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Megan Fox: I'm Going To Kill You

Megan Fox: I'm Going To Kill You

Megan Fox takes questions from fans at a Hot Topic Fan Event for her new film Jennifer’s Body in Hollywood on Wednesday (September 16).

The 23-year-old Transformers hottie currently takes the cover of Rolling Stones where she talked about how intense things get with boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

“I’m emotionally unpredictable,” Megan shares in the interview. “I’ve had to say to Brian, ‘You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something. Please leave.’”

FYI: Megan carried around a Judith Leiber clutch and wore the “Wagner” shoes by Brian Atwood. 45+ pics inside…

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megan fox will kill you 01
megan fox will kill you 02
megan fox will kill you 03
megan fox will kill you 04
megan fox will kill you 05
megan fox will kill you 06
megan fox will kill you 07
megan fox will kill you 08
megan fox will kill you 09
megan fox will kill you 10
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megan fox will kill you 30
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megan fox will kill you 47
megan fox will kill you 48

Credit: Winter/Rico; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • Clare b uk

    Haha, she’s fiesty and i love her.

  • sammy

    She is undeniably gorgeous, and i really think that she keeps it real, yeah she may come across someone who complains a lot but at least she doesnt pretend everything is perfect like other people.she has a personality at least i really applaud her for speaking her mind

  • jenny

    she is really really beautiful. Someone is jealous… Me. I can’t believe someone looks that perfect. she is perfection.

  • Dani

    She is definately a beautiful young woman, but I think she can use some acting classes.

  • meee

    it’s weird..i kind of hate her because she took my whole schtick i had if i ever became famous..all the stupid s*** she says and her look. LOL oh well..she’s gorgeous here

  • tealeaf

    What’s up with her neck

    and there some x-rated stars who look like her…

    I don’t get the big deal about this trashy, plastic looking girl

    Gene Tierney was undeniable gorgeous in IMO, this girl…eww

  • alalala

    guys if u luk closely her skin isn falwless like it seems frm far away.. but i guess she is sorta perfect..i envy her 4 tht

  • diva689

    Physically gorgeous. That’s all anyone can say. What I’m only concerned about re: this wacked statement is Brian’s kid, with the even more gorgeous Vanessa Marcil…when your boyfriend of several years has a 7 yr old kid you can’t get quoted talking about STABBING your man! Her stupidity is killing me. So is that hideous tattoo. Megan OVERKILL. Someone make her go away for 9 months. PLEASE. Go to school, learn something. Take a break.

  • love

    she’s a freak! AND I LOVE ITTTT!

    she’s drop dead gorgeous

  • didi

    she has strong face and tiny body!!i dont like megan’s beauty although,i like angelina!!!!!!!!(the two of them very similar but they are so different)

  • fresh

    She’s so fake. Its like all she does is read old Angelina interviews and tries to pass them off as her. She also says she cuts herself. Megan please go away.

  • Miss-ur-smile

    It really seems she doesn’t know how to choose pretty shoes. But I have to admit she’s gorgeous…As always ;)

  • bluezy

    She appears aesthetically perfect because she paid doctors to make her face symmetrical.

  • stella

    is the tongue thing supposed to be her “trademark”..she looks so stupid. Her interviews are clearly medicated..or high…or both.

  • jdub

    i’m so excited to see this movie..megan and the rest of the cast look great!

  • S

    This girl has self esteem issues
    She needs to shut up

  • Mousse

    Beautiful. And very likely to end dramatically because she has no brain and isn’t developped.
    But that is her choice too anyway..

  • reneelucky7

    I think everyone on this site is lesbos. Gees back it up- she is already taken stalkers. LOL

  • vanilla

    Why doesn’t this surprise me.. hmm.. I’m debating whether this is for attention or the girl needs some serious help. Every other interview I read she’s either talking about cutting herself, emotional imbalance, now she’s talking about stabbing her boyfriend. Too much information!

  • reneelucky7

    I think everyone on this site is lesbo Megan stalkers. I bet if Megan slapped any of you guys in the face and then spit on you- that you would beg for more just because of the way she looks.

  • Chau

    She thinks she’s awesome and unique. But really she’s like every other “Hollywood” female. (I’m not going to call her a lady. Hell naw!)

  • love+safe

    Waving at ya –

  • tweet

    she knows how to look camera ready.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    From the Hackers: CRASH AND BURN, Megan is definitely head for the FALL. Beauty is vain but BRAINS last for ever, Megan only have the first half which will surely fade. What can you do with an old empty headed person? finally you can give them a book and then they can look at the big pictures. Megan needs to be careful as to who she threatens, someone will make her eat those words, literally. Megan Fox is so OVERRATED, now you can truly see where people heads are or where they are not. Diva689 got it totally right go away, take a break anything as long as you SHOUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reneelucky7

    I was reading some of the things that people wrote and I am just suprised as to how much people worship beauty- to the fact that they will hate the way they look. Beauty doesn’t come in one package. Plus- if you really want to be sexy- you have to have something going on up in your head too.

