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Michelle Obama is CHCI Chic

Michelle Obama is CHCI Chic

First Lady Michelle Obama greets audience members at the CHCI 32nd Annual Awards in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday (September 16).

Honorees included singer Marc Anthony, who celebrated his 41st birthday and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama. The president also said that Hispanic members of Congress should be proud of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Justice.

The ceremony comes at the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama at the CHCI Awards…

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obama dinner 01
obama dinner 02
obama dinner 03
obama dinner 04
obama dinner 05
obama dinner 06
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obama dinner 09
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Credit: Pool, Gallo; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Christa Bledsoe

    Michelle Obama looks great. She’d look even better if she’d stop trying to impersonate the Olsen twins weird lip maneuvers.

  • rhonda

    Oh, here comes the wife of the Acorn-n-Chief. This woman was involved in “patient dumping” Was paid $300,000 by the University of Chicago to get ‘RID” of poor blacks who dared to come to thier grand hospital, replaciing them in Nation of Islam hospitals. Acorn is their baby, his community organization.

    YOUNG people, the top 10% of your first pay check is going to Obamacare, that is if your lucky enough to have a job!

  • tiffany

    love the dress!

  • ACORN 5

    Whats up with ACORN?

  • lissa

    The first Acorn is one ugly female and thats one ugly dress.

  • ugh

    can’t f stand her.

  • Jimmy Choo

    Not a pretty woman

    Big jaws

  • me

    GORGEOUS! I love that dress!

  • zoobie

    why do black people do the lip thing? I often see them do the lip thing when they are sniffing their noses….hard to explain. its annoying and funny to see when that happens.

    does not look classy one bit!

  • dahli

    How bout now?

  • I luv our first lady

    Mrs. Obama is the shit, love her. And the pics from yesterday are hilousrous. I love the fact that our president is such a nerd and loves stars wars, its really cute. I mean, how cool does this picture look.

    I don’t care what you racist right wing Fox News watching @rse fuqs say, you guys lost and Obama is a way better president than Bush ever was. And he knows what right about socialized health care. I hope we get it because its a lot better than the shitty health care in this country.

  • I luv our first lady

    @rhonda: Rhonda, I repeat please go back to your trailer park immediately. Isnt the loon Glenn beck on or something for you to watch? It must suck that you know you lost and are bitter.

  • Angela

    She is average at best in appearance…but, it does look like she is trying. As for ACORN whew, what a mess. No way for Obama to wiggle out of his association with this group as compared with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres… etc. etc. etc.

  • Shelly_2

    her lips look like an anus when she purses them like that.

  • Shelly_2

    @I luv our first lady:

    it has nothing to do with who won and who lost. you’re a typical democrat, name-calling and such when you try to rebutt something that someone who doesn’t drool over the obamas says. if BO would step up and actually start doing something…..take a look at stats and how much your family stands to lose is this awful healthcare reform is passed. have you even checked into it or are you following BO blindly?

  • Rhonda

    @I luv our first lady:

    dear I love Acorns:

    I don’t live in a trailer park, I OWN a lovely three bedroom home. and I paid for it with my PAYCHECK, from my JOB taking care of developmentally disabled adults. Thats right, little Trigs!

    Have you watched your Acorn-presidents representatives on the videos that the two kids with 3 grand have uncoverered?

    The lady in California tells the couple not to “educate” the sex slave 13-15 year old girs they are importing from a latin american country. Don’t want them to smart. Obviously YOU went to the public schools, don’t want YOU to smart! YOU”VE BEEN PUNKED!

  • Glenn Beck

    Hey, what are you republican morons doing on a celebrity gossip blogger and not watching my show? And you were also supposed to march and try to beat out Obama HUSSEIN at his inauguration speech. Yeah right we all know that there wasn’t 2 million at his inauguration. There was more people at the Teabaggers march than there was during the faux inauguration.


  • media robot

    The shape of the dress to her hair and makeup does nothing for her….(((sigh)))!!!!

  • Mary

    I am so disappointed in the way some choose to brand those who disagree as racist. I am white and married to a black man. I have beautiful bi-racial children just like Barack Obama and his children.

    I have an equal number of close friends that are white and black and my best friend in the world is hispanic. I do not have a racist bone in my body. I do not like the healthcare proposals to date. I have worked as a “community worker” truly a social worker and I know there are so many programs out there for those that are lacking anything to take advantage. I am now a small business owner, still working with disadvanted individuals. I have my own insurance and it costs me$273.00 per month and it covers my family. It has a high deductible $5000 and I like that for my situation. I make less than $60,000 per year yet with the proposed health coverage I would be charged $7,300 per year – $600 per month for my coverage that is double what I pay now. I want the right to choose my own options. I would like to see choice among insurers opened across all States. I would also like to see medicare expanded to include those laid off. Our children will be paying 70% of their incomes to cover the costs of many of these programs – much of which is for individuals who never have a desire to work or contribute – just collect. I can not support this whether the President is Black or White.

  • Mousse

    I’m from Europe.
    I like Obama and his wife uncountable times more than silly Bush.
    And I am not the only one in Europe to have this opinion.

  • Rhonda

    @I luv our first lady:

    educate yourself, Michelle Obama, the First Acorn was paid $300,000 by the Uof Il at Chicago hospital, First Acorn, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod were involved in “patient dumping” that is getting poor blacks out of their beautiful hospital and DUMPING them in Nation of Islam hospitals.

    Just because people are white and they may be conservative doesn’t mean they are racist or stupid, sometimes its wise to listen to the other side and try to comprehend what they are saying.

