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Jennifer Hudson: Post-Baby Body!

Jennifer Hudson: Post-Baby Body!

Jennifer Hudson shows off her post-baby body as she leaves her hotel in New York City on Thursday (September 17). Baby David Otunga Jr. is 1 month and 1 week old — no pictures have been released just yet.

Tonight is the VH1 Divas event!!! Besides Jennifer, who else is performing? Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks and Miley Cyrus.

Catch the VH1 Divas concert TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

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  • spring rolls

    She sings horrible.
    She is fat.
    She wears a wig.
    She is ugly

    She has rolls

  • Marie

    Eww she shouldn’t have changed her hairstyle :/

  • alex

    i’m honestly so happy for her.
    i could never imagine losing my mom and brother.
    it’s great to see her smiling again!

  • Sunshine

    She has one of the best voices today. She looks happy. I want to see pictures of the baby

  • g!na

    she’s fat and will always be fat!

  • lizk

    Congrats on being a new mom, Jennifer! You look healthy and lovely!

  • lala

    lol wtf man is she handicap or something
    geeez hold your damn umbrella you lazy b1tch!

  • Heidi’s used tampon

    What a beast!

  • s

    I don’t understand why she can’t hold her own umbrella, It’s not like she’s holding on to her kid or anything. This is not geared towards her alone, it’s to the entire celebruty. I don’t know why but with celebrities this is one of my major pet peeves.

  • Gina

    Get your hearing checked.

  • me

    Awww!! I want to see her baby. I bet he’s so cute! She looks great!

  • me

    @spring rolls:

    jealous much!?

  • Sunshine


    No problem with my hearing. If you don’t have anything nice to say, be nice and say nothing.

  • Gina

    There is nothing good to say about her horrid singing. At the Michael Jackson memorial she was terrible. WTF is wrong with her.

  • bam!

    Shocking! She managed to not release a picture of her kid to the world’s media…groundbreaking! How did she manage it?!

    Seriously though, think I just became a fan of hers simply because she didn’t splash her kid’s pic around the place. Hopefully she won’t be doing it anytime soon either.

  • joanne

    She will to the highest bidder. Who are you kidding?

  • Zelda

    Congrats to the new mom, I love Jennifer Hudson, and dispite what some of you says she has and incredible voice and she looks amazing.

  • Neilia

    Her singing sucks and she is a big whale.

    Now what can do but swim with the sharks.

  • jennifer

    At least she didn’t adopt a DEFECTIVE baby nobody else wanted.

  • go away haters

    She’s good at singing live, great singer, unlike some others…………..


    @go away haters:

    She sucks and should have won the booby prize.

  • nasty chic

    NOT a fan..she is way to full of herself and all she is full of is fat

  • Amanda

    She looks the same as she did beforehand so I don’t see any news here. I am very happy for her and her husband welcoming a new child into the world. Good for them!

  • Crispytreats

    Jennifer Hudson has been in 3 films and she was really good in each one(Dreamgirls,Sex and The City,The Secret Life of Bees).She won an Oscar.She has sang Nat.Athem at Superbowl. Big selling cd’s.Married. Husband is a lawyer. Has a healthy baby now.
    We ALL have free choice. God gives some of us big gifts.He gives us of us smaller gifts like maybe some of are the better listener for friends/family. Ihave nogreatgifts,BUT I HAVE FREE CHOICE.
    FREE WILL and I ,make good life choices.

    Her sister,Julia, brought that tragedy on the mother,brother,and even her own child by getting involved witha thuggish,criminal ! Trash!
    JENNIFER would do better in life by leaving her sister be.Visit her at a hotel in Chicago. Send a little monetary gift at b-day,Christmas.
    HER SISTER IS PREGNANT TOO!!!!!! I bet AuntJennifer is supporting her sister.No word who the baby’s father is,bet you my paycheck it is some thuggish trash.

