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Rachel Bilson Catches Up With Mischa Barton

Rachel Bilson Catches Up With Mischa Barton

Rachel Bilson dons DVF while stopping by the TRESemme hair salon and lounge at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at NYC’s Bryant Park on Tuesday (September 15).

The 28-year-old star of the TRESemme Steal the Show campaign told me exclusively that she very much enjoyed the Dior Homme dinner last week. “I was happy to see [my former O.C. co-star Mischa Barton],” Rachel told “I hadn’t seen her in a while, so that was really good. The [Cooper Square] hotel was really nice and so was the dinner.”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson stealing the show…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 01
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 02
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 03
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 04
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 05
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 06
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 07
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 08
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 09
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 10
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 11
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 12
rachel bilson catches up mischa barton 13

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  • natt

    I miss THE OC so badly! Whateves, it’s great Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts is catching up! Love them!

  • Frankie

    “told me exclusively”
    Uh huh, not really helping the rumor that you are being paid.

  • coopsum

    finally:d i love them both i hope they will be good friends again

  • eva

    Is Just Jared the new RBils publicity outlet these days? First her publicist comments about the ring and Rachel and Hayden not being married to JJ, and now this.

  • hello

    when did she become such a famewhore????

  • chris

    “finally:d i love them both i hope they will be good friends again”

    The two are more alike than you think. Both love the fame, publicity and fashion. Only difference is Barton likes the booze and pills unlike Rachel.

  • get real

    She has the ugliest short legs and can’t wear walk in the shoes and her new color makes her look like an old Jewish woman. Hayden got himself a real “winner”. In addition, she got no talent and no brains. But as long as he loves her and she him the 2 losers can be together, fine by me.

  • lexy

    Eeeks!!! If Rachel stole the show it’s not a show I want to see.

    Maybe if she took some acting lessons instead of running flaunting her d-list status she’d get a job!

    And yes, everyone knows JJ is paid by RB and her publicist. Do you see her everyday on E! or Access Hollywood or any other reputable entertainment sites?? No b/c she’s barely a celeb.

    Maybe she’ll get lucky and they’ll ask her to join Dancing with the Stars.

  • oh

    Both of her are so gorgeous, love them!
    ps: rachel looks amazing in these pictures and love her outfit

  • jazmin

    @natt: same here, rachel looks great. i want pics of them hanging out:(

  • bob

    when did justjared become the #1 rachel bilson fansite?

  • Vis a vis

    @eva: I agree! It’s really strange too that, several times now, new posts have appeared on JJ that dispute comments by posters on previous articles run by JJ (and only on JJ, not part of wider media speculation). Almost as if someone feels the need to respond to JJ posters and is advised to do so. So if posters have any questions they feel need answering, make plenty of comments here and see what happens.

  • : )

    @SOOO HAPPY FOR THEM!: “Both of her look gorgeous..” Is she a freak now? Both of her…..

  • liz

    she looks like (no, she is) a s.lut in this dress:

  • tonie

    While she was there she should have asked for a cut and color. Her hair is boring and not representative to how fashion forward she claims to be. It says 15 yr old mall girl. Oh wait, she does think she looks 15 so I guess the hair style fits.

  • tonie

    Another hideous dress and I don’t like those boots with it. Did her styliest quit and she has to pick out her own outfits? Her face says I know I look terrible but please take my picture anyway.

  • Jen

    horrible fashion sense and boring girl

  • Kristina

    OMG, those are my shoes! :DD

  • chris23

    Reunion of the dimwitted.

  • eve

    Look Jared, Entertainment Lawyer gave you a special mention

    Rachel Bilson Not Married

    Rachel Bilson is fake engaged so the rumors this weekend that she got married only made me laugh and laugh. Apparently Rachel was spotted wearing a wedding band next to her engagement ring and so the gossip sites were all a flutter that she and Hayden Christensen got secretly married. The website Just Jared tracked down Rachel’s publicist who denied the couple got married and released the following statement.

    “They were not married over the weekend. As you know she is known for her fashion forward style. She decided to accessorize the ultimate accessory.”

    I didn’t know she was known for her fashion forward style. Did you? All I ever see her in his shorts and a t-shirt. I think she is more known for her love of publicity which is why she wore the wedding band in the first place.

