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Chris Brown Begins Community Service

Chris Brown Begins Community Service

Chris Brown has started his community service, donning an orange and red baseball cap while cleaning up the roadside.

He tweeted, “on my way to community service…” on Wednesday morning.

According to authorities, “Brown begins his 8-hour work day at 8:00 AM when a Department of Corrections bus picks him up, along with 30-40 other offenders. Brown will wear a reflective orange vest and pick up trash and litter along highways and roads. He’ll also have to trim brush along medians, remove gang graffiti from the VCU campus, and wash the inside and outside of law enforcement vehicles.”

More pictures inside of Chris Brown beginning community service…

Just Jared on Facebook
chris brown community service 01
chris brown community service 02
chris brown community service 03
chris brown community service 04
chris brown community service 05
chris brown community service 06
chris brown community service 07

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  • oh

    WOW!!! It’s ‘let’s come down hard on black people week’ on JJ & every media outlet. let’s show how flawed they are…all the time.
    can we change the record now?

  • cooh

    oh no
    I feel bad for him,but maybe he neeeds this to see how hard it is for other people out there
    Still think that Rihanna had her share in the beating thing
    Kudos to you Chris

  • holly

    @oh: well, if Chris & Kanye were not guilty than they wouldn’t be punished! don’t pull the race card it’s getting old!

  • ecctv

    Wow jared, have some class. These pictures don’t really need to be published…

  • oh


    cute holly. what crime did kanye committ exactly? let me guess… you have no black people in your life but your not a racist.

  • raine

    HAHA I go to VCU. maybe i will see him there

  • ecctv

    stfu holly j!

  • holly

    @oh: kanye is just a rude idiot! yes, i have black relatives! my niece & nephew are black!

  • andreanne

    now he will know what real work feels like

  • Maria

    I hope Chris Brown learns from this.

    @holly: you dont need to justify oh’s comment ;)

  • Tealeaf


  • Pining for Chris

    What crime did Kanye commit?
    Cut the bull please, everyone needs to get over this. I didn’t see all this hate when Kanye ran up on stage at the EMAs; apparently then it was funny. Double standard.
    He shouldn’t have voiced his opinion in that way, but still; some of you are overreacting.

  • Maria

    @oh: no one’s coming down on black people. seriously! Chris is doing his time , Kanye made a douche of himself. You DO NOT lump the black community because of these 2!

  • lisa

    what does race have to with kanye and chris brown??? Nothing! so stop bringing it up its annoyingggggg!!!

  • oh


    a rude idiot…what a crime.
    black relatives, huh? i’m sure you’re the first to tell them how to behave. you must really discipline them & put them in their place.

  • characterbuilding

    doesn’t make up for what he did but good lesson in humility nonetheless.

  • not_a_strawman

    Thanks Jared! This picture made me smile! That LOSER is where belongs — trash with trash!
    Boo hoo! Really you equate yourself with Kanye West? I’m black and I don’t. I think the backlash was getting ridiculous, but one man doesn’t represent all black people. I don’t give a fck about what the racists on twitter and online say. They how prove how racist this country is.
    That said, if you do WRONG you SHOULD face the consquences. Let’s not let jacka**es like Chris Brown obscure the racism that blacks and minorities face on the whole. Criticizing Chris “beat her down” Brown isn’t racist!

  • holly

    @Maria: i agree! no one is coming down hard on black people! just because chris committed a crime & Kanye was rude doesn’t mean people are targeting black people! if they didn’t do anything than there wouldn’t be a problem! please, do you think when white celebrities do something wrong we say the media is targeting white people? NO! there has been a lot of white celebrities in the news for bad behavior! lindsay lohan,paris hilton, mel gibson, charlie sheen, nick hogan, etc….. long wrap sheet! people need to take responsiblity for their actions no matter what race,religion, nationality they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tan

    i love u chris brown !!!!!! cant wait 4 your album !!! and oh : shut up idiot ! and kanye didnt do any crime what so ever ! and what he did 2 taylor was everything but a crime and didt deserve all this hate ! and this is about chris right now not kanye or the color of your skin !

