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Rachel Bilson: Brian Reyes Babe

Rachel Bilson: Brian Reyes Babe

Rachel Bilson sits front and center at the Brian Reyes Spring 2010 fashion show at NYC’s Bryant Park on Tuesday (September 15).

The 28-year-old actress sat next to her stylist Nicole Chavez and Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton, who sat next to Elle‘s Creative Director Joe Zee, who sat next to Elle‘s editor Robbie Myers.

“This is only my second show and my last show,” Rachel told Just Jared on the runway seconds before the show started. “I have to leave tomorrow! Jill Stuart was first, then Brian. But I’m friends with Brian so I’m really excited. I have to support my friends!”

15+ pictures inside of Brian Reyes babe Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson brian reyes show 01
rachel bilson brian reyes show 02
rachel bilson brian reyes show 03
rachel bilson brian reyes show 04
rachel bilson brian reyes show 05
rachel bilson brian reyes show 06
rachel bilson brian reyes show 07
rachel bilson brian reyes show 08
rachel bilson brian reyes show 09
rachel bilson brian reyes show 10
rachel bilson brian reyes show 11
rachel bilson brian reyes show 12
rachel bilson brian reyes show 13
rachel bilson brian reyes show 14
rachel bilson brian reyes show 15

Photos: Justin Campbell/, Jemal Countess/Getty
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  • sillyme

    Jared, you really seem like a nice guy. You treat all the celebs respectfully.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not digging rachels look
    her eyes look weird, and i dont really like freckles on the face
    her outfit looks close 2 looking bad, but somehow didnt make it a complete fail, still it’s bad
    her stylist looked better

  • Marieme

    Oh hell. It was inevitable, wasn’t it folks?

    Jared is obsessed with Rachel and this little love story needed to be played out. Why he subjects the rest of us to this boring fantasy I’ll never know.

  • lexy

    You know a few days ago – when FW started I thought it was odd there was nothing about Rachel – you know since she has no career and thinks she’s some sort of fashionista.

    I joked that perhaps she and Hayden forgot to pay the tab here at JJ – well I guess her check arrived at JJ b/c it’s become Just Jared and Rachel. They must have given JJ a raise!

    It’s hysterical – all the real celebs at fashion week and if you only came to this board you’d think Rachel was some sort of celebrity! Forget about Madonna or Lady Gaga or any of the other real celebs! It’s all about a would be actress with bad taste.

  • ashley

    she is lovely. i hope she can play in more shows

  • Jen

    Really Jared? she is boring, oh well, to each their own

  • bob

    fugly as usual

  • atlqueen

    I love that outfit. Sometimes she can be a little too fashion foward for me but I really love that outfit this time.

  • padme

    another ugly skanky outfit for this media wwhore….why show the bra when you’ve got no chest?!?! Ratchel is pathetic!!!

  • sheila

    At the end of the day, all the attention JJ lavishes on her won’t make a difference. If she can’t land roles, she can’t land roles. At which point she’s going to start doing the kind of work that Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan do. More fashion related and less of real acting work. RIch BF can also continue supporting her.
    Jared might actually be doing her a disservice with all this lopsided attention because producers and directors will get the impression that Rachel is hanging around and not doing anything in particular because she’s not getting the parts she’s testing for.

  • padme

    Is it my imagination or is RB the only celeb who gets posted twice or more a day on Jared’s website???? What a shame!!! I’d rather see real talented celebs like Natalie Portman and Chris Pine. C’mon, Jared, show us more pics of Nat and Chris or even Hayden without RB. :D

  • lexy

    I wouldn’t even call it fashion related…I mean Lindsay’s got talent and just needs to clean up her act. Jessica Simpson is probaly at about the same talent level as Rachel but she likes to pretend to be stupid while her sister pretends to be “edgey”. Rachel’s got nothing – no one thinks of her as a fashionista except for Rachel and Jared. And these 2 are the only ones who think of her as an actress – though I imagine her family and Hayden consider her an actress too.

    She needs to stop standing around and going to fashion week and go get some acting skills. Then maybe she’d get hired for a job without the help of her BFF’s husband or her boyfriend.

