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'Transformers' Production Assistant Defends Megan Fox

'Transformers' Production Assistant Defends Megan Fox

The Transformers letter war continues!

From Megan Fox comparing Transformers director Michael Bay to Napoleon to crew members insinuating that Megan may have been a diva on set and the director’s insisting he still loves working with her, it can be hard to keep up with the latest!

This time, production assistant Anthony Steinhart gives his opinion on the accusations made against Megan.
Here’s Anthony‘s letter:

“First of all, I would like people to know (for those who are interested) the reason why I am writing this letter is to clear my name in any of this Ms. Fox bashing. As someone pointed out in one of the responses, you could narrow down the list of potential writers of the letter by looking on IMDB. I have received a few phone calls from people who have read the letter and they know that I have worked closely with the actors/actresses on the film, so I felt I should at least clear my name.

“My name is Anthony Steinhart and I have worked on both Transformers movies and have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Fox.

“I read the letter by the three unnamed crew people and was blown away by their description of Ms. Fox. Especially, since I am the one usually getting Ms. Fox at her trailer. I have personally never been nor ever witnessed Ms. Fox being rude or inconsiderate of people’s feelings or the work to be done. Everyone is entitled to their good days and bad. Contrary to popular belief, she is like us (human) and has both good and bad days as well. Working on the Transformers movies can be intense at times and sometimes intense situations cause intense moments.

“Some of the examples the three unnamed writers give as evidence of Ms. Fox and her horrible attitude are so ridiculous.

“It’s unfortunate the grip didn’t want to bring his daughter to set because Megan Fox wasn’t nice and not the fact that we had a closed to set. No visitors unless approved by the UPM [unit production manager]. That is what the call sheets have always said. By the way, Ms. Fox wished my 12-year-old brother a happy birthday over the phone while we were shooting in New Mexico. Not so heartless…

“It’s also unfortunate that she didn’t attend any of the ’15′ parties, but I clearly remember her hanging out in New Mexico with some of the crew and watching her get hounded by passers-by as she walked through the hotel lobby and being nothing but gracious to her fans. Also isn’t it refreshing to hear that she doesn’t need to be a part of the party machine that sometimes swallows people whole, only to spit them out on the front page of every magazine. And incidentally, if these crew members were at the wrap party, I only saw 2 cast members there. Granted I wasn’t there the whole night, but I was there long enough to know that the others probably weren’t going to show.

“I also remember walking with her through the hordes of people lined up, while we shot at Princeton and she signed autograph after autograph. She signed many publicity photos, magazines, pieces of white paper for crew members and their families. Now I know that isn’t the same as curing a disease, but if we are to take anything an actor/actress says or does to personally, then I fear we have far greater problems on our hands.

“Unfortunately, I don’t always keep up with or hang on to quotes and/or quips ‘actresses’ say, so I wasn’t familiar with the incident that incited the tasteless letter, but none-the-less leave the war of words to those involved. No need to drag her name through the mud and at the same time, unknowingly, bring others down.”

ARE YOU ON Team Megan or Team Transformers Crew?

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  • j


  • Rita

    Team Megan. Not just because she’s pretty, but she seems alright. Not that much of a famewhore compared to other young hollywood starlets, and she doesn’t seem to whore around (sticking by her.. man, on and off). Ok so she stays ridiculous things at times, but the media tends to drag those things out of people by leading them with some stupid questions to begin with. Anyway, these ‘crew’ people just need to relax.

  • new09


  • bebe

    Okay I am about to stop visiting JJ if this nobody continues to occupy space that real actresses with class and genuine in and out beauty can use. LETS TALK ABOUT UP and COMING ACTRESSES with TALENT and NOT an ANGELINA wanna be.
    WE can always find a preety face in any whore house and make her into an action star, which does not require any form of acting.
    This is a PLEA letter to JJ, STOP REPORTING ON THIS GIRL.

  • yo

    Team Megan.

  • Dannie


  • facts

    Don’t know, don’t really care too much.

