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Taylor Swift Accepts Kanye West's Apology

Taylor Swift Accepts Kanye West's Apology

Taylor Swift leaves her NYC hotel on on Tuesday morning (September 15) and heads to The View.

On the show, the 19-year-old country cutie revealed that Kanye West still hadn’t reached out to personally apology for disrupting her best female video award acceptance speech at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. (Kanye did blog an apology and said sorry on Leno last night.)

“He has not personally reached out or anything,” Taylor said, “but if he wanted to say hi…”

“I’m not going to say that I wasn’t rattled by it,” added Taylor. “But I had to perform live five minutes later so I had get myself back to the place where I could perform.”

After the show aired, Kanye did ring up Taylor to apologize. She told ABC News Radio, “Kanye did call me and he was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology.”

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  • milind


  • laguna

    love taylor

  • jazmin

    team taylor ftw

  • hanh vo

    Kanye West is the low class.

  • ha

    let it go already. he’s apologized publicly everywhere. everyone’s turned against him so what more does she want??

  • http://enoughnonsense ENOUgh enough enough!

    OH GOSH OH GOSH OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel as if I am living in some weird Twiglight zone episode. Little Taylor is going to milk this for all she can. This friggin incident was a gift. Would we be talking about a lame country singer if this did not happen? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Apology? Like did he kill off an entire family or somethign? Seriously, yes, I feel bad for Taylor but let’s MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVE ON! This is so stupid. So ridiculous. WHy do we not get this upset at missing children and murderers! It’s Taylor Swift for God’s sake. She is fine. And so is Kanye. They are both very very very rich and we are the butt of the joke. And everyone turned this into some race war. THIS IS CRAZY! Bill Maher is right, Americans are stupid! I am sorry, we just are. We will make a big deal out of ANYTHING! Likek Taylor was Mother Theresa and Kanye Charles Manson. Are we serious people, WHO CARES! Except now Taylor and Kanye’s records will go thru the roof and MTV has the last laugh. Millions more watched. They love this crap. No one watches that dumb show anymore well not unless you have the “sweet and innocent” Taylor be attacked byt the “big bad bear Kanye”. This is SOOOOOOOOOOO dumb. ENOUGH!!!!!! Take Taylor, Kanye, Nadia Suleman, Kate Goseelin plus ALL EIGHT and make them go away!!!!!!!!!! And take MTV too. Bring back things of substance.. Seriously. Patrick Swayze died of cancer and we are talking abut TAYLOR????!!! Booho. Like her life is over or something. And why did Beyonce have to save her? From what? What a joke the whole thing was a TOTAL JOKE! These rich brats get me sick!

  • Denise

    I saw Kanye on my plane while flying back to Vegas, he was way in the back flying in Lo-Class. HahahahahahahROTFLMAOlololo!!

  • ha

    taylor trash talks everyone. all those ex’s must be laughing now.
    STFU about class! there is no class system in america. none of us are from royalty here or upper class society

  • I’m sure


    Uhhh right Denise. Because he’s experiencing so much backlash that he has to fly “way in the back” with “lo-class”. I’m sure.

  • brittney

    Seriously people? how is taylor or kanye milking it? It’s the public who keeps it going. She obviously said she accpets his apology. So he apologized, she accepts….what else do you want. Grow up. And to the person that keeps writing MOVE ON….maybe you should think about what you’re saying.

    Whether or not you believe Taylor should have won….SHE WON. Kanye acted impulsively and disrespectfully and now it’s over.

    Congrats to Taylor.

  • BRooke

    lol trash talks everyone? more like on..Joe Jonas. who completely deserved it. and if your still bitter about that, then there is something seriously wrong about you.

    and really, if you people are sick of hearing about this, i recommend not going to celebrity gossip sites..for example…Just Jared. They are just doing their jobs and Taylor is doing hers.

  • Bluechipscookies

    Good.Next,week,new celeb stuff.This story is over.
    Kayne is going off the radar for while too.Forgiveness, maybe the guy needs some rehab for his personality issues.

  • ames

    Taylor Swift is americas sweetheart. How kanye could do this to her is absolutely sickening. He’s racist and hates white ppl thats why he’s done this. Hes getting exactly what he wants right now with ppl talking about him. Too bad its bad talk. He’s absolutely and totally immature and needs to grow up.

  • scott

    expecting taylor?

  • sheeda

    come on get over et everyone theres more things to worry about in the world than taylor swift boo hoo its not like he killed the girl this is blown way outta proportion

  • kat

    aww taylor! poor girl.. i would cry just there in front of everybody if someone would have done that to me. kanye is older than her and he act like a 8 year old with that beyonce’s videos was better thing.
    whatever :) move on!

  • jayke

    UGH IM SO SICK OF HER. He apologised 3 times! He was so sincere last night on leno too! And typing in all caps? Thats when hes heated. He obviously meant it. He is genuinely sorry, you can tell.

    And she already said her thank yous before her came up.

    AND NOW shes acting like her dissed her fans. He stopped me from thanking my fans! BLAH BLAH on the view……… saying he didnt call or email her uh hello how would he have any of her personal contact info?

