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Walker Diggs: First Pic of Idina Menzel's Son!

Walker Diggs: First Pic of Idina Menzel's Son!

Check out the first official pic of Walker Diggs — the son of Private Practice stud Taye Diggs and Broadway star Idina Menzel.

Son Walker Nathaniel arrived on September 2nd and this is his first family portrait! “Mother, father and son are all doing well,” a rep for the family recently said.

Private Practice returns with its third season on Thursday (October 1) @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC. It will continue to be air after Grey’s Anatomy.

What a cute family!

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  • awwww

    cute! Congrats!

  • anon

    Beautiful baby, congrats!

  • sillyme

    Let’s hope this baby gets some color. Even black guys who marry white women want their sons to look a little bit black.

    (P.S. It’s a black thing.)

  • kay

    sillyme. your comment was ridiculous. it’s not a black thing. it’s an ignorance thing. and apparently it’s your thing to deal with.

  • SS

    congrats.. beautiful baby. Has anyone seen Idina in Wicked?

  • H.

    A lot of black babies are lighter in color when they are born but don’t necessarily stay that way. What’s the big deal? Sounds like you have some issues ‘sillyme.’

    I have to say kudos to them for picking a normal but great name. Nothing bizzaro like Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee’s son) or Sparrow (for a boy?!) thank goodness.

  • Amnda Dubs

    I LOVE this picture. It is the cutest picture in the whole entire world. That’s a fact.

  • office fan

    What a beautiful family!! Walker is adorable! And I love that HUGE grin on Taye’s face….you can just see what a proud daddy he is! Thanks for posting Jared!

  • anon

    Jonny probably needs pitied for being raised so poorly. Seems like someone might be a racist and have hate in their heart, I’m sure Jonny really is a nice person if given a chance.

  • Violet

    He won’t be nearly as ugly as JLO’S Twins EMME & Maxx. The ugliest kids born to a so-called celebrity couple. They wanted their kids to be light but it didn’t happen that way.

  • Patty

    Perhaps he will be as chocolate as JLO’s daughter.

  • janelle

    Why is the isuue always about color? I am a black woman and when I have kids I could care less what color or race they are. This baby is beautiful and would be beautiful if he was black, white, brown, or purple. Can we stop focusing on race and stop calling babies ugly because of their color? Every race is gorgeous.

  • H.

    Well said, Janelle.

  • Suzette

    I went to school with Idina when we were kids and she was a total nightmare, an absolute bully!! Lets see how she feels when HER child gets picked on at school by a fat, bossy bully. Karma people.

  • Piscesdeedeerae

    She is a wonderful, amazing singer, very soulful. Little Walker is so cute and will probably be a nice light chocolate when he grows up. Although dark, Taye is not 100% African and that makes a difference.

  • Perri

    I was wondering that. What else is he besides African?

    No way is this baby going to be as dark Heidi Klum’s kids. They were very dark at birth. Walker will probably stay light, but have some AA features. Either way, he’s a cutie.

  • bluezy

    can I please get some help to address the nonsensical discussion that has taken over this post.

    Technology needs to find a way to I.D people-forget age, just I.D. the unreasonable and leave them on a mountain somewhere

  • bones

    Heidi Klum’s boys are very ugly. The ugly stick hit them.
    J’lo’s kids are fugly too.

    Lots of ugly celebrity kids out there. I don’t know where to start.

  • Crispytreats

    He iscute.

    Walker is a normal name. gOOD
    You can tell a kid’s color by their eartips.

  • Gabs

    Not nice, Jonny….Play nice while you’re here.

  • Gabs

    Play nice, Bones….

  • Jax

    No by the tip of his weiner.

  • joy

    AW Cute! I love Idina and Taye together. Congrats.

  • me

    OMG!! He’s so CUTE!!


    Cute baby! Why doesnt the kid look mixed?? He looks full white!

  • erin

    Babies are usually born lighter than their actual complexion. You just really notice it in individuals with darker skin. Walker will probably darken up in the next few weeks. But since his mother is white, he probably won’t get that much darker.

  • Kristen

    I love Taye Diggs so much. That kid is going to be gorgeous and have an amazing singing voice LOL.

  • mimi

    I understand what some are saying. I’d like to see his ears. With black babies who are light, their ears reflect the color they will be later on. But I have to admit, my first thought was that this baby doesn’t look like it belongs to Taye. Sorry. And with someone Tayes complexion that’s unusual. I’d like to see other members of Taye’s family. Also, Seal’s kids may be lighter, but they look exactly like him. The baby right now looks more like Idina. And not just his color.

  • amina

    Im not sure if I know either of them…but that baby is just soo cute..dont hink thats his father lol no kust joking

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful baby..

  • erin

    Taye’s mother is lighter than him. . I would say she is medium brown skinned. His siblings are his complexion.

    By the way Seal’s youngest son Johan was lighter than Walker when he was born. And Seal is around Taye’s complexion, maybe even darker. And Johan darken over weeks. Give Walker some time.

    I love how people assume this is not Taye’s child because he is light. Black people come in all shades. There are lightened skinned children who are the products of two dark skinned parents and vice versa. Genetics are a funny thing. Not to mention it is rude as hell to insinuate his wife cheated on him or something.

    Lets not be so blatantly ignorant. Anyways they look happy and thats all the matters.

  • erin

    Also how can you tell what Walker looks like from that angle? He is two weeks old. His features aren’t well developed yet. In 5 months he could be a little Taye for all we know looks wise. And even if not, Idina is his mother. He is allowed to look like her.

  • Ronda

    It’s sad to see how much people are still so focused on skin tone whether a person is light or dark etc. Calling babies ugly. Really who cares? It’s a healthy baby and the parents are doing well. End of story.

  • jake

    @Jax: actually my nephew is biracial! his mom is white & dad is black. His father is pretty dark. He was born very light and after time he got darker. You can tell the color by his finger tips! also, when he was born his genitals were light but his balls were dark!

  • Avalon

    What a cute baby!

  • Sara

    This is SUCH a cute picture! I’m so happy for them! Both parents are glowing! This baby will have a wonderful life! Mazel tov!

  • suppress your appetite

    Beautiful baby..

  • Seattle Girl

    @janelle: amen!


    This is a cute family picture. I don’t care hwat color the baby ends up being. If the man wanted black kids, they’d have a black mother.

    Seal and Heidi Klum’s kids are beautiful! Whoever said different is blind in one and can’t see in the other one.

  • Jessica

    Not to worry, by the time that baby reaches 6 months you won’t even be able to tell he has a white mother he will be so brown. Black children come out white looking often. Then the vitimin D and melon kicks in and the hair turns coarse and skin turns dark . Walker looks lighter than his Mommy but not to worry, he will get darker.

  • Jock

    I’ll be one of the first to say it – that is one ugly baby! LOL I’m sure he/she will turn into a looker when he/she grows up, but seriously I hate when ppl say the baby is “cute” just for the sake of it – like Seal & Heidi Klums kids or JLo’s. They looked like mini-gargoyles and you know it. Tho if you’re saying it out of politeness I’ll understand.

  • sub human mongloid