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Zachary Quinto is a Cheerful Chatter

Zachary Quinto is a Cheerful Chatter

Star Trek hottie Zachary Quinto talks on his cell phone as he leaves Intelligentisia Coffee bar in Los Angeles on Monday (September 14).

The 32-year-old actor recently received kudos from Star Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy who recently admitted that he will not be returning for a Star Trek sequel.

“I think the Spock character is very well-established as portrayed by Zachary Quinto,” Leonard said at DragonCon. “And I think if you saw the movie you’d say the same of Chris Pine.”

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  • Portinari

    ZQ is so gorgeous. Love the 5 o’clock shadow & can’t wait for the next Star Trek. :)

  • Stacie

    I too can’t wait to see the next STAR Trek movie. He is Kinda Dreamy !!!


    Now this is how jeans are supposed to fit a man’s body! I am glad big oversized pants are falling out of fashion.

  • angeles

    Love it when he smiles.

  • All Women Stalker

    He is adorable. I like his fashion sense. :)


  • samantha

    What zoo did this ape, I mean guy, escape from? He’s one of the uglier fellows I can recall seeing. Yuck!

  • Zoe

    LOL I was just at this coffee shop on Sunday…

    Don’t think he’s ugly at all…He’s actually quite handsome in person. Photos don’t do him justice. He’s not as skinny as photos make him out to be and he’s got lovely eyes.

  • Portinari

    I second the lovely eyes comment. His arms look pretty fabulous here too. Yowza!

  • Peggy

    I saw Zach on Saturday and Sunday and got to speak to him. Not only is he really sweet… he is gorgeous, one of the best looking men in Hollywood and really approachable and laid back. He is truly a class act…

  • randa


  • Timmi

    Also for those convinced he is gay, I saw him with a woman. So if you think he is gay with no foundation you must consider he could go both ways or be hetero.

  • angeles


    I saw him with a lot of women Saturday night, don’t know if that means he’s het or just sociable as they seemed to be fangirls who wanted his sig. He was adorable and sweet all the same, and as much as I expected it he really didn’t make my gaydar ping. *shrug*

  • Timmi

    I spoke to him on Saturday as well, we spoke a couple separate times and kept bumping into each other so I joked about getting a picture with him since we kept running into each other…probably funnier if you were there LOL. There was one women though, who was quiet and he brought her wine. I was chatting with someone and he came up to her… I didn’t see her after that… he didn’t make my gaydar “ping” either…but he is sweet and funny none the less.

  • angeles

    What did she look like? Maybe I saw her? I was kind of watching him mill around with people, but my bf kept distracting me with “oh this is my friend, meet so and so and do forth”.

  • Timmi

    Ang, she had long blond hair, a pretty pink dress (I noticed since it was so nice) and I think a small nose ring. I didn’t realize they were behind me until I felt that someone was behind me and it was Zachary!

    Like I said he handed her wine, she kind of smiled and he walked away. She looked kind of sad… and then I didn’t see her with him after that and didn’t see her.

  • Timmi

    It was a quick moment then I went back to my conversation… but it seemed like kind of a warm moment… it is hard to explain. So I guess if some people want to claim a secret boyfriend, it could have been a secret GF ;) She also kind of looked like someone who was on the red carpet with him at the awards he went to with Hayden over the summer.

  • angeles

    I think I remember her, maybe, that is if it was the same lady. Tall, kind of slender, blondish brown hair that almost reached her waist (I remember that because when she walked past us at one point I remember admiring her hair, I could never get mine to grow that long), and she looked around 30 or so, Zach’s age. She wasn’t like the women fans I saw around him, who looked like excited little kittens with a few cougars thrown in *cough* (uh hem go cougars etc), she was calm and collected looking. I wish I could remember more.

    You have to excuse me about the details bit. I have a thing about noticing details because of what I do in my job, sometimes it goes over into my off time.

  • Timmi

    Ang, that was her. I did get to speak to Zach a couple of times, I hope I didn’t look like one of the fangirls LOL.. but I did have a lot of fun, so probably smiled quite a bit…

    Again, I didn’t see her with Zach after that, but then again I wasn’t looking ;)

    She struck me as very pretty and calm yes… while some of the other women swarmed him and I ended up speaking to him after it all died down, I felt bad for him a bit.

    If you saw the red carpet footage at the movie awards I think she was next to him… not starting any rumors, please understand… it could have been a friend or coworker… relative… acquaintance etc… just saying she stuck out at me.

  • angeles

    She does look familiar, a bit. But I agree she really could be anyone really, as not to start any rumors *wink*

    So what did you think of the performances?

  • Timmi

    I couldn’t agree more Ang. I really enjoyed the show. I thought the whole cast was really solid, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Amy Brennemen (sp) I enjoyed the diversity in the plays and it was all in all I think a really good night of theatre. What about you?

  • angeles


    I thought a lot of it was very touching, a few skits were off the wall (nuns) and the wedding at the end was just beautiful.

    I hope they do something like that again, I quite enjoyed it.

  • David

    What brand/style of sunglasses is he wearing?

    They kind of look like Super

  • interneta pieslēgums


  • katherine

    Wait, who admitted they weren’t coming back for a sequel? :(

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