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LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy

LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy

LeAnn Rimes enjoys some sun while shopping around the Cross Creek Shopping center on Wednesday (September 16) Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old country singer was very excited about something as she left the Chrome Hearts Shop with her hands held high while she walked to her car.

LeAnn has not been shy about being in public and was recently seen spotted having lunch with a friend in Santa Monica.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes jumping for joy…

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leann rimes jumps for joy 02
leann rimes jumps for joy 03
leann rimes jumps for joy 04
leann rimes jumps for joy 05
leann rimes jumps for joy 06
leann rimes jumps for joy 07
leann rimes jumps for joy 08
leann rimes jumps for joy 09
leann rimes jumps for joy 10

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  • Abigail

    Ahhhh – she can do want she wants in her personal life but one thing that really bothers me is that she doesn’t have the decency to restrain her giddiness when the photographers come around. breaking up a marriage is one thing. unapologetic enjoyment of it and the attention it brings is another. someone remind her what she is.

  • Liza

    @Abigail… I agree. She is so smug. She should at least show some humility, even just for the sake of appearances.

  • dd

    Is this all she does is wander around so she can smirk about her boytoy prize? Enough already, this is not high school, there has been real hurt and humiliation. Grow up and stop feeding the press all the b.s about this grand love affair. The leaking of the karoke tape made with the spouses present and panned off as a recent show of their love is just sick.

  • punch in the face

    i really wish someone would just punch that ugly bitch in the face

  • punch in the face

    i really wish someone would just punch that ugly bitch in the face

  • NativeNYker

    I’d rather hear about where he soon to be ex is at & doing….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • deb

    There is something seriously wrong with this woman

  • lucy

    I would rather here more about Brandi and dean than this nut

  • solde

    Go Le Ann….

    enjoying the California sun. Dean is happy in NYC and cooking school. Brandi said “all is good” in the park.

    But the hateful bitter ill-wishers on here on just miserable, disgruntled people who have no life or happiness. My CONDOLENCES to those o you who are poisoning yourselves with your own toxic waste.

  • sammy

    i have lost respect for this woman

  • Pandora

    @solde # 12 My, how dramatic you are! Just because these people have posted, underscoring this twit’s level of immaturity doesn’t mean they are hateful, bitter, or drowning in toxic waste. They probably have a lot more life experience than you do, and know that “what goes around, comes around”. Anyone can see she’s “not quite right”, mentally, morally, or both.

  • lucy

    @ pandora AMEN SISTER!!!!! 3-2-1 until the crash and burn

  • diva689

    People baffle me on fidelity & marriage.
    1. She WAS married TOO.
    2. She married at 19 yrs old (a baby)
    3. Eddie’s situation is separate and his own to manage.
    4. Must be a major hot button, as Brad Pitt didn’t even cheat on Jen, he legally separated from her, then pursued his feelings for Ange, and everyone is still obsessed with that story.
    5. Julia Roberts fell in love with her husband WHILE he was “legally married” to his first wife, and no one through her under a bus. WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARDS? WHY IS JULIA OFF THE HOOK AND NOT BRAD? WHY IS LEANN BEING VILAFIED for being happy? Did I mention she was NINEteen when she first got married. She’s just a kid. Eddie fell for her too, obviously. Why should she “hide” anything. You people are ALL over the map on this issue. Innconsistency driving me nuts!

  • nanny

    You poor people who get delight in bashing other people as though you are spotless and free from sin

    There are 3 sides to every story….his side, her side and the Truth.

  • irma

    Le Ann and dean were always out and about while living in Nashville. She likes to shop and eat out. Nothing has changed,

    That one fellow she’s with in the photo was with her last week. A friend maybe. She and Dean had many friends and still do. Suck it haters!

  • lucy

    Eddie fell for her money. Being married young is NO EXCUSE!!!
    Leann is throwing her own ass under the bus. Don’t complain if you don’t like the way the tire’s feel. After the comment from “sources” on E that the relationship isn’t as serious as everyone thinks. I’m thinking he’s having second thoughts or he’s playing the field.

  • frances

    Why can’t you find the good in people and emphasize that? Would you like to be judged as nastily as you judge? Do any of you go to church or call yourselves Christians? If yes, then you to are failing miserably and hypocrites.

