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LeAnn Rimes Looks Santa Monica Marvelous

LeAnn Rimes Looks Santa Monica Marvelous

LeAnn Rimes grabs some lunch and hangs out with a friend on Tuesday (September 15) in Santa Monica, California.

The pair later then headed downtown to browse a furniture showroom. Must be looking to fill up the house that she’s hunting for!

Looks like LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian are moving on to the next stage of their relationship!

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes looking Santa Monica marvelous…

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leann rimes santa monica marvelous 01
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 02
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 03
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 04
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 05
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 06
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 07
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 08
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 09
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 10
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 11
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 12
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 13
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 14
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 15
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 16
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 17
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 18
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 19

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  • nancy

    How about some news from Deane I mean he takes the subway and walks around in NY, bicycles in NY and someone from cooking school could snap him. I think there is a little bit of interest in him.

  • cuckoo


    Yep that’s how it works.

    Brandi alerted the paparatzi before she went to the park. Told them to meet her there and what questions to ask and which ones to answer. Yep every move of everyone is totally scripted. You are a genius.

  • rena

    Right tim keep on making up reality . See what you wanna see dude

  • nancy

    Who cares if Le Ann or Brandi or Angie or Jen or Brad or Megan call the paps! We’re just happy to see them and maybe get a little more of the story. Who gives a %@#$ !!!

  • Rob

    I read somewhere that Eddie is a mommies boy. I don’t believe that. I think he is estranged from his family. If I disgraced my mother by linking my family name with maggot, homewrecker, serial cheat, sexual predator, scumbag, and liar my mother would say to me “you and that gloating homewrecker are never to step one foot in my house. I’ll accept it if you marry a Sunset Blvd. hooker, but not that Rimes.” One the other hand, Eddies’ mother may be no different than Rimes’ father who was and adulterous theif. If that is the case, Eddies’ mother is saying “Great, free concert tickets.” They probably won’t be free because lovely LeAnn will probably give Eddies’ mom only a 50% discount.

  • nancy

    If you don’t like her try another celeb you do like. Why come here? Why focus on something you find negative. Get positive and post positive on someone you do like.

    Great advice!

  • rena

    Eddie employs his mother. She is Eddie’s office manager. Such bitterness Rob, really bitter.

    Cuban families may be more accepting of that kind of male behavior. I think that might be a given.

    Get some facts before you spout!

  • rena

    Such hatred Rob toward those you don’t even know. If Dean still loves Le Ann and Brandi still loves a pat of Eddie what is your problem?

  • Jackie

    You bring up an interesting point. How does Eddies mother feel about the shame her son and LeAnn has brought to the family? What does she think about LeAnn gloating over how she stole the father of her grandchildren away from a loving wife and family? Is Eddies’ mother as heartless as Rimes and will she welcome LeAnn into the family with open arms. Just as Rimes character is genetically linked to her father, Eddies’ character is no doubt linked to either his mom or his dad or both. If Eddie was my son, I would have told him to stop seeing Rimes the psycho or stopping coming to Christmas dinner. I don’t care how old Eddie is, a bad seed is a bad son and he would have no place at my table with his nutty mistress.

  • rena

    Don’t ya just love all the holier-than-thou types on this board who poison themselves and the world with their hatred.

    God did say “Hate thine enemies” RIGHT?

  • rena

    Didn’t your parents teach you that hatred is a diseased state of mind?

  • carin

    Comment board on fire !!! LOLOL

  • Rob

    Holy cow Rena, did you realy mean to say Cuban families are accepting of adultery, homewrecking, and hurting innocent people? That is one of the most racists remarks I’ve ever heard. What you are saying is that Cubans support everything that is against family and American values. Talk about ignorant hate speech. Please limit your generalities to the Cibrians and don’t include all Cubans. If the Cibrians are in favor of Rimes wrecking the home of their grandchildren then that says a lot about the Cibrians but don’t include all Cubans.

  • carin

    My two cents is to not pass harsh judgment. All of us are apt to make errors and we will judged as strictly as we judge.

    The golden rule applies to everyone. Why does it feel good to you to wish revenge on someone? Is that a high-minded condition?

    You are holding Rimes to a high standard but allowing yourself to feel hatred which is not a high frame of mind. So there is some hypocrisy there.

  • JSL883

    If I brought the shame to my family that Eddie has brought to his, my entire family would disown me but then I’m from the midwest with midwest values. We all know how low down and dirty those CUBANS are, don’t we Renae? God, what a stupid thing to say.

  • rena

    I am saying some cultures won’t break up over it and are more accepting of it kind of “oh well, hes just a guy”. Keeping the family intact makes them excuse it.

    Racist? Nope. Just the facts. Not all do it but its not that rare.

    Call me whatever you want. I’ve lived with lots of different peoples and know what I’m talking about.

    Besides Eddie is his mother’s employer.

  • Jack399

    I love the comment about holding Rimes to a higher standard and about hypocracy. Did you read her book where she talks about her glorious marriage to Deane while she’s having a torrid affair with Eddie? Decency standards do not apply to Rimes and she is the queen of hypocracy.

  • rena

    Lived in Miami and central and south america. Not been isolated to the midwest though I live there now and it IS a different world with different values and I love it. And family is not family.

    Politically correct I am not. Not afraid to comment on my experiences. I love all people but there are universal values and cultural values and there are distinct differences in cultures and that is the spice of life.Actually the midwest is kinda spiceless. LOL!!!