  • yohoo

    LOL @ the comments!!
    People are stupid! hahaha!!
    “Opinions are like A-holes, Everyone’s got one and NOBODY cares”

  • overrated

    @BRooke: She trashes al her exes. And Joe didnt do anything wrong. Would you prefere him staying with her out of pity? That is just dumb,. He didnt like her anymore so he dumped her, big deal. JONAS MADE HER FAMOUS. Her album came out after they broke up and sold millions. Before that she wasnt well known AT ALL. She bit the hand that fed. Jonas brought her on tour and she became HUGE and lots of people hate them cuz of her. She is immature. Not to mention pathetic.

  • WTF?

    @ames: RACIST? WHAT? His girlfriend is from ITALY! THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE you idiot

  • thatsnotmyname

    I love for Kanye’s “sincere apologies” he went straight to the press/media
    and NEVER saying a word to Taylor herself……
    What a jerk……attention junkie.
    he just needs to STOP!! and go away like he said he would!!

  • cayanne

    I’m in agreement with “Ha” over this! Time to move on. Now, lets just get her to grow up a little bit and put the stupid thing behind her. If she thinks this is the biggest stink to come her way she’s wrong! Shes got a long was to go in this business if she wants to stay in it and with that she needs to get a little tougher skin. Yes, she’s 18-19 but still – without the education and developement she’s still going to cry victim later on if she doesn’t learn to put things behind her and be pragmatic about it. Shes got a lot of things to be thankful for. Go to school and educate yourself Taylor!

  • flutters

    Uh…..she said she had to perform live 5 minutes later but Rolling Stone said her performance was pretaped and in fact JJ had a blog here where he confirmed a pretaped part. What’s going on here?

  • kj

    @ENOUgh enough enough!: After reading your post, I think your the one that can’t let it go. And honestly, if that crap he pulled was done to you instead of Taylor, I don’t think you would let it go so quick, because you sound like a crybaby. And I don’t see you complaining that he has been everywhere and only half a**in’ and apology and complaining about his pain. Not to mention this self absorbed a**hole started it all by being a complete f***tard and said and did the things he did at the show. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit and I think your trying to spin it and trying to make Taylor look bad when it all lies a the feet of Kayne. If he would have kept his mouth shut and his a** of the stage, you wouldn’t be in “misery” listening to her tell her story.

  • cayanne

    And I do believe his apology was “authentic”. Hopefully, he’ll think about the consequences if he decided to pull a stunt like this again! No respectable human being would do that unless it was a publicity stunt which has been speculation today! I’m not sure I understand that becaue I think too much was at stake. Taylor is much to young to understand any of this behond her hurt feelings. In time she’ll understand there are a lot of people envious and jealous of her position in the industry!

  • http://enoughnonsense ENOUgh enough enough!

    KJ: I AM SAYING HAVing TAYLOR DISSED AND KANYE NOT APOLOGIZE DOESN’T MAKE MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE IN AMERICA MAGICALLY NOW FIND HOMES. Or abused kids suddenly not be beaten. It’s irrelevant to anything important in the world. THAT is what I am saying. Next.

  • kj

    @jayke: He still didn’t apologize to HER when you wrote your comment. He half a***ed apologized to everyone else (STILL NOT HER )and complained about his pain. But thankfully he has finally done the right thing and apologized to her personally and apparently she accepted the apology. Maybe now it will go away.

  • kj

    @sheeda: he may have not killed anyone, but if he was white and taylor was black, this sh** would play out for a solid month with al sharpton, jesse jackson, the black panthors , all calling for the white guy career to end. And you all know it.

  • cutie pie

    They said TS trashed the Jonas brothers so how the hell is Kanye trash.. please gtfoh, it was rude but he felt that way and he didnt call her no racist names, and she will more famous after this then she ever was, of course she accepted his apology, im waiting on the kanye and Ts track to come out.. please!!!!

  • Maria

    According to Media Takeout MTV people ordered Kanye to go back onstage and apologize. He flatley refused so they escorted him out. Kanye’s recent phone call to Taylor is nothing but a B.S. He was told by his people to do it to save face. The man is a racist. He showed his true colors. Obama says it like it is, Kanye is a jackass. Acted. Is one. Will always be pegged as one.

    Taylor is the mature one. She’s handling it all with grace. Good for her. True she doesn’t need to defend herself. People are doing it for her because everyone is disgusted with Kanye. He needs to just go away.

  • tbh

    @Maria: DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS? She went on ELLEN to complain about being dumped. Shes not classy at all.

    Do people even know what classy means anymore? WOW.

    And this isnt a racist matter. Kanye isnt. His girlfriend is from Italy like someone said above.

  • me

    I think that this is Kanye’s rock bottom. I hope that he can take time off and evaluate his life and where he wants to be in a few years. He is a gifted artist but oviously very troubled. Taylor accepted his apology appropriately…now people should move on and stop the racists rants.

