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Kate Gosselin Hits Southern Women's Show

Kate Gosselin Hits Southern Women's Show

Kate Gosselin returns to her classic hairstyle at the Southern Women’s Show in on Thursday (September 17) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The conference provides savvy shopping to creative cooking ideas healthy lifestyle tips. Plus, there’s trendy fashion shows, great celebrity guests, and hundreds of prizes. For more info, visit

Kate, the sextuplets and twins mom of the hit TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, looked better than ever!

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Credit: Matt Burton; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • selena

    FIRST!!!! :)

  • lala

    OMFG Enough with this lady already!!

  • selena

    why is this woman NEVER at HOME with her KIDS?????!!!!!!!!!!

    who are these crazy people who go see her?
    don’t they have LIVES of their own?

    what a weird world we live in! :(

  • jen

    Does this woman ever stay home??? Doesn’t she have 8 kids to raise?? Anyone would look great if they recieved free tummy tuck, boob job….teeth whitening. Was she crying her fake tears again?

  • itstrueagain

    Exactly WHEN does she take care of Plus-8.

  • Sande

    selena–why is it so great to be FIRST ??? So what?

  • jackie

    What was the topic of discussion?

    How to fake infertility problems two months into your marriage and trick your husband, disobey doctors orders after fertility treatments, use your nurses training to overstimulate your ovaries, then…VOILA!!!!

    Have 8 kids that you can exploit for your own financial gain and, oh yea,
    come to women’s shows like this where celebrity-worshippers show up and give you money (‘cuz ya know….God is not good enuf to worship all by himself… worship “me, me, me” you crazy ladies!!!!!) ….and….

    oh yea…..stay away from those kids as much as possible by going to these women’s shows and host tv shows and go on morning talk shows crying your eyes out….but whatever you do….DON’T GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS……


  • bones

    She dumped her dogs for this event

  • Crispytreats

    Others said it already,but may I say it too?

    Who is at home with the kids while the mother,Kate,is being a celebrity for stay-at-home moms,jilted women,women who got divorced and other sad stories of women who won’t accept.Move on.Take life as a gift and do something.Change.

    We knowJon is NYC-VMA,Fashion Week,etc.
    Kate has been out being a celeb since last week.

    JON & KATE love the celebrity lifestyle willstop at nothing,will go anywhere,anytime to fullfill that selfish need of being in the fame game.

  • Crispytreats

    Jackie,you said it.

    WATCH people,when those kids get 14-15, nsome of them are going to be a handfull. Drugs. Filing a lawsuit for emancipation.

    JON & KATE arethe same seeking the famegame.They WANT to stay there.

  • fresh

    Can someone to a fast forward on her 15 minutes of fame? Im tired of her and her family.

  • Gabs

    Go home, Kate. You’re way past your 15 minutes of fame.

  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • nettie

    Somebody in that family has to earn a living. It sure isn’t John. He keeps opening his mouth trashing Kate, and she totallyl ignores it. Get PR person for Kate. As usual dumb a** John.

  • stella

    she is such a hypocrite…” my kids come first” …”for the sake of my children”…..This is bogus. No one really wants to here her talk anymore. I hope it bombs and fails..
    This is what happens when celebrity status and fortune play a part in a family that desperately needs to go behind the scenes. if she’d lay low for a while, no one would bother her. She continues to make horrible choices for the kids.
    For the record…the house they “bought for the kids” is paid for. They don’t make any payments on it other than the household basics.
    She has a nurses degree…she can go back to work and make a really good living…and probably see the kids more than she does now!!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    My Sucker list:
    friends ——————x
    bored housewives–x
    lonely women——–x
    church people——–x
    local businesses—x
    public benefactors–x
    corporate types——-x

  • Kevin

    Many women work outside the home. What is it with some of you people who question every minute she is out working, doing something she enjoys and responding to demands for her appearances. So what if she isn’t at home locked up behind closed doors dwelling on her misery. So she is the samrt one for findings things to do in life that are a healthy response to a difficult time. She is still there for her kids and she has them taken care of, except for the limited time Jon is there spending time with them. She is a good mother and I say, “go for it Kate, and don’t listen to these people who think that just because a woman has kids, she is suppose to be at home 24/7/365. My God, even when she grocery shops you guys balst her. That is a required function. Give it a rest and spend some time with your own kids.

  • jva

    you guys do understand that according the joint agreement she has w/ Jon, she can’t be around when he is home with the kids. why not make money while away. At least she is being productive and not partying and doing interviews and slamming their spouse, and their kids can see this later on. Who is the better role model/who is the best of the two evil.

    I’m not a big fan of this family. But yelling and ragging at Kate, she wasn’t the only one that is in the wrong in this.

  • mommy where are you?

    homework,little problems,understanding,love,a kiss goodnight?

