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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

15+ pictures inside of Reebok hightops hottie Gerard Butler

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284 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie”

  1. 1
    Larel Says:

    Haha those high tops look kind of funny on him but he’s still hot!

    Photoshoot with JA for Bounty, well here comes more rumours if they end up dining together again afterwards. lol

  2. 2
    nyob Says:

    I love him, but this is all sorts of wrong. Bad shirt. Horrible jeans. And there are no words for the shoes.

  3. 3
    Shemp lugosi Says:

    This dude is fat and ugly, can’t see why you’d give him one minute of your time.

  4. 4
    vixerz Says:

    It’s not the jeans themselves, it’s that particular cut of jean ON HIM. Those jeans, as well as the shirt, strike me as for a more slender man.

    He seems to be chunking up a bit…Could do w/a bit less body fat, IMO.

  5. 5
    Kitten Says:

    Double chin and fat. How could anyone find him hot?

  6. 6
    trying to figure it out Says:

    She looks like an old hag. And what has she done with her hair? It looks very dark.

  7. 7
    bwah Says:

    That’s not Aniston LMAO. And uh Gerry those jeans are too tight dude.

  8. 8
    lala Says:

    ahem* size up your jean next time dude!

  9. 9
    Serena Says:

    Looks like he’s gained some weight again.

  10. 10
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Poor Gerry having to spend more time with Nippy. I hope he isn’t bored silly…..this is how to get hair extensions….this is how to have a current bomb at the box office….this is how to tan the cleavage in your @ss in Mexico….this is how to not be taken seriously as an actress ever….this is how to make your chin look smaller….this is how to be a joke in HW….here let me sing for you as I did on Ellen….why are you cringing?….I sing like I gargle with Drano….
    Like I said…poor Gerry having to listen to that ho…even it is for an hour.
    BTW I wonder how long he had to wait for her to get her makeup and hair….5 hours?

  11. 11
    meee Says:

    Jared, i always love your play-on-words cute titles. XD

  12. 12
    a 40 yr old in hightops? Says:

    are you kidding me?

    thats the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  13. 13
    anna Says:

    Mwhahahaha!!!! Gerry looks ridiculous! Those jeans and those shoes, LOL!
    I look at this pic and I can’t stop laughing:


  14. 14
    Stinkylouise Says:

    It doesn’t like Aniston is taking her latest film flop very well. She looks worse than usual.

  15. 15
    summertime Says:

    Like someone else here said, that is NOT Jennifer Aniston is those photos. It’s some other ugly ******.

  16. 16
    bwah Says:


  17. 17
    liz Says:

    If you know and love Gerry, as I do, then you know that once he stops filming, he wants to just relax and eat. He’s a sensual man..and that probably includes eating….And those high-tops? Leave the guy alone!!!! When you’re comfortableenough not to care what people think..wear what you like. I think of my older sister who chose to wear leggings to elementary school in the dead of winter. (Do any of you know what leggings are?) I thought they looked dumb, so I would take mine off outside and walk to school freezing to death. She didn’t care what people thought..she’s still that way and a great person. Gerry ‘s clothes are not what I first look at: eyes. physique, face…I think he’s so handsome…

  18. 18
    Me Says:

    he’s soooooo hot and sexy! i really like him!

  19. 19
    jupiterian Says:

    He’s not that old but he’s looking rather used up.

  20. 20
    Justme24 Says:

    He just got the leading role in the new movie: “Gerry, the Fat-Man.”

  21. 21
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    The only thing that could make him look worse………..wearing one of his horrible hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    oh well Says:

    Even when he’s not looking her personal best, he’s better than all the rest!

  23. 23
    Karma Says:

    What a dork! He looks ridiculous! Not a single bit hot and looks like he smells.

  24. 24
    ana Says:

    Oh no! He’s gotten fat. He was so hot in 300. Too bad. Maybe he can loose the weight and dye the grey beard.

  25. 25
    OMG! Says:

    Gerry needs to fire his stylist pronto!

  26. 26
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I love his haircut. I’m not a big fan of his buzzcut look.
    He is looking well-fed in these pics. It is so funny how he is so inconsistent in his weight appearance. The Scots are powerfully built people to live in the highlands etc. in times gone by. I guess if they don’t keep exercising, running, etc. it can become obvious quickly. Not sure as I am only part Scot. I’m tiny but to stay toned I need to run a few times a week.
    Loving the thicker beard. I love his beard and the way it makes his eyes even more appealing.
    I agree on the pants plus they look like they haven’t been broken in either. Don’t mind the shoes.
    OMG…I think his problem is he doesn’t have a stylist. The guy is just doing what is clean and comfortable IMO.

  27. 27
    Larel Says:

    Omg the comments here are hilarious, lets remember he doesn’t give a **** what people think he looks like or what he wears, he’s not on a CK runway he’s walking down the street drinking a coffee lets be fair. lol

    He seems to have gained a little weight but still looks yummy imo.
    Big & strong is hot!

    That looks like the woman that was with him at the Kimmel show when he was signing autographs, she had an orange dress on.
    Maybe a PR person or friend.

  28. 28
    Hmm Says:

    A coffee in hand again. I am looking for reviews on LAC after the screening in LA. So far only saw two and both are very positive. What is he going to do after LAC hit the theaters? Any job offers for him in the pipeline? Looks like he has bulked up a bit since the wrap of The Bounty. IMO not the look for the role of Burns but maybe it’s for some other possible role.