  • Austin

    I’m on Team Megan all the way. People are just jealous of her because she’s such an amazingly beautiful girl.

  • waldorf


  • wendy

    MR Steinhart, huge kudos for writting this letter. The fact that you had the balls to sing your name under it, unlike the cowards who wrote that bashing letter about Fox shows how much integrity you have.

  • mickey

    Like every story there are 3 sides: one side, the other side and the truth. They are all probably stretching the truth in their own favor. Bottom line is that NONE of it matters because this is all petty and insignificant.

  • lipstick

    I’m sorry, but is there anything more to Megan Fox than T&A?? Because, lets face it, her acting “abilities” are just non-existent. I somehow doubt writing a letter defending or trashing her is going to make a difference. I’m curious to see who writes the next letter. Maybe we can all write one?? This is so ridiculous. I personally am not a huge Megan Fox fan so it was somewhat amusing to read the letter from the “crew members”, but I really couldn’t care less to see this continuing on.

  • mmm

    Sounds like a guy trying to get laid

  • angel hair

    this is a well written letter that sounds pretty level-headed, so as much as i don’t appreciate megan fox’s style, i’d take steinhart’s words into consideration.
    can we just move on already?

  • lux

    Can you stop posting crap about this talentless idiot..thank you!

  • Gaby

    he wants to shag her LOL
    of course she’s an egocentric one trick pony but RUDE

  • You/Me

    Of course he was going to write a letter defending her, his freakin job was probably on the line. He said it himself, people thought he was part of the first letter because of his constant contact with Megan. It’s so obvious that he felt compelled to write this lett in her defense not because he believes what he wrote but because he had to. Notice he doesn’t even touch on the fact that Megan bad-mouthed his boss (Micheal Bay) in the first place?!
    Megan is a talent-less beauty, all she has going for her is her looks….and even in that she really ins’t unique! There are far more beautiful women in HW. And seriously, her “acting” in Transformers is so bland that it’s almost comical. She has absolutely so “expression” or personality at all….in this movie anyway. I will be fine never watching another movie with Megan Fox in it forever,lol.

  • Tia

    He could’ve said “it wasn’t me” and let her defend herself. Short and simple.

  • may

    megan suckssssss

    team transformers crew!!!!

  • Lucas


    or he did it because he wanted to keep his job and the bosses thought he was one of the 3. and heck he might have been.

    in the end I’m Team Sick of All of IT. Megan is not THAT pretty, or talented or charming. she’s a total B List actress who thinks she’s A list. but then again Michael Bay is a B List Director who luckily manages some A list box office cause he goes for the dumb masses of especially teen and college age boys that think the more explosions the better the movie.

  • jun

    This article is too long and not funny..PASS

  • DrJack


  • VNY

    I saw her at the UK premiere for Transformers 2, she was the only star to come all the way down to where ALL the fans were waiting – the others just waved, signed a couple photos and ran inside. AND it was raining really bad and she still kept signing stuff and taking photos! She was really apologetic to all the fans as well because security people were pulling her to go inside. I really don’t know why people are saying she’s a b****h.

  • lala

    seriosuly who the fuk care! B1itch shouldnt open her big mouth to begin with.

  • Shibbel

    she has such an attitude…it’s written on her face on every picture

  • steph

    team TF crew for the win!!!!!!!

  • sillyme

    Definitely NOT team Megan. Great dress, though! I love the color.

  • Shon

    she know she is a Diva

  • jazmin

    team crew, megan is hypocrite

  • hey now


  • j.

    Good for you.
    I read the original letter was disappointed at the lack of professionalism of the unnamed crew. I appreciate their need to defend Mr. Bay, but in such a cold, mean not to mention in such an open forum, lacks respect for our profession.
    As a fellow film crew member, we have all witnessed sad displays of behavior, whether it be from a cast member, crew member or even a Executive producer – we work long hours, sacrifice time with our family and yes, many of times have bad days.
    I have not personally worked with Miss Fox, but I am sure she is not unlike many performers that I have worked with.
    I can read between the lines and understand your need to feel like you should defend yourself, as should anyone in the Costume Department (read the original) I myself have checked out IMDB, and looked to see the names associated with the crew.
    Well done.
    The crew who felt that it was a good idea to write the letter, really should have thought more of not doing it. I was completely embarrassed for them.

