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Natalie Portman Has Other Possible Pursuits In Toronto

Natalie Portman Has Other Possible Pursuits In Toronto

Natalie Portman hits up the screening of her new movie Love And Other Possible Pursuits during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival held at Roy Thomson Hall on Wednesday (September 16) in Canada.

The 28-year-old actress flowed in a floral Lanvin dress and Aldo “Sliney” pumps.

When asked if she’d still be making movies in ten year’s time, Nat shared, “I said I do not know because I feel month-to-month I change so much… it is hard to project.”

20+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman‘s other possible pursuits in Toronto…

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natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 01
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 02
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 03
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 04
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 05
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 06
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 07
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 08
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 09
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 10
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 11
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 12
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 13
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 14
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 15
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 16
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 17
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 18
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 19
natalie portman possible pursuits toronto 20

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • mika

    natalie is a girl jj!!! lol. she’d not he’d.

  • mina1

    it is all beyond good baby!

  • SS

    TIFF’s been great so far – just got back from seeing Solomon Kane (pretty damn good). I heard Portman’s film hasn’t been bought yet- hope it does, she’s great.

  • jenny

    very pretty.

  • sammy

    Was asked if HE’D still be doing movies?? ok then TYPO

  • sir gaga

    she’s ugly nnnnnnext

  • Mary

    Love her!

  • nikomilinko
  • anakin

    @sir gaga:

    You read Braille, right?

  • Not impressed by JA

    beauty and class !

  • LMAO

    Look who’s back, Miss `Recession is exciting┬┤┬┤`

    Go to hell, Portman.

  • emma

    Natalia Portman appearing on Just Jared because she has a movie to promote.
    What a novel concept.

    As opposed to (fill in the blank) appearing on Just Jared for no apparent reason.

  • lexy

    She looks so beautiful!!!

    Finally 2 posts in 24 hrs about a REAL actress who actually has a job!!!

  • whortenia

    Not much of an actress. Bright but that doesn’t mean good acting.

  • whortenia

    Not much of an actress. Bright but that doesn’t mean good acting.

  • rachel

    Stunning, talented, brilliant, envy of the world. Simple perfection.

  • tina

    Just got to love her, she is so good, so many wonderful things all in one package, incredible talented girl.


    And pls do “count” on the no. of movies that she’s been into and not the no. of tabloid pages that she seek to be into…

  • tom

    @FACE-OFF 18
    Why would you even compare that two. Just because they both worked with Hayden Christensen? Rachel Bilson has not only short but ugly legs with absolutely devistatingly ugly saddle bags that show from her way too short skirt. Her outfits are always trashy and demeaning to women. She has the most stupid expression in her eyes, she is like a retarded 13 year old. She has no career to brag about except for some embarrassing moments such bad reviews and stolen designs. Her only ticket to fame is the surprise that such an stupid and ugly midget got such a good looking guy like Hayden, but think about it, if he is with her, than he is not worth the attention, must be a real insecure loser himself.

  • tom

    There were reports that NP would not date HC during Star Wars and Sienna Miller played with him for a month and dumped him immediately after she saw a chance of Jude Law coming back, who, in turn dumped Sienna.

    HC is not worth the attention and comparison. Listen to his interviews, he is not much better than Bilson, she is mentally retarded but he no Einstein either. He was probably completely intimidated by NP.

  • ooo


  • tom

    I am impressed, you are really a Star Wars junky.

  • tom

    By the way, to all those who feel that NP does not get as many posts as Rachel Bilson or other trashy girls, just look at those posts, they are all about gossip, Natalie does not give anyone to gossip about, she has class.

  • jamie

    I missed her, I love you natalie!

  • tom

    I can’t wait for December to see Brothers and I aways love her work.

  • Leila

    Natalie is so fabulous. I am very glad she is so busy working in the industry. I look at other girls who are considered stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsy Lohan, Rachel Bilson and others, they are only visible bc JJ takes pictures of them eating and shopping, Natalie does real respectable work.


    @ #20
    Ouch but that was really ACCURATELY & VISIBLY TRUE!

  • chris23

    She looks so sweet, like a piece of delicious candy.

  • tom

    Thank you. I don’t understand why this still goes on, why do they compare them, it is not like NP could not get HC and RB is so much better and got him. It is exactly the other way around. NP was already famous and highly in demand when she met insecure and not that good looking HC on the set of SW, and just look at his interviews at the time, he was a dumb dork. She was not that excited to be in Star Wars and he was dying to be in it. She was already loaded, he could not pay his rent. He really is not a deep and interesting person, stupid midget talentless Bilson is perfect for him.


    Can I add this one too LOL
    Well she also my fave aside from Natalie & I think she come up as one of the best dressed in this recent fashion events.
    But seriously in regards to your post #18… of course its Natalie as I dig celebs who loves books and not all photo-ops.

  • tina

    Do you notice how Hayden Christensen looks just ok next to Natalie Portman but looks great next to Rachel Bilson. Guess why, bc Natalie is a gorgeous perfection and Bilson is bearably cute. Tells you something.

  • stacy

    She looks gorgeous. I think the lipstick is a bit harsh, but otherwise she’s perfect.

