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Taylor Swift Enjoys The View

Taylor Swift Enjoys The View

After appearing on The View, Taylor Swift keeps in cute in Rebecca Taylor while arriving back at her New York City hotel on Tuesday (September 15).

On the morning talk show, the 19-year-old country superstar was asked what was going through her mind when Kanye West jumped on the stage. Taylor shared, “I think my overall thought process went something like: ‘Wow, I can’t believe I won… This is awesome… Don’t trip and fall…”

She continued, “I’m gonna get to thank the fans, this is so cool… Oh, Kanye West is here!, Cool haircut… What are you doing there?’ And then, Ouch. And then, I guess I’m not gonna be able to thank the fans.’”

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52 Responses to “Taylor Swift Enjoys The View”

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  1. 26
    nice hottie Says:


    Jennifer Hudson sings like a real AZZ

  2. 27
    Anna Says:

    I watched her performances on The View and was surprised that she actually did “You Belong With Me” well. Fifteen… not so much. Her articulation is still really terrible. She pronounces words in ways I didn’t even think possible. And she needs to stop singing with her nose, but other than that, she has improved. Not even gonna get into the Kanye thing. We get it. He’s an *******. Let’s move on.

  3. 28
    Brandon Says:

    @cutie pie:
    Are you kidding me how many blacks sit there and talk **** to white people it goes both ways and how stupid can u be to say it was staged who would willing get bashed BY THE WHOLE COUNTRY voluntarily your a dumb ass and she got the award for best female VIDEO not song ur an idiot and Taylor swift has in fact been on a lot of different tv shows and interviewed ands why BC OF HER SINGING so before u want to sit there and try talking about something you dont know get your facts right and it was rude what if one of ur happiest moments in life was ruined like if ur a female which im guessing u are someone walked up in the middle of the wedding and said the guy shouldnt marry you bc theres someone better and if it would of been Pink who won kanye wouldnt of done that bc she would of punched him in his face so he did it bc shes a defenseless young girl. so how about you dont be a dumb ass and learn ur facts

  4. 29
    here we go.... Says:

    Vanessa: at 3:05pm. Yes, that is why she is quietly avoiding this mayhem and not being interviewed on the view etc. if this did not happen we would all be talking about lady gaga’s brilliant performance. this was a gift to taylor. and i can’t spell through cause i am an american, u r right and we are flat out stupid. hee haw!

  5. 30
    she shall remain nameless Says:

    I loved her two performances on The View; she seems to be getting better performing live. And she look super cute in the dress!!! xoxo

  6. 31
    cutie pie Says:

    Brandon~~First of all you can keep your name calling to your self. dumb bit-h!! if i was getting married and someone did that to me i would look around for Ashton K, you stupid bit-h!!I heard it was staged and i really dont give 2 farts whether it was not and dont address me wiht your so called facts bit-h!! Are you Taylor or are you Knaye.. get the hell out of here and raise your damn hand before you speak to me ! I said it was rude and he apologized you dumb di-k face and thats all he should do.. he didnt call her names like you stupid white folks do. like you did me so here it is back .. your stupid douche bag \face bit-h!!! And dont address me any more *****!!

  7. 32
    deb Says:

    so let me get this straight: if a black person does ANYTHING to a white person it is because of race and vice versa? so there is no room in there for blacks and whites to act badly toward each other and it is just because the person doing it is an idot or the person receiving it might have done something huh? like if i scream at the slow black postal worker in the post office – am i a racist? if a black person gives me the finger on the road while driving, is he a racist? explain this to me, i am confused why this was a race incident. i am confused. so you don’t have to say anything racial in the run-in with said person, automatically if ur two different colors you are a racist?

    does the same apply between gays and straights? like was matt lauer anti-gay cause he attacked tom cruise during that interview and does the same apply with men and women? i mean u have jimmy carter saying joe wilson screamed you lie because he is a racist and now this kanye thing saying kanye is a racist. but both men did not use any racial words in their outburst but they are both racist because the subject they attacked is of another color? i wanna get this straight.

  8. 33
    cutie pie Says:

    @Brandon , and we all know that whites have been racist for 400 years with the n word crap.. so talk that sh-t to me you homo as- fu-k!! fu-k you and your so called logic, and i still say the girl will benefit and will be rmemebered as the lil white girl that was so innocent and got shot over by the big bad wolf Knaye.. gtfoh and i heard she was talking smack about the Jonas brothers .. so she is not lil miss susie sunshine.. he apologuized so get over , if i can get over don imus your stupid as- can get over these corny mess!! please!!!

  9. 34
    deb Says:

    jared, i won’t come to your site anymore. i must say. to many racists. sorry, it’s becoming perez hilton. u let the racists posts and the good people are not getting a word in cause it seems imbalanced. sad that a brangelina friendly site is coming down to this because brand angelina clearly live their lives including all people into their homes. sad. bye y’all. stay positive. it’s better. no matter what goes on around you, keep your positivity and love for all people in your heart. the world is better and life easier when you don’t carry hate. later. im done jared.

  10. 35
    Trooper Says:

    Country singers are racist

  11. 36
    Vanessa Says:

    @here we go
    Taylor already had the View appearance scheduled before the VMA’s. She can’t help the questions they ask. She is not a Lindsey Lohan famewhore. More than anything I’m sure she wishes the whole Kanye thing never happened then everyone would be talking about the MJ tribute instead. Not only did Kanye take away from Taylor’s win, but MJ’s tribute and all the other great performances. “Hee Haw” to you!

  12. 37
    still like kanye, deal with it Says:

    OK does no one realize every time you comment on just jared, facebook, twitter or whatever you’re helping this whole PR jackpot?

