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President Obama Calls Kanye West A 'Jackass'

President Obama Calls Kanye West A 'Jackass'
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  • Seed

    Right on Obama!

  • nicole

    take that from the President, Kanye.

  • me

    Well, it was the behavior of a jackass, Obama is right.

  • hello

    I love obama for saying that! :) Taylor swift really deserved her award, and it was one of her dreams to win it, then kanye west ruined her moment! :’(
    Taylor swift is an amazing singer, she’s beautiful inside and out, she doesn’t deserve what kanye did for her :’( She’s a very talented girl! :) and what kanye did was really rude! :) I love you taylor swift! You are the greatest person on earth! :D
    I hope you’ll win more awards! :)

  • mc=dabest

    wow some president he tured out 2 be !!! o-poop please worry about your countries problem rememder your JOB !!! ( some change ) people didnt vote 4 u 2 say what u think about hollywood drama or bring teen stars 2 your daughters every day no they wanted the chnge they never got from u ! WOW talk about jacka$$ !


    woah really??????

  • love

    i love you kanye.beyonce is no doubt better

  • Jen

    he is rightttt

  • ha

    when did ‘off the record’ mean ‘on the record’??i can’t believe kanye is getting thrown under the bus for defending beyonce?? MTV really sucks.

  • NativeNYker

    I love me some O! But he should abstain from commenting on celebrity mishaps…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • rhonda

    It takes one to know one and they are BOTH jackasses. Obama has totally imploded in eight months. the most stunning Michelle hasn’t been seen at all, her negatives are so high. Isn’t it time Obama take over the music industry? Obama’s gonna have to throw West under the bus and his beloved Acorns, talk about a loser! Well he’s still got the thugs at seiu,

  • babe_luv_ya

    damn people…C’mon, the so called ‘incident’ with Taylor was so staged…

  • dundies

    dude this is such bullshit. obama probably doesn’t even know who kayne west is…nor would he care

  • Babydoll

    The President is right. Kanye was wrong for what he did.

    Now, before the Obama haters start on the President. This was a question a reporter ask him off the record (Not during the interview). This question was not to be included in the interview. Looks like the CNBC wanted to hype there show with off the record answer.

    This is known as unethical journalism.

  • Zeiss

    Right on Babydoll!!

  • rhonda

    unethical journalism, CNBC works for Obama, if it out there its because Obummer wants it out there. The msm are lapdogs for Obummer, they do what they are told. Thank God, that media is nearly dead and fox news and talk radio and the blogs are the NEW media.. A twenty -year old girl and a twenty-five year old filmmaker are the new investigators that are going to take Obama’s pals the acorns down. He will still have his seiu thugs and acorns will probaly just change their name and go on.

  • milind

    he is so ri8 but should a President be saying that? but I do agreed with him K is really a jackass……ROFL

  • babe_luv_ya

    Kanye was wrong…But I laughed SO hard

  • dragana

    were can i watch this ??

  • rootadesigns

    Kanye West IS a jackass and a whole lot more! Check out these t-shirts at*

  • mio

    I love Barack.

  • sarme

    The one thing i agree with obama on.Kanye is a jackass.

  • sarme

    The one thing i agree with obama on.Kanye is a jackass.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i finally agree with him on something
    lmao @ the megan link, al roker tries 2 eat her….i dont think they understand the meaning of “eating” =p

  • cry no more

    what a jackass !! care about your countries problems insted of the vmas’ !! even though it was asked from a reporter he shouldnt have said anything about it ! this just proves that he isnt doing a good job i mean realy celebs coming 2 white house 4 his kids ( what is that about ) all he does is hang out with his family around the world i mean we only see him with his family and when he talks about the *change* that he made nothing seems 2 be changing !
    and people get over yourselfs the man said sorry 4 times now ( yes 4 times he called her again ) and she was fine with it ! obama maybe u should take some lessons from him coz he deals with his problems and cares about them u jackass !

  • mertz

    lol i heard the clip on another site that linked the tmz video and i loved it. hilarious because i agree, and you know what it’s not that he cares so much about it. they were talking about things before the on the record part of the interview started and he’s just like any other person and he has kids who probably watched the vma’s like i did when i was a kid, who love taylor swift so okay he has an opinion and he voiced it. w/e. it’s not the end of the world. i don’t even think that the actual interview covered that vma incident at all. man. ease up people. he’s a person and he’s already working on all the bs happening in america. you would think this guy couldn’t get a break or anything because he has a mother f’n brain. it’s not that he’s concentrating on the vma incident. it’s most likely that the news outlets and media will feed this to you like this was the only thing obama did or said today and that’s the bs part.

  • mertz

    really obama should take advice from the kanye west…wow. lmfao and smdh. you must not know kanye. he’s gonna do this again somewhere somehow sometime. i love it. i’m waiting for kanye’s next screw up and i really hope he beats a pap or something and gets arrested. like he’s that guy so passionate about everything because the world revolves about only kanye, that you can just drive him crazy.

    anyways i love tina fey and she dieserved that award. i don’t know about justin timberlak though. ugh.

  • Bob

    Unfortunately there’s a very good chance that when Obama called Kanye a jackass, he was lying.

  • tan

    and u call that a president hahahahahaha so funny kanye is the best no matter what and u i cant belive u were like im going 2 change usa then change all u care about is hollywood and bringing jb

  • Hannah

    Who benefits from this news?

    1) MTv
    2) Taylor Swift
    3) Kanye West
    4) Jay Leno
    5) Obama
    6) Access Hollywood
    7) TMZ
    8) Oprah
    9) all of the above

    wake up…

  • mertz

    are you for real. all he cares about is kanye west and hollywood and insignificant things. wow. have you heard him talk. have you seen him working. i mean so he said this in some 2 minute converstation off the fcuken record and of course it’s front page because no one wants to deal with serious issues, but i bet that in the interview obama wasn’t asked about kanye west. stop being ignorant.

  • luisaonline

    why should obama talk about that? It’s absurd, what a big deal are you making!!! GEZZ!!

  • Keysa

    OkOk.. Here we go talking about my boy Obama… Kanye admitted what he did was dumb as hell did ya’ll watch Jay Leno??? So Leave my Boy Obama alone at the time Kanye was acting like a dam Jackass hell!!! the truth hurts!!! Thanks Mr.President shake the HATERS OFF this just lets you know you’re doing something You’re busy cleaning up a mess you didn’t make people sit back and let this man do his JOB his HUMAN too DAM!!!!!! it’s not going to happen overnight..

  • need2fish

    I guess I don’t see the problem. It’s just an observation.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    Obama is the best !!