  • liz


  • #1fan

    She’s a actress? i haven’t seen her in anything in years

  • comrade

    Well dont you ALL know that this Lil’Moe is a…. “star” (yet still & continually “falling”)…. exlusively only here at Just Jared!

  • Shon

    Cute Kids

  • victoria #1

    JARED, just how tall is Rachel anyway. She is so cute!

  • botoxed

    Did she get her forehead botoxed? Her face looks like it’s melting off her skull…big botox tipoff!

  • Logic

    Well JJ I guess you got your pre announcement that she will be leaving tomorrow for LA so be at the A/P to make sure you get the glamour shot of her checking into the gate. I guess this is her new idea of speed dial JJ just go to a fashion show and announce it to them.

  • comrade

    One who’s definitely looking good & more apt wearing short dresses than this midget moe!

  • searlus

    Duh? Why showing off her bra when her t-i-t-s is just as flat as her brain. Such a media L-O-O-N-E-Y that she is!

  • ness17

    Just because she has no talent in the acting department, she has to move into the fashion industry all of a sudden. So sick of her. Why is she famous again?

  • @ness17

    She’s not famous. She was only known briefly for the OC…..and she’s not really made a mark in the few films she’s done. She’s oddly disproportionate in build.Her body looks like a reflection from a hall of mirrors fairground attraction. Only ever pops up on JJ….don’t know why exactly

  • fugster

    To everyone out there… It’s me AGAIN… Rachel Bilson…
    So stop what you’re all doing and look at me…. Look at me… Looook Aaattt Meeeeeeee… Everybody….. Anyone…. Damn it… Looooooooook Aaaaaattt Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LOL!!!


    Rachel looks so pretty.

  • get real

    Wedding is in the works. Her raps will suck the life out this affair. He must really love her if he can stand it. What a loser H really is to fall for this shameless midget nothing.

    Well, he deserves her, I changed my mind about hims, he is low of the low himself.

  • blairite

    Still talking about her laugh… err love life?! Of course she is and always will be as there’s nothing left to talk about her that would stir up some gossip isn’t it?!
    Rashchel just like a “slimy lizard”. Sooner or later when she opens her mouth & still hyping about herself, “her tongue will flick and catch a fly”- and that would be the real news!

  • Me.

    I think Rachel is FAMOUS,she was in “the O.c” and “Jumper” and “Nwe York I love You” and “waiting for forever” and when somebody don’t know about her nothing,he/she can’t say “she is not famous” or “she is stpuid”.i think she is pretty,and oryginally and she isn’t supid.She is talented.And she has her,only HER style,not style of magazines.

  • jamie

    I DOUBT that this marriage will happen, Rachel is not interested and Hayden too, I doubt it. For me, they’re just using each other and only.

  • liz

    she returned to LA? jared, you will have work this week posting pictures of this idiot doing nothing. Good job

  • lexy

    Yes, b/c when people think of the OC – a show that’s been off the air what is it now over 5 years – they think of Rachel…and when they think of Jumper they think of the star of that movie – Rachel – not Hayden or Jamie or Sam Jackson or Diane Lane…and that straight to DVD movie – well that’s what every actress dreams of – Angelina & Kate Winslet dream of making straight to DVD movies – LOL! Poor Kate Winslet – she won an Oscar but I’m sure she would have preferred a straight to DVD movie career.

    As for NYILU – only JJ is promoting RB in that movie. Other mags are advertising the famous folks – like Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Shia LeBouf and the other household names.

  • Lame ducks

    Hell, I’m looking forward to the wedding, can’t wait & wish they’d pull their fingers out & make it happen. When they divorce sometime later I can sit & say to all my pals, told you so!

  • liz

    you see my ring? look at me! LOL
    I thought she did not wear the ring on events …

  • Logic


    Did you catch the ungodly looking outfit she had on looked like she forgot the bottom half of her dress and what is with the teenager blue nailpolish and the Big ass bulleye necklace. Or do we need reminder how much a tramp she really is. This by far is the worst outfit I have ever seen in my life. Who gives a shit about the ring anymore she gave give it all up quickly please we are all tired of the bad performace she does.