  • bella

    She looks pretty here. Love the hair and makeup.
    Think she is honest and does not think before she speaks . . .but she needs to. really think . . .hard.

  • martinica

    Crazy but the most beautiful face i´ve ever seen

  • qiana jones

    I dont understand why everyone is giving her such a hard time. She is a gorgeous woman, and a talented actress. Yeah she can say stupid stuff but shes a reall beautiful woman

  • dontget

    sure Megan is hot, but I think without all the makeup she is an average looking white girl. Her facial features are nothing great to me.

    In fact I think before the black hair and tan and makeup and face work, she greatly resembled Jenny Garth! who is not that attractive if you ask me, lol

    also I like exotic looking women, not some freaky white girl with tats, yuck

  • susie

    those are blue contacts & she had boob job. It’s ALL an illusion.
    She’s a One Trick Pony.
    w/no talent & burning her bridges faster then my chips dissapear.
    adios Megan

  • Lucas

    she’s so fake. she’s not as talented as she fronts and we all know it (come on she’s Michael Bay’s go to girl and he’s a total one trick pony himself), she’s not ugly but she’s not THAT beautiful either. half of it is smoke and mirrors.

    and she’s clearly taken tips from old school angelina jolie with the flaunting of the tats and the bogus comments about how crazy she is. she wants to come off as this “I don’t give a shit” girl but it’s all an act. even Bay knows it, he all but called her a fake when he rebutted that letter that was put on his site without his permission.

  • nyob

    She has joined Gerard Butler on the list of people who need to just shut up and look pretty.

  • SS

    Everyone go see Jennifer’s Body, I saw it at TIFF and it was hilarious. Megan Fox is actually good in it!

  • SubSub


  • #1fan

    do you believe she flew from new york to la in that day, and still looks this fresh

  • reneelucky7

    If you look at photos of her in the past- she looked very average. The fact that she has had a nose job makes me look at her as someone that is not unique. Because anyone with enough money can look the same way

  • whyisit

    never going to get why is it that people rate her so much…to me she looks like a low paid extra in an under the counter p0rn film…maybe there are guys who think that’s sexy…but I like my gals to look, dress & behave like ladies-like class you know…not like some pro I picked up on a street corner somewhere for a cash payment is what I’m saying…her look, her lip, it’s just says low class woman works her body for money & makes me want to slap her hard…she looks dirty…

  • yAWN

    The New Lindsay Lohan.

  • Celebwatcher

    …..And she’s laughing all the way to the bank. I have friends like Megan who say inane stuff like this but then I laugh at them but for safety purposes I leave the room before they really do stab me, poor Brian.

    —- is the place for the latest celebrity psychic gossip!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she’s hot.. but she need’s to learn how to shut the fcuk up.

  • rosie

    IF…IF this is true, then she has serious anger issues. Oh, that’s right…but because it’s coming from Megan Fox, it’s meant to be cute, right? Of course if it was a 45-year-old fat working class guy who said “Get outta here before I stab you”…well then it’s not quite so cute is it? Some people have funny double standards just because she has pretty eyes and glossy hair.

  • Amanda

    Well I guess that explains why certain people on the set of Transformers defended her and others talked about how horrible she is. If she’s emotionally unpredictable I guess her attitude could change from one person to the next easily.

  • :/

    That’s some wrist scar in the closeup of her hand holding the little purse.

    I love how at the signing table everyone is looking at her. Even the people in front of the other cast members.

  • lola

    what’s with the FAKE MOLE ON HER UPPER LIP

  • insomuch

    her face is especially pretty in these pics…she’s lovely and hot. And FYI to the people saying that she CANT act..the movie was the directors fault not her’s…as far as her acting l believed her and she’s getting there

  • twpumpkin

    Someone please shut this trailor park biatch up! So sick of her big stupid mouth!

  • tan

    its hollywood honey nothing is real ! they already said it she doesnt smile unless theres a camra around !! she if fake !!

  • lakers fan in boston

    another comment by megan, sigh
    she looks alright, ive seen better from her and expect more
    dress was alright but the makeup doesnt look all that great
    still a hot woman but shame she cant shut up

  • donna

    sick of this trash copycatting no originality girl! pleaseeeeeeeeee disapear alreadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fire her*

    Me? come on !! I am going to kill you, too….skinny bitch !!