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Kelly Clarkson is a VH1 Diva

Kelly Clarkson is a VH1 Diva

Kelly Clarkson dons a floor-length David Meister gown on the red carpet at 2009 VH1 Divas held at NY’s Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday (September 17).

“I’m too true country to be called a diva,” the 27-year-old original American Idol says. “I need to be more demanding.”

Kelly performed her hit song “Already Gone” and sang a duet with Melissa Ethridge, “Bring Me Some Water” (Melissa‘s song from 1988).

Kelly Clarkson & Melissa Ethridge – “Bring Me Some Water”

15+ pictures inside of VH1 diva Kelly Clarkson

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  • Vince

    When is she going to lose that weight. She looks like a pig.

  • Janet

    No way is she ok being that big.

  • sadlyno

    Looks like she put some accessories on that carpet of a dress…not a fan of the carpet dress, fat look or her work for that matter

  • sarah

    She was the best one that night! Her duet was the best one too

  • me

    KC sang amazing tonight!
    And she looked great on the red carpet.

  • jj

    you f*cken as*holes need to layoff her weight! trolls. If she dont care, than why you

  • Heather

    I loved her red carpet dress, but the green one is not flattering at ALL. Yikes. But it doesn’t matter because she was absolutely amazing at the show! You can’t ignore that voice.

  • Janet

    Wow she is big when did she get that big.

  • Sheila

    She was great but she did put on a lot of weight.

  • f

    she did put on weight

    but why does it matter??

    this is why we have bulimic and anorexic girls in america cause of people like you!

    i think she looks nice. no matter what weight she is

  • LuckyL

    I think she lost weight.

    Oh God, and Janet, you cracked me up.

    But why post about her out of all of them Jared? Cheapest pics for the least appealing?

  • LuckyL

    Because she’s wearing the most boring dresses *yawn*

  • Motivelesscrime

    Black is supposed to be slimming. I can’t imagine what she would look like in a bolder color.

    Don’t get me wrong, the girl is talented and looks shouldn’t be everything but she hasn’t exactly kept her mouth shut about diet and being slim. I remember her telling a reporter that she doesn’t understand why people partake in alcoholic drinks because they are “empty calories”. She lost ten points with me immediately.

  • sassy

    You all are a bunch of idiots. Kelly looks beautiful on the red carpet. Her voice is amazing. She made the show.

  • dorie

    I think everyone knows by now that she’s a bit chunky. Why keep pointing out the obvious? And if you watched the show you’d notice that except for Miley and Leona none of them were real slim. Why is this still such an issue? What matters is that she’s a great singer. Singing is her job. She’s not a model, movie star or beauty pageant contestant. As for some of her old quotes, keep in mind that she was 20 when she first became famous and not real media savy. She’s 27 now. A lot changes in that amount of years.

  • mika


    piss off you assholes.

  • na

    her arms look really funny and too short for her body….ewwwwwwww

  • chriss

    Kelly is amazing. She looks adorable, but sometimes her clothes are not very flattering. Who gives a sh*t. She has the most mind blowing vocals I have ever heard. Her voice actually gives me chills. I don’t care how much she weighs as long as she keeps singing. All you haters should get a life. Kelly is happy, confident, strong, and comfortable with herself. You are all just bitter because you are not happy with your own lives.

  • katie

    if you watch the show tonight the duet with melissa was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and i love kelly no matter what she looks like! she can sing her face off!!!

  • LuckyL

    dorie @ 09/18/2009 at 1:15 am

    I think everyone knows by now that she’s a bit chunky. Why keep pointing out the obvious? And if you watched the show you’d notice that except for Miley and Leona none of them were real slim. Why is this still such an issue? What matters is that she’s a great singer. Singing is her job. She’s not a model, movie star or beauty pageant contestant. As for some of her old quotes, keep in mind that she was 20 when she first became famous and not real media savy. She’s 27 now. A lot changes in that amount of years.

    Nah, both Miley and Leona have thick legs as well.

  • dorie

    Oh, …and did I mention her performances tonight were awesome?

  • ck_always


  • Hannah

    She sounds great.

  • Lucia

    @mika: there are people dying in all the world right now, not just africa..i’m from Argentina.

    i love kelly, but the weight does really matter? NO!

  • Danny

    love her!