  • Lowest denominator

    Having an affair = pure marketing genius…
    Especially for a mediocre actress, at best
    No comment on her singing, never listened

  • gaile

    Le Ann is a basically happy woman who loves life. She’s rich, she has a superb vocal talent, she lives in beautiful sunny California, she is out of a restrictive marriage but she is still close friends with Dean, she has a concert schedule to finish up and she has plenty of friends, fans and family who will not desert her. So what if Eddie leaves. there will be others. So what!

  • rita


  • limiting

    JJ only allows negative comments on Le Ann. Biased much Just Jared?

  • sunshine

    Le Ann is the most horrible person on the planet. No one is as vile as she is. Will that do JJ?

  • Sande

    she is such a pig…..

  • Mousse

    Why in fact is she suddenly considered as hot news?

  • sunshine

    JJ only allows negative comments on Le Ann.

  • pushy

    We all want Le to go to H$ll Right?

  • pushy

    Jared is gorgeous

  • bella

    @Abigail: agree. I am also very sick of hearing about her. She has not done anything musically for quite sometime and its her affair that has brought her back into the limelight . . .not the way to go about coming back into the limelight.

  • Roni

    Enough with the PR campaign! We get the message LeAnn. You are happy, you finally got your man to leave his family, you and your beloved have successfully humiliated your innocent spouses over a period of months. Well done LeAnn!

  • gwen

    This makes 3/4, is she trying to set some sort of record? With each and every photo-op it becomes more and more apparant that this woman has some sort of mental problem. Who takes pleasure in the pain that they caused others. Does she really think that “smiling” will make people think that she and EC are happy. If she is so happy, she wouldn’t keep trying to convince people that EC loves her. Of course she isn’t shy about being seen in public she is rubbing the affair in BG face and trying to convince people that EC loves her because she is “smiling”. How many female co-stars did he smile/laugh with on the set of CSI?

  • gwen

    1) LR and EC ARE NOT THE VICTIMS. They cheated, so the public and BG, DS, the kids do not owe them anything. The public is not obligated to look the other way when they are being so hateful towards 4 innocent people.

    2) So what if she was married at the age of 19, that does not give her the right to CHEAT on her husband or jump into bed with someone elses husband. Besides, she is not 19 yo now, she is a 27 yo ADULT who knows better. Don’t forget that she has experienced what divorces/affairs do to famlies, so she looks even worst for playing this out in the publics eye on a daily basis.

    3) So what you are saying is that when a woman has an affair with a married man she has no moral obligation to do the right thing because she didn’t make the vows and therefore it is okay for her to sleep with the married man? EC situation is separate?That’s not true and we know that’s not true because she was sneanking to hotels with him for sex. She was encouraging him to dishonor his vows, therefore she is just as responsible for his marriage as much as he is for his own marriage. And the same applies to EC.

    4) People are vilifying LR? What you mean by vilifying is refusing to look the other way as she treats 4 innocent people like dirt, right? She is wrong and no amount of blaming the people who comment on her bad behavior will change this.

    5) What you mean by everyone being obsessed is that you want people to ignore the bad behavior and therefoe forget about the victims because as long as people talk about the victims, that means less sympathy for the idols. If you are here taking the time and energy to write a post about others being obsessed, doesn’t that make you obsessed?

    6) Why should she “hide” her “romance”? Because 4 people were hurt by their cheating and lies and she still to this day has not shown any remorse. Or had the consideration to lay low and stop tipping off the paps. Do you really think it’s a good idea to keep waking around town like the cat who swallowed the canary? She is quickly burning bridges and if she doesn’t get her act togehter soon, there won’t be any left for her to cross. Eddie is going down with her because what “devoted” father would sit back and do nothing as his mistress acts so disrespectful/insensitive?

  • emmy

    JJ what is this all about?

  • Keli

    It’s soo easy to judge on the outside looking it…

    not say she was in the right by far…

    but he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  • paige

    Enjoy that smile NOW, Leann……….. because in 6mos or less
    you will be crying in your Chardonnay. And I will be laughing my
    ass off!!!!!!!!!!

    i might even SNORT!

