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Chris Brown: Shirtless Volunteer Work!

Chris Brown: Shirtless Volunteer Work!

Chris Brown goes shirtless while doing community service work in Richmond, Virginia on Thursday (September 17).

The 20-year-old singer wrote on his blog, “Stop and think back to the last time you accepted responsibility for something. Undertaking responsibility for each one of your actions is a difficult task but by admitting your mistakes you are taking your life to a higher level of accountability.”

Chris also posted pictures of two t-shirts that read “Stop Teen Violence” and “No Violence — Break The Cycle.”

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54 Responses to “Chris Brown: Shirtless Volunteer Work!”

  1. 1
    marissa Says:

    why are the paps taking pics of this lowlife criminal??

  2. 2
    dude Says:

    who cares

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    Nobody cares how ripped your chest and torso are, Chris, you’re still a no good ****** who beats on women to make yourself feel like a man, when, in reality, you’re just a scared little boy.

  4. 4
    ellie Says:

    loves attention, dumb ass!

  5. 5
    Chantel Says:

    Can’t hate he’s SEXY!

  6. 6
    mel Says:

    Well I cant deny it hes very attractive and its even sexier that hes trying to make a difference in peoples lives by owning up to what he did.

  7. 7
    yuck Says:

    i’m sorry but no, he’s not hot! Never forget he used HIS GIANT TEETH to CHEW on Rihanna

  8. 8
    Tealeaf Says:

    His chest is odd looking,

    Skinny arms, ripped chest, yet slight love handles…

    With his friends hanging like it’s a game, How can he learn a lesson

    I think he will beat again.

  9. 9
    aMBER Says:

    whhoa….HE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This pic alone made me forgive him for beating his GF…as awful as that sounds.


  10. 10

    He’s cute and it looks like he’s having fun.!

  11. 11
    emily Says:

    its not volunteering if it was court ordered. don’t post it as if he’s a good guy, helping out his community by choice. he’s a jerk who beat up his girlfriend and is getting punished and is using his punishment for publicity.

  12. 12
    Chau Says:

    He’s a douche bag. BLEH.

  13. 13
    i luv it! Says:

    so effin sexi!..those shirtless pics make my day..i forgive u Chris!!

  14. 14
    bella Says:

    LOL . . .notice how he was wearing the T-Shirt promoting no violence and then takes it off later . . .for attention, proving furthermore he is a low life that cares only about his image. Beating the S*** out of a woman and getting to pick up trash on the side of the highway is not a punishment, he is the trash on the side of the highway.

  15. 15
    me(: Says:

    Hi Haters..
    He looks good. Oh, and I love JJ. The reason I come to this site is because you are nice to every celebrity. You have your own opinions but you keep them to yourself and I respect you for that.

  16. 16
    Sweet Man Says:

    What a SEXY MAN!!!
    That girl must be missing him…
    Showing the world her nipple piercings… So Sad!!!

  17. 17
    ck_always Says:

    Dang ..Rhianna was a good work out.

  18. 18
    umm Says:

    wow,why comment when you will be sooo bitter,well he is a star,buz anything he do now make headlines on national TV, we should just accept the fact that hes human, who make mistakes like anyone.,,, as much as i don’t like him,i wish him good luck. i think he have good fans base.

  19. 19
    umm Says:

    wow,why comment when you will be sooo bitter,well he is a star,buz anything he do now make headlines on national TV, we should just accept the fact that hes human, who make mistakes like anyone.,,, as much as i don’t like him,i wish him good luck. i think he have good fans base.

  20. 20
    me Says:

    DAYUMM!!!!…I wish I was his parole officer.

  21. 21
    hanna Says:

    I don’t get it he’s taking responsibility for his action, he is a person that made an awful mistake and took responsibility and working hard to pay the price. We should encourage him and send him good thoughts. Nicole Richie went to “jail” for several hours for drinking and driving the wrong way which is a far worst crime because she could have killed some one, but we forgave her and moved on why can’t we do the same for this guy?

  22. 22
    TREVOR Says:

    Personally I believe these two kids are pining for each other . I’m begining to think they are sending signals through the Media. First he post how he is missing something or someone in his life .Then she shows up showing her nipples to the world .Now today he takes his shirt off for the world to see his Chest . Something just isn’t right here.
    Lets see what will happen tomorrow or in the coming weeks.

  23. 23
    cutie pie Says:

    Hang in there Chris , im rooting for you!

  24. 24
    LuckyL Says:

    Two words: Douche bag.

    Of course that hood rat c*ntie b*tch would be rooting for him. Illiterate wh*re.

  25. 25
    pooter Says:

    NO man is sexy that has beaten a woman you idiots….are should I say…..bimbos!

    grow up and get educated!

  26. 26
    Ashley Says:

    Okay seriously people move the freak on from the Rihanna thing. He is doing good and trying to be the good person. People make mistakes and you have to move on from them. Rihanna even said she has moved on from it so why can’t yall. It’s the past, he is learning from his mistakes and making a better person of himself.