  • kristie

    omg kelly singing “bring me some water” with melissa ethridge was AMAZING!!!! :D

  • g!na

    @katie: I AGREE! kelly & melissa had the best duet!

  • Jamie

    Can’t stop watching this! The best performance of the night by a hundred million miles! The raw emotion that she brings to every performance whether it’s a ballad like Already Gone or a rocker like Bring Me Some Water is truely amazing. I think she is only diva among them that could’ve sung duets and pulled it off with any of guest divas (and divo).

  • rosie

    I don’t know what right some people think they have to call her fat. No wonder there are so many women and little girls out there with eating disorders. They think that if they don’t weigh 90 pounds they be called a pig.

  • rachael


    YOU TELL IT!!! It’s like they come here just to start crap!! I think she looks very, very nice. Love the black dress more, but still she looked really pretty.

  • sofia


    I felt the same way. I thought her duet was the best of the night.

  • rocky


    YUP!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I stopped reading the ‘weight’ Sh** from some of the people here because they are just so stupid and so ignorant. The way they talk it’s as if Kelly’s on the ‘Biggest Loser’ show. Some posts are just so hurtful and mean. They must be really ugly people inside and out when they post such hate.

  • heavy duty zipper

    WOW! Someone had to do an awful lot of packin’ to get her into that dress.

  • plump

    She looks like a grilled sausage trying to bust out of it’s casing.

  • BIG fan

    Cut it with the weight people…….she’s a HUGE talent

  • rocky


    You are 100% correct!! She was just amazing! I have the CD sound track to ‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Trouble With Love Is’ is just awesome. She one gifted singer and the BEST American Idol Winner PERIOD!!!

  • what

    Her weight looks Unhealthy!!!

  • emo

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly I Love You (:

  • elliott

    Some of you chicas sound like gay men. I swear, I’m gay and I can’t believe the crap some of you women say bout other women. I read alot of the posts here but never wanted to respond back until now.

    Michael Jackson was talked about and made fun of when he was alive. He kept to himself because of the hateful things people wrote and said about him. Some of you need to be bit**ed slapped for all the sh** you’ve said. God don’t like ugly and he sure don’t like any of you for talking about another human being the way you have.

    What goes around comes around and some of you are going to get some big time sh** your way. Just remember what came out of your mouths when something happens to you or someone in your family, but then from what I’ve read most of you sound like ignorant white trash.

  • zeek

    Geez, I won’t comment about the elephant in the room (no pun intended), but I will say that her 1st performance was nice. I thought she screamed the words in her duet with Melissa, so didn’t enjoy it as much. Melissa rocks.

  • LAy off

    I couldn’t have said it better, she is a SINGER!! People are so shallow.

  • david

    @Motivelesscrime: Doubt it, since Kelly has made it a well known fact that she enjoys a drink. She even has a song called Chivas. So either she was misquoted or you’re completely mistaken :p

  • babyblues

    I’d love to see how many of you posters are really just fat cows hiding behind your computers, posting your nasty little comments, all because you have your own stupid insecurities you’re trying to deal with. Shut the f*** up.

    Oh, and LuckyL – any “thick legs” you speak of pale in comparison to your thick head. Grow up.

  • crystal

    i love kelly i wtched her when she first started love her

  • annoyed

    who cares if she gained some weight!! Theres way too much pressure in this world to be super thin..she looks normal and beautiful as always. and she still has a kick ass voice, weight doesnt even matter.

  • Jen

    people call her fat because she IS fat. Her fans want to hide the sun with one finger. Great singer but she is very overweight and that is not healthy.

  • eve

    I thought Kelly Clarkson was amazing! Her voice was spot on and soulful. It even looked like Melissa Ethridge was “wowed” by Kelly’s voice. I don’t care about Kelly’s weight gain. Beause some of the other singers were heavier beautiful woman and they looked great! They were in great outfits, had fab hair and makeup. However, Kelly didn’t have that. Her outfits were not good for anyones figure and her hair was like a beach do, just tied back. I really didn’t get that at all. Where was her Divas team for dress,hair and make up? Help my girl Kelly out!

  • Lily

    Love her
    love her voice!!

  • ANNE

    Cyndi Lauper and Leona Lewis ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

  • Delia

    The pants were just a very bad move for her weight gain. Im a big girl and know what I can and can’t wear. Those were a VERY bad choice. She was one of the best acts of the night and she is cute no matter….well except in those pants.

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