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Megan Fox: Jennifer's Body Opens Today!

Megan Fox: Jennifer's Body Opens Today!

Megan Fox drops by The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on Thursday (September 17) to promote her latest horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, in theaters TODAY.

On the show, The 23-year-old actress said she tries to avoid all the L.A. hotspots. Megan shared, “I don’t have a lot of fun. It is a really sceney and trendy. It’s a very fake environment. The places that I like to hang out — there’s this particular area in Burbank where I can act out my entire fantasy life. There’s an Olive Garden, an Outback Steakhouse and Krispy Kreme donuts all within a one block radius. And one shopping center. Oh, and I love Red Lobster. I love the cheese biscuits.”

Click inside to watch Megan‘s full appearance, where she talks about her experiences at Comic-Con, her new movie and reveals her crush on Conan!

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  • candy

    Ok so I went to the screening for this movie to make fun of Megan Fox, but…. I was wrong. She acted pretty good. The sacrafice scene was intense, where Megan was crying and you can see the pain. Lol I wanted to cry for her. I guess people who say she can’t act should see this movie.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she’s not fake?

  • simms

    People have a tendency to judge her quickly and automatically think she’s this conceited person just because of her looks. But she comes off as a very down to earth young women, which I find very intriguing. I’m surprised she’s a introverted person considering the fact that she’s apart of this business she’s in..

  • sadlyno

    l love ‘er…and she’s right she’s still very green as far as acting…but l saw the movie and l too wanted to cry with her. There’s definitely something there that needs to be tapped and explored for the world to enjoy. l really want this girl to do well! l keep going on to see how well her movie is rating..maybe 45% by the end of the day? can l say a hell yes?

  • anon

    I hope she’s gone in Transformers 3. I will shed tears for Optimus Prime’s death than Fox useless character.

  • dundies

    you cant help but love her when she says things like this. also i never took her to be 5’4! natalie portman looks 5’4

  • fresh

    I wouldn’t be sad if she, the Gosselin family, the Kardashians, and the cast of The Hills all disappeared for a few years

  • Ilia

    I don’t have a problem with this woman. She is articulate, extremely hot, modest (to a certain degree), and did I mention friggin’ beautiful she is? I am assuming it’s mostly girls who pick on her – cause they are jealous.

  • boring girl*

    a devil woman*

  • ?

    i dont see it
    shes not that attractive

  • vampire kid

    she looks so scared and shaking !!

  • sam

    yeah she seemed to be shaky and uncomfortable on the Today Show too. and when she told matt lauer she has a fear of public speaking he was like “ohhhhh no, that’s not good” haha!!

  • jess

    Well, the reviews for her new movie are pretty bad. Even the positive reviews aren’t that good as I’ve seen from rotten tomatoes…plus a lot of reviewers say she’s a pretty bad actress (with a few saying she’s ok) and only well cast because she looks the part and they mentioned that her real personality seems to fit her character, which is not really a good thing.

  • lovey

    well, i don’t like her, but i still want to see this movie b/c I love horror… I dont’ really think she’s all of that ,but she does look pretty in these pics to me..

  • sarah

    I love Megan. She seems like my kind of girl. I’d rather go to a restaurant and eat dinner, then go to a crowded club and get drunk.

  • wondertrash

    it’s probably true that most of the flack against her is coming from chicks. She’s identified herself as a “guy’s girl” – ‘I like to go to red Lobster and then come home to f**k’. Naturally other women are gonna hate her. That’s low maintenance and high performance.

  • red bull girl*

    a boring girl !!

  • LuckyL

    Haha, and watch women support the misogynist.

  • K.G.

    The Angelina fangirls on here are just jealous Megan is getting a lot of great reviews for Jennifer’s Body.

  • OMG

    @simms: true. She actually seems like a nice person, but she sometimes makes stupid comments, not thinking before she speaks. She may think it sounds charming as she and Michael Bay referred to it as, but to others she sounds dumb. I have seen clips of the movie and she can act, but she needs to think before she speaks, she can speak her mind, but think so the words come out right and not make you sound dumb.

  • tim

    I saw her in intreviews and sorry but she comes up as a pretentious piece of shit, playing with her tongue, acting way too hard, sorry but she is fake, inscure and talentelss , plus physically she looks like a trash porn ho, not a the natural real beauty, and im a man!

