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Halle Berry is Snakeskin Chic

Halle Berry is Snakeskin Chic

Halle Berry leaves a home in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 16) where she reportedly goes for colon cleaning appointments.

The 43-year-old actress has been the subject of pregnancy rumors lately – Life and Style Magazine has reported she’s with child but we haven’t heard from Halle herself!

will appear on The Jay Leno Show tomorrow with musical guest Eric Clapton. Catch her at 10 PM EST on NBC.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry running errands in L.A…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • LuckyL

    I hope so!

  • sachet

    Hide that belly girl.

  • *Devil Gurl*


  • me!

    Colon cleaning!!
    Doesn’t that fall under the category “too much information”?

  • ivanka

    colo cleaning? while prgnant?

  • sweetirislady

    @ivanka: I’m hip ivanka!!! how can u colon cleanse while pregnant? but i do hope she is pregnant.

  • Sheri

    Is this falling under the category of “hide that big humongous purse in front of the belly to conceal the pregnancy”? I wonder….

  • facts

    Thanks Jared for ruining the image of a sexy halle berry. Now all I can see is a colonic tube sticking out of her rearus endus.

  • Lexi

    I love Halle she is so beautiful and talented. She is not going to be able to hide that little tummy for much longer. She will let us know when she is ready.

  • jaye

    What has happened to her movie career. It seems since she won the Oscar it has not been going so well. Her last movie Things We Lost In the Fire was a dud at the Box Office. The one before that Perfect Strangers was a dud in the U.S, but made over 73 million worldwide, mostly due to Bruce Willis, I’m sure. Even Monster’s Ball for which she earn an Oscar wasn’t a box office hit; it was a good movie though not Oscar worthy IMO. X-men which had an ensemble cast was the only high spots.
    The colon cleaning deal is what celebs like her and Paltrow do to lose 5-10 fast and get rid of toxins in the body. Some celebrities do these on a regular basis.

  • http://aol Patti

    I hope it is true that she is expecting her second baby. I just don’t understand why she would want to hide such a wonderful thing. Her fans would love to celebrate her good news if she would only let us.

  • mick

    She looks ooooooold

  • me

    She looks gorgeous…I love how she has that bag strategically placed over her stomach.

  • Well….


    She’s never really had a career. I still don’t get why/how she won the Oscar. She doesn’t get roles because she can’t act….simple. She’s not taken seriously in Hollywood, she’s always been just another pretty face among many others. Since she’s older now, she’s really washed up. Now she’s just another baby mama.


    haha that bag is bigger than she is!

  • todd

    Why Jay Leno? To help boost her career?

  • ???

    Who gets dressed up to get their colon cleansed? She’s an idiot. I think she’s milking the whole pregnancy thing. I doubt that she is. anything for attention. maybe that’s why she always looks sad.

  • tbh

    @Patti: Its a private thing and there is a chance she could miscarry. That would be devestating to her especially if it was made public. Let her have her privacy.

  • happy girl

    I just want to feel good!

  • Tazla

    This pregnancy rumor is probably like the one about Penelope Cruz – in other words, BS. I don’t think colon cleansing is a good idea. That just flushes out the beneficial bacteria which are in your colon for a reason.

  • lalalove

    She’s so beautiful and humble.

    I’m assuming she’s hiding her bump?

  • lalalove


    You know that’s a lie. You’ll be begging to look this good when you hit the 4-0.

  • Heather

    @Tazla: I

    have to agree tazia . that why I still believe Halle isn’t pregnanct

  • Pooter

    43 years old? Too old to be pregnant.

  • *** JAMIE ***


  • reneelucky7


    You know I wa thinking the same thing. 43 is kinda old to be having children. By the time her kid is 10 years old- she will be 53. My father is 59 and his ideal of a “good time” is cutting his lawn, or reading his bible.

  • ugly butt

    she always looks nasty mean and unhappy. nothing pretty about her. what an untalented hoeeeee.




    Alll the colon care in the world will not I REPEAT will not cleanse her of her dishonesty lies scams and it certainly will not get rid of her FAT ASS or THIGHS…she is that desperate to get thin is she???what is wrong with this chick OMG she is such a TOSSER oh she looks idiotic with the bag lololol total FOOL

  • lexy

    She looks great but I agree – if she’s out there doing colon cleansing that’s TMI. Couldn’t she just be visiting a friend. What she does to her butt is b/t her and her man!

  • Jeff

    The way she’s hiding her belly the last couple of times she’s been seen out she’s not really helping to get rid of the rumors. Either way, if she is great for her!

  • liverwurst

    Stunning as always.

  • Lauren

    At first I thought the pregnancy rumors were just rumors (she is in her 40′s, a diabetic, and said she had a really hard time getting pregnant with Nahla), but now I’m wondering: she’s working awfully hard at hiding her belly if she isn’t pregnant!

    If you are, Halle, then congrats! Another beautiful baby is on the way :)

  • HA!

    Gorgeous dress – love it. I wonder who makes it although I’m sure I couldn’t afford it.

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to have a colonic while pregnant. I personally wouldn’t choose to, but it’s completely different “equipment” you’re dealing with.

  • timafi

    would any of you IDIOTS go public with a possible pregnancy at 43 years of age and with type 2 diabetes and god forbid something happens?

    She would have her business out for the media and those of you who are ARROGANT enough to judge her and bash her

    the only HOE around here might be your om UGLYBUTT whose mom probably has screwed every guy around the block and even the dogs.
    do you even know who your dad is?

    as for her looking “old” PLEASE show your face and your mom’s faces for us all to see.
    Bet your moms look like a tired piece of leather;all raggedy;saggy and wrinkly!

    if she is pregnant I pray she and her baby have a safe;peaceful and happy pregnancy and delivery!

  • jo

    I like Halle. I luv her choice in outfits. Wish I could meet her in person and she give me some tips! I don’t understand why so many women/girls in this world are choosing to have children out of wedlock. It is as if it is the trend. Remember what the Bible says about fornication. I’m not perfect, but I now know I want to live and not die. Especially in sin, after being born in it.

  • The Populist

    Ok everybody, here is a scoop:

    Halle appears on the Jay Leno show tonight wearing a short skirt and high boots, (yiiihaaah). Jay Leno compliments her on her good looks, and she replies; “You know, thank you for that, Jay, because that must mean that pregnancy rumors can be put to bed!”.

    So watch the show tonight, she looks awesome, and she is NOT pregnant with another child from that dipstick we are all jealous of.

  • jean

    #14 you are right all the way, halle why don’t you take those flying lessons you talk about on oprah, just another lie, you are bag of hot air, old fart. too much talk, i hope that fake boyfriend got a young boy or girl friend,

  • Big Pimpin’


  • interneta pieslÄ“gums

    beautiful !!!

  • suppress your appetite

    love her!