    -sad kids

  • Rhonda

    @Kate Gosselin:

    #1 on my sucker list would be unhappy women, whose husbands took off with probably a younger woman while she is STUCK at home with the kids, these are the women who love KATE and if you watched the show YOU know why he’s happy with any girl who’ll be nice to him.

  • whatadrag

    I read she either purchased or is renting a condo in Maryland. When she tried a few months ago and everyone found out, she denied it. Now her bodyguard is back. He took time off to “make things right with his wife” after the NC vacation. I feel really bad for his family. Don’t buy the brother/sister relatioonship. Someone recently posted on another blog that everyone would be surprised to hear who she had an affair with. Someone knows!!! And btw SHE was the one who filed for divorce – NOT jon. No one is surprised he is out having some fun after living with that harpy for 10 years.

  • sberry

    HATERS! The best revenge is Success…Her kids are fine…You people are just HATERS! HA….Whatever, to each their own…Hate in your heart will consume you. Live it up Kate! Dont let the Haters keep you down. Such a Beautiful Day in Norcali:)

  • Jen

    Interest on the est. 10-18 million they have,, invested in safely and securely, would bring them at the very least 300K+++++ per year even at our low current interest rates. More than enough to live on and enjoy the few short years of childhood with your children. Pure greed.

  • ava rose

    And she calls herself a good mother? She’s rarely home. The only time she spends w. her children is when she’s taping or when she needs to have “photo ops” w. them at the school bus or running errands as “supermom”.

    I get that you need to make a living but if you really cared about your kids, they really would come first as you claim. A real mother would feel some sort of small guilt for traveling around so much!

  • ava rose

    @whatadrag: yeah i read that too. So she had an affair w. someone else other than steve?? Who?? (or do you mean that it is steve?)

  • Suzette

    I CANT WAIT for their kids to grow up and totally out them. Imagine if these were YOUR parents. Hope she thinks about how when they all become teenagers and experiment they’ll get followed by paps everywhere….ITS ALL YOUR PARENTS FAULT.

  • Team Braindead

    GO KATE !! GO! ……….you go girl…

  • conchita

    @selena: well its their dads turn to take care of them


    She no Southern Belle. Her smile is so fake and scary like her!

  • angie

    @whatadrag: Sure Kate has been doing it with someone. She’s a liar big time. Just wait till the eight children wrtite their books about how abusive Kate was to them and Jon.

  • blah blah blah

    I love this site, but why does he post so many pictures of Kate? WHY? She’s not famous and has no talent whatsoever.

  • Rhonda

    @blah blah blah: @blah blah blah:

    That’s the talentless world we live in! These two people are worth between 10 and 18 million dollars cause they had a liter of kids.

  • whatadrag

    ava rose @
    I have always believed it to be Steve but the other poster said they actually delivered food to Kate and saw something different. Didn’t say who it is (I guess they had to sign the infamous zip your lips contract TLC makes everyone sign with the threat of a $1 million dollar fine). They did have a blog of their own but had to close it down because of so many people sending hate mail for saying anything bad about Kate. Must be her PR team. It will be surprising to see if the kids get any money after she has to spend it all on buying her career. If it isn’t Steve, he must be giving her good advice on how to ditch the curious because NO ONE has posted anything on where she goes when she leaved the house for her time away. I find that very odd.

  • daisy

    OMG Get this woman a stylist!!! Get rid of the possum on her head, tone down the makeup, and change her Chico look! Those clothes look tacky! Surely she now has enough money to hire a stylist.

  • JJ Fan

    Not Famous..Oh i don’t belive that . Her face is well known, Kate is well known . Face it TLC made her famous along time ago.
    She is alot smarter than Jon. At least she goes out and earns money
    when he has the kids. Dumb azzz Jon trashes her as he talks about his 23 yr old g/f.
    Rather then have to hide on papaRATI all day wh not make a few bucks.. Go Kate!

  • lakers fan in boston

    when is she going to go back home
    i swear this whole week she;s been doing promotions and shiz
    i no she’s trying 2 provide for the family but still at least take care of ur kids while ur getting divorced, they may be young but imo they still understand somewhat of what’s going on
    a douche dad and a mediawhore mom who’s always away
    i wont be surprised when these kids are gonna be screaming i h8 u when they’re teenagers

  • Rhonda

    after watching that show I now know what abuse of a man looks like. Really not shocking that he’s out rebeling like a teenager. Kate is all business with her list, spent time with my kids, check!

  • Single mom

    Good for Kate! At least one of this couple is working to bring home the bacon to take care of 8 kids, it’s certain Jon is spending on his druggie, lezzie g/f like mad, so Kate has to work a second job. Jon bought Hailey (gag) a $70,000 suv, and who knows what all else he’s bought with the money Kate has earned to support the family. Must be nice to go from momma apron strings to wifie’s ….can’t wait for the downfall Jon….

  • dawne

    Got rid of Dad. Next, the children’s pets……….both now gone. The only thing this narcisstic b!tch is going to keep is her face in ours.

