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John Mayer: 'Who Says' Artwork Revealed

John Mayer: 'Who Says' Artwork Revealed

John Mayer has released the artwork for his new single “Who Says,” off his upcoming fourth studio album, Battle Studies.

The 31-year-old musician took to his Twitter and wrote, “I want so bad to play the single for you but I still have to wait. So here’s the single art in good faith…”

Battle Studies will be released November 17.

Click inside for a larger version of Mayer‘s artwork…

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  • maniston

    Has this guy ever had a hit single? All I know about him is that he dates lonely and desoerate actresses and disses them afterwards.
    He’s ugly and a douce bag like Kanye West. He’s creepy!

  • lame

    @maniston: How is he a douche? Hes talented. Hit single? Well when untalented girls like Miley and Taylor dominate the charts its hard for talented artists to actually get a break, He doesnt change his music to appeal to the public.

  • naty

    Well, maniston, you clearly should look him up on Google and/or Wikipedia. There’s so much more about John Mayer than gossip. For one thing, he won many Grammys – and no, he didn’t win them ’cause he was dating some ‘lonely actress’.

    I really loved this artwork. It’s so simple and yet so beautiful. Can’t wait for the single to come out!

  • Blimey!

    John Mayer is incredibly talented.
    I’m looking forward to his new album.

  • na

    @lame, well said absolutely well said and now Kanye West has help that untalented lil girl Taylor to be come what she is really not or can ever bec ome if it weren’t for what he did to her at the VMA.

  • actually

    The photo is gorgeous and John Mayer is innately talented. Nothing’s forced or contrived. I look forward to the new album. If all you read is gossip rags and the gossip is all that you know of John Mayer than imagine what else you’re missing out in the real world. Expand your horizons.

  • viv

    as big of a dou che as he can be sometimes, you can’t deny the fact that he’s a talented singer and songwriter.

  • asha

    John Mayer is a total douche bag but I can honestly say he writes some of the best songs I have ever heard. I cannot wait for his album to come out.

  • last laugh

    John Mayer? Ick Ickk Ickkk ickkkk.

  • jenny

    he dates stupid/but popular girls to look cool, how sad.

  • lj

    I bought his album and I thought I wasted my money. He’s a jerk to all the women he dates. They should know better. That photo is so fake, like Mayer is going to live in a place with an old fashioned radiator, like he is broke or something. What a poser.

  • Randy

    You can say a lot of things about him, but he’s really talented. When he has short hair, he is kind of hot imo.

  • Mrs.Beady

    Gorgeous. John, baby come away from that furnace. I’ll keep you warm. You stroke that guitar and I’ll stroke you ;)

    I admire him. A true artist, true song writer, not many like him around anymore. He’s spectacular. And he’s got a wonderful and fun personality.

  • lola6768

    he’s gorgeous, i love his music, he is very talanted

  • ellie’

    John Mayer really talented, and I love his music..

  • anonymous

    Wait and see……………..him and Taylor Swift. Yeah, he is a friend of Kanye, both d-bags (never knew what it meant till now). All 3 of them were into this. All attention getters.

  • 100mph

    He reminds me of a girl I once knew in Dallas, she had talent too.

  • Both Talented

    Taylor Swift IS talented! I’m not even a country music fan, and I recognize her talent. She can songwrite, she can sing well, and she can play the guitar. Her songs relate to people (albeit teenagers right now, but that’s because she’s a teenager). Plus she is beautiful.

    Same for John Mayer. He’s handsome and a talented singer, song writer, and guitar player. Sure he’s weird sometimes, but we all have our quirks. He’s just a little immature and has odd-ball sense of humor….but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talented. He’s extremely talented.

  • Dagon

    John Mayer is a great and talented artist, people should check his work before saying he’s a douche!
    He’s effing more than (one of) the guy who shagged Jennifer Aniston, He was an artist before, during and will stay an artist after this “love story”…

  • Mrs.Beady

    Whether he does the perfect thing all the time or not, he’s writing of his life and his own truth. That is the point. Anyone can be cookie cutter, why would anyone want to be? It’s his humanity and everyone else’s that is interesting. I hope he never sells himself out to the pressure to conform.

    Taylor does the same thing. Kudos to them both for being brave enough to tell their stories.

  • Mary

    Love Mayer and wished Mayer and Aniston would get back together!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Beady

    @Mary: I always thought he lit the light inside of Jen. She never shone so much as when she was with him. If it was mutual, then yes, it would be lovely to see them together again…making each other glow. He seems to have that effect on a lot of people. It will be interesting to see who has that affect on him one day. Maybe it is Jen.

  • JEFF

    the problem with john and Jen being together as most men have figured out is, she is shallow, don’t wake up next to her in the morning or you will run for your life, all the surgeries,make up etc, what you see is not what you get, she’s dumb. and she’s easy. john is looking for someone with brains and beauty like most real men.