    IlikeJennifer Hudson,but I bet she will end up broke. Supporting her sister.Dam n all the remember where you came from Black stuff Black Amers.tell other Blacks who succeed up in the world.
    Even when it comestofamily,SAVE YOURSELF!!!! WE ALL HAVE FREE CHOICE!!! We all are not Oscar winners ,stuff like Jennifer,but we can live good lives.

  • Crispytreats

    likeJ Hudson.I wish her the best.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she’s still fat as fcuk.

  • omg

    She looks the same as she did prebaby . . .so she looks good. Not too crazy about her voice as its not my type of music, but she is a great actress, loved her in the Secret Life of Bees.

  • LuckyL

    She looks good.

  • cutie pie

    Sunshine… Gina was on here getting on my case the other day, i thnk she has a problem but she better get on somewhere!!

  • Salena

    She looks gorgeous!! <3

  • rachelsun

    So what if she is fat. Fat does not equal evil, stupid, amd worthless which is what you haters are.
    She is a GREAT singer and a good actress who has endured tragedy. You people are nothing.

  • ****

    Mmmm, Star Jones in looking good these days.

  • regina

    What´s wrong with this womaan, she can´t even hold her umbrella!!?????????????Just because she is now wearing nice clothes does not make her a diva!!!!! HOLD YOUR OWN UMBRELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunshine

    She is with a man who should be a gentleman and hold the umbrella. Very appropriate. She has an incredible voice and it is great to see her happy.

  • Sunshine

    @cutie pie:

    Yes, she has a huge problem. I hope she gets some help.

  • queen b

    Jennifer hudson is new to the scene and try to act like shes al that!pleaz,thank god for make up. if the gorgeous kimora lee simmons shared her baby photos with her fans, what makes jennifer think she can’t. and shes not half as beautiful as kimora.oh jeniffer watch out for david he wasn’t called punk on New York’s reality show for nothing!

  • norma

    @spring rolls: You are a crazy , mean ass fool. Stay off the site if your hating ass is not a true fan. Somebody need to teach you manners.

  • Thandi

    @spring rolls:

    hello hater

    her voice is the best in the business right now period!
    She just had a baby, what do you expect her to be, size zero?
    She is not Nicole Richie who had her stomach stapled and can never be fat again
    Hudson has the prettiest baby face, very cute girl
    Don’t hate just because you are a broke ugly talentless hag

  • Thandi

    @spring rolls:

    hello hater

    her voice is the best in the business right now period!
    She just had a baby, what do you expect her to be, size zero?
    She is not Nicole Richie who had her stomach stapled and can never be fat again
    Hudson has the prettiest baby face, very cute girl
    Don’t hate just because you are a broke ugly talentless hag

  • Thandi


    If your comment is directed at Katherine Heigl
    you are EVIL ,
    Karma will dish to you accordingly

  • norma

    @lala: @Crispytreats: What is your point ? I READ all you had to say, but what is your point? See, everybody does not come from a close family. Jennifer did!! She and her family members were very close. Juila may have made a bad choice in a relationship, but she did not make him decided to do what he did. Jennifer will never leave her sister behind. I think we as fans and viewers make to many comments about people personal lives. Let that family live their lives as they see fit.

  • norma

    @g!na: If you say soooooo, but Jennifer is fine and beautiful, and multi-talented.

  • norma

    @lala: @lala: @Neilia: you must be the little fish she chewed up and spit out.

  • norma

    @lala: We can tell you never had anyone to do nice things for you. Let me help you out Jennifer Hudson is a super star, and it was his job to hold her umbrella at that moment. He is her body guard and he kept the rain off her body. Now, as for a bitch go and look in your own mirror.

  • ANdrea

    why should she put a picture on here so that u ignorant people can Judge her SON??? I don’t think SO

  • interneta pieslēgums

    She is a beautiful woman; can’t believe two more babies came from that body.  No makeup and gorgeous. She’s in her 40′s and look like she’s in her 20′s.

  • suppress your appetite


  • annabelle

    @g!na: HAAH!! she lost weight, in your face b**tch! jealous of her voice, grammy, oscar, golden globe, man and son! pathetic and sad.. so sad. you know jealousy is a disease, get well soon.