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Naleigh Kelley: First Pictures of Katherine Heigl's Daughter!

Naleigh Kelley: First Pictures of Katherine Heigl's Daughter!

Check out the first picture of Nancy Leigh Kelley, aka Naleigh Kelley, the adopted daughter of Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and musician husband Josh Kelley.

The couple adopted Naleigh from Korea and she’s named after Katie‘s mother Nancy and the actress’ sister Margaret Leigh. So cute!

The photos were posted on, which increases awareness of inhumane treatment of animals and places rescue pets in homes.

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naleigh kelley katherine heigl daughter 01
naleigh kelley katherine heigl daughter 02
naleigh kelley katherine heigl daughter 03
naleigh kelley katherine heigl daughter 04

Photos: Cheyenne Ellis
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  • ellie

    First!! This is sooooo precious. Good for them!

  • cristina

    aw holy shit that is ont adorable kid.
    i can’t stop awing

  • Taylor

    she’s so beautiful! <3

  • Lindsy

    heyyyy can you please visit ?

    thankss =)


  • Larissa

    she’s so adorable !
    congrats Katie and Josh :)
    they’re gonna be great parents ;)

  • Rita

    Very lovely. I love michelin arms on babies! So cute.

  • joy

    AWWWW! She’s a cutie. It’s amazing how someone you really dislike all of a sudden adopts a baby and you like her a little more! lol I hope thats not why they did it. Good publicity. I doubt it though. Congrats to them!

  • becki

    I love you katherine. You are so amazing.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she’ll do anything for publicity. let’s see how much that baby enjoys second hand smoke.

  • joanne

    so cute. congrats to them.

  • lala

    aaw beautiful baby!!

  • rosie

    Omg that is the chubbiest, cutest baby ever!!!

  • lola

    i think they’re doing a beautiful thing by adopting a child in need

  • me

    She’s absolutely adorable. They’re such a sweet family. :D

  • thandi


    that was my first reaction
    i feel bad for feeling that way, God forgive me if im wrong

    they are so adorable together though

  • K

    @14 Kelly

    I am so ashamed to have the same first name as you. You are a racist pig who should go to hell ASAP. What a rude and untrue thing to say. You must be a fat woman who’s just jealous of Katherine Heigl and her daughter.

    LOL, you must’ve got dumped by an ex who went for an Asian girl instead! It’s not all about looks retard. Personality matters way more when you’re married, and you obviously don’t have one at all.

  • kara

    The baby is so cute… the only thing that makes me sick is that celebrities can easily adopt a baby ;( I know friends who have been waiting for a long time, that’s not fair.

  • wtf

    why the f*** are people so rude? She’s a cute baby, and she’s got beautiful skin.

  • Wow

    Wow, so many trolls here. Get a life losers, Katherine Heigl will never adopt you.

  • njdm392x3

    awww the baby is gorgeous.

  • k

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    I suggest you keep your stupid ideas shut, because it’s only making you look stupid. You obviously don’t get out much, because I went to Japan this summer and they are just like you and me.

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  • awwwww

    She’s adorable!!

  • candice

    HAHAHA Kelly obviously got dumped by a guy who went for an asian chick.

  • soopx

    How Sweet.

  • office fan

    Jill, Candice, Kelly…..I think you are probably one person, but regardless…Get a life and grow up! I’m sorry you had such a miserable childhood(s), but it’s time to move on. There’s got somebody out there somewhere that could love you.

  • #25 (aka who**re)


    Go to hell and f**ck yourself hard and heavy which is what you need right now.

  • yey

    That baby girl is adorable! :))

  • bella

    Some of the racial and hateful messages are horrible. JJ they should be taken down.
    She is adorable. I am sure they will make great parents.
    Congrats to them.

  • ed

    i see the comments section here has been infiltrated by tea bagging racists and piggy chauvnists

  • UM yAH

    kELLY, Maybe some white men go for asian women because it is their preference? They think asian women are beautiful. Just like how I’m white and my brother prefers latin women. It’s just about their taste. It’s NOT because they can’t go for white women lolol

  • K

    @ 39 Kelly

    You are a sad, lonely person. All the stuff that you are saying just proves how dumb and moronic you are.

    You wouldn’t say to Katherine Heigl that her baby’s an ugly Oriental to her face because you’re too big of a coward. You’re only able to say nasty stuff behind a computer.

  • oh my god

    What the heck is wrong with you Kelly and Jill? GO GET A LIFE.

  • Pix

    So cute and sweet!

  • Kelly


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  • ??

    I just don’t understand why the US doesn’t seem to promote adopting of their own orphens to citizens of the US? Why do they have to make so many things so difficult?

  • wow

    so much hatin. jill and kelly are probably the same person. probably a racist adolescent who’s man left her for an asian girl. sad. go out and i’m sure you’ll find some lovin

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  • tiff

    oh wow some of you are real RACIST! i bet you are ugly in person!

  • JULIe17

    she’s beautiful

  • Really?

    I know Jackie, Jill, Kelly and others are extremely jealous of asian girls but I didn’t think to the point where they would have to criticize a BABY to get through their own issues. Some people…

  • ben

    The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life is Angelina Jolie, and she’s only part white.

    When I’m attracted to a girl, I don’t think about her race. @ Kelly, Jill, and jackie – I’m assuming your man just left you all for an Asian girl.

    A lot of men like women who are extremely kind and don’t create stupid drama, and a lot of Asian girls fit that category.

    Nicholas Cage is married to a gorgeous Asian woman. He obviously doesn’t care that she’s Asian, and he isn’t bad looking himself. Not to mention he’s got millions of $$.

  • abby

    I had never been much of a fan of hers but this makes her so much better in my book. The fact that they did this for so long without talking about it to the press really shows they did it for all the right reasons. I myself have two adopted siblings and found it changed my life like nothing else. Nothing else has effected me the way adoption has and I place on adopting when I’m older as well.

    She is such a stunning little girl.
    I think they both will make great parents.

    Congrats guys,

  • gold baybay

    @lisa harris:

    I seriously hope someone stabs your ignorant a*ss. How do you look in the mirror? Hopefully, you don’t. All races are beautiful and if you can’t accept that just kill yourself.

  • racist pigs

    Whoa, so much racism here! And to all of you who are bringing a baby into this, shame on you!!

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  • ben


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  • traveler

    There aren’t as many orphans in the U.S. as you might think. A majority of the children in foster care in this country are not eligible for adoption because their birth parents still have parental rights. Should looser birth parents who can’t take care of their children get to keep their parental rights? Probably not, but the way the laws in the U.S. are set up, the parents have all the rights and the children have none. Children are treated as property in this country and therefore, it’s hard to adopt in the U.S.

    I actually looked into domestic adoption. I contacted an agency and they told me:

    1. Children in foster care are hard to adopt for the reasons I stated above.
    2. More and more women (including teenagers) are deciding to keep their children and try to raise them rather than giving them up for adoption.

    Also, in a lot of states, the birth mother has a year, after the adoption is final, to change her mind. And if the father never signed away his parental rights, he could come back at any point in that child’s life and get custody. Again, it’s all about the parents and not about the children.

    It’s sad that domestic adoption in this country is so screwed up. I think more people would be willing to adopt here at home if the U.S. changed some of it’s laws. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one though. It’s unlikely that anything will change.

  • Alysson

    Some of you guys are so inconsiderate they gave a beautiful child a home that is full of love.

  • ?????????

    You know what, all of those who are saying bad things about an INNOCENT baby should go to hell. What’s wrong with you? Is your life so boring that you have to say criticize a baby who doesn’t give a **** about you? Get a life, as many has said to you before.