  • juliana – brazil

    Just Jared has more pictures of Rachel than a fan site of it. LOL

  • : )

    I like the dress except for the length. It would have been better if it didn’t crawl up her thighs like that. Some girls just have to learn that their thighs aren’t their best asset, and Rachel is one of them. Apart from that, it’s a big that tho, the dress is bright and cheerful. The shoes are pretty damn ugly and I wish she would stand up straight for once and stop slouching, she’s gonna be a hunchback by the time she’s forty if she keeps slouching like that.

  • liz

    Now we has an interview, the next we may have pictures of a new movie: “Just Jared and Rachel Bilson – Besides the Paparazzi”, starring another actress, because Rachel don’t like to work.

  • Fake

    RB is the biggest faketress in films, fashion and showmance. Fake talent, fake romance, fake life, fake personality…..

  • amy

    In the last picture it looks like she is holding a microphone. She is probably thanking jj for taking her picture and giving her some publicity. I am embarrased to say that if it were not for jj I would not even know who she is.

  • Logic

    God the dress looks like some kindergartener painted all over her the outfit does nothing for her looks. It’s beyond belief that Instyle thinks she is some fashion icon she writes for the socially elite not the everyday person on a budget. JJ keeps promoting her and the usless career she has why b/c her agent pays then to.

  • marta

    i love her. head to toe.
    thanks for posting rachel’s pictures.

  • lou


    Eva, Frankie and others: If you lived outside this forum and your hate for a minute you would know from JJ’s Twitter that he has been reporting from Fashion Week and talking to and about a lot of people this week. Not just Rachel but why would he not talk about her. She is popular and despite the minority of senseless rants here and there, people want to see and hear about her.

  • lexy

    If that were true – that people wanted to see and hear about her – why can’t she find work? Also, why would JJ post SOOO much info about one of the “least” known celebs there?

    Yes, we know plenty of other celebs were there – yet the fashionista herself – Victoria Posh Beckham gets one little post. Madonna was at an event too – I don’t recall seeing anything on her.

    All the Kayne/Taylor drama and for some reason JJ is trying to get “quote” and clear up “rumors” about Rachel?? Doesn’t that seem odd to you???

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont like her dress but i think that she makes it work
    she looks nice, if some1 else wore that dress i think they would look back
    such a cutie that rachel =]

  • sheila

    In the long run all this attention that JJ keeps on showering on her won’t make a difference. If she’s not good enough to land roles she’s not good enough to land roles.

  • comrade

    @ #6 Barton likes the booze and pills unlike Rachel.

    Well this Lil Moe is addicted to paparazzi & gossips just
    look how happy she is seeing her paparazzi cronies, it shows that she really missed them that much huh!

  • Anne

    Her dress is so cool, I love it.

  • ocsethummer

    Number of comments definitely dropping-anyone notice last few posts.
    Looks like people are onto Rachel’s games!

  • me

    Rachel still don’t like Mischa the only reason she did that because Hayden was with him at his lacoata show and she didn’t go,What a liar. JJ you must have told her what people said her not liking her.its true, You getting paid to hype her by rachel’s rep. You reported on what people say to her rep. Which you shouldn’t do. You are a bad example to your site. If rachel bilson not doing nothing important you don’t need to make her something she’s not. Why don’t rachel tell you the true about her relationship with hayden. Cause you already know its lie anyway. But you didn’t have pictures are Mischa and Hayden why not. she was the only one came to see his show with him.Rachel didn’t not.Need to stop feeling sorry for her.I don’t care if rachel is reading this this all she do anyway. Rachel is not changing my mind about her. She still a selfsh young woman.that have problems with people.She only do things for attention not being honest, They need ti hire you for her rep. Because that’s what you have became.Rachel is still not a good person if she still tell lies about her and Mischa.That’s all she do is tell lies and think things going to ok. But don’t excues what she did last week..Rachel saw her at the gala last year so that was a lie. All you protect her with her lies and her personal life. I see she didn’t tell you the true about that either. and say that its private because we see her everyday.That’s not going get her career going. why don’t she get on tv and take about herself instead are here.what was it Mischa getting her tv show on the air and she don’t have anything? Thought Hayden might get her something since she hung around the whole fashion week.I see she’s back on here again. keep covering for her a her lies

  • sarah

    I love her style and wants her clothes! Not fair! haha

  • Gasman

    @me: you need medical attention!

  • interneta pieslēgums

    wow she is soo beatifulll :PPPP