  • gwen


    So anyone who doesn’t condone EC and LR bad behavior is “hateful bitter ill-wishers on here on just miserable, disgruntled people who have no life or happiness.” Is this what you have to tell yourself to cope with the public’s disapproval of these two?

    There is nothing more toxic/poisonous/bitter/hateful/disgrunted/ miserable than person who is always a) defending two cheaters and even going so far as to trash the victims/downplay their pain to make EC and LR look like decent human beings; and b) making personal insults towards other posters (under different names) because they won’t fall for this “love story” or have more sympathy for the victims.

    LR and EC are not the victims; and the public, BG, DS, and the two kids do not owe them anything. They cheated, they are wrong. If LR is stupid enough to keep staging these pr stunts, then people are going to comment. And so what if BG said that she was “happy” and DS is in NYC, that still does not make what LR and EC did and are doing right. Why do you keep deflecting from LR and EC bad behavior by either dissing the victims or trying to downplay their pain? LR and EC are WRONG.

  • gwen


    So why is it okay for LR to keep juding BG, DS, and the two kids?

  • Woop


  • Beth

    Obviously LeAnn enjoys seeing herself on the internet but this is a sad situation and I wish people (like me) would stop commenting about her and making the situation worse. She has mental problems. I mean a 27 year old female acting like a 15 year old starved for attention is demeaning to her. Maybe she deserves this decline in her reputation but this is becoming pathetic. I hope LeAnn’s PR people tell her that this is simply not the way to act.

  • Terry903

    Good God that mustache is growing back in. Please, please, please would someone tell her to take care of that hair on her lip? It’s disgusting. Eddie, if you read this please tell her it doesn’t feel good and you are tired of waking up to someone who looks like her father.

  • Bonnie

    I think LeAnn is a nice looking woman when her makeup is just right, her hair is down and soft, and she’s wearing the sunglasses that cover half her face. The problem is that she always has her hair back and is often photoed without makeup and we all see that pimple faced, hairy lipped, squitty eyed, sour fish face. Eddie, you better lover her for her money because when she gets pregnant she’ll get even more hairy, bloat up with celulite, and become the demanding self-centered obsessive- compulsive control freak that drove the manhood out of Deane Sheremet.

  • alex

    great body, but a homewrecker nonetheless



  • tos

    i guaratee you will end up getting a divorce. you sound like a unkind, unloving person. who gives you the right the judge her? remember it’s not your job anyway. when you have such unkind words toward people. they will come back to you. karma will serve you well.

  • Deadoverhere

    Its dead here today. x17 got more action today

  • Mari

    @gwen: Here we go again, Crazy Lady!!!

  • cat

    yeah, diva689 i agreed with you on this one,these people are double standards.i mean, they acted like they know leann and lives with her 24/7! or something to make that kind of comment about her! they need to get a life .

  • Jon

    Hi Gwen,

    You make your points very well so don’t let any criticism of you bother you but make sure you don’t over do it. People won’t read what you say if you make 10 posts. You have said everything that can be said and I am proud that we share the same morals. LeAnn might have disappointed you just as she did me and that is why you scold her but don’t let LeAnn’s deceipt and betrayal become your obsession just as her’s is to get publicity. I hope you will back off and not even look for LeAnn postings for seven days. The thing that scares Rimes most is that soon nobody will care. I am more concerned about your happiness than I ever will be for LeAnn’s. Think about that. I don’t care about LeAnn Rimes but I do care that you are happy. Get away from this crap for just a week and I think you’ll be happier. Then when you are free of LeAnn’s mess, come back and give her hell all you want. Take Care Kid. Love you.

  • Mariana

    Gwen, you have some serious issues…..Every day posting comments about people wha are not of your bussiness, foaming about all 4 of them. Go to a doctor to help you.

  • cat

    yay!!!’re so right on this one! i mean this gwen is seriously needs some help !!! LOL..

  • Jack

    Hey #41
    Its ironic that “Kat” is the name of the woman that Wilbur Rimes abondoned LeAnn and her mother for and you are a Rimes supporter. Funny how much of this ties together. Yesterday some girl said that adultery is an accepted and common practice in the Cuban community. Rimes should fit right in to the Cibrian family culture. Habla espanol LeAnn?