  • Erica

    K.G. I don’t know where the heck you’re getting your info, but Megan is not getting great reviews for Jennifer’s body. It’s a straight out lie. She is getting mediocre reviews at best, with some reviewers coming straight out and saying she can’t act.

    Please if you are making a claim, make an accurate claim. Anyone can see the reviews for themselves and see she ‘s not getting great reviews.

  • candy clone

    on Candy #1 – you are yanking our chain. You are an MF fanatic and you really believe that she’s a good actress? LMAO. You are promoting this mediocre actress so people will feel sorry for her and watch the movie. All the reviews of Jennifer’s Body sucked so get out of here. How much did MF pay you? I would rather watch Maniston’s movie (whom I hate) than watch this phoney celebretard. At least Aaron Eckhart is an eye “candy” and a great actor. I will just ignore Maniston as she’s tolerable. Even MF’s voice is so annoying. I really want her to disappear from the scene. She’s nothing but a waste of film!

  • Erica

    Here are the so-called “great” reviews…she got a few positive reviews saying she was cast well – yes, because they needed a sexpot for the movie and she fit the bill. The rest of the critics said this:

    “So far Megan Fox is a lot more interesting off-screen than in the movies. She ain’t much of an actress, but boy she says some wiggy shit on the publicity circuit.”

    Richard Roeper

    “and in the middle of it is a thinly conceived antagonist played by Megan Fox. Honestly, she’s a pretty bad actress. She doesn’t seem to get Cody’s sense of humor. At all.” Chicago Tribute – Michael Phillips

    “Then it loses its nerve, and the problem may lie with the movie’s leading lady. Because Fox has successfully been sold as a fantasy to millions of adolescent boys who have no idea what being with an actual woman is like, she lacks the individuality that would make Jennifer genuinely dangerous. True, the makeup crew turns her into a pretty good approximation of Shiva the Destroyer. At the end of the day, though, Fox is still Bambi the Boy Toy, and her movie hurts no one.” Ty Burr – Boston Globe

    “It doesn’t help that, unlike Juno’s Ellen Page, Fox and Seyfried never quite make the dialogue their own.” Christopher Orr – New Republic

    “Fox’s charms, first in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and now here, elude me. She’s a glossy blank, and her character is constructed and played so that her actions are inscrutable. The movie awkwardly frames her predicament as a kind of revenge against the male sex. But her viciousness — she preys mostly on nice, or at least OK, kids — is neither cathartic, nor does it make us recoil in horror. Her evil is shiny, hard and cheap, like something she bought at Forever 21.”

    Stephanie Zacharek –

    “The script is very recognizably Cody’s, laced, as Juno’s was, with pop-culture-inspired puns. Some are mildly amusing. “Move on dot org!” Jennifer tells Needy when she brings up the troubling issue of all the dead bodies. More fall flat, as when Jennifer accuses Chip of jealousy: “You’re Jell-O.” Fox handles Codyspeak with the kind of relish you expect from an actress who has spent too much time with Michael Bay. Seyfried, a much more nuanced actress, mumbles a bit when she gets to a line that is too obviously Juno’s rather than Needy’s.”

    Time Magazine

    “But either Fox needs to learn to be cast for a role when it’s more than just about physical beauty, or better yet, this film needed a sexpot who could successfully pull off the temptress act and act well, too. The latter? That’s not Fox’s forte.”

    Great reviews? I think NOT!


    Egads! The horror of it, really.

    3rd rate chain restaurants are her “fantasy”.

    Enough of this bimbo, already.

  • uh oh

    my homie works at a movie theatre an he says Megan’s movie is not doing so well… but hey, that’s just ONE theater , right?

  • please

    The Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton fans are just jealous of Megan cuz she has taken her place as the new it girl.

  • maniston

    Amen to all the bad reviews! The Detroit Free Press gave it a 2** and Fox News 2 Hollywood reviewer could not even stomach the movie. Megan Fox fails as an actress. Pretty soon people will forget her and her MF name. Get lost.

  • cari

    Further proof:



  • vmars111

    I have new found respect for Megan Fox. At least she knows Transformers sucks and she’s very honest. A bitch is still in question, but I do applaud her.

    You can totally tell she was uncomfortable when Conan went all “I’m a Man, you’re zexy and I’ll just look at you” during the interview as well as when the men started hollering like she was a piece of meat.