    I like the hair and the beard. Jeans are a bit tight but acceptable. The shoes look comfy. Hot as live wire. I hope to see him on Leno and Letterman soon. He sure is a good entertainer.

  29. 29
    Chili Pepper Says:

    Manwhore, which judging from these pictures, is a total shock. Can’t believe any woman would want him, except maybe my old aunt Betty.

  30. 30
    Sue Says:

    @Chili Pepper: I just changed my name to Aunt Betty

  31. 31
    pafan Says:

    He’s on his way to a photo shoot. There, they will fix him up and change his clothes. Why should he get dressed up to go to that? Good lord, do ya’ll get gussied up everytime you leave the house?

  32. 32
    OMG! Says:

    If he’s going to a photo shoot I hope they give him a bra for his D cups!

  33. 33
    Larry Says:

    he’s fat..double chin & bloated fat.

  34. 34
    sugar Says:

    He looks beautiful as always, and he does need to tone up a bit, but not enough to get all the nasty comments here. You people are sad!

  35. 35
    getalife Says:

    I’m amazed people don’t know the difference between fat and bign’ strong. How old are you, 12? He is not one of the boys running around on your playground. In case your glasses need adjustment, let me tell you he is the manliest man in Hollywood land. When you grow up you would be lucky to be half the man he is.

  36. 36
    Chili Pepper Says:

    @pafan: Who said anything about gussied up? What he needs is a good body and a pair of jeans that fit him, not a bloomin tuxedo. It’s not rocket science, Einstein.

  37. 37
    rainyday Says:

    He doesn’t need a good body, Einstein. He has a GREAT body. Just because this set of pictures aren’t the most flattering, we all know that in 20 minutes he can look completely different.

  38. 38
    anonTwo Says:

    …… time to hit the gym, GB.

  39. 39
    liverwurst Says:

    I absolutely loathe when women wear white bra’s under white shirts…ever hear of flesh tone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky assed hillybilly.

  40. 40
    liverwurst Says:

    HELLO JJ? THIS IS NOT JEN ANISTON!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. This woman pictured isn’t JA.(I absolutely loathe when women wear white bra’s under white shirts…ever hear of flesh tone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky assed hillybilly)

  41. 41
    fashion failure Says:

    For a guy who goes to all those fashion shows he sure has bad taste.Some of those designers should dress him up.

    Those shoes look bad on him and how did he gain so much body weight in just a few days??
    He looked trimmed in NY and now in LA he looks…BLAH

  42. 42
    clothes make a man Says:

    I’d like to put my fingers on his tummy to try to see if it’s fat or muscle, mushy or hard. Unless it’s all because of the unfitting clothes he was wearing, his weight appears to fluctuate a lot. Lay off the burgers, fries, and coke Gerry, and black coffee only please.

  43. 43
    Captain Spalding Says:

    “He’s the manliest man in Hollywood land….” Despite his uber-masculinity which is often played to the hilt for the cameras, the facts concluded years ago that Mr. Butler is indeed a gay man.
    Ironic. Disappointing. His greatest claim to fame may be that he is the Rock Hudson of Generation X.

  44. 44
    Larel Says:

    @Captain Spalding:

    Can someone explain why anyone would think GB is gay?
    I don’t believe it & how anyone else can is beyond me.

  45. 45
    Larel Says:

    Everyone JJ is NOT saying that is JA with him heading into the photoshoot, just because he says that doesn’t mean he is implying the woman in the pics is her. LMAO I thought that would be obvious.

    That woman is the same one with him at Kimmel, she was carrying his jacket & had the awful orange sundress on.
    I believe she works for G or is a friend.

  46. 46
    amen Says:

    @Larel: A gay man would never go out in public dressed like Mr. Butler is here… that would never happen.

  47. 47
    trolling Says:

    What facts are you referring to? “the facts concluded years ago….” Be more specific or you are bluffing and just another troll. That magazine interview about “not gay but not straight either” is nothing but fake.

  48. 48
    kymomto2 Says:

    HELLOOOO? I’m I the only person who sees a direct resemblance to this outfit and anything Robert Pattinson? Weird. Maybe Gerard is on a twilight kick.

  49. 49
    gillianfey Says:

    Thanks for the new GB pics, JJ. A pleasure indeed.

  50. 50
    rainyday Says:

    The magazine article #46 references as fake was indeed a fake discredited years ago.

  51. 51
    Jaxon Says:

    Garry needs to push away from the table.

  52. 52
    sluppy Says:

    if you have ever seen this man in person, you will know pictures don’t do him justice.

  53. 53
    postwatcher Says:

    Are those like Sears Roebuck toughskins circa 1976?

    This guy is so seriously retarded wearing those jeans and high tops.

    How old are you Gerry? Be a man like John Hamm and wear grown up clothes.

    Oh wait, you are just a closeted C actor…Gamer? How about Lamer?

  54. 54
    melinda Says:

    He is pretty fat but I still like him.

  55. 55
    melinda Says:

    He is pretty fat but I still like him.

  56. 56
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Mr. Giggles have you forgotten the blue checked tablecloth from The Bounty?

  57. 57
    mia Says:

    GB is IT. Nothing less, nothing more. I’ll take him on a bad day or a good day. Who cares about what he wears? It’s ‘what’s underneath his clothes’ that counts. Can’t wait for him on SNL. And, guess who the singer that night is!

