mouth*

    still, woot president obama!

  • jenny

    get over it people, so what, Kanye was wrong, he said as much 3 times, and the 4Th to Taylor today, believe me he will be back on top, just watch, first people said he should apologize, when he did, they said he was not sincere, so he did it 2 more times, he did not murder any one, beyonce gave taylor, who i like her moment back, so… whats the problem? so much more in this world to worry about than this.

  • adrian

    lmao #14 sorry i didn’t proof read a comment on the internet. i love our president ;) have fun in your red state being a redneck

  • Pooter

    Yes……yes……Kayne is the biggest jackass of allllllll time!

    of all time!

  • ANON

    I say let it be. So what! The comments were not made publically and some people overheard a convo and put it on twitter. THe people who did it already apologized. Even the POTUS is entitled to his private opinions. I am sure there are a lot of things you say about people you wouldn’t want repeated or overheard. Prez has enuf stuff to deal with. To get all upset about this nonsense shows the media is really small time. R U small time Jared?

  • Meepzy

    Obama has time to talk shit about Kanye but can’t move on to the Health Care crisis or Immigration problems. /Whatever/

    Although it’s cool he told Kanye off, HAHA! Now to see the media go crazy over a little off record comment.

  • adrian

    also i didn’t say likes? learn how to read trailer trash #14

  • kelley

    Kanye is a jackass, there is no doubt about it. And I think that Obama should not be getting so much criticism from the media for this because frankly, it’s not a big deal. He’s a human being, we all call people jackasses.

    However, I must say this… you must admit that if McCain had said this or George Bush did, the country would be going insane right now calling for their heads. I am in no way a fan of McCain or Bush, nor am I a fan of Obama. But I don’t think people realize how hypocritical they are, they want what they want and won’t see it any other way (which at times, is respectable).

    Don’t crucify me here haha, I’m not taking sides or anything, just pointing out a small fact.

    I think we should all move on from this situation.

  • cosi

    guess barry o didn’t learn his lesson, even after the beer summit

  • Jai

    When you’re right you’re right…. Kanye is a jackass.

  • angel

    Our president is so good looking , he’s theeeeeeeeeeee best.