    And for the LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY would you people PLEASE stop mentioning Rachel Bilson every time Natalie is featured on this site? First of all, there’s no comparison. They are in completely different leagues. Second of all, I would doubt that Natalie Portman even knows Rachel Bilson’s name. Compare Natalie to someone in her league if you want. Hell, keep the ridiculous and imagined rivalry with Keira Knightley going strong. But leave Rachel Bilson out of it. The only reason you do that is because you don’t like that she’s engaged to Hayden, whose only connection to Natalie that we know if is the Star Wars films. It’s not like Rachel stole him from her or something. Get over it.

  • Calamity Jane

    Beautiful and classy. She should be the style Icon. Beautiful dress and perfect color on her. Glad to see more threads on Natalie then posts on worthless media wh*7es.

  • ron

    I like the lipstick and I like bright colors on her, I would ever prefer heavier make up on the eyes.
    She has unbelievably beautiful honey color eyes and they are accentuated by an eyeliner better than just the mascara. She has perfect features like a goddess and they look great with heavy make up.

  • tina

    Natalie said that they sold distribution rights for this move, I wounder if they sold the movie too. I hope it makes money and is a success.

  • arlus

    I heart them both. Alexis might not be on the same league of Natalie but both are classically beautiful, decent & NO mediaho compared to that froggy-looking Rachel – lol!

  • rick

    Natalie is a true A-list actress, not a television actress, she is a movie actress, girls like Alexis B, and Rachel Bilson and Lilo and Hilton and others do not come close, you can not compare, I completely agree. And you know what, they never will compare. Natalie got something called real talent and class.

  • rick

    BTW, love the dress, the whole look and wonder if the shoes are leather, they look like plastic but still look good on her.

  • me2

    She has so many movies coming out, I am so excited, she is so beautiful. I have no problems taking 90min out of my life to watch her talent.

  • Alison

    The make up is perfect, I like those colors on her, pale powder and bright lipstick. The dress is sweet and striking, exactly what she needs. Great look on her.

  • lexy

    I think the comparisons (at least I know with me) for NP and RB have more to do with RB is JJ has daily (sometimes 2x daily) posts about RB where they claim she’s an actress of some sort.

    I think the point is to try and let JJ know that we all know he’s RB’s hired publicist but that we posters know REAL talent and beauty when we see it and that’s NP.

    I don’t think it’s got anything to do with HC and NP. I’m an SW fan but that was a LONG time ago. It would have been cute if they had hooked up – like Justin and Britney but didn’t happen.

  • Alison

    Yes, Lexy, I completely agree with what you said. I feel disdain when I see Bilson’s every move on JJ. I hope someone sues JJ for this unfair practice of putting a known design stealer and an unemployed former side kick on tv show on their site as if she is the biggest Oscar winning star in Hollywood.

  • Alison

    Further to what I said above, JJ is known as a gossip cite for celebrities, it should not, however, promote one that is failing in the industry. Disgrace.

  • fargo

    Natalie is really cute but I think a little overrated because of the Star Wars fanboys. Charlize Theron for example I think is more beautiful and a better actress. Natalie’s acting is so monotone.

  • phat-ruley

    @ #31
    Exquisite pics.

    @ #45
    Yah I agree, Charlize is one of the best actress around along w/ Kate Winslet & Cate Blanchet – my topnotch 3!

    Anyhow I think face-offcomment just simply want to “tease” and look what have happened?! Lets face it who really take seriously the name of Rachel Bilson in HW aside from those 13 year old & below tweenhards?! So of course, there’s NO comparison 2 the of them at all not even a bit. As Rachel’s hype from JJ would just reminds you of the Kardassskank sisters… i.e. comes from a somewhat richie & well HW connected family, who dont actually work yet frequently socializing & always dating & most to put it all; just always on the tabloids.

  • Calamity Jane

    Face/ Off is probably more then likely a huge Rayden fan or tweenager whom likes, Rachel’s wh*7y look. The black way too short of skirt made her saddlebags stand out even more. She looked like an Alien rat streetwalker. Comparing the two is outragiously stupid. Do We see Natalie wearing ugly blue tweenager nail polish? The gown Natalie is wearing is in good taste. Look at her hair style done up in a classic bun and her long slim legs and make up applied very classic and not over done and has an intelligent expression on her face.
    When, she speaks her voice sounds womanly, intelligent, articulate and wise for only 28 years. Unlike, Rachel who sounds like she sucked on a balloon filled with helium! Don’t even start comparing the two!
    Dimwit Bilson has a stupid expression on her face most of the time. What comes out of her mouth is utter nonesense. She goes to all the fashion shows in hopes to gain free clothes from the runway that more then likely will not be well suited for her.

    Natalie also graduated from Harvard. Rachel had only 1 year of college in San Diego. She dropped out or more then likely flunked out!

    Hayden is not intelligent as he tried to claim he was. All he knows how to do is lie. No. Natalie would not want him. Reason he may have gone to Rachel. Rachel is a very cheap petite brunette version of Natalie and that is only as far as similarities go! Do you see Rachel directing any movies? Duh!! Here is your sign Rayden nitwit’s! GAME OVER.

  • Alison

    @ Calamity Jane post #47
    Thank GOD for people like you. You are analytical, articulate and most importantly absolutely right.

  • Celebwatcher

    Hmmm looks like she’s aging prematurely…. is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions!!!!

  • lily

    NP is gorgeous.