  58. 58
    Eva Says:

    I love big and strong, but… this is just BIG. The difference between him now and him only a few years ago seems like a couple of decades for a normal person. Partying too much, maybe?

  59. 59
    Benita Says:

    Gerry looks better now than he did during the “Bounty” filming. He still needs to lose A LOT of fat from face and upper body. Double or triple chins are not attractive.

  60. 60
    Wow! Says:

    Out of bed with JA.
    Do a photoshoot with JA.
    Back into bed with JA.

    Good boy! All without the fans knowing! Excellent!

  61. 61
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    trying to figure it out @ 09/20/2009 at 12:01 am Mr. Giggles have you forgotten the blue checked tablecloth from The Bounty?
    I’ve tried! – I’ve really, really, really tried !
    Unfortunately the image of the tablecloth shirt is seared in my brain forever!!!!!!
    Here’s G shooting at the wardrobe department of The Bounty….

  62. 62
    Laughin' Says:

    Ah, Mr Giggles

    If only Gerry had that gun on the stylist who decked him with that outfit that he’s pictured in today.

    Of all the shops where you can purchase a pair of jeans, are you telling me that none of them had the next size up? Please Gerry, if you keep the nut-bag too warm, all your swimmers will die. The how will you be able to produce ‘cute little babies’ with Aniston.

  63. 63
    amanda Says:

    I have no idea. Who is it?

  64. 64
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Maternity Wear?!
    I think G may be carrying the baby for Jen!!!….is that a baby bump I see??
    He must be in his second trimester by now! We all know that comfortable and supportive shoes are a necessity at this very special time in his life!


  65. 65
    curious cat Says:


    I think it was established on an earlier thread (and by the SNL schedule) that the singer is Shakira.

  66. 66
    markasite madam Says:

    Just for everyone’s FYI, the woman in the pictures with Gerry is his publicist, Joy Fehily. It would be protocol for her to go with him on a photoshoot, part of her duties as a publicist. Joy is seen with him often, though she was not the brunette with him at the Kimmel show, that was his LA assistant (he has more than one assistant). But this is Joy with him in these pictures.

  67. 67
    PR insider Says:

    Sorry Markasite # 65, but that is not Joy. Joy left the PR company she was with about a year ago, and has since started her own company. Gerry has remained with the original company. That’s why Rupert has been doing a lot of the PR stuff over here in the US. The other poster is right, it is the lady who was carrying his jacket pictured in NY.

  68. 68
    Cheyenne Says:

    Oh I just am soo jeolous he gets to spend time with Jen, they are both soooo great. I can’t wait for this movie!!!!

  69. 69
    markasite madam Says:

    @PR insider: No, you are wrong, Joy IS still Gerry’s publicist. True, she did leave and form her own company, but she retained Gerry as her client, and she is still his publicist. Rupert Fowler does still work for Gerry, but Joy Fehily is still his primary publicist. He never left her when she formed her own company. There was a big write up on when Joy went with her own company but stated that Gerry would stay on with her. If you read anything at all about the dog incident recently in NYC, there were statements issued by Joy, with her name clearly at the bottom of the statements as to what happened during that incident. So Gerry still has Joy as his publicist.

  70. 70
    markasite madam Says:


    Some of you people are just not keeping up, and not keeping your facts straight.

  71. 71
    Mary Says:

    he is a cutie!!!!!!!!

  72. 72
    Celebwatcher Says:

    He’s dressed like a tween girl but at least he can say he once had a six/12 pack.

    —- is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions.

  73. 73
    Love-U-babe Says:

    Like they say, if you’re not using someone, you’re being used in evil E.Z.L.A. There are no accidents.

    But in these shots I get a sense Gerry’s chatting up a challenge. Otherwise he’d be staring the pap down. It isn’t until later we see the mad face pout. No his eyes don’t lie but neither does his mouth.

    There’s nothing sexier than a man who doesn’t give a s/hit what others think of him, and this is the new and improved Gerry. All that’s missin’ is hat! But I suspect he forgot… got dressed in a hurry [blushing] and ran out for snack and some engine-fuel.I like him sippin’ his coffee carryin’ a snack in bag all normal guy like? He always looks like he could be out of his clothes as fast as he gets into them… even in his snug-fitting jeans. [blushing] His hair IS adorable. I suspect it needs to remain SO dark for the photo shoot. Miss his normal hair color. I suspect dark hair is because he’s playing some bloke named “Milo” from Jersey? I miss his wisdom wings for certain.

    But it’s that smile into the speaker held so close to those beautiful lips I wish were me he were speakin’ to.

  74. 74
    Georgia Says:


  75. 75
    @ Love U baBE Says:

    # 72

    ‘K’ or ‘Gerry’s Fantasy Woman’ as she is known on IMDB

    How are the steamy erotic stories coming along? You, Gerry, animal lust, etc, etc. Have you published any more? Congratulations. I’m sure Gerry’s management are aware of you…or at least how disturbed you seem to be.

  76. 76
    Yeah, Totally!!! Says:

    I can so totally see Gerry and Jennifer together. They obviously like spending time together and get on. Share a sense of humour. Well, he would call her his ‘BEST BUDDY’ unless it was true. Doesn’t matter what the fans think, it is what Gerry thinks. He likes her. He says he has a lot of respect for her. If he said it, it is good enough for me. Give it a few more weeks, after LAC, and perhaps we will know more.

