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Kate Gosselin: Divorce Delayed

Kate Gosselin: Divorce Delayed

Kate Gosselin leaves her hotel in New York City on Tuesday night (September 15).

It looks like the 34-year-old mom and author went back to her old famous haircut after debuting a new wavy look on The View yesterday.

Kate was expected to finalize her pending divorce from Jon Gosselin in October. However, according to Us Weekly, the divorce is likely to be delayed due to Jon‘s divorce lawyers dropping him as a client.

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • miapocca

    OUCH, even your divorce lawyer drops you as client then you should know you are really a douchebag!!!

  • roger

    Jon’s lawyer ‘dropped’ him because he wanted to sign on with a different one. It’s all over the news.
    And nobody needs ‘In Touch’ to tell us the obvious – a change of lawyer is going to prolong the process of course.


  • Lenno

    Kate is hot!!!! Yea baby!!!

  • Bella

    I’m just hoping God drops Kate as fast as she dropped him. The world and those 8 kids would be sooo much better off without her.

  • stella

    Oh my Gawd…this is seriously disgusting. This woman (and Jon) have turned into what they would consider A list celebrities…who in the name of twinkle toes is offering this crazy woman a talk show? If I have to hear her yapping for any more episodes of any kind, I will throw a rock in my tv. These two useless ho’s need to stay home, and work on being parents. I’m sure there is a nursing job out there, the one Kate used to have!

  • rhonda

    OMG, more drama. This is the worst soap opera ever.


    Lordy bee===Here we go again,someone PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Noreen

    John, I still enjoy the interaction between Kate and you in repeat shows,but someday when you wake up and realize the little 22yr old is only after the money and fame…you will be more sorry then you are now. Of course she is kissing your butt…what else does she have to do? Oh maybe a job!!! Her parents should be sooo proud of her! You know…..breaking up a marriage and putting that child first before your own. WORK/JOB By the way, you don’t have one either. And what is your family saying about all this? Basically I understand you leaving Kate because she said mean things to you,correct? Well, didn’t your mom ever tell you sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you…Here is another example: On the show where you insisted walking the children through the field just so you could go fishing…because you thought it would be fun. I don’t think they thought it was so fun! Especially, your son you called a WHIMP/WHOOZE because he wasn’t crazy about walking through a rain muddy poop invested field. I thought you were the one against name calling? You even admitted on the interview portion of that show that it was hard keeping up with them for five days and trying to keep them occupied, well what do you think Kate has gone through? Oh and while I’m at it ……Don’t pick them up by one arm…you can dislocate their arms. You should be begging for forgiveness from Kate. Maybe sometimes she was a little harsh but, I thought….no I remember your only 32 YEARS OLD and you can’t handle her being mean to you. I don’t know which family member or friend started you on your delusion of grandger but maybe you ought to go back to Kate and stay the hell away from the kids you like to hang out with!!! I don’t think your father would be so proud of you. I am amased that her parents don’t crack her ass with a belt. And by the way, what the hell was in your vows BOTH times you married Kate. You remember ….those two days. I can tell that for some ungodley reason Kate still loves you. And before you wipe the ass of the 22 year old you ought to allow your own children to grow up without all your nonsence!! Your family and the tarts family ought to keep you both locked in your own bedrooms until you grow up. And stop saying I’M ONLY THIRTY TWO YEARS OLD, it sounds stupid!

  • Noreen

    Don’t use the Lords name in vane!

  • Milee

    Someone ought to cut her off on the, “organic” Oreos and put her back on proper cattle feed. That old sow is packing on some pounds.
    She made Jon get rid of the, “KIDS” dogs because she’s too lazy to tell a nanny or helper to walk them and feed them. God forbid she actually teaches the kids to do something responsible other than marching around in matched outfits like trained monkeys.
    I waiting for this horrible idiot to fall flat on her face. It’ll happen. I know it will.

  • Bella


    Who was saying it, “in vane?” I was saying a prayer. Get over it.

  • Bella

    God hates greedy, selfish, child abusers like Kate. You watch he’ll make her pay for all the bad things she’s done to her children and all the money she has stolen from church goers. Kate Gosselin will learn a hard and brutal lesson for lieing about her faith.

  • Clara


    AMEN to that one sistah! Jesus gonna make that woman pay a price way bigger than a talk show pays!

  • Hrh

    @Bella: You sound so ignorant. God doesn’t hate anybody, he forgives. Just because you don’t agree with her parenting don’t drag Him into it.

  • flo

    No amount of money is going to make her stop exploiting her kids. She’s already done well and has scads of money, so she could stop NOW. But that’s not it. She’s just much too greedy and self-absorbed to care, period. Don’t buy the “I’m taking the high road” or “I’m doing this for my kids” nonsense. It’s all about Kate remaining the center of attention. And greed.

  • Paulie

    Who is she, anyway?