    Made even worse when the clip they showed to promote the movie was the faux-lesbian kiss.

  • well

    well is anyone surprised by all the negative reviews? Not only are they negative but in reality they are harsh. It’s simple, Megan can not act. End of story. You can be green but have loads of talent. I agree with one reviewer who said: all that freaking publicty and nothing to show for it! For months the public has been bombarded with her all over including here on JJ. Then her movie has got the nerve to be a wtf movie? I hope her fans actually show up to see the movie because she will end up like Lohan.

  • jdub

    i love megan! this interview was great. i cant wait to see JB. and i love that she loves red lobster cheese bisquits. theyre awesome

    hahah check out this video of her rapping….she’s fvckin awesome!

  • http://na eyes wide open

    Oh god. I DON’T do trendy fake sceney because I’m just a real down to earth kind of girl. Girl is a genius really. She’s telling you what you want to hear and if you aren’t perceptive or smart enough to see right through her well, bon appetite! She dishes out the BS so good and of course the dupes will eat it all up.

  • viv

    i liked this interview, she showed a humble and approachable side of her. her publicist advised her well.

  • quentin carmicheal

    aniston vs fox at the box office…bring it on!

  • jess

    @please: sure Megan is the new it-girl, but sadly that isn’t based on talent. Out of Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Lindsey Lohan, Lohan is the most talented – and I don’t even like Lindsey Lohan.

  • carol

    OMG she is ugly! & cant act! haha

  • jAY

    Uuugghh! Don’t care if she can act, she’s too obnoxious. Maybe no one will see this movie and she can just slowly fade away or get the the Tom Cruise team.

  • Hal

    She is just gross! At first I thought she wsa pretty hot but the everything she says is so stupid! I

  • AVA

    Saw the movie….A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Serious!! Her performance was great and it was hilarious!Very good comedic timing. Theatre was PACKED and everybody cheered and clapped when credits came. When kissing scene came (btw -the hottest thing ive ever seen serious!thought it was going to be a peck but OH LORD HAVE MERCY IT WASNT!!!) the entire theatre got sooooooo silent. Another great one by miss Diablo Cody though I hafta say… one or two lines were kinda cheesy but overall INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED!!!And Adam and Amanda were just as great!!And im pretty sure ive fallen in love with Johnny Simmons wat-ta cutie pie!!Plot of the movie always sounded soo cheesy but wow, I will never judge amovie by its plot anymore, completely learned my lesson!!!

  • WonderBread

    This doesn’t even seem like a REAL interview. She just looks like she’s there trying to ACT nice, but fails rather horribly. And, that little nasally voice of hers, doesn’t really fit with the whole tough act. She needs to put some strength in that voice, it just comes out sounding super weak. She is lame. :)

  • Sabrina

    I don’t think she’s a bad actress, actually she CAN act. And she’s a lovely girl.

  • Neil

    Every body rags on Meagan for her comments. I always have a chuckle over them and mostly a “meh” from all the other celebrities with their canned and safe remarks. Truth is some of us want ‘interesting’ and some of us want ‘someone to crucify’.

  • @Neil

    Yeah, yeah, her remarks are meh too in my book. She says em to get attention. Other celebs keep their mouths shut coz they know they ain’t qualified to say stuff, and they are smart enough to know this. This gal is either too dumb, too high or too attention seeking to know when to do that so her remarks get the big meh, as in ‘meh, you are so fake, darling!’

  • Neil


    I rest my case.

  • yada

    Mediocrity at her best!

  • bob

    bombed big time

  • groundcontrol

    please @ 09/18/2009 at 11:02 pm The Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton fans are just jealous of Megan cuz she has taken her place as the new it girl.
    Seriously? Mentioning Megan Fox and Lohan in the same sentence makes no sense. For all her problems, Lindsay Lohan is a very talented actress. She has been since she was a child. I hope she gets her act together and sees her potential realized.

  • K.G.

    I’m just saying the Brangelina fans all get pissed that people call Megan the next Angelina and whatnot. Megan at least has a personality and knows that she’s just a sex symbol, Angelina seems to have no personality and looks like one of those Aliens from that new Avatar movie.

  • rc

    Her crazy sayings from interviews and quotes from magazines don’t bother me at all! That is part of her appeal. She is a pistol. And I like her even more.