  77. 77
    trying to figure it out Says:

    #74 – Isn’t she also Green Eyed Girl from GB.Net?

    #75 – I’m sure he spends time and gets on well with a lot of people. Best Buddy suggests to me she is only a friend. Didn’t he say in a recent interview something to the effect that if he were dating her, he would say so – that being the case, why hasn’t he? And don’t say it’s because of LAC, that’s a cop out. If he’s dating her and isn’t embarrassed to be seen with her, he should say so. They seem to me to be both riding the PR wave right now. I’ve never been particularly interested in Aniston and don’t buy the scandal sheets, but since the filming of Bounty I’ve suddenly realized she’s all over the bloody place – I’m sick and tired of seeing her. There isn’t a day that goes by without something new being out there. This baby thing is a joke, what’s next? Jen in a wedding dress with the headline – Jen’s planning her wedding or Jen and Gerry getting married? If the press get hold of the wedding photos from Bounty we just may see that.

    #61 – Maybe he doesn’t have to worry about producing little ones, maybe he’s been neutered.

  78. 78
    Yeah, Totally!!! Says:

    # 76 Do you really think he might have had the snip? I’ve always thought a man who is nearly 40 and not had any close calls in that department, that is rare. But what do we know, maybe he has. There was talk at one time that Bianca was in the family way in November 2006. Maybe she didn’t want a baby at that time. She was very young. Something we’ll never know.

  79. 79
    Sally Says:

    I heard that as well, about Bianca. He did go out with her for about a year and a half, and mistakes can happen.

  80. 80
    Stinkylouise Says:

    #77- I’ve suspected the same thing about G. and George Clooney as well.

  81. 81
    Sally Says:

    # 79

    I assume you are referring to the women only? I agree abortion should never be used as an excuse for birth control. But what if it was Gerry’s condom which split? Yeah, that’s a different story. “Poor Gerry, accidents happen”. Get off your high horse, it takes two to tango. Perhaps there is a case for Gerry to stop dipping his ‘love’ stick everywhere, and especially in someone so young at the time. I believe Bianca was only 21 or 22 at the time, and Gerry was 36 or 37.

  82. 82
    What? Says:

    Now you people are making up rumors about some poor girl having an abortion? How can people protect themselves from this sort of stuff? Laws about these kinds of posts have got to be changed.

  83. 83
    trying to figure it out Says:

    #77 – Who knows? It was just a thought, he is almost 40 and humping everything that breathes (from the sound of things), it makes one wonder if he is shooting blank bullets. It’s an effective, worry free birth control method for a man; he doesn’t have to worry about his partner being, or not being, on any form on birth control. If he hasn’t had the “snip” then I wonder if he uses condoms, which would be irresponsible of him if he didn’t. There again, I keep reading about all the STD’s he’s had, so again, one wonders. Unless one has actually slept with him, the question remains unanswered.

    I hadn’t heard the story about Bianca. I certainly don’t agree with abortion being a form of birth control, but accidents do sometimes happen and some people do go that route. It’s their own personal choice.

  84. 84
    what? Says:

    #83 nobody is spreading rumors, everyone knows its speculation. we are actually having a debate about abortions and birth control so don’t get your XXL panties in a wad and start demandingr Orwelian laws because you don’t like the subject matter.

  85. 85
    Seriously??? Says:

    Wow, it seems that all the loons that hate on Aniston are now transfering their hatred of her onto him. I like Jen and I like this guy – he is manly hot not pretty boy hot. Big difference. Get it? Got it? Good!!

  86. 86
    Sally Says:

    # 82 I totally agree about the STD’s, but a man should not take part in any responsibility for birth control….really? So if a women takes the birth control pill with a slight stomach upset (which may or may not effect birth control), but they use a condom, both of which fail. So we should kill the women? It’s not as black and white as that.

    Me thinks your birth control issues are more to do with Butler and his choice of girlfriends, together with the thought that this man might have spawned a child. If it’s her responsiblity for conception, then it’s option and right as a women to have an abortion. IF…IF…this is true about Bianca, then it’s her conscious that has to deal with it, and we wouldn’t know under what circumstances that would be.

    Like I said before, it takes TWO to tango. Each realising that they have the potential to create a child. That’s the conseqences of sex. He has the choice of not goining there, but I think he has an extremely strong appetite for sex.

  87. 87
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Speculation is just that….speculation. Poor Bianca. All this crap on this page is just that…CR@P.
    As for Gerry being with Nippy, GMAFB! If he is so with her why is he partying with everyone but her? Why did he go to Stick Bug Week without her? Why is club-hopping and picking up girls without her? Why was he not with her on her RC for that stinker Sh!t Happens? Why would that famewh0re Nippy not use him for PR for her stinker by saying stuff in her interviews? Yeah they are together….BULLSH!T!
    Gerry has made himself fair game for these posts on this thread. I know next to nothing about Bianca, but stating the stuff above as demi-fact is disgusting. Leave her alone. She is the past and a non-factor in Gerry’s world now. And stating something as volatile as abortion in regards to her is toxic. Let her be.
    Three cheers for Gamer. With an opening weekend of $9.1M it is beating the cr@p out of Sh!t Happens at an estimated $8.4M. Looks like Nippy will need to ride on the Great Scot’s box office coattails when The Bounty comes out. Although Gamer qualifies as a bomb, TUT was definitely not ($88.2M ytd). That makes two bombs in a row for Nippy (Management and Sh!t Happens).

