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Miranda Kerr is Fit to Fly

Miranda Kerr is Fit to Fly

Model Miranda Kerr takes flight at the Jukari Pop Up event at New York City’s Skyline Studios on Monday (September 14).

The 26-year-old Aussie took in the Jukari (from the Sicilian word for “to play”) experience – a collaboration from Reebok and Cirque du Soleil that aims to make exercise fun again for women. Miranda took part in what Reebok calls “a workout that gives the sensation of flying while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training”. Intense!

Jukari is available at Equinox gyms in 14 cities, so you can learn to fly like Miranda, too!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr trying Jukari in NYC…

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Credit: Barnard; Photos: Getty
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  • SS

    she’s gorgeous jealous of her accent too

  • Tiara

    She’s way too skinny in my opinion. I think women should have curves and not bones hanging out. But she’s pretty and is a model so she must be like that I guess. That’s what “fit” looks like apparently.

  • meee

    now i feel bad for eating dinner

  • omfg

    OH MY GOD, she is looking more and more anorexic … I don’t think she eats at all.. :(

  • ks

    pretty lady

  • ks

    @meee: lol!

  • omfg

    she still has a very pretty face, but she really needs to gain at least 10 pounds. I dont’ think it’s healthy to be that skinny imo…

  • eden

    why did she lose more weight?! she was perfectly gorgeous and curvaceous…i hope Orly did ask her to be skinnier like Bosworth lol

  • rosie

    Maybe it’s the clothes that are making her look odd. But honest to God, I don’t find that look attractive. Her look reminds me of starved cattle – bones showing and no curves. She needs to sit in front of the TV with a burger; NOT do more exercise.

  • Marisa was there also…

    Marisa was with Miranda too, Jared didnt show the pics of her there but there is more pics with Marisa.

  • AMY

    I usually dislike and hate models but I like this one…..
    she’s like so sweet…like a little puppy!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    I agree with above comments – she is a lovely girl but please, someone feed her a little protein. She’s wasting away and it’s not doing anything for her. With her current weight loss I’m curious and would love to know how she has maintained her boobs?!?!

  • Jokergurl

    She’s either very fine boned, or a little too thin, I think it’s the latter, she’s got Orlando though so she’s not worried what people think. Yep, this beauty is too thin.

  • chalat

    She ate a cracker in 1998.

  • josephine


    you’re right, she’s just way too thin. when fine-boned gals are this paper-thin, they don’t have their shoulder blades , collar bone, sternum and ribs all literally reaching out of their skin at you because they’d be naturally smaller and less obvious. and miranda’s big head moonface and chipmunk cheeks just makes her look disproportionate.

    has anyone noticed posh spice’s right boob on the cover of ELLE? now there’s a plastic surgery procedure which shouldn’t have been performed

  • LuckyL

    Chipmunk. Never was that spectacular.

  • LuckyL

    This is why this new generation of VS models does not fit the brand. Fail.

  • LuckyL

    Very unnaturally thin. VS models are supposed to be voluptuous. Disgusting. I could see if this was her body type, but obviously it is not.

  • pepepep

    Aww…Now I need to hit the weights and cardio exercises…





  • Sayers

    She looks good, but fitness is key. Everyone pays attention to this, but how important is diet. Perhaps she needs to get on a new eating plan. I found a great place where she get get some advice:
    Talks about health diet and fitness. You go girl. We will see you in your new outfit next spring.

  • OMG!!!!

    A model who is thin??????
    She’s gorgeous and glowing.
    She’s skinny because it’s her JOB to be skinny.

  • missme

    She looks like a patient in an eating disorder clinic-and I would know, I have been there! Poor thing looks emaciated! I wonder if Orlando has anything to do with the weight loss-didn’t the same thing happen to Kate Bosworth when they were dating? Hmmm???

  • @23

    She is gorgeous. Yes she is skinny, but she isn’t scrawny. Her sternum doesn’t show, she has great muscle tone, her skin is glowing and her eyes are bright. She is not “emaciated” for crying out loud, just thin. There IS a difference. And once again, she is a MODEL!
    Is this a new ruse by the haters?
    Pretend to be concerned just to sling insults? Oh wait. This isn’t new. You idiots have used it before. Usually alternating with posts about her looking fat.
    And are you losers back to blaming Orlando for Kate’s OBVIOUS eating disorders? Why then did she get skinny AGAIN long after they broke up? And why were there numerous reports about her problems being one of the reasons behind their breakup? She refused to get help, while he was begging her to eat. Her problems were/are her own, and no one else’s.
    She grew up, why can’t you idiots?