  • kj

    @ENOUgh enough enough!: Then why are you on a sight that pretty much only talks crap about celebrity lifestyles. Very seldom, if never, does a site like this ever offer articles on how to help feed & house the homeless or offer any humanitarism ideas, or do or say anything that would help the world solve major issues like war, poverty, etc..
    It’s a site that comments on celebrities and their trainwreck lives. You are a fool if you had ever thought differently. People come here to praise or b****. that’s it.

  • Meadow

    He apologized. She accepted. Let it be done.

  • Meadow

    He apologized. She accepted. Let it be done.

  • Anna

    I really don’t give a f-ck about this situation anymore, and people need to get over it… but damn if I hear this girl referred to as “the 19-year-old country cutie!” ONE MORE TIME, I’m gonna lose it. Ugh.

  • cat

    #5&6, taylor did not asking for all of this to happened.with or without the incident people still gonna talk about taylor!!!she’s famous remember?!!! and by the way,she’s or kanye are not milking it idiot!!!

  • best video of all time!

    He apologized. She thought it was a very sincere apology and accepted it. Time to move on, folks!

  • Shelly_2

    Taylor Swift has more class in her pinky toe than Kayne West does in all his too-many years on this earth. He’s a idiotic thug.

  • best video of all time!

    When one is universally deemed a douchebag and called a jackass by President Obama, you don’t go any lower than that.

    He probably knows now how humiliated the teen singer must have felt when she was on stage and too shocked and saddened to say anything on national TV after his obnoxious stunt.

  • vivi

    @ENOUgh enough enough!: I soooo agree with you

  • BRooke

    @overrated: i find it hilarious that the jonas fans were the ones who were crying bloody murder for her to get over it at the time, and yet almost a year later you are still talking about it. Her first album went platinum, before the little faggots and before any other publicity she had, it was purely because of her talent.

  • Anonymous

    @ENOUgh enough enough!:

    You do know Taylor sold more albums than any other artist in the past year right? Anyway, keep ranting like you have an issue between your ears. It was amusing :)

  • Cindi

    Taylor Swift is a class act!! Maybe Kanye could learn a little
    class someday!! Then again I really doubt that!!

  • Pix

    Please make this the end…

  • Galey

    I think I missed something. What did Taylor do wrong? If you like her don’t like her you must think it is wrong for another person to humiliate another. Especially if the person doing the humiliating is older.

  • emily

    I’m happy he’s finally apologized for real. :) Team Taylor. <33

    @flutters: Only part of her performance was pretaped (the subway part). The taxi cab part, however, was not pretaped.

    @overrated: I would have let this go. But you’re rediculous. Jonas did not make her famous. Her first album came out in 2006. She was already working on her second album before her and Joe broke up. She went on tour with SO many artists – Tim & Faith, George Strait, Rascal Flatts, etc. However, she didn’t go on tour with Jonas. She was at one/two shows for their 3D concert.

    Honey, it’s obvious she was famous before the whole Joe Jonas thing. Fearless went 4x platinum because it’s amazing, and because she’s talented. And because she connects with her fans. Not because JOE JONAS dumped her. WTH. How does that even make sense? It doesn’t. From what I can see, Tay’s album sales have soared. She’s been on Billboard’s Top 200 for HOW long?! Stayed at number one for HOW long?! She was the Top Selling Artist, and why? Because of the “Joe Jonas” incident?! NO. She was the top selling artist, the first country artist to win a VMA, the YOUNGEST artist to be nominated for CMA’s Entertainer of the year, because SHE is talented. She is famous. She has fans. It’s also obvious she’s moved on. And I’m thinking you should, too.

    She doesn’t trash her exes. So, she writes songs about them because they do bad things? SO WHAT. That makes her lyrics real! She’s a teenage girl who has gone through things that other teenage girls have gone through, or will go through. Have you noticed a lot of people don’t like Taylor because of the Jonas Brothers? It goes both ways, hun. And if you haven’t noticed, Joe Jonas wrote a song about her, too. Does that mean HE trashed his ex? I think not. It’s a song. And if you’re calling her pathetic, you better be ready to call HIM pathetic, too.

  • byebyekanye

    wow, he blogged an apology and went on the leno show to blab without first apologizing to her personally? WHAT A PHONEY KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! shows how insincere this pretentious jerk is. he cares about what other people think of him, not at all about how he hurt her feelings. hope he hides out somewhere remote and never resurfaces.

  • Mrs.Beady

    I read sites like this because I like to keep my finger on the pulse of popular culture. It helps me understand trends in society and so forth. The career field I am in, is one that is for people who like to help others and I volunteer too. I keep everything balanced.

    I think Taylor handled herself well. It was shocking and it did create publicity for everyone. Publicity stunt maybe. Taylor is one that likes to write about her personal life and that could also spill over into writing about people’s lives that have touched hers. That is being an artist and being passionate and that is okay in my book. It’s from her perspective. It can be flattering or not but certainly indicates a level of caring if someone puts that much effort into writing about you. It is what it is. Next…

  • samantha

    How magnanimous of her to accept his disingenuous apology. She’s a better person than I LOL. I would of told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.