  88. 88
    Julie Says:

    It is funny, a lot of people have questioned recently whether or not he has secretly married in the past. And now, in this past year I have noticed in some interviews he’s been asked whether or not he is married. Maybe some should ask him if he has any children, and just not just in relation to marriage.

    Lets face it, his co-star in PS I Love Jeffery Dean Morgan didn’t know he was a father until recently, and the kid is about five years old.

  89. 89
    what? Says:

    as I said, since its the woman who will be carrying the baby and will, in all likelihood, be the sole parent if something does happen because most men are irresponsible deadbeat dads, then its her responsibility to make sure it does not happen by using the pill and diaphragm, coil or preferably a hysterectomy because a b itch who can not effectively manage birth control and can ‘accidentally’ get pregnant in this day and age….when there are so many methods of contraception available, is super dumb and should never be allowed to have children.

    at the same time, men with who are found to have stds should be chemically castrated and be flogged in public with giant rubber d-ildos. i am an equal opportunities fascist.

  90. 90
    Seriously??? Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely

    Amazing that here we are on a GB thread and you are still so consumed with your supposed hatred towards JA that you cannot bring yourself to not mention your hatred. Well, I guess your name says it all – you are OBSESSED with her. It’s one thing to mention her a little on his thread because of the speculation of an affair between the two of them. But you have to turn your whole post into your anti-Aniston rant. You start out speaking in the first paragraph about his ex girlfriend but then you quickly turn your post into the Anti-Aniston rant. Do you ever think of anything other than her? Did she steal your boyfriend from you years ago…..haha??

  91. 91
    Seriously??? Says:

    what? @ 09/20/2009 at 1:37 pm

    That is some funny ****!! You must be from dlisted. Love it!

  92. 92
    WTF Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 09/20/2009 at 1:25 pm
    As for Gerry being with Nippy, GMAFB! If he is so with her why is he partying with everyone but her? Why did he go to Stick Bug Week without her? Why is club-hopping and picking up girls without her? Why was he not with her on her RC for that stinker Sh!t Happens? Why would that famewh0re Nippy not use him for PR for her stinker by saying stuff in her interviews? Yeah they are together….BULLSH!T!

    You are spreading the same cra8p about ‘Nippy’ as others are spreading about Gerry. What has she done to you personally?

    He went to Stick Bug Week with Fry Guy. Do we assume he’s gay? No
    Has anyone said they have actually seen him pick up and slept with any women at these clubs since he’s known JA? No.
    Do you think GB would put the success of LAC at risk, knowing is his best asset is his fans? No.
    Do we know one way of another that he wasn’t at the private afterparty at her house, AFTER the premiere? No.
    If they have started a relationship, like you and I, you could be unsure, therefore maybe not wanting to make it known.
    His ‘friend’ called to make a denial about the relationship saying they not dating ‘NOW’…but who knows about the future’. Which every fan believed about the ‘not dating now’ part, but keenly forgot about the ‘who knows about the future’.

    If he wants to be with her, and he’s happy, let him. It’s none of our business.

    I’m beginning to think the fans never want him to have a steady relationship or be happy, no matter who that person may be.

  93. 93
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Seriously???: Are you as retarded as you sound? The speculation over the last two pages were that Gerry is secretly seeing Nippy. Don’t you read?
    As for my obsession, that is the Great Scot.
    My disgust for Nippy is something I have never hidden and will not. Because I like Gerry I CHOSE to believe he is not stupid enough to waste time on such a joke of a human being as Nippy.
    I didn’t start the topic of Nippy and I will not back down from it.
    BTW, why aren’t you posting under your own name? A little scared?

  94. 94
    nobodyhere Says:

    Well, yeah, but… looking really fat!

  95. 95
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @WTF: Are you being a little naive or what? Don’t you see what is coming? Nippy’s movie just bombed like a nuclear holocaust. How do you think that famewh0re is going to get PR to save face?
    Enter a sacrificial lamb. I wonder who will that be?
    Gerry’s career could be at great peril. Why? LAC could be the make-or-break moment of his career in HW. His future project arsenal is bleak. There is a lot riding on LAC. Do you think for a moment that being turned into a tabloid cartoon figure will help his acting career? GMAFB!
    My concern for Gerry is that Nippy is toxic in the business. After losing close to $30M on the production and marketing for Sh!t Happens and thats not counting the money lost on that loser Management, she is not marketable to carry a film on her own. Having Gerry associated with that is dangerous.
    Okay, enough of my rant. Gerry’s career matters to be me. I enjoy him. Thus, I am perceiving Nippy as a threat to that success.

  96. 96
    /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Me thinks you are retarded, my friend…and probably obese.

    My deepest condolences.

  97. 97
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Good try but wrong. Size two. 33. Married and a nurse.
    Save condolences for your sorry a$$. I could care less what you think.

  98. 98
    Samantha Says:

    Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, right, toxic. Really? Highest paid and richest actress in HW. Yep…nobody is going to see her movies. She is obviously doing something very wrong. And the studio’s, the idiots, are willing to invest in her. Damn public, don’t they know they shouldn’t be going out to see her movies. Hell she is REALLY toxic.

    P.S. . Love to have her money and success, as would Gerry I suspect, along with major studio interest.

