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Ben Affleck is Pec-tacular

Ben Affleck is Pec-tacular

Ben Affleck wears a tight fitting shirt and shows off her spectacular pecs while wife, Jennifer Garner, makes her way back to Boston to visit him on-set on Tuesday (September 15).

Ben, 37, has been shohoting his new film, The Town, and he’s cast a number of hotties! Blake Lively was seen working with Ben as well as Rebecca Hall (also shown below). Time for Jen to mark her territory!

15+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck looking pec-tacular…

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ben affleck pecs 01
ben affleck pecs 02
ben affleck pecs 03
ben affleck pecs 04
ben affleck pecs 05
ben affleck pecs 06
ben affleck pecs 07
ben affleck pecs 08
ben affleck pecs 09
ben affleck pecs 10
ben affleck pecs 11
ben affleck pecs 12
ben affleck pecs 13
ben affleck pecs 14
ben affleck pecs 15

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  • Shawna

    Stop saying such stupid shit. Jen has no reason to worry and she knows it.

  • Marilyn

    he’s so sexy, lol I wish him and jen the best! (:

  • ace11

    give the man some j-lo..that will wake him up


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    blogger, do those pec’s make you horny? hahaha..

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Ben is waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot for her!!!!!! if she was just trying to makes her self looks better, like befor she got children……….. ):

  • me

    Ben is looking Mighty Fine!

  • B.

    @Lisa rose: oh, come on like you look any better… and for some reason Ben didn’t keep “jel-lo” around. She was way tooo loose and giggly! I think they are perfect together and what’s soo nice about them is that they aren’t in the news like everyother day ‘causing controversy. I think Ben is with the right Jen!

  • dundies

    hey guess what you guys, taylor swift still cant sing for shit and megan fox used to cut herself LOL

  • LuckyL

    The peck’s of a bird.

  • helen

    ace11 @ 09/16/2009 at 9:01 pm give the man some j-lo..that will wake him up

    Jen Garner is no prize but at least she looks her age.Marc looks like JLo’s grampa.LOL!! he was walking with his pjs all over town.He looked like he escaped the old age home.

  • Matt

    Typo….see if you can spot it…

  • hot baby hot

    Ben is looking yummy!

    Jen was also on set with Violet and Sera, not to mention Ben’s Mom. So hardly think it was a “check on Ben”, nor “marking her territory”.

  • H.

    I agree, B., Jen G and Ben are a good match. And he is looking amazing lately. Wow.

  • chichi

    someone needs to fix this typo: you said ben is showing off HER pecs. is he a tranny or something?

  • Shar

    So, the blind item from yesterday was about them. It sooo obvious now, with her visiting him on set all of a sudden.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love jennifer and ben both great people i wish them the best

  • LuckyL

    Same, plain-Jane, snooze couple, with the same dull supporter(s).

  • Sherry

    Jen is dragging Ben’s career down. She is so boring!

  • kim

    She’s annoying. Must be sad when your husband is chained to you. Do we really think Ben will stay with Jen Garner forever and ever? I doubt it. Even if they are together for another 5 years, he’ll eventually split.

  • Excuse me?

    Ben is showing off “HER” pecs? Really? Did he have a sex change?
    And he has been “shohoting” a new film? That sounds painful.

  • M

    JG is a pathetic women! i feel sorry for Ben cause he married a real stalker, seriously, i just hope he realize it soon..

  • carly

    The blind item from yesterday is total crap.

    Another one of those times when 1/2 of a set of pictures is used to go along with a story……………Ben is cheating, Jen rushes to the set.

    Take the other 1/2 of the photo set and you can clearly see that his family, wife, kids, mother ALL visited him on the set.

    2 ways to spin it. 1) Jen is jealous of Ben and the females on the set, rushes over to keep an eye on Ben OR 2) Jen was in Canada with the kids for several days doing press for “lying”. Returns and wants to spend as much time wtih Ben, so heads to the set.

  • take it off

    Ben shouldn’t have stopped with the jacket. :)

  • Mike

    The boringest couple in Hollywood…
    Strange they are not pulling out those boring kids for attention.

  • mln

    its stalking to want to see your husband? better issue a restraining order on me and my bf then..

  • Another Mimi

    Mike if they are SO BORING why are you reading about them?

  • Another Mimi

    Mike if they are SO BORING why are you reading about them?

  • shamrock

    Beantown is really agreeing with Ben. Wow! His upper body has really been upgraded for this film. Maybe, he will take his shirt off for the viewers. Yes? Looking very strong and proud Ben! Also, Jen has been working the red carpet looking mighty beautiful. Boston time agrees with these two, that is for sure.

    Good Luck with the film Ben, and keep tracking along on those happy trails Jen and Ben~

  • missing a ring?

    Ben is not wearing his wedding ring?!

  • Tazla

    Jen was recently in Toronto for some film awards show and she looked fantastic, all dressed up with beautiful hair and makeup. She looks very attractive when she fixes up and her body is almost back to pre-pregnancy. You can tell her and Ben are totally committed to their marriage. They both have strong family values – won’t be any divorce here.