  • Anna

    I am Cuban and highly offended by the remark that it is a given that Cuban men are nothing more than whoremongers. Although in Eddies’ case with Rimes I would have to agree but that doesn’t mean we are all slithering sexual perverts. We do not excuse sleezy behavior. If the Cibrians are accepting of Eddie and LeAnn’s disgusting behavior and the gloating over wrecking a family then the whole family is disgusting but not representitive of Cubans in general.

  • rena

    You would need to sit down with Deane to hear his side. Maybe he is bi or gay and was in on this decision too. You just don’t know but you act like you have the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And none of us do so why judge it?

    I’m not defending Eddie and Rimes. I think they should have waited for a completion to the divorces.

    Hopefully you are on other sites proclaiming how foul and nasty other celebs behavior is also. Otherwise I question why you single this case out.

  • rena

    First of all I don’t believe a Cuban just miraculously popped up on this site. You are someone else posing as one and doing a poor job of it. ROFLMAO.

    I never said “all are whoremongers”. Not good to accuse and use words the writer NEVER used.

    Funny other people did say exactly what I just said before. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • rena

    What’s the term “latin lover” all about? LMAO

  • rena


    Type me a letter in Spanish and don’t wait tll you borrow something from a book or a translator.
    I speak, read and write fluent Spanish.

  • Tim999

    Hey Coockoo,

    Rimes was supposedly disguised with a hat and a pair of sunglasses carrying a bag like a common tourist. The photog took his first picture as soon as she came into view at the top of the escalator. Rimes PR people were standing right next to the photog saying, “She’s the one in the hat.” How else would a photog so quickly see through Rimes disguise and get the picture the moment she came into view? Do you think this photog spends his early Sunday mornings standing around lax hoping to get a $100 picture of a c-list celebrity? By the way you respond, you were probably the Rimes’ PR person involved in the setup.

  • cuckoo

    Tim you are not a friend of the truth because you say you heard Le Ann’s PR team SAY “She’s the one in the hat.”

    Amazing that you were there to hear that. What a claim.!Now if you continue making stuff up no one will ever listen to a word you say and rightfully so.

    So you now are a liar? But you condemn another for making errors but you yourself are not as pure and faultless as you first appeared.

  • cuckoo

    Explain how the paps just happened to be at the same park as brandi at that very moment?

    Did she alert them or are they following her or just a mere coincidence?

  • rena

    Waiting oh so patiently for that letter in Spanish from Anna.

    Gee it must be so very long. It is taking so long to get it. LOL

  • Bobbie

    I agree with Renae that Anna can not be Cuban. We all know they are to busy having sex with someone elses spouse to even learn how to use a computer. They only stop having sex to have a plate of rice and beans. As for its a given that Cubans accept adultery, Rimes should fit in nicely with the Cibrians. Orgies to all!!!!!!!

  • tim999


    You Rimes PR people crack me up! LOL, keep swing because sooner or later you might hit something.

  • rena

    # 79

    Now that is really extreme. I mean c’mon. And there was no Anna on here. That was too convenient but it is hysterically funny.

    There would have been a letter in Spanish already. If one came right in it may have been believable but no longerLOL

  • rena

    I love rice and beans and Cuban food. We had some neighbors in so. Florida who taught us to cook that cuisine. I love that food.

  • cuckoo

    So how did the paps find Brandi in the park?
    Did she call them?
    Did they follow her?
    Did she pay them?
    Was it a coincidence?

  • Rod

    How in the hell did this blog go from LeAnn looking for furniture with her decorator to Cubans have no values? I have to admit that the stupidity displayed here is very funny. Oh, by the way, Rimes is a pathetic publicity ho.

  • cuckoo

    So how did the paps find Brandi in the park?
    Did she call them?
    Did they follow her?
    Did she pay them?
    Was it a coincidence?


  • rena

    @ ROD

    Thats quite a leap your mind did. If you can’t read well then I understand but I went back and couldn’t find any post that said as you claimed that Cubans have no values. Nowhere do i see that!

  • jake

    Guess I missed the party See ya! Might come back tonight

  • lilly

    Gwen is a sociopath. To write so many comments and to be so obsessed with LR, EC and his wife is sick! Better go for a professional help.

  • inkidu

    Off the meds maybe?

  • cat

    yeah, #20 i agreed with you!

  • kathy

    For myself I feel compassion for all of the people in this drama.
    Good that the kids are so young still and have the support of the grandparents. The boys will be close to Eddie because they are boys and he’ll be athletic with them.
    Dean twitters and he sounds happy and busy. Naturally he’s not giving out too personal information.
    Le Ann looks better than she has in years and years. Brandi seemed upbeat. And Eddie has a new character on TV soon

  • thomasina

    Starting dinner here and checking out the action. Slow eh? Millet and dinosaur kale for supper. Yum yum. I’ll be in and out if anyone wants to discuss.

  • kathy

    You won’t find too many eating like that . You must be health-conscious?

  • thomasina

    Yup and I buy almost everything local and organic. I crave healthy food.

  • stacey

    love the dress, you go girl! keep that beautiful smile!

  • stacey

    Yeah, I knew it was Brandi, too.

  • stacey

    I’m right there with you Sheri!

  • lucy

    No amount of adulation from Leann’s sheeple will change the fact that she is a HOmewrecker

  • inhouse

    Le Ann …run from Eddie but don’t go back to Dean, your best friend,

    Work on your music and have a great life. Thanks for your talent.

  • Juls

    Correction, Lucy. BUTT UGLY Homewrecker. She will reap what she has sown someday, you can be SURE of that one.

  • gwen

    When those boys are old enough to see those pictures of their father with a gloating Leann their one and only question is going to be,” How could you do this if you loved us like you said?”