  99. 99
    glenda the good witch Says:

    Just a bit of advice to everyone. There is a poster that comes here called markasite madame. This person has followed and studied Gerry Butler for probably 8 or more years now, and she is very knowlegable of him, and is rarely, if ever wrong about anything she says about him. I’m not sure if she has any direct contacts into his world, I don’t think she does. But she does know the facts about Gerry and I wouldn’t challenge her on anything she says about him. I would not call her a rabid fangurl or even an obsessed one. From what I know of her, she’s a professional woman, who is married and has two or three almost grown children. She’s not a “whacko” or a “nut job” in any shape, form or fashion. But she has followed Gerry/s life, both professionally and personally, very closely, and if anyone has the correct information on him, it;s her. So don’t discount anything she says, because what she says is bankable and can generally be trusted to be correct. Just so you all know.

  100. 100
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: If there’s a god that Bounty thing goes straight to DVD and GB dodges a bullet. I suspect she’s now toxic and he’s flirting with it. I do hope LAC will help Gerry and if it does the last thing he needs is an Aniston time bomb lurking in his near future.

  101. 101
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Samantha: Nippy’s Friends gravy train ends at the end of the year. $26M down the toilet. Do you read Forbes? Didn’t think so. She is not the most successful and bankable star out there. Yeah, she has a sh!tload of money and look at her pathetic life.
    As for being a bankable actress, she should be talking to Sandra Bullock. After soundly being beat at the opening weekend box office by a ridiculous rom-com in All About Steve ($11.2M) and the predictable The Proposal ($33.6M), Nippy is in a helluva lot of trouble. BTW The Proposal ytd figure is $275.2M worldwide and All About Steve is at $26.6M worldwide. Sh!t Happens will be lucky to make back it’s production budget of $18M. Credit:
    So guess what Samantha, the public is NOT going to see Nippy’s movies.

  102. 102
    @ Glenda Says:


    That would be more believable if she every questioned some of the things he has done, and there has been some questionable things. Truely. But she can see no fault in him which is unrealistic. Even ManLESSton can see some of his faults, and she is nuts! LOL

    Just because he is HOT, doesn’ t make him perfect.

  103. 103
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@ Glenda: Agreed. I think that he has demons which he fights constantly and he IS his own worst enemy. I like the guy and it is hard to watch him follow the handbook of How to P!ss Away Your Promising Acting Career to boot.
    @Glenda…thanks for the compliment, I think, LOL.

  104. 104
    Seriously??? Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely

    Haha, oh no, you’re not obsessed. Hahahahahaha. You are, however, certifiably NUTZ!!!!! Cut the crap about the size 2, happy marriage and kids thing too. I propose that you are 18 yrs old with 3 kids, 300 lbs, unmarried and ******** around with a married man who is in to fat chicks. Here’s my advice, get a real job, get on birth control, leave the married men alone and skip eating the government cheese right out of the container. Life gets better when you live your life instead of being consumed in anothers. Bwaaaa…size 2, as if, hahaha.

  105. 105
    Seriously??? Says:

    glenda the good witch @ 09/20/2009 at 2:38 pm Just a bit of advice to everyone. There is a poster that comes here called markasite madame.

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 09/20/2009 at 3:07 pm @@ Glenda: Agreed. I think that he has demons which he fights constantly and he IS his own worst enemy. I like the guy and it is hard to watch him follow the handbook of How to P!ss Away Your Promising Acting Career to boot.
    @Glenda…thanks for the compliment, I think, LOL

    Oh, ok, now are we to believe that “ManLESSton, I likely” is really “markasite madame”????? Wow, this is getting richer by the minute. Now remember “ManLESSton, I likely”, back away from the fridge and the government cheese. Be strong!

  106. 106
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Seriously???: Like I said. think what you want. Those who post here know me and know how wrong you are.
    You are a sad little jenhen. Sucks to be you this weekend. Sh!t Happens!

  107. 107
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Seriously???: Sorry not the same person.
    Hey Jentroll, shouldn’t you be out seeing Sh!t Happens so Nippy can get another job?

  108. 108
    Seriously??? Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 09/20/2009 at 3:18 pm

    Ok, I’m only trying to help you…….step away from the fridge. Haha. And secondly, if you consider “those who post here” to really be your friends and really “know you” you are a much more pitiable creature than I thought. I bet you consider them to be your BFF’s right? I mean you are here all the time giving them all of your attention. Gee, where’s your hubby and kids on this sunday afternoon? Or do they only come out at night when you can dream? I’ve heard of imaginary friends but imaginary husband and kids is a bit much honey. And don’t forget…….step away from the fridge, otherwise you will never get that husband and kids you are imagining.

  109. 109
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Listen little sad Jenhen. The posters here are seeing you for the troll that you are. Keep it up. Your relevance is sinking as quick as Nippy’s movie.
    Remember…sometimes when you least expect it…Sh!t Happens!

    BTW for the posters that matter, Oct. 16 is opening day for LAC. Doesn’t Gerry show up on SNL the next night? If so, great timing on his and his management’s part. Maybe we will get lucky and they will do a skit about the Nippy rumors. I would love to see a bit about the crotch shot on set. Yup, that would be funny!