  • man tetas

    He still needs a training bra…I can still see those man tetas, and no they are not pecks lol.

  • lollipop

    Strong family values? LMAO You’re kidding right? This is a man who took out a page in Vanity Fair for a married woman and then proceeded to see her blatantly in front of the world. Let’s not mention his lust for poker and booze. While making DareDevil, if you ask anyone on the set, they will tell you that Jen wasn’t exactly serving tea in Ben’s trailer while married to Scott Foley. If they stand for strong family values, then this country is going to h*ll in a handbasket.

    Ben married his #1 stalker. If he ever leaves her, she will make his life a living h*ll.

  • lollipop

    Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Gigli’ co-star Ben Affleck shelled out over $20,000 for ads running in ‘Variety’ and ‘Hollywood Reporter’ to say how much he enjoyed working with her and how he was ashamed of his notions beforehand that she’d be a diva. Affleck wrote, “I really liked working with her and have been so impressed with her acting skills,” he said. “In a lot of ways it was in contrast to what some of my pre-conceptions were about Jennifer. I thought I’d write a paragraph saying what a professional, decent person I think she is and how kind she is.”

    Funny, he never did that for Garner.

  • TAZ

    @missing a ring?:

    Maybe the guy he’s playing in the movie is a single man.

  • Lollipop is obsessed

    Completely OBSESSED WITH JENNIFER GARNER!!!! QUIT THE STALKERIZING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollipop is obssed


  • Lollipop is obssessed

    Their security probably has found out your e-mail to keep you on their stalker sheet. So obssessed with Jennifer Garner its SCARY!

  • Lollipop is obssessed

    You hear all these scary stories about obsessed fans and how they harm their “love” interests. Lollipop is ONE OF THEM! ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollipop is obssessed

    What DOESNT Lollipop “know” about Jennifer Garner! I feel like I should warn her about wierdo there!!!!! Anybody know who jen Garner’s securtiy detail is? Someone’s waiting to blow!

  • sERIOUsly!

    Pippi, stop calling yourself Lollipop is obsessed – your 13 year old name calling style is very apparent. We love Ben, can’t stand his wife. Why do you have to be a jerk about that all the time? Grow up. Hollywood couples break up all the time. Big deal if they do or not. She still has a sinking career.

  • sERIOUsly!

    Is she wearing a STUFFED BRA? She’s flat chested but her chest looks huge here. She needs to dress all sexy and fake her chest size since Ben’s around beautiful women all day long and he’s known to fall for his co-stars. Men.

  • ddd

    oww ben look amazing

    and jen is gorgeous !

    love them bothe

    wish them best !

  • Killraw

    Since school days Jen’s had at least 6 different sex partners. Todays standards that doesn’t make anyone a slut.

  • wow

    Ben’s not happy.

    But he’s very happy around blond bombshell from GG

    where is that blonde bimbo now?

    I think Ben is miss her badly now

  • wow

    Ben’s not happy.

    But he’s very happy around blond bombshell from GG

    where is that blonde bimbo now?

    I think Ben is missing her badly now.

    I am sure Ben wants to f*ck that blonde chick so much

  • Don’t know for sure


    Yes Ben did take out an ad years ago for Jennifer Lopez. He was young and naive. Ever made a mistake in your 20′s? Or heard of others making foolish mistakes when they think they are in love?

    By all accounts and from almost all that have been interviewed from Daredevil give an account that Ben and Jen did not hook up on set.

    There is an interview that the cast gave. They are having dinner. Both Ben and Jen are there. Correct in that Jennifer Garner does seem very much into Ben. However, although liking her as an actress there, Ben doesn’t seem into Jen. He was involved at the time.

    Scot Foley has said over and over that their marriage did not break up due to cheating. As for Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd, well, Chris might not have thought that rebound, fake marriage was over but Jlo sure did. Many a times stars are broken up, w/o us getting the divorce annoucement.

  • Amanda

    Two typos in one post? Really….try editing.

  • seeya

    Dreamy Ben!!!………………….mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Lola

    Don’t Know for Sure: you are one of those people who see what’s going on and then lie to yourself about why that is.

    Yes, Jen is the one who was into Ben. She wanted him. Her interest in him on Daredevil is what caused a lot of strain in her marriage to Scott Foley.

    Yes, Foley lied and said no one was involved in the break-up of his marriage. Jen was the bigger star at that point, with ABC and a growing machine behind her, so to say otherwise would’ve caused him problems.

    Kevin Smith himself admitted in one of his live appearances that Ben was incredibly cavalier towards Jen until she got knocked up. That’s what led to their marriage. Maybe they would’ve eventually married anyway, but Jen wasn’t taking any chances.

    That’s why you can clearly see that Jen was into Ben since their time on Daredevil. She just didn’t get an opportunity to “close the deal” until a few years later.

  • Lola

    And yes, Jen’s tits are bigger right now. That’s what happens when you BREASTFEED.