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Miranda Kerr: Calvin Klein Kissable

Miranda Kerr: Calvin Klein Kissable

Miranda Kerr attends the Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2010 fashion show at 205 West 39th Street on Thursday (September 17) in New York City.

The 26-year-old Aussie supermodel later attended the CK after-party at the Standard Grill at The Standard Hotel.

Earlier this week, Miranda attended the VMAs with Kings of Leon basses Jared Followill. She also gave an exclusive interview during Fashion’s Night Out at the Victoria’s Secret Flagship Store.

10+ pictures inside of Calvin Klein kissable Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr calvin klein 01
miranda kerr calvin klein 02
miranda kerr calvin klein 03
miranda kerr calvin klein 04
miranda kerr calvin klein 05
miranda kerr calvin klein 06
miranda kerr calvin klein 07
miranda kerr calvin klein 08
miranda kerr calvin klein 09
miranda kerr calvin klein 10
miranda kerr calvin klein 11
miranda kerr calvin klein 12

Credit: DiScuillo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Stephen Lovekin/Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
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  • Hadis


  • bluesky

    absolutely stunning

  • me

    miranda kerr ALWAYS looks great!

  • Ups!

    JJ is the only one interested in interviewing this so called model

  • zimba

    Hey! The blonde model in pic 3 is Anne V!!! Jared post on her

  • Khristi

    Those dresses are amazing….I love the simplicity of Calvin Klein

  • sss


  • lululu

    she has a scary doll face but her bod is bangin.

  • ????

    Those dresses are R I D I C U L O U S .

  • Linda

    Did she and Orlando split? Seems like it, ironic to go on a date with a band member that your boyfriend took you to go see. Oh well Orlando can do better.

  • Valérie

    miranda looks ok, not the best but not the worst. The blue dress is not good on her either. it doesnt fit her right and its to cut up looking, like someone just took two different kinds of bright blue fabric and threw it on her.

  • http://justjared @10

    Keep on dreaming loser

  • Monet

    So, basically, they’re now letting anyone go to a CK show??

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks great in the blue dress, the pther pics im not that impressed
    she’s really sexy tho, her appeal has really gone up for her imo
    i knew she was a pretty girl but i just never paid attention

  • @11

    Yeah! You tell ‘em!
    What does Calvin Klein know about fashion and beauty, anyway!
    I’m sure that you are much more qualified to comment on the style of the dress than some struggling designer with a weird name like ‘Calvin’.

  • @10

    So going to an awards show with friends is now considered a “date”??
    P A T H E T I C

  • wow!

    She looks amazing!
    Tres chic in the beige dress, and fresh and young in the turquoise.
    GORGEOUS! In both dresses.
    Love her!

  • t

    I’m not even that sure that dude from KOL swings her way but with rock stars you never can tell. Whatever the case may be that can’t be called a date IMO and they were with another model weren’t they?

  • t

    she’s not blonde anymore!

  • @18

    Yes, I forget her name, but she is a long-time friend of Miranda’s.
    There was a whole group of people that went together. The haters are just trying to pull something out of their collective @sses.
    Which leads us to just another hater double standard…
    One of them goes out to a VERY public place, with a group of people that includes men/women other than Orlando/Miranda = Miranda and Orlando have broken up, and they are on a romantic date.
    Orlando and Miranda go out with a group of people to a fine restaurant = no romance left in their relationship if they have to join friends for dinner.

  • @20

    Yeah, the pic. with her hand around his neck walking down the stairs and the other with her foot up almost up around his shoulder looks real “friendly” LOL

  • Wow….

    Miranda looks beautiful, love both outfits, especially the turquoise as it matches her gorgeous blue blue eyes.

  • Linda

    @12 and 16- Jesus f-ing christ! Calm the f—- down, it was just a question, I am not from the Delphi board FYI. I do not hate Miranda, I don’t hate anyone I do not know. Stop being such a defensive fangirl.

  • @21

    She has her hand on a guys shoulder for support while going down stairs = romance.
    She has her hand on Orlando’s arm while going down stairs = “look how she is grabbing onto him” .
    Oh, and while she is poking him with her foot, she is sitting on his girlfriends lap. Yeah, I’d say that sure looks romantic.

  • ?