  110. 110
    Seriously??? Says:

    And you’re still talking about Aniston, haha. I bet you have posters of her on your walls (right next to the posters of 2 other celebrities) and you throw darts at it daily. I think you just need to realize that you have an obsession about her. It’s really not healthy to think about 1 person this often – especially if you don’t even know them. Seriously, are you going to some day hunt her down and try to kill her or something? Do you have any idea how you sound when you state these supposed facts about someone you so much contempt for? I hope that if anything ever happens to her by some crazed loony the police will have enough sense to check the ip addresses of some of you on here. It’s incredible how much seething hate for her comes from some like you.

  111. 111
    Larel Says:

    Is GB going to the Emmy’s tonite? probably not since he is not in TV. lol guess I answered my own question.
    I bet he will be hitting up the afterparties though, the man really need to calm down & stop the running around every night imo.

    So JA movie bombed this weekend? lol shocking since she can only play one character no matter what she is cast in.

    IMO JA is not dating GB never was never will be & all this STAR **** is made up & the cover shot is so photoshopped.

    G even said himseld that savey fans will see that pretty much every pic of them put on covers is from the Bounty set.
    He also recenlty said in a BBC interview that why bother “setting the record straight” about him & JA anymore since no one seems to get it anyway, he went on to say there is nothing going on with me & Jen.
    Also the release of LAC means nothing about if they are or aren’t dating that is so silly, if he was he would say it.

  112. 112
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Larel: ITAWY.
    Don’t think that he will be at the Emmy’s either. IIRC correctly, he will be heading back to NYC midweek. I have actually been proud of him this week. He has been in LA and not been shot at any of the HW hot spots. Maybe he is spending more time up in Los Feliz with that mystery brunette 20-something. Who knows…
    Just ignore Seriously??? I am. If you see the name just skip the post like I am. Bet she is getting nasty now that she isn’t getting any attention.
    Amen, if you are still lurking, any news on Burns from Scotland lately? I keep thinking that their national film department will continue to underwrite that film and hopefully to a greater degree in the future. Still hoping for that film soon.
    Hang in there Gerry fans. BBL. Hubby and I are going to the see The Informant again. Ciao

  113. 113
    Seriously??? Says:

    Hubby and I are going to the see The Informant again. Ciao

    Now I’m positive you are not married. Men rarely do that but obsessive women do… the time. Do people look at you strange when you are talking to someone that isn’t there in public? Or do you just reserve that for when you are home by yourself? No, seriously, how do you handle that?

  114. 114
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I haven’t heard any buzz on Burns for ages. I suspect that all will be very quiet with GB and anything in his future until after Law Abiding Citizen is out and well established as the successful film I think it will be. I’m guessing we’ll see movement on projects after that time.

  115. 115
    trying to figure it out Says:

    It would be so nice to see Gerry do Burns. A while ago financing looked promising in a round about sort of way, but what happened? I read somewhere recently that he was being looked at to play Captain Britain (correct me if I am wrong on that one, but it was some sort of comic hero); it would be worth the price of admission to see him in a spandex Union Jack. I’m sure he’ll diet and tone up before the role!

  116. 116
    amen Says:

    @trying to figure it out: I too heard that Captain Britain reference – I think it was in the British press and not here.
    He always gets in shape for his films so I’m not worried about spandex at all LOL But I’d surely rather see him play a dramatic role than action again. What he chooses after LAC will be telling won’t it?

  117. 117
    a thought Says:

    These days it seems comic book adaptations, rom-coms and animated movies are sure things to make money (I agree some made more than others in those categories). Anything else is less certain in profitability. It seems the demographics of movie viewers are changing with middle-aged and older population prefer staying home or waiting for DVDs. Also good scripts are hard to come by and unless an actor holds out for better scripts the chance of making a box office stinker is quite high even for big name stars.

    As someone pointed out, the box office number for the movie “Bright Star” should be indicative of the fate for “Burns” as both are about the lives of poets from a couple of centuries ago.

  118. 118
    Larel Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Doubt that mystery brunette was anything at all.

    He would have been seen with her before this again, why do you say Los Feliz is where they would spend time, just curious?

  119. 119
    asl Says:

    You know, if this was a woman, there would so be pregnancy rumors ..

  120. 120
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Hey BG fans. Just got back from The Informant. We really enjoyed it. My friend and her husband hadn’t seen it before.
    I see my stalker Seriously has been back. Oh well…
    Larel, I was just saying Los Feliz because that is where they were spotted having dinner at the beginning of last week. Remember the “seeming very pleased with herself” girl. That was what I was referencing. More of a joke than anything. I believe that one to be as serious as a coupling with Nippy.
    Gerry has a hard time staying away from the clubs in West Hollywood. This week has been pretty quiet for him in LA. Maybe him being out somewhere else has contributed to the silence.
    Amen, thanks for weighing in on Burns. I think that the movie would be glorious but not a successful box office hit. That’s why I am hoping the Scottish government film dept will be more involved. It is sure to be something all Scots will want to see since Burns is so much of their culture. I would love to see Gerry in a period piece like that. My understanding is that it needs to be made in the next couple of years or Gerry may miss the opportunity to play Burns. We’ll see…
    When we went to the theater today, my hubby wanted to see Gamer again. He really loved the action. Go figure. If we hadn’t been meeting friends we would have seen Gamer again. A little Gerry on a Sunday afternoon can be a very good thing.