  • Rhonda


    Nicely said!

  • Shelly_2


    Liking a president has nothing to do with his policies, Mousse. I don’t care how much one likes their president, he was ELECTED to do a job and so far, he’s not holding up his end of the deal. Oh, he’s changing things okay but not for the better.

  • TO: Mousse

    While I am sure you can appreciate that I could care less if someone from Europe, which will never shoulder the burden of paying all of the taxes or lack of safety from the Obama Presidency, likes the current President better than the last, or heck better than the next.

    Just as I am sure you could care less whether I like your country’s leader now better than before. So, basically the only opinion you have that has any bearing is whether you think MIchelle’s dress looks nice in this thread.

  • I luv our first lady

    @Shelly_2: At least democrats are more civilized than you right wing religious hateful racist loons. While you guy were teabagging your hateful and racist march, the Dem’s were actually being more respectful and civilized and not name calling.

  • Shelly_2

    @I luv our first lady:

    OMG you made me laugh. You totally proved my point. “right wing religious hateful racist loons” You might want to stop – your “intelligence” is trying to show! LOL I’m done with you now, you’re a waste of time.

  • I luv our first lady

    @TO: Mousse: What are you talking about? Of course she pays all of her taxes, in Europe they have socialized/universal health care. And since you are so ignorant to know something outside of the US you never would have found that out. If its anyone that knows more about Obama’s health cares its Europeans. Yes they do pay taxes for it but its worth the extra money because its YOUR HEALTH and LIFE.

    Duh, people shouldn’t have to deal with not being insured, its just as important as anything else. I think this country would be way better with a more socialized health care plan than what we are suffering with now. Its basic human needs and no one should be denied it.

  • clare

    hispanic heritage month is dumb as hell…absolutley ridiculous to have to cater to every race except white in this country…additionally michelle obama is NOT attractive…why doeseveryone keep saying she is when CLearly shes not?

  • I luv our first lady

    @clare: This has nothing to do with the way she looks, Duh. If you weren’t so ignorant and bitter you would be able to see that. The truth is that she is a very smart and respectable women.

  • Jimmy Choo

    You must like big jawbones

  • @#28

    @Jimmy Choo: Bitter, party of one.

  • Glenn Beck

    As long as the President insist on free health care for illegal aliens, free education and amnesty for illegal aliens, there will be problems. Most Americans both Dem & Rep do not want illegal aliens to receive health care services when even true Americans cannot secure it. Wilson yelled out,”You Lie!” When Obama said that illegal aliens would receive no benefit from his healthcare proposals.

  • @#30

    @Glenn Beck: Sen. Joe Wilson is a hypocrite. Basically in his case its all hypocrisy about this health care and allowing Illegal citizens the socialized health care.

  • lissa

    @I luv our first lady:

    I had a dozen friends who have been life long democrats and voted for Obama, guess what, they were at that march you spoke so glowing of.

  • Rhonda

    Maybe POTUS shouldn’t go to the Congress and bold face lie!

  • Denise

    Politics aside, that woman has a jaw like a bulldog!!

  • maud

    Obama has far more dignity than that moron of a man named George Bush

  • Arabelle

    Very elegant Mrs. Obama; she should try Oscar de la Renta for clothes and advice on what is better for her type; Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic, keeps strong ties with his native land, and his adopted son is an african-dominican child.

    Narciso Rodríguez designs clothes that would fit her, too.

  • uh…

    who is the dude in that dress?

  • diane

    yikes!!!! very scary.

  • ed

    more tea bagging infiltrators.

  • sheeda

    @zoobie: the same reason u crackers get butt implants and botox injections in your lips to look like

  • twpumpkin

    @I luv our first lady

    People like you make me sick! Whenever you do not agree with someone then you scream racist! Obama is screwing up this country! Get your facts straight you idiot! Stop blaming your screwed up life on Bush. I do not need big Obama goverment to run my life. So blow it out your big dumb asssss!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks horrible, that face is horrible
    i think she has some fashion sense the shame is she doesnt have great looks to match her style

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    she is really very homely. that face yuck. get a bag for that blowfish mouth already.

  • Orchid

    26 clare @ 09/17/2009 at 1:38 pm …additionally [b]michelle obama is NOT attractive[/b]…why does everyone keep saying she is when CLearly shes not?
    Anyone with good eyesight can see she isn’t. I bet as long as BO is president, MO will be be called attractive.
    We don’t choose how we look. We just do the best with what we’ve got. This is the best she can do.
    What I can’t believe is why her waist is practically under her armpits.
    (see link in post #9)

  • Halli

    Here comes all the freaks angry about a bad picture and bringing up ACORN…. as if it has anything much to do with Obama. Lets not forget Acorn works with both Republicans and Democrats and they worked with John McCain too. Its not a political issue. But I know you need something to grasp on to. If its not calling Michelle Obama ugly becuase of a bad picture, its anger about a organization that does not have much to do with the President.

    I don’t even know why Jared bothers posting anythng about Michelle Obama… it just invites all the wack-job psycho racists who are obsessed with her

  • steve-o

    I love the First Lady, she looks great in the pics! I’m so proud of her and the President. They’re doing an excellent job.



  • shawn moore

    UGH she disgusts me!

    using her husband’s money to buy expensive clothings!!!

    and the reason why her husband run for pres? to help poor people.

    yet she is blatantly spending $$$ just for dresses that doesn’t even look great on her!


    wake up Michelle!!!