    ps: get over it people its old news

  • holly

    this is @ oh – no one is coming down hard on black people! just because chris committed a crime & Kanye was rude doesn’t mean people are targeting black people! if they didn’t do anything than there wouldn’t be a problem! please, do you think when white celebrities do something wrong we say the media is targeting white people? NO! there has been a lot of white celebrities in the news for bad behavior! lindsay lohan,paris hilton, mel gibson, charlie sheen, nick hogan, etc….. long wrap sheet! people need to take responsiblity for their actions no matter what race,religion, nationality they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh

    these are two very talented people that have sold millions of records, changed music for the better, made loads of cash and succeeded in their fields before the age of 30. WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BE THEM??
    they make one mistake & the us is ready to toss them to the wolves.
    well then toss every celebrity whose done wrong in jail. donald trump, tom cruise, oprah, a-rod, madonna, britney …everyone

  • Dassie

    Kanye was unnecessarily rude, but he’s apologized and hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and learn how to be humble in the future.

    Chris Brown commited a crime and he’s apologized and is paying for it, I believe he’s beginning to really feel the consequences of his actions, and that he can turn his life around and get back on track.

    Neither of these two need to continue being beaten into the ground and constantly criticized, what happened happened, and hopefully they will both make a change! They’re only human.

  • ganymede30324

    The only thing Kanye and Chris have in common is that the targets of their behavior were smaller females. They’re punks and would NOT have pulled that on men their own size.

  • Chau

    Meh, he deserves it. I wanted him to go to jail, actually. Say NO to violence!

  • not_a_strawman

    I wouldn’t want to be them!!!
    Kanye not a bad dude (yea, he’s guilty of douchiness at times, but i don’t think he’s a horrible person), but with the highs he has also had a lot of tragedy. I like my life much better, thank you very much.
    As for Chris Brown, I can’t stand that ***hole. NO FCKING WAY would I want to be his punk***. This boy is going to fall hard. He’s dumb as rocks with a huge ego. What a loser!
    While you may be willing to sell your soul to walk a mile in their shoes, not everyone else feels the same way. Those of us who have more maturity than you do realize that all that glitters is not gold.
    Kanye at least is trying for redemption. His offense was nowhere near what Chris did. Chris is still be a douche trying to avoid blame for his actions…

  • Ali


    I’m black and people like you make me SICK. Stop playing the damn race card. Your comment is an absolute JOKE. You know why Kanye is in the news? Because he was a FOOL. And you know why Chris is in the news? Because he BEAT A GIRL UP.

    The media would have reported the SAME WAY if they were white men. So calm the hell down and stop being embarrassing those of us trying to build a positive image for the black community. YOU ARE SCUM. People like YOU Are the true racists.

  • numbnuts

    some people seem to think everyone should be able to get away with anything as long as they apologize.
    “oh he already said he was sorry”
    so… do whatever you want, just remember to say sorry later.

  • g!na

    @Ali: i agree! nice message!

  • Lplusfpluse

    This picture really made my day! I’m so glad he has to actually do this! I still think he got off easy, he still seems to be trying to deny how horrible his actions were, stupid #^$*!!!

  • Jaxon

    I’m sick of hearing the race card played here. If eminem had run up on that stage and yanked the mic out of Taylor’s hand we’d be calling him a jacka$$ too. So don’t make this about color.

    As for Chris, I wish Jared hadn’t posted these pics. The idea is rehabilitation not humilation. He ought to have some privacy here, but that’s not going to happen. Stay strong Chris. Rise about all this and let it make a stronger, wiser man out of you.

  • Maria

    @Jaxon: what’s wrong with Jared posting Chris picking up garbage? Boy George’s pictures of his was posted all over the net.I think it’s appropriate and should be posted.

    @ Ali, great post.

  • GJ

    some people do this for a good honest living. how is it humiliating? he got off easy compared to jail time.

  • LuckyL

    Bast*rd looks piiiiisssed.

  • Adrian

    chris brown is amazing. I need you boo, gotta see you boo. Oh I agree the media is fueling racism so badly.

    Bush killed people with a fake war, Barack said jack ass

    John Mcenroe constantly went insane on the court Serena went crazy once

    Kanye has bad manners, taylor swift is a big girl and he did it to talented artists JUSTICE and no one cared.

    Chris is cleaning up because he has a strong pimp hand, let’s note rihanna gave him VD.

    just jared is just as crappy as perez hilton, stop with the racism. Move out of the red states and see the world. Judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.

    #14 from yesterday you’re still a dumbass

  • isay

    He’s right were he belongs picking up trash.

  • pup

    I’m astonished. Shame to the people who are leaving comments DEFENDING Kanye West actions as well as Chris Brown’s. You are sick.