    I’m not from the US and I’ve never heard of her before seeing her on this website a while back. She doesn’t seem to do much. Why is she famous? Is she the new Paris Hilton or something?

  • Auntie Belle

    The boy friend/ body guard is not going to like this. if I were Jon I would find a gutter and crawl in it.

  • sunny

    where’s the “bodyguard” kate?

    why is it that man is only “on duty” whenever kate needs some…haha!

    bodyguard…such a JOKE!!
    (altho — if he’s hitting that — he seriously needs his head examined! LOL)

  • lj

    Kate looks awesome.

  • Lauren

    It seems that all the Kate supporters have to say is how good she looks. Is this your basis for supporting her? At least the non-supporters give valid reasons for their dislike of her. Just because she looks good is not a reason to give her your support. Sounds lame.

  • mime

    @Paulie: no, she’s not Paris Hilton. She’s famous because she is getting divorsed from her husband. They were both on the show Jon and Kate plus 8. It basically showed the two of them raising their children and their there is a huge conterversey about their divorse.

  • yuk

    thick unathletic white Dollar Store plastic chair sitting legs

  • rhonda



    The german shepherds are gone? for real?

  • angie

    I hope Kathy Griffin puts Kate in her place on the View Friday.

    The dogs need a good home, and the kids were photographed hitting those dogs. Not a good thing. I’m sure that the dogs will be much happier with any family besides the Gosselins.

  • Kelsey

    I don’t blame the lawyers for dropping him…

  • wanda

    “Hi Jon. Yeah this is our 58th phone call that you have not returned about paying your bill. I know that Ed Hardy douchewear and the NYC condo are pricey items but you still have an outstanding balance. Also, we wanted to let you know that we can no longer represent you in the divorce proceedings since you are clearly refusing to pay our outstanding fees and avoiding our calls to get you to pay the accrued balance on your account.”

  • Mike

    Why so this mean ho can pull more money out it. She needs to go away already.

  • JennI

    so kate can sell off some more of her family

  • Nan

    Kate the greedy cow.

  • payless

    There was a better way to handle the dog situation.Stop using these children as emotional propaganda.There are no winners here, both parents are at fault. Stop trying to win a popularity contest while abusing your children emotionally.These kids need a court appointed advocate,this has got to stop.They are being destroyed right in front of us,and some people seem to be enjoying their misery. This is not a soap opera, it’s real life for these kids.No parent should use their children to get back at the other parent. something drastic is bound to happen if this doesn’t stop. I have never in my life seen anything like this.The destruction of this family has been playing out for months and we are all a part of it . There are children raped and murdered everyday,children suffering deplorable things. We should not continue to be a part of the emotional rape and murder of Cara,Mady,Alexis,
    Aaden,Joel,Colin,Hannah and Leah Gosselin.

  • lauren

    Jon hired new counsel. Jon didn’t get dropped by his former counsel, as some have commented erroneously! Now STFU!!!

  • lauren

    Ha!!!! Miss Narcissist’s legs look like TREE TRUNKS in those shoes! Beeotch!

  • sigh.

    whoever says that collin, alexis, hannah, leah, joel, aaden, mady and cara would be better off without kate OR jon… you must be so selfish. they love their kids and to take that kind of love away from them is just………… so wrong!

    p.s. kate is hardcore and anal, but jon cheated on her and didn’t stick it out for his not one, not two, but eight children.

  • gds


    Are you for real?? How sick to wish for someones death. If this is your religious belief you are seriously misguided.

  • victoria #1

    @ LAUREN — A poster on another site, ( X-17 online ), said she
    had ” first hand knowledge,” ( first, you are correct ) ( how she knows, I
    don’t know, lol ), that Jon hired new attorney’s because he “was pissed
    off or aggravated at his former team.”

    They had told Jonny douchey-bag ( my words ) to lay low, quit running
    around with the girl’s, quit spending so much money especially in front
    of the paparazzi, stop taking expensive out-of-trips and talking
    negatively about Kate. It looks ” bad and dosen’t help the case and
    the public’s perception of you is despictable.” I guess he did not like being told what to do, and the outcome was not what he had planned
    concerning the divorce.

    Well, we all know he did NOT follow any of those directions, as did Kate
    because her attorney’s gave her the same order’s, but asked her to
    stop appearing on television and talking about her soon-to-be ex-
    husband. They had caught her changing her story several times on
    a couple of shows, and the audience and viewers caught the lies.
    Whatever worked for the moment to grab the attention, she would do it.
    The crew on EVERY show she was on, complained how rude and
    stand-offish she was, and that she was extremely demanding like she
    was the Queen of England or something.

    Kate even demanded a bodyguard from her dressing room to the stage
    when she appeared on the ” Today Show.” When they did not have one, a camera man walked with her much to her dismay, and her face
    was caught on film beet-red and angry. Have you noticed Jon does
    not have a bodyguard? He laughs at Kate’s, and says, ” who does she
    think she is, for goodness sakes?”