  • jeezzum

    And why not if that “showbiz” wedding would eventually happen. It already did happened before – you know “loser marrying another loser” just like the the Speidis and looked what they have become – just far more “despicable”!

  • Calamity Jane

    You mean this monstrosity of a blouse and what you would call a skirt? Looks like she she just came with just the blouse on and her slip showing. Was the skirt Hattie’s? LOL! Or her cheerleading skirt from high school? Even cheerleading skirts in high school are a bit longer then that and let’s hope she had panty’s on or I good wind would expose her full frontal and backside. I guess she did not care. The blouse I liked without the “Target Bulleye necklace”. The blouse with the long sleeve had a Prince theme going on. If, she would have decided to have some taste instead of being skanky vulgar and wore a longer skirt the outfit would have been much better. I guess she is going for the “Alien hooker from Mars look”.

    I have no idea what her idea what has got into her about displaying her wh*7y look lately? I guess she felt self conscious with Mischa around in the NY fashion week too. And, Mischa having the tall model like body with legs for days.

    Here is a view of what could have been good gone wrong. Stacy and Clinton need to come to Rachel for a fashion a rescue cuz the little Fart-sionata has no fashion sense to save her soul.

  • @Logic

    Truly the worst dress, worse than the bat cape, the flapper/slapper and the big bird ones she has worn. The laughable thing being is that she thinks she’s being sexy, tastefully of course, because, as she likes to remind everyone, she knows how to do it tastefully. Lol.

  • trendsetter

    Would be pitiful if I weren’t laughing so hard. There’s fashion, then there’s RB’s laughable attempts at it.

  • marlough

    Looks like a “transexual-rabid-mouse-in-a-skirt” LOL

  • tina

    Pretensions, dump, midgety and ugly as usual. Air head ditz.

  • trendsetter

    What’s that nail colour…diseased parrot vomit…bursting pus green…goose diarrhoea green…gross,gross,gross!

  • pepto

    A 28 year old woman with the mentality of a challenged 15 year old playing dress up, that’s what I see. And what’s with the different ring anyway? Not “engaged” anymore?

  • Voice of reason

    Nice to see that the crowd from Imdb made it over here, geez at least try not to post the same things, make it interesting or at the very least less obvious on who you all are.

  • voice of insanity

    Rachel Bilson reminds us of her presence at NY Fashion Week

    We’d forgotten about Rachel Bilson. While former co-star Mischa Barton has been staggering in and out of rehab and getting papped looking a bit mental, Rachel’s been quietly sitting at home, waiting for her agent to call.

    He still hasn’t rung, but that hasn’t stopped Rachel from getting out and about in the meantime, hitting the shows at New York Fashion Week with the steely determination of someone who’s got no other work on.

    Snapped wearing a Diane von Furstenberg animal-print number in the Tresemme Lounge at fashion week, Rachel looked very stylish and even managed a smile, which is more than you’ll get out of Mischa most days…

  • voice of insanity

    Today’s Blind Items – Fashion Week

    This fairly young C list television actress who used to be B and also has had her shot at movies as a lead walked into a show this week. She had arranged for a front row seat, but when she walked in and saw all kinds of Real Housewives mess she decided that she was waaay too good for them. She decided to share this information with the rest of the tent and said it very loudly and very clearly so the whole place could hear. She then turned around and walked out. Of course at the rate of one project a year for our actress she probably should have stayed and asked if she could guest star on their show.

  • Smilehexe

    @#43 – NASTY voice of (no) reason
    You have asked me a few days ago to follow you on IMDB to get in PM-contact with me. After deliberating this “offer” I refuse it. With your above post you show it once again: You obviously are a bored person (besides being obsessed with HC) who is then trying everything to provoke people into arguments they never wanted to start by themselves, simply for your own “entertainment”. Just observed your recent behavior on IMDB and how you tried to lure Paureen/Gasol into another fight with you yesterday – I’m glad she was clever enough to see through your games and leave it unanswered. Well done from her side.
    Right now you hurt someone else’s feelings over there in order to get a response at all cost.
    And the other ladies there of course lost their justified anger about their idol and started to worry about his future again – just as it could be expected. VendrediS. seems to be the only one who is not having herself fooled by a person with some handsome face but without any content or the slightest ambition (talking about HC).
    No, not my place and not worth a registration, sorry.