  • jdub

    hmmm VCU. i have a hoodie from there lol. love CB but his tats look rediculous.

  • *** JAMIE ***


    I feel sorry for u, having so much talent and now having to pick up litter, because u couldn’t control your anger.

    hopefully this will teach u and u may never do it again to anyone

    god bless

  • ecctv

    I believe that if a woman is selfish enough to hit a man then she fcking deserves to get hit back. Chris Brown does not deserve this…

  • Christal

    @Adrian she did not give him VD learn your fact from fiction

  • tiffa

    I love you CB, all of this will be over soon. Stay focused and prayed up. Stay away from Rhianna!!!!

  • emmaa

    @Ali: ITA!

    As if he would tweet that he is going to community service. I feel that if he really wanted to make up for what he did, he would just go secretly. Is it necessary to let the world know of your good deeds?

  • Jen

    I hope he learns from this

  • cutie pie

    Holly , listen her you idiot , Kanye aint no racist than don imus and Michael Richards and bill O reilly and any of those other racists… gtfog!! they should put that bitc-that kept that girl in a tent for 18 years out there to do work, but on then again that perverted white skank may try to molest another kid! Talk about your own ignorant as- fools in your race and hers a few, Casey Anthony, melissa Huckaby, (snadra cantu’s rapist and killer) and all those other serial killer and 99 % are white , but that skank melissa who raped and killed that girl and stuffed her in a suitcase , takes the title for the mose perverted , of all and that woman needs the elecrtic chair.. how about your white assho*es!!

  • yoyo

    lets get back to the topic at hand, chris brown doing what he was born to do. hahahahaahaha.

  • cutie pie

    @Holly .. oh big deal you have nieces and nephews that are black,, so we suppose to believe that your as- is not racist because of that.. gtfoh witch!! 99% of white people are racist and the other 1% is lying .. so dont forget that, we black folks know you whites pretend not to be racist but its ok we hate you too, and we hate even more the white women who mess with the black men and have mixed kids, we dont want your whitr blood mixed with us, stay racist and keep your white as– on your side , we dont need you , dont want you and dont want you mixing with us blacks,, if i hated a race and was racist i damn sure wouldnt be sleeping with black men breeding mixed race kids!! smdh!!

  • cutie pie

    Ali,, who the hell are you to judge anybody bitch.. only GOD can judge, white folks do alot of nasty crap and kanye did not commit a crime. so get over it.. Keep on bringing us good music Kanye, and if you whites dont want to listen to it, then turn the ststion , turn the channel, go listen to your rock music.. you stupid racisr fuc*s!!

  • g!na

    @cutie pie: of course, if someone commits a hurrendous crime like Casey or Melissa huckaby they should face the worst possible punishment! It doesn’t matter about race! If these white,black,hispanic people commit crimes they should be punished! article here says Melissa is facing the death penalty! she should! she took a child’s life!

  • cutie pie

    white folks kill me with that crap about they got somebody black in their family, well news flash skank SO WHAT that doesnt make you not be a racist, gtfoh with that crap!! like i said 99% of white people are racist and the other 1% is lying,, but blacks dont five a sh-t we dont like you either , so it would realyy be nice if you whites stayed on your white side and we will stay on our black side,, we are not running out trying to breed with you like you white women are running after all the black men , having babies by them didnt your mother tell you back 30 years ago to stay away from black men, listen to your mother, she tells you that while she trys to sneak around with one too!! nice parents your idiots have!!

  • cutie pie

    Gina .. i agree and the crimes that Melissa and Casey and that crepp Phillip garrido did was horrendous, but my thing is when blackh people do the least little thing , white folks want to make a big deal and start judging the whole black race, what kanye did was nothing, he didnt call her any racist names and believe me she will be much more popular after this. Chris brown was wrong in hitting her but if she didnt oush why should the white people judge him so much. Black people are still Chris Brown fans and will always be> my thing is whites commit some of the most sadistic and horrendous crimes on earth but they are quick to judge blacks for some bullsh_t! Nobody likes to be judged by their race, if thats the case they had article about rich white women who go gto jamaica and Africa to buy sex from young virile black boys, now am i wrong to think evert time i see a white woman she is on her way to sex up African boys even after telling blacks to go bac to Africa.. dont forget this is 400 years of white folks racism…it will never be the same, and you can say what the hell you want but im teaching my sons to love their black females and to have black kids!!