  • Faceit


  • Kimberly

    She seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I don’t find it attractive that her hips are sticking out of her exercise pants. Not a body that I would want. I liked her more before.

  • wow

    She’s gorgeous.

  • baby Gone


  • Elle

    Yay her hair is a nice colour again.

  • mia

    Darker hair is very ok. All the rest is like the concentration camp victim. Young girls, it is not healthy. Do not try to be thin like that.

  • tara

    wow, and she used to be so pretty. Now her head is twice the size of her butt :O

  • LOL!

    YAY! The haters have a new focus!
    They are just shocked! Shocked I tell you! That a model is THIN!
    Oh! The HORROR!!!
    Come on people. She’s OVIOUSLY healthy. Just looking at her skin is proof of that. She doesn’t look the least bit sickly or drawn (Kate Bosworth).
    She has an amazing figure, even if she is ‘model thin’.

  • tara


    total denial. That’s scary.
    There’s no need to be a hater to see she’s not healthy.

  • @33

    Oh, that’s right ‘Tara’. You aren’t a hater at all.
    Does her sternum show? No.
    Does she have those fine hairs that anorexics get? No.
    Does she have a sickly pallor? No.
    Has she lost muscle tone? No.
    Does she have haters that will twist words and images to suit their own agenda? Oh, hell yes.
    She is a genetically tall and skinny girl, who HEALTHILY keeps her weight down for modelling.
    She eats right and exercises. Is that a sin all of a sudden?

  • Anna

    I’m not a hater at all and I think she is very pretty but the last 10 lb weight loss really shows. A very close friend of mine has anorexia and works out all the time and when I saw these pics, that’s immediately who I though of. As a previous poster said, this is obviously not her body type. I definitely don’t aspire to look this this – more athletic like Cindy Crawford is my ideal.

  • baby Gone

    Maybe you don’t get to see her sternume bones, but you can definitely see her shoulder and wrist bones coming out…

  • http://justjared ha

    Look up the words pathetic and desperate in the dictionary and you will find Delphi loons lol .

  • t

    Most people’s wrist bones come out as well as the collarbones. Mine come out and I’m def not thin but normal. This girl is very thin but I wouldn’t say she’s skeletal. Skeletal people almost lack breasts and you can tell by the second pic she doesn’t. I think that the tight dark pants on very long legs give the impression she’s thinner.
    However I agree that people who aren’t naturally thin shouldn’t try to look like something their body isn’t built to look like.

  • @35

    What do you mean that this isn’t her “body type”? She’s had the same “body type” for years. Even in her childhood pics she is tall and thin. And she’s always been athletic.
    If she did put on five to ten pounds, you people would then say that she is too fat to model.

  • baby Gone

    HF models need to be super thin, she’s a VS angel, a panty model, they should be voluptious and curvy…

  • martinica

    so skinny that hurts to see her

  • LOL!

    Haters are so desperate.

  • Celebwatcher

    I’m not quite sure why she’s a supermodel, her look is quite pedestrian. Anyway I hope her and Orlando have lots of babies or maybe they’ll adopt a babe from China??? is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions and get a free reading while you’re browsing.

  • lisa

    There’s nothing wrong with that body whatsoever..

  • Marisa was there also…

    I still wonder why didnt jared post pics of Marisa, she was there at the same place. I am ok with Miranda but I do agree she does like too thin, but she is always too thin looking. its just her body type and it looks like it has been like this all the time.

    marisa is more curvy and thats just her body type.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i agree she’s pretty skinny and could do with gaining 5-10 pounds
    but she’s still beautiful
    she seems to be one of those naturally skinny girls, so at least she’s not a bad example of skinny
    love her!! my type of girl, tall and skinny and she has decent boobs for a skinny girl!

  • Delicate

    Miranda has a small delicate frame. Slender IS her normal ‘body type.’ Even so, I’m assuming she probably stays a few pounds thinner than she would if she weren’t modeling -since she can’t have any discernible ‘bulges’ showing underneath those fashions she models. But she still looks healthy and very toned to me, and as several others commented, her eyes and her complexion radiate s healthy glow. She’s a very pretty girl with a shape that’s quite slim but well-proportioned. IMO she exhibits none of the signs of “anorexia.”

  • interneta pieslēgums

    Gorgeous……just gorgeous…

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks really cute!!