  • @VOR

    @Voice of reason: Geez, no answer – no fun

  • sterling

    Check this out…
    Midge(t) having a “playful face-off” w/ Natalie Portman?!
    And look what “utter-predictably” happened…
    pity… pity Midge(t)!

  • Voice of reason

    @ smilie guess you must mean my comment to Paureen in regard to her SMG siggy, maybe your translation does not allow it-it means “spider must go” and before that it was SMD “spider must die” complete with gunfire. Yup who is trying to cause something?

    Very funny that a person who also made comments here about people using username that you now think I did something wrong above.

    Vendre after the latest posts has shown who she is-but you know that anyway because you just “read” over there-right? Such a nice person.

    Guess you have made up with your crowd, geez you gave Renee and Gasol a serve on another thread-that WAS pure entertainment and you did it out in the open with nothing to do with me except because of the actions of one, you finally took your blinkers off and saw her for who she was. So I find it funny that you type about me having rose colored glasses but yet you wear/wore blinkers around them.

    I was actually going to give you a E-Mail addy, if you contacted me-but let’s be honest, you were never going to do that it would spoil what you already have.

  • Gasol16

    @ Hypocritical VO (Absolutely NO} R.

    It is not Smilie!! It is Smilehexe. Not that I ever expect her to come to my defense and expect her ever to. We do not have a “Sorority Club” your trying to say. Please stop acting like the victim that has been hurt. You have brought that on yourself by stalking and harassing people that don’t agree with you and frankly, people are getting annoyed with you defending Rachel and Hayden all the time with your insults hitting below the belt and making them personal. You want examples? For starters calling out personal names and telling false stories and information on people you have been in contact with and you turned against them. Then, twist the person’s personal life into a rather sordid and untrue story about them and their personal life. That is wrong! Also, illegal on most boards.

    NO! I wish no death on no one! You just assumed SMG means Spider must go. You are putting the words in die. I don’t wish anyone death. You fool! A couple of girls are sick to death of you on Imbd and contacted me and we came up with SMG. It does not mean what you think it means. It mean’s Sienna Miller Is Great! We did that to piss you off b/c we know how much you hate Sienna Miller. What about your silly Latin slogan? (ILLEGITIMINON CARBORUDOM) To hell with the bastards. Who were you referring to then? I had a loving mum and dad thank you very much.

    I have been busy this weekend and took my family to my aunt’s 70th birthday party. I come home to see you are trying to defame my character once again. Very nice.

    Vendredisoir pretty much hit the nail on the head about you and I guess having to look in the mirror and seeing and hearing the bitter truth hurts doesn’t it? You have no kids right? RIGHT! You have the gull to judge me I should not be allowed to have children or work with them? Gee….It is funny how someone who is not married and has never had kids has the audacity to judge one with kids. You piss people off man. So…What do you expect? Me to back in the corner and kiss your butt? No. I got mean and nasty back and it backfired on me. So. I have you on IGNORE on IMbd. You can say whatever you want about me. I think Ashla from what she wrote today sounds like she has grown tired of you insulting people and bashing them that talk negative of Hayden and Rachel. It is you I think that makes more hate stir the pot and dislike Rachel even more.

    One does become to wonder why you are at 24/7 defending a d-lister actor and D-lister actress that are has beens? It is obvious you live through Hayden and Rachel and have no life other then bashing people on boards. What a silly existance in life you lead. I hope your Hayden and Rachel crusade is worth it. Cuz….Hayden and Rachel are sure not worth the effort to me.

    Go ahead fire away! Your not worth it either! Rachel and Hayden are not getting much posts lately. Your trying to drum up their business. So…This is the end. Goodbye!