    On the matter of the dogs, Kate said the dogs were why she could never use her backyard, because it was full of dog-poop, and mud, where they had torn up the grass. She did not have the time to deal with it, and was sick of cleaning poop off of her shoe’s and the children’s shoe’s, plus the crew’s shoe’s. She told Jon to come and get them because he had always wanted them, and he ” laughed at
    her “, and said, ” no way, I’m free, single, and can do whatever I want, when I want. ” ” Why would I want to get settled too two dogs and have to look after them and always walk them?” ” You or the kids deal with them.” Sorry for the long post guys!
    ( according to Kate )

  • Jody

    @Bella: What Kate is the only stability those kids have, all Jon thinks about is his 20 something girlfriends, he even slept with the help he’s gross.. i see Maddie goes to her grandparents when it’s jon’s turn to babysit for TV>>>>

  • Jody

    @victoria #1: Are they so lazy they can’t clean up after the dogs? Body guards? Is this what sudden wealth does to you, If I had that much room I’d have 5 dogs and clean up after them every day and teach my kids the responsibility , Why is Maddie at her grandparents when Jon is at the house? I see problems with the older twins , this is awful.

  • VanM

    @Bella: …..You sound like an idiot, God loves everyone and is forgiving…..If you reall believe in God you wouldn’t be saying such hateful things…..Kate you are a wonderful mother.

  • VanM

    @Bella: …..You sound like an idiot, God loves everyone and is forgiving…..If you really believe in God you wouldn’t be saying such hateful things…..Kate you are a wonderful mother.

  • Puddin

    Clip-clop on the blacktop.

  • http://JUSTJARED barbara

    I know that Kate probably wishes all this mess was over. Just think to be married to Fish Face another minute would just kill anybody. How would any real woman want to be married to a fool, cheater and a whining whimp. I wish Kate the best of luck and I admire her for taking the high road. I don’t blame her I would let Jon and his jump-off Horley makes fools of themselves by themselves. Moving on is going to be hard for Jon because he didn’t want the divorce in the first place but his jealousy lost him everything.

  • hawker

    Does anyone else notice that this storyline has turned from “all about the kids” to all about the two idiot parents? Both of them are misbehaving in various ways – I do wish the glitz light would be turned off both of them. Even as much as I enjoy reading about the latest antics – I wish someone was as concerned about the kids well-being. They have gotten pushed so far to the rear of things.

  • Lainey


    I have noticed this too. I have not watched the show in a long time. Hopefully the ratings will drop and the show is canceled. Then the kids can get the camera out of their face. I don’t think Jon or Kate will fade from the limelight on their own account. I think the public will just have to stop watching this tragedy unfold. If their is no interest in them, then the gossip and blog sites will find something else to talk about. I wish I could help these kids!

  • lakers fan in boston

    it’s sad when your own lawyer nos your gonna lose at court =]
    seriously, when is this dumb bitzch going 2 go away
    im just w8ing for that day

  • Alisa

    Kate is about Kate. What can Kate get, how does Kate look, how do the kids make Kate look, oh, and what can Kate get (deserves saying it twice!) She has dropped all her family because they dragged her down with their concern over her actions and what she was doing with her kids. No friends, no family; she must be one lonely gal. And yet she plugs on trying to get more! She has no talent to be on TV. She has nothing to talk about except the kids and she already has a TV show devoted to that. She needs to go back to being a Mom and leave TV behind her. Reconnect with friends and family, apologize for being stupid and selfish. Concentrate on giving more and less on the taking and maybe if she is lucky she will find a new love. I speak for millions who say we are sick to death of Kate Gosselin!

  • Sickofthedrama

    The thing about putting yourself out in the public is that everything that you do is open for judgement. I personally think that TLC needs to drop the show, they both need to find real jobs and those poor children need to be in court ordered therapy NOW! Neither biological parent is really raising the children, it’s the endless stream of hired help that is doing that. I had hoped that Jon would have fought for primary of the kids, but I guess in the end, he is no better than Kate. But just because she appears to be the primary doesn’t make her a better parent. Neither of them are parents. These children have been exploited since day one. It is just sad. Sooner or later the kids will stop being cute, which started to happen already. Now the other chaos to keep them in the news. When things calm down, and sooner or later it has to, they will be yesterdays news and neither one of them will really see the children as more than burdens. I wish that someone in the family would take the kids. What about Kate’s brother and Aunt Jodi? Jon AND Kate are both selfish & thoughtless. Those children should never have to read all of this later on down the road.

  • Tampa divorce attorney

    Kate looks awesome.

  • foxy

    Kate is a hell of a women! She has had to take care of the family some how. He wasnt going to do it! Aleast those kids have the parent with the brains taking care of them! Go Kate Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!