  • Bree

    god who cares. jared youre no better than perez

  • luanna

    team transformers crew

  • Verónica


  • love

    team megan!!!!!!

  • megan

    supporting the Transformers Crew

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    megan’s a loudmouth bish who should learn to shut the fcuk up. but she’s hot. LOL.


    LOL @ JUN….I agree.

  • j.

    @Bree: Then why would you spend you time coming to this site, let a lone taking the time to comment.

  • j.

    Why would you visit this site and why do you take the time to comment.
    If it is a no good site, use your time more wisely – like being positive in the world.

  • Me

    Megan Is a liar. She just gave an interview talking about how she cuts herself. PLEASE. Just another desperate attempt to mimic Ms. Jolie. Why in every interview that she gives does she have to steal Angelina’s style. BE YOURSELF.

  • fresh

    Does anyone really care? NO. They can all go play in traffic.

  • Bella

    You know what? enough already, WHO CARES!?

  • Gabe

    I agree- every time I read an interview from this girl she is trying to be like Angelina.
    Why can’t she be who she is. Maybe then more people would like her. Also if she is so insecure with herself that she won’t show her true personality instead of trying to be like Angelina Jolie she should try to be like Lady Gaga. That would be WAY more entertaining.

  • gabe

    I agree- every time I read an interview from this girl she is trying to be like Angelina.
    Why can’t she be who she is. Maybe then more people would like her. Also if she is so insecure with herself that she won’t show her true personality instead of trying to be like Angelina Jolie she should try to be like Lady Gaga. That would be WAY more entertaining.

  • gabe

    I agree- every time I read an interview from this girl she is trying to be like Angelina.
    Why can’t she be who she is. Maybe then more people would like her. Also if she is so insecure with herself that she won’t show her true personality instead of trying to be like Angelina Jolie she should try to be like Lady Gaga. That would be WAY more entertaining.

  • Fox LOver


  • nikki

    okay seriously, i get that megan has a lot of haters, but it’s just sad when people act as if they personally know megan, and that she really is an awful troll like the so called ’3 crew members’ make her out to be; sure she says some ridiculous things sometimes but honestly who hasn’t? it’s just that hers is more publicized because face it, she’s a celebrity, she’s an actress and it’s about time people start giving her more credit. i doubt that she’s so “horrible” and yet people still want to work with her. there are many other beautiful actresses in the industry, why not work with one of them if its easier to bear? oh right, maybe because all the bull about megan being a class A b*tch may be fabricated? and all the people who can’t stand it when justjared posts something completely unrelated to your precious angelina, GET OVER IT. this is not your blog, it belongs to jared and he’s allowed to post whatever he wants. if you have such a problem with it, go make your own blog. also megan has stated, PUBLICLY, time and time again that she wants no comparison to angelina. is it such a crime that she happens to look like her in the slightest? or that she has a couple of tattoos that mean something to her? they’re tattoos people! not her attempt to be angelina. seriously, she is her own person but some of you can’t let it go that tabloids choose to compare her to angelina. if you don’t like her, don’t comment on her posts and stick to posts involving those you actually like; its that simple, because it’s getting insanely obvious that most of the hate is derived from the fact that megan is a gorgeous hollywood actress. jealousy sucks.

  • DT

    I don’t know Megan Fox personally, but from what I CAN tell, she’s a no-talent ass clown. That’s enough for me. TEAM TRANSFORMERS CREW!

  • cristina

    team megan
    and not just cause she’s pretty.
    although she seems cocky sometimes i don’t believe that she is the heartless person that the tree tranformers crew members made her seem like.
    she seems like a super nice and genuine person
    she just has a big mouth sometimes.
    why people keep calling her a bitch when they don’t personally know her is beyond me.