  27. 27
    Stephanie Says:

    gee, thanks for the deep thoughts…..i take responsibility for things on a daily basis……no need to think that long or that hard about it.

  28. 28
    LuckyL Says:

    And what the f*ck, he was ordered by the court you dumba**es. Is that equivalent to say, I dunno, the ordinary citizen participating in a cancer walk, NON-court ordered?

  29. 29
    LuckyL Says:

    B*tch was MIA for weeks before they dragged his a** into court.

  30. 30
    tlb Says:

    The first thing I noticed is he is possibly texting. Put the phone down and get back to your court ordered sentence woman beater!! This is not show off time it’s about learning your lesson fool.

  31. 31
    Gabe Says:

    @pooter: dont be rude, keep your opinion to yourself and dont hate on his fan base! your the idiot for saying that dum-ass

  32. 32
    Gabe Says:

    @tlb: its hilarious that you could say that now but too his face you would chicken out. forgive but never forget, yea he mucked up but he deserves a chance to prove himself. Jesus the people of this world are harsh! You shouldnt be juging him, thats someone elses responsibility. Rihanna has forgiven him and she was the one that got BEATEN! move on please and let him live his life.

  33. 33
    haley Says:


  34. 34
    g!na Says:

    @haley: i agree! off with the balls!

  35. 35
    tan Says:

    ok some r funny in here LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! whats it 2 u realy ? i realy dont get why he cares sooo much about u stupid lowlife people idiots or should i say bimbos ! grow up and get a life if u still have one !

  36. 36
    watch Says:

    Glory to god!!!!Chris is fine..look at that chest. He can come and work in my neighborhood anytime. I can be his older, pateint instructer. That’s a fine specimin right ther. He’s even got my old butter bloiling, Whe I finish with Chris…he will say Rianna who?

  37. 37
    watch Says:

    And Haley, don’t you dare cut those balls…he’s going to need them tonight! Plese leave my cutestuff alone

  38. 38
    what Says:



    Work It Out!

  39. 39
    Mercyme Says:

    Hmmmmm…. Words cannot express

  40. 40
    gold Says:

    why are you texting? get your ass back to work!!! just cause he shows up to work doesnt mean he owns up to what he did you stupid b!tches!
    he had two choices prison where he would get up to a year and run the risk of some other criminal wanting to be famous for whopping his ass or community service.where he can still go out and find some other stupid ***** to *****. he got lucky.but just like all dumb punk ass gangsta wannabees.hell only ***** up again just give it time.

  41. 41
    gold Says:

    why are you texting? get your ass back yo work!! just cause he shows up to work doesnt mean he owns up to what he did you stupid b!tches
    he had two choices prison where he would get up to a year and run the risk of some other criminal wanting to be famous for whopping chris browns ass or community service where he can go out and find some other stupid ***** to fug up .i say he got lucky.but like all dumb punk ass gangsta wannabees,hell only fug it up again

  42. 42
    Whoever Says:

    WOWSERS!!! I have NEVER been a CB fan nor have I actually thought he was very attractive because he look so young like a little boy, but I think he look so freaking cute in these pictures and the six pack help as well. This is the first time I have ever been attracted to him!

  43. 43
    hun Says:

    Holy heck! Pretty darn hott! Good luck Chris, hope you have learned your lesson.

  44. 44
    Docbnd91 Says:

    @Sweet Man: I agree! And what’s up with the pasties?

  45. 45
    give me a break!!! Says:

    he is one sexy thang… i’m in love…. damn rihanna!
    i totally forgive him, he’s a panty creamer!

  46. 46
    aynonomous Says:

    he is CUTE and no matter how bad he Beat rihanna i know she still likes him

  47. 47
    dsbnh Says:

    Lowlife criminal? Wow, the public really is ignorant about what causes domestic violence. Better shut your mouth than appear to be a fool.

  48. 48
    dsbnh Says:

    # 40 Be quiet.

  49. 49
    Macarena Says:

    i think everybody needs a second chance, i see a lot of hatters here, the thing is that everybody does mistakes, sooner or latter, maybe a little mistake sometimes a really big one, so in my opinion no one should judge, i know that what he did is terrible, but he is paying and he is trying to change, let people change!

  50. 50
    gold Says:

    i tell it like i see it.and the truth hurts..maybe you the kind when you get your ass beat. you call it foreplay.true i guess alot of women settle for a women basher then being alone.

  51. 51
    Winn' Says:

    elderly people need to calm the hell down!his true fans know Breezy made a mistake and we willing to forgive him – all these other people seriously need to go listen to Blues Brothers or something, SHUT UP! looking good, my man -good to c u well – the haters can hate but u need to keep ur head up cos ur true fans still love ur talent.

  52. 52
    tash Says:

    leave the guy alone he made a mistake , no man shld hit a woman but nobody knows wat went on that night and he admited it he done wrong and he is paying for it. and he is sexy as hell.


  53. 53
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    lol hes doing community service, but hes got more money than everyone within a 10 mile radius combined!

  54. 54
    suppress your appetite Says:

    :)))))))))))))))))), great pics

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