    Did Calvin Klein drop Kate Bosworth as a model?
    I always thought that she was gorgeous.
    Troubled, but gorgeous.

  • @t

    “I’m not even that sure that dude from KOL swings her way but with rock stars you never can tell.”

    wasn’t Jay, her boyfriend, before Orlando, a muscian?

    coincidence? maybe.

    time will tell. BTW where is Orlando anyway? Anyone really know for sure? He is not filming at the moment, that we know of.

    The Cross is suppose to be in production in Australia, but they are not filming yet. Weren’t they suppose to start filming this month.

    Orlando has not been spotted at any of the film festivals either.

  • get a clue

    I totally poke my male friends with my feet in public when I’m wearing a dress.

  • me


    yes where is orlando?She is in NY since 2 weeks? And Orlando????They are not together!!!! It seems she is really busy and has fun! And then that with jared followill….Time will tell

  • sasha

    Orlando was spotted at a Cold Play concert in England (if we are to believe Twitter). I would imagine that he is spending some time with his family before heading ‘Down Under’.
    Also, there were rumors that he was going to play a role in a small, English comedy about a group of guys that want to run in the London marathon. When the rumors first surfaced, they said that the film was “currently shooting”. Maybe that’s another reason for him to be in London.
    Who knows?
    On a side note, I think that you guys are grasping at straws, trying to hook Miranda up with this Jared person. They are friends. They went out as a group. No big deal. The more you press the issue, the more desperate you sound.

  • me


    if they are friends why is his hand on her ass?????she seems so happy.her arm on his neck and she is smiling?In the last time she seems so unhappy with Orlando….That is what i see. Not more thats my opinion

  • @30

    So the next time that she is pictured smiling with Orlando, you will admit that she is happy? Or will you then claim that she is just smiling for the cameras?

  • delusional haters

    Miranda went out with her girlfriend Lily and her friend Jared…….Lily is engaged to Caleb the lead singer of KOL and Jared is his brother and bass guitarist of the group……….as usual the Delphi loonies are trying to make a conspiracy out of nothing……such losers…….lol.

  • @sasha

    I’m inclined to agree with you that he’s probably in England. As far as I can remember that’s the only place where he can dodge the paparazzi without problems except for when he hits hot clubs.
    Grasping at straws is just spot on. It is now and it was spot on when they said that Orlando had to stop and look deeply into Miranda’s eyes to “prove” his love while he was rushing to his car after the KOL concert; and pretty much every time they psychoanalyze them with a picture.
    There’s nothing “romantic” about those images. And that kid is only 22.

  • @31

    yes i would say that.

  • @33

    His house is actually about 30 minutes outside of London, so he can wander quite freely without being caught. Except for those rare pics of him at the countryside pub on that WWII mototcycle. If I remember, that’s the only time he was caught while at home in England.

  • @34

    Which proves 31′s point that you believe what you find convenient. A classic. Who’s blind and wishful thinking here I wonder

  • @36

    Oh, the haters are all about convenience.
    They find it very convenient to spin any sitution to satisfy their agenda.
    Very convenient when you don’t give a fig about the truth.

  • hfktuhsgt


    i see what i see…..And what i see is that when they are together,the both seems unlucky……i see no love or something else….that is my opinion….you think other about that is ok. But i have my own.

  • Cherie

    She always look stunning, I admire her so much :)

  • @38

    I know your convenient double standards by heart, when they smile they’re pretending – who knows what they’re pretending for as not even you folks can explain it- and when they aren’t they’re miserable. But that logic doesn’t apply with all the other people they’re seen with.
    How are you supposed to see love in some random pictures of two strangers? Are you expecting to see little pink hearts floating around their heads? LOL

  • shay

    @lakers fan in boston: werent you the same person that called Michelle Obama ugly? You sound like a b!tch.

  • http://justjared lol

    The haters are getting desperate .
    They name call Miranda and describe her like the worse kind of woman out there still they are happy she is with another man any man as long as it is not Orlando and those sad human beings say their hate on Miranda has nothing to do with her dating Orlando lol.

    I am an Orlando fan and I couldn’t give two shits who he dates and won’t lose any sleep if he and Miranda break up ( Of course I like Miranda more than I ever liked Kate but that doesn’t make me a ” shipper”)but I would like for Orlando and Miranda to marry and have three kids just so those loser heads to explode .