  • ava rose

    @whatadrag: wow. that’s very interesting. Thanks! I know the rumor (before jon and kate actually became “famous) was that she was w her personal trainer. Then another one about how Mady walked in on her and steve while filming in north carolina. Well, botton line is that no matter how much she plays this, i KNOW she’s not innocent. Jon may be kinda twisted but he wouldn’t be as pissy if Kate really was innocent. Jon seems to be the type to just be “okay” w. it if she feels she not in love w. him anymore…but there’s much more to it….

  • Patty

    I agree make that money you have mouthes to feed for many yrs to come.
    This woman knows her every move is being followed so i don’t believe except for business she is bothering with trying to date or sleep around . There will always be talk without any proof.. thats life.
    With the work she is picking up and the 8 kids she mothers i would say she needs a good nights sleep and she makes sure she gets it. The only privacy she gets is in her own home. Why mope about lazy Jon. Let him keep on doing the nasty yapping about her, spending the money on his chickie babes and being babysat he will eventually fall down and as long as there is some cash left another youngem will be there to pick him up.
    LOL Poor guy has to just keep on looking for that wedding band he made such a big ordeal about and maybe he can give it to his next new girlfriend. Seriously what was the idiot going to do with it to be accusing her of theft when he has 8 kids are on steady Go in that home. It’s probably in a pipe in the basement. . All Jon has to do is trick the 40 little fingers and tell the first one who comes up with his precious wedding band they get a big chocolate candy and Voila betcha he gets his ‘ahem ‘ cherished ring back asap. Does it match something he gave his
    young chickie. So silly. Jon is a big kid.

    She looks good with a smile on her face and as far as her hairstyle
    it became very popular right after she got it. You have to have thick hair to carry that style so fortunately for her she has enough volume
    to pull it off. I like her outfit she is not overdone she looks classy.

    Yea so Keep on Kate.. Keep up. After the kids than come the grandchildren. It never ends and they want to have a strong healthy mother and grandmother presense so keeping busy not complaining or quibbling over the small stuff . Its a good way to go.

  • Susan

    talentless bytch has nothing to say that any simple moron doesn’t already know……………teach a seminar on public scamming Kate, you lowly scam artist….you are an expert
    I pray to my sweet lord Jesus for this miscreants demise….amen..and her knuckle dragging followers..

  • lisa

    Anyone who would sit for five seconds and listen to this dipsh*t spout her nonsense has got to be a pinhead . She is a hideous person. A pox on her.

  • shawn moore

    this wh or should be jailed!!!
    who is taking care of the fug lee kids?!!!

    TLC made a monster out this uglee chunt!

    the father is no different! both are attention whoreesss!!!!

    those poor ugly kids!

    I don’t care about mad maddy. she’s like her mommy! stupid!

  • Auntie Belle

    Kate as a mother giving advice to other mothers; but wait Kate has a nanny taking care of the kids and before that it was Jon’s job.
    Kate showing other mothers how to prepare healthy meals. But she uses recipes from soup cans and packages.
    Kate talking about her best selling book. But wait she did not write the book Beth did.
    Kate talking about her happy children. But wait they never see their mother unless the cameras are there to film.
    Kate Kate showing off her great body. But wait, she had surgery that was FREE.
    What do you Kate fans expect Kate to teach you that you don’t already know. Listen to Kate and follow her example and you will end up just like her: Divorced , greedy, selfish and in denial.
    Thank you; but I can find many other women with allot more to offer and admire.

  • flo

    If she is not just using the kids as a crutch and for fame, why does she insist on being photographed every other day at the bustop? That is the only time she spends with the kids apparently. Would she ever go to a park or take them out to lunch on their days off just for fun with no filming involved? No way!

  • flo

    In no way does Steve ever act like a security person guarding someone who has gotten threats. Why does he carry her purse and bags on the crowded streets of NY? Why is she always out in front of him? The only real threat out there is to Kate’s ego if her fans stop thinking she’s important enough to warrant security.
    The job of a security guard is to protect you–not to be your “friend” and “personal assistant” –you can hire someone else ( a female?) to be that.

  • use2bleave

    What a horrible person! She is abusive, selfish, vindictive and pompous, not to mention she has been lying to all of us for years.
    How can anybody take tips from her or put any stock into anything she says. How can she call herself a good mother when she is never there? How can she say its all for the kids? I’m sure if given the choice they would of rather had their family stay together with 2 hands on parents and their dogs back!!. She is nothing but a fake with a good PR team.

  • use2bleave

    she got Jon fired from his IT job
    she alienated all extended family and friends
    she made the decision to go on the road for 2 years, leaving her family, but with the bodyguard
    she called off the marriage
    she would not go to counseling or try to work it out
    she continues to diss Jon and throw him under the bus, yet claiming to take the high road
    she has swindled millions of us who believed her act
    she only tells half truths
    she is a monster