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Gabriel Brady: Gisele Bundchen's New Son?

Gabriel Brady: Gisele Bundchen's New Son?

Model Gisele Bundchen and football star Tom Brady need to start buying blue baby clothes – she’s reportedly telling friends she’s expecting a baby boy and mom and dad want to name the baby Gabriel.

According to the National Enquirer, Gisele has a sister named Gabriela and apparently has been enamored with the name for a while. The 29-year-old was raised Roman Catholic, and in the New Testament, Gabriel – an archangel – is an important figure. Sounds fitting for the former Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Hoping that his son will be a football player like his dad, Tom has been joking there will be a New England Patriots locker ready for Gabriel whenever he’s ready to hit the turf.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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  • Smi

    What a bunch of lies. You must be that wacko from imdb and bostonherald forums. Pity.

  • sex and the city

    yewwwwwwwwww BM, aka money digger, years ago she had a role, of Sex and the City (tho she’s never been the spotlight), had anyone here watched madtv, they’d done a hilarious parody and mentioned “Sex and the City, it’s not a TV seriez, it’s PORN”, sex, city, city, sex, hoho

    so is that a problem for those BMers that some super models being nude(covered) for paid? it’s BM the unmarried pregger, who really is the shame, what an old cheeky gross humanbeing she is! Tom is so not afraid to tell he’ll join the lamaze lessons with Gisele, and Tom’s gone so far away from the insane-gold-hunter in these 2 years. totally understand him, nobody wants to be nice to someone who set them up

    I hope Gisele and Tom will have a boy, Congrats to them!!! whoa! with 6’4″ height, the body, the chin, the cheekbone and everything, wow! Like someone said, that elder one wouldn’t stand a chance, as well as his mom, how poor.

  • sex and the city

    u r so wrong, even someday their relationship doesn’t work out, neither Gisele or Tom would be a shameless Money Hunter, they both are talented, young, famous and successful, they can earn their livings without any problems. and PULLEEEEEZE, as an Fashion Icon and top paid super model for 5 years there at Forbes list, Gisele Bundchen could find herself any man she wants.

    It’s not like that no-one-cares BM, she has nothing but tom’s sperm, holding a poor-me-card to gain money from a much-younger-ex, she’s so damn ugly and gross from inside and out

  • liverwurst

    @Anonymous: YOu probably don’t have children. Two months ago they wouldn’t have been able to know the sex of the fetus. She isn’t the only woman pregnant in the world, she probably has a friend or sister who is having a girl.

  • liverwurst

    @*** JAMIE ***:

    She didn’t say she got the name form the Bible, JUST JARED DID! See, this is how rumors get started…read a little more carefully, smart ass.

    Chances are that her sister may have been named after someone close to the family, and Gisele would like to honor that person too?

  • tara

    you hate Tom and Gisele so much. THey are happy and very in love You have a problem that they found the love of their lifes.
    Gisele had not many Ex-friends.

  • nancy

    I laugh at this crap, BM left her boyfriend for Tom, high and dry. She’ s no angel…regardless she also moved to CA when she was pregnant after living in NY, she was prego and left…what was he supposed to do, quit the team and go sit by her side?
    And I’m quite sure his son will not be thrown to the sidelines but it is what it is, Johns mom lives on the west coast and during football season his dad is on the East coast…it’s not like Tom Brady is the first human being to have a child with a woman he is no longer with …

  • Celebwatcher

    phonetically the name sounds weird Gabriel Brady–harsh name.

    —- is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions!!!!

  • uriel

    tom and gisele are happy
    that’s all that matters
    suck it haters

  • uriel

    the name sounds fine to me :)

  • anon

    @anon: #47 Bridget is nearly 40, unmarried and has a child, i think it’s safe to bet that if anyone is going to fill a football team it would be her. Keep trolling twat waffle. Congrats to Tom and Gisele! Haters gon’ hate…

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least her kid is gonna have a normal name unlike other hollywood kids
    i have a feeling their kid is gonna be really cute =p

  • Vanessa

    Please guys get a life… She is not the first model who poses nude and have baby… so why you guys are condemn her?
    Why don’t you trash Heidi Klum or Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio….??
    I am sure that he didn’t forget about his son… c’mon it’s time to move on.. so he broke up with his pregnant girlfriend? so what? he was suposed to be with her just because he knocked her up?? Ohh please…. you guys act like it was the first time you have ever seen a single mom….
    You haters… you guys must be really miserable to spend time trashing people that you don’t even know…. GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS!!!

    I am happy for them… i hope they have a healthy and loved baby… just like John….
    Gabriel it is a cute name… I love it… it’s my nephew’s name =)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, that was from early July when she was about for months pregnant. So, yeah, she could have known the sex of the baby at that time.

  • anon

    waiting patiently for the divorce announcement……

  • sex and the city

    yeah, how sick these BMers are, but they have the right to do this.

    if someday they would have gone “divorce”, BM is still a cheap money hunter and a total loser. So whutcha expecting for? for Gisele to be the next BM? Instead of interfering others business, you may pray for your BM for not losing Jack_the_card , because once she’s in that case, she would have nothing at all.

    i dunt have to gush the fame and fortune that Gisele has, because BM and Gisele are so in different level, and not to mention Gisele is nealy 10years younger than BM.

    get a life, go and find some gold mine for ya own!

  • Mike


  • Monkeywoman122

    Yeah, but if you think about it.. its name will be Gabe for short.. Gabe Brady… say it 10 times fast. lol

  • suppress your appetite

    This woman is heaven on earth.
    pretty girl