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Gwyneth Paltrow: Adolfo Dominguez Delightful

Gwyneth Paltrow: Adolfo Dominguez Delightful

Gwyneth Paltrow hits up the Adolfo Dominguez Fashion Show held at the IFEMA during Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 on Friday (September 18).

After the show, the 36-year-old actress was seen congratulating Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez on the runway.

Gwyn recently tapped Elizabeth Saltzman, the long time Fashion Director (and now Contributing Editor) of Vanity Fair to share her favorite fall trends. Check them out at

10+ pictures inside of Adolfo Dominguez delightful Gwyneth Paltrow

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Credit: INFdaily, Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty; Photos: Eduardo Parra/WireImage, Sean Thorton/WENN
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  • cutie

    Cute girl but she needs a new look.

  • jess

    That outfit looks awful from behind.
    What was she thinking?

  • fashionista

    The shoes are awesome.
    Not loving the tights — she’s been doing that for years and it’s really played out.
    Dress doesn’t seem to fit her properly.
    Overall style: C-

  • amanda

    Sorry, Gwyn, the center part is not your friend.

  • pebbles

    What’s up with her hair? Her bob cut used to be adorable. Now it’s starting to look like the hippie hair she sported before she chopped it all off.

  • Shar

    I’ve never understood why with all the money she has, half the time she looks like Big Bird in a ball gown.

  • mike

    I don’t like the dress on makes her look like a female impersonator.

  • Hannah

    She has nice thick hair but it’s time to retire the Carol Channing hair. It’s dating her and making her look older than 37.

  • Rhonda

    Gwennie must be the Mikey of the fashion world, give it to Gwenyth she’ll wear anything. Awful!

  • just me

    Gwyneth needs a good conditioner. Her hair looks fried and the dress just doesn’t seem to work.

  • Endless

    She couldn’t find a fitting dress? Her style makes me dizzy.

  • Venus

    Gwyneth has great legs but she’s stuck in a fashion rut and overly fixated on short skirts/dresses to show off her proudly toned body. The effect is sometimes awkward and garish like you see here…

  • Venus

    ..She should concentrate on the overall look. With better styling, she could always look sexy and classy.

  • goodkitten

    She looks a mess. I could be wrong but I suspect GP did her own hair and makeup for this event. She seems to love parting her hair in the middle.

  • TC

    Gwyneth has no style. Someone needs to dress her1

  • Ali

    she needs a consultaton from her friend, Mr. Valentino. I’m sure he’d love to help her with the evolution of her style. This dress just doesn’t seem to fit. Her boobs look very droopy and from the back, it looks like it has ridden up – just not flattering. I do like her, though. She is smart and seems to make good choices in other parts of her life.

  • Miss Sixty

    She needs to call Halle Berry or Natalie Portman and ask them about how to shop for dresses because her dresses are always ill fitting. The opaque tights just scream big no no as well.

  • wexx

    I don’t get it. Famous and rich people should always look beautiful especially if they’re at a fashion show. They have access to the best stylists and clothes in the world. You don’t even have to be beautiful to look beautiful. It’s amazing how good makeup and clothes can transform an average woman into a beauty.

    No reason Paltrow should look so frumpy decked out in designer duds.





  • JenX

    According to her Goop newsletter, she DOES have a stylist. I think she should try someone new. This person is not picking out clothes that flatter her. They are making her look like a 30ish woman trying to be a teenager.
    Even Rachel Zoe could probably do a better job.

  • twisted

    The Oasis guy put it best — she’s a gawky bird.

  • Shell

    G.P. is a buttaface with good legs but even her legs are not showcased to good effect there. It would help if she didn’t slouch so much.

  • nancy s.

    I hate her style.
    Her kids are cute.
    Love her mom and hubby too.

  • AOZ

    She looks like a tranny.

  • Faith Lynette

    Admittedly, I’m NOT a fashion plate (I derive MORE pleasure out of wearing somehing that is ‘generally’ modest/comfortable/reasonably priced/and looks well. BUT, as a ‘regular’ person ~ I think this particular dress/outfit looks hideous. I guess the important thing is (as with anyone’s outfit) is that SHE likes it and feels good wearing it…but I think she looks like a GOOFBALL in it! hahaha

  • Faith Lynette

    –from the back it looks like someone that’s just come out of the ladies’ restroom and has accidently tucked her dress up in the waistband of her panty hose…

  • sillyme

    What an ugly, ugly dress. And, what’s up with the back of it?