    AND i thought we were at that point…you know, the twenty first century… where when a black and a white person interact in a negative way it isnt considered racist but just two people disagreeing?!?!? We are all the same remember??? i guess you dont, all those people turning this into an argument about race….

    I find this whole situation absolutely hilarious and can’t help but laugh i mean i watch the video…. he didn’t say much. and now ppl are freaking out calling him a jack*** (including the president himself…talk about professional)

    i quite frankly find this all to be no big deal. admit it. the VMA’s were boring before that happened…..

    and you know you may be surprised to hear that yes i do like the song ‘you belong with me’ but also LOVE kanye’s music. he’s a genius.

    you look on the internet and im sure i could find hundreds or thousands of people saying they think beyonce deserved it more (i think so too) it just SO HAPPENS that kanye voiced that on national television. oops haha.

    some people in this situation are simply far too sensitive. yes maybe kanye did take away from her so called ‘moment’ but remember it wasn’t the grammys. and im pretty sure taylor will get over it.

    i just wish everyone: you, the news, the magazines would all just get over it. calm down. take a deep breath. in the spectrum of life is this HUGE? is this equivalent to death? if thats how it feels for you….im sorry :P you must be REALLY bored.

  13. 38
    kj Says:

    @here we go….: Lady gaga is a loser. Her music sucks!! She just comes off like a desperate *****. No orginality. She hasn’t done anything that Madonna hasn’t done already.
    I WOULD NOT call her brilliant.

  14. 39
    kj Says:

    @cutie pie: In your opinion and in Kayne opinion maybe. But since Taylor won, that means she got the majority of the votes. So apparently not everybody agrees with you and Kayne. And he was the one that couldn’t handle that fact, went on stage and made a complete fool of himself, embaressed Beyonce, and ruined Taylor’s moment, took 2 days to self pity himself and half a** apologize until he finally did the right thing and apologize to her personally. You aint’ heard anything from her since the apology, so who really is it that can’t let it go? I don’t think he was being racist, just a drunk making a complete fool of himself and thinking his opinion superceded everyone elses..

  15. 40
    Maria Says:

    @Trooper: now who’s calling a whole group racist? YOU! I call Kanye a racist because of the history of outburst he displayed over the years. Just because he is a racist doesn’t mean the whole Hip-Hop/Rap community is one. You’re being the racist because you lump a group.

  16. 41
    wanda Says:

    Its sad that some think its a racist thing BUT yes he showed how immature he can be. She is young and up and coming singer and does quite well in the country industry. Who has she so called dissed??? Not him… she held her own pretty well with his childish act. Apparently he has an issue when someone wins that he is not a fan of and thats sad. I’m glad he has got the bad publicity that he has gotten..

  17. 42
    mertz Says:

    i have eyes like her and i’m not asian and nor am i a cat, and i’m not adopted or whatever else my bros and other people say. i look just like my mom and dad but a little bit different i guess cause my eyes and cheeks are different.

    anyways yeah maria she was crying back stage. jay-z’s dj neil armstrong tweeted it and either he wasn’t the only person who saw it or was backstage because he tweeted it asap and he was getting ready waiting for jay z to come so they could do their set. apparently when i read the earliest rolling stone blog from that same night, kanye west who had said he had spoken to taylor and her mom was mistaken because taylors mom was the one who went up to kanye’s people and said she want’s to talk to him, and she did and probably acted like an adult and made it known to the dude that he is not too cool for school. anyways so kanye west didn’t speak to taylor that same night and apologize to her. lol. he did hoewever speak to her at the view by phone.

  18. 43
    Mariasha Says:

    I am not from America.

    Sure, what Kanye did was rude, but why do you Americans get SOOO upset over it?

    Personally I find it pretty disgusting that people can react like this for a simple offence, that very well might have been a PR stunt, but don’t even raise an eyebrow over real racist, homophobic or misogynous comments. I call that hypocrisy at its finest!

  19. 44
    sir gaga Says:

    love you Taylorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. 45
    Janet Says:

    @babe_luv_ya: She’s not overrated at all. She is RATED as #1.

  21. 46
    still like kanye, deal with it Says:



    haha its funny im not from the US either. im like get over it…it wasnt a big deal.

  22. 47
    kj Says:

    @Mariasha: to all of you people NOT from the united states you need to STFU!! You found it interesting enough to come on here and *****. Apparently you didn’t find it petty enough. And I am so sick of hereing “there are bigger things to worry about”. Well no sh**, doesn’t mean you can’t talk and be concern about many of things at the same time. Are you foreigners to stupid to be able to do both?

  23. 48
    kj Says:

    @Mariasha: And this wasn’t the first time he pulled this crap. maybe people want to call his a** out on it ’cause there sick of it.

  24. 49
    kimL Says:

    This is a pathetic situation. Kanye had no right, drunk or not, to ruin Taylor Swifts moment. Now every time she looks at that award, she won’t remember what she should, only Kanye’s selfish outburst of stupidity. Not to mention, he embarrassed Beyonce as well. Although, I will point out , because my daughters are Jonas Brothers fans, that Taylor did diss Joe Jonas, spreading the word that HE broke up with her in 27 seconds, only to find out that it was because she hung up on him!!?? I guess we get a little too involved in what goes on with celebrities lives, but I believe it is a guarantee that Kanye’s career and record sales will decrease because of his attitude lately.

  25. 50
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i dont really like the dress, it’s kinda typical of her so it’s getting boring
    but i wont deny she does look good, amazing legs as always
    ive never been a big fan of hers but she’s pretty in a way i cant describe

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