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Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt arrives at the Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastian, Spain on Friday (September 18). Brad is in town for the 57th San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The 45-year-old actor, who wore the David Yurman Petrvs ring, will be presenting Inglourious Basterds to filmgoers during the festival; Basterds director Quentin Tarantino is also in town to speak about the film.

Brad and Quentin will speak later today at a press conference in San Sebastian.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving at San Sebastian…

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Credit: Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • debra77

    I guess only Brad Pitt can make hags this crazy.. Why do most of you care if he has beard or what.. Why do you care if he is sexy or not.. Most of you freaks have said that you don’t like him. so no matter what he looks like you would still be pissing and moaning.. POINT is Brad does not give a crap. He is a man that lives his life based on his own choices.. not the opinion of the hags that have parked their as* here for hours..

    I think Brad looks great. I don’t care what he has on his face. The man is still very sexy.. His fans think so. And if you don’t like him.. the park you as* on another celeb post.. But you can’t can you.. We understand..


    OK fans.. don’t forget to check out IB sometime this weekend.. Worth seeing over and over. But as long as you don’t see Sh*t Happens. all is right in the world.

  • ha

    @jjb lurker: what the hell? everyone knows THOMAS HOWARD IS GAY and OBSESSED with Brad Pitt. he is not a model. he is a phony.

  • fraubenny

    in-touch weekly will run a story about brad growing a beard to put angie off him.

    GO TO http://WWW.INTOUCHWEEKLY.COM, out wednesday 223rd september

  • the real lou

    # 204 fraubenny @ 09/18/2009 at 5:15 pm ……No one gives a sh*t what In Touch or the rest of the tabloids print.Anyone with a brain knows they take a set of pictures and write a BS story around them.

  • huh

    Only you idiot jenhens believe tabloids.

  • jjb lurker

    dana steals all the information off JJB and onto her crappy blog and gives no credit. dana is also ignorant and doesn’t say hi on JJB either.

    niko spams the jolie-pitt megaposts with a link to niko’s crappy blog which no-one goes to! lolololololool

  • ok

    —————NEW THREAD ———————-

  • new thread

    ——————- new Brad Thread —————————

  • shearsonthego

    Brad didn’t say anything about “Lost City of Z” being in pre-production. He said he was still trying to get “Moneyball” off the ground. Beale was always clean shaven.

  • have it your way

    Last time I saw a hat like that the dude was pushing my Whopper and shake across the counter on a tray

  • gracie

    Fans, please don’t let the trolls dictate the tone of discussion here by making it all about Brad’s look. They want you to focus less on the bad reviews their idol is getting for her “Shite Happens”. We know what Brad looks like, don’t let them trick you. Maniston shite movie is going down with bad reviews from all angle and they want to divert your focus from that.

  • de Cosmos


    Can’t you just feel the hate?

  • Ange and Bradders Fan

    I love The Brad Man. So happy for him IB did Great at the BO.

    WOOT! BRAD will always be hot . Check it out Babeee the number of Loyal fans this honey has.
    WTF!! Why do ppl come here who are fans of the LoneyGal
    The asss who makes shittty movies. That’s not Brad or Angie’s fault.
    Go away come back another day when loney Gal grabs herself a real b/f maybe you will know how to smile and not be so freaken miserable.
    All Brad Pitt and Angellina jolie Fans are on cloud 9 so get over yourselves! HeeeeeHaaawwwww!!!! lol

  • Ange and Bradders Fan

    Yepper i’ll have me some Bradders on a stick with double beard please.

    Deliver him to the front entrance so i can devour him asap..Thank Ya!

    PS..I love you Brad Pitt My Man..

  • Ange and Bradders Fan


    Gotcha Gracie. Thats very obvious and should NOT be.
    Gotta change that right away. Cmon BRAD Fans Lets show our support to our Brad who just filmed a Tarantino movie that outshone every Tarantini movie to date WOWSERS!!!! You Can’t Beat That !!

    Love YOU BRAD!!

  • cristine

    @ 45 still the sexiest man alive!!!!love him for 15 yrs already!seen him personally several times and HE IS SOOOOO DAMNED FINE!! angie is sooo lucky and vice versa! i love him more now that he’s a family man. he loves being a dad! i’m proud of you brad! longlivethejoliepittsfamily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erika

    wow i can’t believe he’s 45 already!
    years go by so fast, seriously.

    he’s still that sexy brad but not underneath all that hair.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    Brad is such a lovely man and it is not so much of his looks he sue it gracious. I am very fond of the way he dresses and when he looks scruffy you no that he will clean up well, GREAT LOOK. It is so old that everyone keep attaching Jennifer to him if though there is competition constantly going on can we now be adult about it, everyone breaks up sometime, why, stay when it is not working. I am only making a statement, everyone have a beautiful day.