  • liverwurst

    Handsome, sexy, funny, sweet, romantic and very very talented. (and that’s just what they say he’s like in the bedroom) ; ]

  • lame

    @Both Talented: Have you seen her song writing? Average. Have you heard her sing live? Terrible. Have you seen her guitar skill? Below average. She is not talented. Her entire career was built on pity.

  • jennifer’s body

    I hope him and Megan Fox would hook up. They are both fame whores, narcissist and skankies. They think that paps should follow them around and talk about them. Needless to say they are both boring and blah!

  • Taylor

    The album comes out in November but the phony pr hype starts today!
    John Mayer play the guitar like any other person. There are loads of people just as good if not way better than Mayer. What John has is a pr team that fake everything about him. The same pr team as Jenifer Aniston. John Mayer music is nothing special but his pr team need you to think that so they hype him up on line. We are going to see a lot more fake hype leading up to the release of his lame Cd.

  • Both Talented

    @lame: Oh, stick it! It’s my opinion. I like Taylor’s music, and I like John’s. Obviously, many people do or they wouldn’t have sold so many albums.

  • Lea

    Pr induced hype sold Mayer’s albums.
    Not his music. Big music companies
    created an image-that image sold.
    Without that manufactured image he
    he would not have sold much of any
    thing. The big record company
    will pull every trick to sell John Mayer’s
    image to put money into their greedy
    pockets. This douche bag use to be
    one of their biggest cash cow.

    Actually that phony pr hype started
    months ago. Bet you thought that
    stupid magazine cover of his
    apartment was oddly out of place.
    Well just call it hype. It’s going to
    come from the strangest places.
    Watch how many other stars
    strangely burp up Mayer’s name.
    No accident-one hand washes the
    other in Hollywood.

    Mayer is a douche bag for sure. Now
    his pr team has to trick the media into
    believing he is not so the public will buy
    that douche’s record. Sure no problem
    women are simple minded and can be
    easily distracted-so they think. Sure they
    think it will be easy to sell douche bag
    Mayer to women again.

  • phil mckrackin

    Not only is he a class A douche…he is a bit of a hairy scrotum too. He makes the most amazing ass clown faces when he sings and he comes off as being quite the perv.

  • Mrs.Beady

    @phil mckrackin: You weren’t meaning to… but after that douche part…you’re post just made me all hot and bothered. LOL!

  • ?????

    @Lea: His music sounds good. I remember hearing him on the radio before I ever even knew what he looked like (his “image”), and I wanted to know who the artist was because it was a good song. So don’t generalize and force your opinion on everybody. There are people that like his music just for the music.

  • ana

    John Mayer is an extremely talented musician and singer. He’s a total hottie. Too bad he’s such a douche bag, ungentlemanly, and a complete jerk. Jennifer Aniston must be out of her mind to take him back. He can’t possibly be that good in bed.

  • Mrs.Beady

    The dog ate my post?

  • Mrs.Beady

    @ana: Oh they are back together again? I sort of suspected that happened a while back but I didn’t know for sure.

  • jette

    don’t you know the song ‘daughters’? it was a hit !

  • anonymous

    How can he and Aniston be back together? His PR team is gaming up for the Taylor/John duet in his new CD. And he has been twittering about it, too. Is he under the spell of the cat? I think he is. She does look like a cat. Sorry, can’t warm up to this 19 year old looking like a 30 year old glamourized up girl. I admit, though, John has a few good songs, the old ones.

  • anonymous

    If you think John is after someone w/ brains, he should have stuck it up w/ Jennifer Aniston. The problem is she is too smart for the guys, that’s the problem. That’s part of the reason why she is rumored to be controlling. And him being young, immature and no gentlemanly ways, that relationship won’t go that far. We all are fed w/ his being hot & a killer w/ girls by media………are we sure of that? OOps, I forgot the fans he makes out with after concerts—-they are the living proofs—-yep they blog about it. They don’t know they were being used to bring out that part of John so females would go gaga for him—-so you see, all part of PR.

  • anonymous

    BTW, how did you know that they are back together? She is in LA and he is in NYC. For some reason, John leaves LA when she is there and goes somewhere else. Very strange arrangement, don’t you think so? Not an arrangement between lovers for sure. Or is it to hide something? Who knows?

  • Mrs.Beady

    @anonymous: I noticed that too. I have no idea why they do that. She just looks really happy lately. I only know her to be that happy when she is with him. Taylor is beautiful. She does look a little like a cat! And since she likes them so much she would probably like the comparision. I notice she wears the number 13 too. Maybe she has cast a spell on him. Well they are both the same type. Self-taught guitar players and songwriters who don’t mind writing about their life. She is the exact type of girl I could see him very much enjoying and a good match career wise and talent wise. They “fit” better than any other girls he’s been with. I can’t wait to hear their song, with both of them writing it and performing it, it should be really interesting.