  • vicky

    next to Gwyneth Paltrow you can see the lovely blogger Gala Gonzalez.

  • pmp

    Wow, you all are really ANTI-Gwyn! The dress and overall look aren’t even half as bad as everyone proclaims it be. She looks very modern and the tights work perfectly with the dress and shoes. Gwyn looks fantastic! Who or what do some of you consider stylish?!

  • Lillianne

    No pimp, you’re wrong, it’s as bad as everyone says it is. Only nobody mentioned it looks like she got her arms in the wrong armholes and she’s hanging on to that hair like she thinks she’s still 15 years old. She is her own biggest fan.

  • Lillianne

    I really loved “Big Bird in a ball gown.” hahaha

  • jones22

    @pmp: Sorry, but she looks absolutely terrible in those pics. I’m hoping she won a big dare to wear that and all the proceeds will be donated to charity.

  • Not impressed by JA

    I hate the dress but she has gorgeous long legs !

  • Faith Lynette


    IMO–Princess Diana was stylish/classy/beautiful just about in every picture I ever saw her in {there are other ‘stylish’ people I could name..but that’s a good STARTER!}

  • Faith Lynette

    sorry…LILLIANNE…that response was to “pmp”

  • lexy

    I don’t really like her BUT she is a good actress and somewhat of a fashionista however this dress is horrid. The back looks like she got her dress stuck in her panty hose. In fact I had to check the article – I thought it was some sort of “wardrobe malfunction”. It’s a great color and the top looks cute (and the color works for her).

    90% of the time she looks great, then she pulls one of these duds out and it’s like eeks!

  • missme

    She looks fantastic!

  • missme

    She looks fantastic!

  • incognito

    What a strange outfit. She looks like a drag queen minus the crazy makeup.

  • aska

    i for one like her. i like that she takes fashion risks, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. i saw her in new york once and she was beautiful, natural and effortless. she was nice as well. her style works best when she does the preppy with an edge look for casual and classic for dressy.

  • bella

    LOL . . .she has to have the worst taste in clothing. . .EVER!

  • Queenoftrashin

    Looks like s*h*i*t as usual.


    The shoes are slammin’

    the dress? not so much… looks like a big blue diaper reject from project runway (or maybe just the projects…

  • berlin

    I’ve seen her in person several times and she was not really pretty — quite plain, in fact, but that’s often the case with celebrities. You’d be surprised how ordinary they look without hours spent on their hair, makeup and styling. I’m tempted to agree she takes fashion risks but she’s so repetitive with the short, short dresses, booty shoes and tights that it comes across as contrived. I’d like to see her get back to the classic chic she rocked in the late 90s/early 00s. Right now she always looks like she’s trying too hard to be edgy.

  • marta

    wow it looks like most of the people who attended the runway show are thinking the same thing: wtf were you think GP? and i agree w/most of the posts on here. she def. needs to hire a major stylist to update and refresh her look so it’s more appropriate for her age.

  • john boy

    This is a classic example of What NOT to wear.

    The blue hose are hideous.
    Her ass looks as big as Oprah’s in that dress.
    Not enough makeup to brighten her face.

    Did she look in the mirror before she left home? Someone skinny, tall and in their 20s could pull this look off….not GP….She’s been hanging out with drag queen Madonna too long.

    (The cute chick to the right of GP looks hot)

  • lexy

    She’s quite plain when she’s doing her “celeb” persona so it’s easy to believe she’s plain in real life. She’d look like a hooker with too much makeup so I think she uses just enough (her makeup ALWAYS looks good). If she used too much she’d look like a hooker – sort of like that Taylor girl on Gossip Girl .

  • lilac

    Agree, she’s plain but I always find her makeup a bit underwhelming. She’s the opposite (in a bad way) of the ones who overdo it and her lipstick shade never seems quite right.

    Not sure what she was thinking with the dress.

  • jaker

    Mutton dressed as lamb. Awful!