  • dana

    This dana doesn’t have a blog. Nor does she post on jjb. This dana thinks jjb is unreadable, and the only thing more annoying than jjb is jjb lurker.

  • Jill

    I would love to see the twins and the whole family with Brad soon!


  • FACT

    Unlike G.Clooney … Brad has NEVER been one to care about how he looks off camera. Like most actors, he cleans up well. In all honesty, he looked his best in the Ocean films. His “rugged” good looks came thru Thelma/Louise, River Runs Thru it, Fight Club, Seven (& the movie w/Anthony Hopkins). Just to name a few

  • kim


    ……i totally disagree….still an addict looking, drunk old man

  • mara

    brad is getting and getting worse… ancient looking and so unsexy eeeww

  • valerie streegan

    sorry to say but i have never ever find brad sexy :>

  • karen

    Good morning jp fans..

    What a great morning.. IB is still doing well.. Sh^t Happens is falling faster then rain on a stormy day They forgot to get off the computer and go support the hag. but I guess the Brad appeal was just too strong.. I mean we fans understand

    The haters can say whatever they want. .Let them focus on facial hair (wtf).. some of these idiots need to get a life for once.. and stop changing name to agree with themselves.. Why do they care what he looks like..

    The San Sebastian Festival went GREAT… the crowd was eating him alive.. the man is a Star and the fans went mad. The press conference was cute. He and Quintin get along very well. Brad talked about few films he has in production (producing) and he did mention Lost City of Z and Moneyball.. he said these are films he is trying to get off the ground. He also spoke about how he and Angie (we) try to give the kids a normal life and that he and Angie also make time for each other (cute). so the JPs are fine and well..

    The haters are pissed and mad.. they want to see Brad and family 24/7.. I mean the idiots are here and can’t stay away.. talk about obsession.. I mean come on.. what other celeb is getting this kind of attention because he has facial hair.. LMAO. I mean Brad’s facial hair is more of a topic then anything else anyone else is doing.


    You Go Brad.. you drive these freaks crazy.. and this time all because you have a beard/goatee..…lol

  • Xanda


  • lola

    he looks worse than homeless people in london

  • Susan

    YUCK, he looks TERRIBLE. He was way better looking when he was YOUNGER… Definitely NOT the sexiest man alive!!!

  • LYNN

    My husband has a beard and I just love it.

  • LYNN

    I am so agreeing with #200 debra77. I love this guy and so does his wife. This man can never look bad. Why should he worry about what you haters are saying about his bead. The only person he has to satisfy is Angie and she must love it. Remember he will be going home to the most beautiful woman in the world and their little kids. I hope they have many more little look alike Brad.

  • Bud gordon

    He’s an old guy trying to look hip!

  • Lee

    I used to think Brad was a god. Now, all I can say is EW! I dont know if its drug abuse or what! And that road-kill opossum beard! I can almost see the crumbs dangling from it like dingleberries! YUCK

  • http://celebuzz Maryann

    Is Brad Pitt the new Jon Gosselin?

  • megan

    this look is just strange. not good, not good at all. i’m a little turned off, actually.

  • cheryl

    looks like a middleaged guy. Putting some punds on sitting at home with all those kids.

  • RC

    His facial hair is gray and it makes him look sooo much older..Why? I don’t understand why he does not shave

  • RC

    His facial hair is gray and it makes him look sooo much older..Why? I don’t understand why he does not shave

  • tori

    Brad is aging badly and looks ridiculous but so does other butt head George Clooney, yuck to both of them!!

  • zen2

    Oh,yeah! he’s SEXY,SEXY,SEXY!

  • Pam Cheshire

    Brad is nasty looking.

  • Pam Cheshire

    @sandisk: Actually #38 sounds right on target and your post is not worth reading. It expresses nothing.

  • Tex


    Angie knows how lucky she is and Brad feels the same way?? You know this how?

  • tgtwi8ns

    I think he looks utterly TERRIBLE! He looks OLD and unkempt in these pictures… straggly facial hair? I used to have respect for theman, but think he is going down-hill fast in the looks, respect, and masculine departments (c’mon now, he’s Jolie’s little puppy-dog)

  • Ashley

    He looks awful.

  • Lil

    He’s one sexy daddy. Brad you rock !

  • cara


    give it a rest…
    at the press conference in san sebastian, speaking of his future plans, he said there is nothing sure.
    he said he`s trying to put on track “moneyball”, but nothing about “lost city of Z”….so, the beard is there because he wants it there.

  • Yeahh

    This was him only 4 years ago:

    WHO ages that much in 4 years for f*cks sake?!?! That psyco jolie is working him and i heard that she “likes” him to look old soo she can get the attention. she basically ruined his sex appeal and makes him die his beard gray and grow it out. his such a pussyy why does he listen to her?? shes EVILLLLLLLLLL

    why cant she share some spotlight with her husband?

  • suppress your appetite

    LIL nigga :D!!!