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Pete Wentz: Gold Masked Man!

Pete Wentz: Gold Masked Man!

Pete Wentz goes undercover with a gold mask while heading to a studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 16).

The 30-year-old Fall Out Boy frontman was just following doctor’s orders. Pete was seen carrying around a manila envelope that read, “Doctor’s orders: Wake up, try on your new disguise. Would they recognize you anyway?”

No Pete, of course paparazzi wouldn’t recognize you anymore!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of celebrities who try to disguise themselves?

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  • marissa

    they chose this life, so SUCK IT UP.


  • Chrissy

    Why is this kid such a tool? Genuine question. Why?

  • alex

    I didn’t know Pete was a Jabawockee.

  • bonnie

    Attention-seeking fudd! It was probably John ‘douchebag’ Maher’s idea!

  • Attention sucks

    the whole lot of them….

    The best thing to do is ignore them.

  • mare


  • meeee

    wtf? what an attention seeking loser

  • mary

    he draws more attention with the mask on his face.

  • ????????????????
  • omg

    Wow him and ashlee are perfect for eachother. . .both are famewh ores.

  • yuck

    What a d*ck! You wanted to be famous, well now you are so deal with it. Don’t like it? Go to college and get a useful job.

  • lala

    What the f#ck is wrong his him???

  • lilo

    Wow………what a douche.

  • qboi

    YES Pete, we see you, we ALLLL see you……*sigh*

  • kara

    Sometimes I wonder how high the IQ of american celebrities is. Under 100 I guess.

  • Ilia

    Who the hell is this?

  • justLikeapill

    why wear a mask…..OF YOUR OWN FACE? He is so desperate for attention it makes me cringe. Im embarrassed that a 30 year old man does this. Its humiliating.

  • g!na

    The mask can’t even hide his ugliness!

  • k

    Looks like he’s on his way to rob a bank.

  • wha????

    OMG I hate him! such an attention whore!

  • SubSub

    Pete Wentz is a lot dumber than I thought. What is he trying to be with that mask on? One of MJ’s children? Grow up. You wanted to be famous, so you can b.i.t.c.h. about wanting privacy. All you have to do is disappear a.s.s.h.o.l.e. Your music nor your wife’s music have been effective in changing the world. You won’t be missed.

  • Flo

    It’s a joke can’t you people take a fu*king joke?

  • she shall remain nameless

    I find it annoying. For some odd reason, I just find him to be a douche.

  • Shell

    I can’t stand this douche bag he is just like douche bag John Mayer. I wish they can be thrown out of Hollywood.
    Douche is still oozing from under the mask.

  • YAR

    What an idiot! lol

  • ****

    He should stick with that, I prefer it to his real face.

  • trish

    He dresses like a douche. Oh wait that’s because he is one!

  • mai linh


  • anonymous

    he’s ugly.. i’m sorry man, that’s just my opinion.

  • Avalon

    He looks better with the mask on.

  • Myka

    Of course the paps are gonna recognize him — there’s not many 5’2″ guys walking around in all black. How do you put a disguise on being a shrimp? What a douche.

  • Kate

    Just idiotic. I don’t get it. Might as well wear a hat with a flashing neon arrow and a shirt that says”Look at me!”

  • Elsa

    You don’t get it, its part of viral marketing.

  • dumbop

    Oscar called, he wants his face back.

  • Duuuuh.

    Jeez everyone bitching that he’s an attention seeker, it’s all game, actually try knowing what your talking about before you start acting solid with a keyboard. He’s just playing along with he game.

  • http://myway Ms. Bitch

    LOL..who is he supposed to be? Elvis?????If I even noticed him walking down the street I wouldnt give a rats a**!!

  • Who are you now?

    Lyrics to the new The Academy Is… song “Sputter”.

    Wake up, try on your disguise
    Would they recognize you anyway?
    Would they?
    Dead leaves lie down beneath your feet
    As you step into the street
    And notice the distance between hearts and homes
    But still, you know

  • suppress your appetite


  • Me

    The words on the envelope are lyrics to the song ‘Sputter’, by The Academy Is…

  • Natalie

    Haha, you guys are completely trashing Pete Wentz
    Those word of “Wake up, try on your new disguise. Would they recognize you anyway?” are actually not his own.
    These words are from The Academy Is…’s song Days Like Masquerades.
    Pete Wentz is promoting The Academy Is…, wouldn’t you say that’s a nice thing to do for a friend?

  • Natalie

    whoops, the song’s sputter
    was thinking of days like masquerades for some reaosn

  • Hahaha

    He’s totally ripping off Danny from Hollywood Undead