  • @42

    I’m not sure that I like Miranda more than Kate (though I like both of them), but she does seem to be a better fit for Orlando. Kate always seemed a bit desperate and clingy, while Miranda has a busy career of her own and an apparent strong sense of self. Miranda doesn’t seem to NEED Orlando as much as Kate did. And that seems to be just what Orlando NEEDS. He seems much more relaxed with Miranda, than he ever did with Kate.
    IMO, of course.
    BTW, where is Kate? I haven’t seen her at ANY Fashion Week events. What happened?

  • http://justjared @43

    You nailed it Kate seems to have no personality ,no charisma ,no sensuality yeah she knows how to dress but she looks like a plastic doll like a Barbie doll most of the time ( not attractive to me ).

    I prefer woman like Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez woman with curves and are naturally sexual but not in provocative way they are beautiful woman .

    Miranda is so different from Kate she doesn’t look a snob like Kate looks she seems easygoing and a positive person always smiling and friendly and is 10000000000 times more sexually attractive than Kate .

    Kate is shooting her next straight to dvd movie but she should be to some shows at the London Fashion Week because knowing how to dress and the fashion world is the only way for her to get attention .

  • wa

    great! shes gorgeous~ :D

  • baby Gone
  • http://justjared @46

    Please Kate Bosworth is the queen of looking like a Barbie doll (a hungry and unfed one) Miranda looked great in the pink dress nothing plastic about her unlike Kate .

  • baby Gone

    Be free to think what you want and I’ll do the same!

  • I have nothing against Miranda or Kate. I don’t like how people are comparing them all the time, they are two different women at different time of their lives. I don’t care what he does with Miranda weather they get married or have kids or not. I’m over all of that. It doesn’t matter they’re dating and have been for about 2 years. In a way I feel bad for Miranda because the only new source she is getting is this gossip blog and a few other gossip blogs and thats it. Kate has already moved on and has her own life and is doing well for herself w/out Bloom.

    And she always wanted that book of hers to come out too, but she still isn’t that well known as some other models. I just feel bad for her in that respect. I don’t know if that book is ever going to come out with the way everything is now. and if it does how good will it sell? When she was at the last Victoria Secret event not that many people showed up so it doesn’t look like she is to famous or well known.

    Maybe she likes were shes at, not to famous to get hounded around but just well known enough to get at least a little bit of attention from some websites and celebrity gossip blogger. In a way I do wish she would get pregnant to make some of the “haters” upset though. :P I’m just over this by now and gotten into real matters, like politics and world matters to even care anymore about what some celebutard (Orlando Bloom) is doing with his life now. I realized that most of the celebs you see today are just the same, paparazzi set ups, call ins, working to get more media attention that I don’t pay much attention to celebs as I used to, its not my idea of “fun” anymore.

    But its still crazy that the people that have been bickering and fighting for almost 2 years since Miranda and Orlando hooked up are still at it on JJ. The “shippers” and “haters”, I guess some things never end…

  • @49

    Good for you for “moving on”. But I can’t really believe that you don’t care anymore if you are here on this several days old thread. That doesn’t make you appear very genuine.
    And sure Miranda may not be as famous as “some models”, but she sure is more famous than MOST models. And I don’t think that you have to “feel bad” for a woman who is in the list of the top ten earning models in the world. That sympathy certainlty didn’t sound very genuine. And she gets a lot of attention in the entertainment media. And VS uses her frequently in their TV and print promotions and appearances. Very well attended appearances, BTW. There is a video on You Tube that proves how many people showed up for her last fragrance launch in LA. There were people out the door. Of course that was ignored by the haters in favor of an anon post. They are all about believing what they want, and to hell with the facts. Her appearance with Adriana was successful as well. I’m sure a lot of the people there wanted to see Adriana, since she is the more famous of the two. But it is telling that VS chose Miranda to be there with her, since they knew that Adriana would not be doing any press. They wanted one of their more famous Angels talking to the media on Fashion’s Night Out. It worked, they got a lot of exposure for their store.
    So if you are “over it”, why are you here in the first place? I don’t think that this site specializes in world matters or politics. Or was that not a genuine statement either.