  121. 121
    Love that hint of a smile Says:

    ‘K’ or ‘Gerry’s Fantasy Woman’ as she is known on IMDB
    How are the steamy erotic stories coming along? You, Gerry, animal lust, etc, etc. Have you published any more? Congratulations. I’m sure Gerry’s management are aware of you…or at least how disturbed you seem to be.

    I have. All is well! Got something exceptionally extra steamy and highly erotic taking place in an olive green velvet chair right about… now. And boy-oh-boy can I describe in grand details… some things. Actually, I can describe a lot of things that are highly erotic and sexually charged very well indeed. [wicked grin] And my hand-selected readers since 2006 love it. What better way to end a long tiring stressful day than a new post waiting for you? :o)

    K, GerrysFASCINATINGWoman

  122. 122
    mj Says:

    Boy all you people have such nice things to say about Gerard. I feel sorry for you not him. I like tight jeans at least their not hanging down to his knees so his but crack shows .

  123. 123
    Larel Says:

    @Love that hint of a smile:

    Sorry but whoever is responsible for post #122 WTF is going on there? lol sounds a little insane to me.

  124. 124
    Seriously now Says:

    I don’t think GB is fighting any demons. He himself has said he doesn’t care anything about booze anymore.

    Who the heck is K? I read IMDb on a somewhat regular basis, and I haven’t run into any discussions about a K. Except back when the Kristy video was on TMZ, and she’s referred to on IMDb humorously as Arcadia, not K.

    I’ve still got my fingers crossed that Burns will go forward. I know it won’t be a big financial hit, but it will be one for the ages.

  125. 125
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ amen: If he is serious about his acting career he’ll choose something with depth; if it’s just for the money, then it will be another rom com. I’m with ManLESSton on this one, I’d like to see him do a period piece too. Didn’t Burns die at the ripe old age of 38? That being the case, the more it is delayed the older Gerry gets, and it may get to the point where he is considered too old for the part. I do hope LAC does well for Gerry; I think the down side to this is having Bounty released at the end of the year to capitalize on it.

  126. 126
    pafan Says:

    When is the real release date for Bounty? I saw once on gossip sites it was Christmas, but before that it said 2010? Does anyone really know?

  127. 127
    red Says:

    If I see one more of those Bumpit ads here I’m going to have a meltdown. The does they show look like something out of the 1960s. Gaaaaggg.

  128. 128
    lilac Says:

    Is he with JA or not? Let’s have a contest. I’m begining to think maybe there is something going on. What do you think? I just hope he’s happy.

  129. 129
    Knowswhatsup Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: hmmmm…Gerry has more than one, er, “brunette” he is spending time with here in LA…

  130. 130
    peoplemakethingsup Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    ManLESSton…why do you know about this supposed brunette but no one else does? Are you just making things up?
    The man is probably just spending time ALONE because he never gets to jeez.
    I don’t think he is with Maniston either, but I also don’t think he is messing with some “mystery woman” not right now. I wouldnt believe anything unless I saw a picture/photograph. If you have neither or nothing, don’t make up things about the man.

  131. 131
    NotGayMaleGBFan Says:

    I don’t think he is with Jennifer Aniston.
    I do, however, think that Jen is very much into him or the idea of being with him.

    I don’t think that woman is his type?? Remember Priyanka? Naomi? As a man, I think I share the same attraction as gerry…to a more exotic look/type in a woman.
    I have an inkling our Gerry is just doing his job and laughing at everyone. Including the people that chase him.

  132. 132
    FattyMcFats Says:

    Checking the pics out, Yep he gained weight huh??

  133. 133
    scary people Says:

    Had been away only to return to this thread to be astonished at some seriously scary people.

    The Jenfans and haters I can cope with, the ‘will he, won’t he’ and ‘is he, isn’t he’ dating posters and those who just come here to talk about movies – fine! Even the truly dilusional ‘K’ and her entirely personal cyberp*rn can be passed by – its a public GOSSIP board, and all are welcome here for that reason, and its a good giggle.

    But the only truly scary one is Markasite Madame and her supporter Glenda (#100) who appear to be the self proclaimed moderators of Gerryfandom and political correctness. Normally Madame M can be dismissed as a rather sad self appointed school prefect, slapping down anyone who dares to speculate about her hero. But now, with her little side kick Glenda telling us all that we should trust everything that the Oracle says, as she is always right, that she is supposedly an intellegent PROFESSIONAL woman with kids and a family and, FOLLOWER OF EVERYTHING CONCERNING GB OF OVER EIGHT YEARS! – that actually qualifies her as the most scary and disturbing stalker of the lot.

    To think that her self appointed authority to comment, appears to be grown from obsessive cross referencing, meticulous time lines of what was said, noticed, photographed, interviewed and critiqued about GB and each and every person who came into his professional and personal circle over an 8 year period is frankly wierd. It suggests a woman who trawls through every single article, web posting and magazine, fanzine and fansite on a daily and obsessive basis (yuck) and files and files of research (please explain how this is NOT the actions of a stalker). Add the observation that this woman is also in some sort of profession where one might have to assume that she has some level of authority and trust in real life is more scary. Worse still is the consideration that her ‘almost grown family of two or three kids’ have had to live with the ‘elephant in the room’ of her omnipresent stalker obsession with Gerard Butler for almost a decade. She might well be the most disturbed and frightening of all the GB posters.

    I don’t care to be lectured by her on her fundamental issues and political correctness to other posters -and most people who come to these sites, don’t lose their judgement when they post – its ABOUT gossip and speculation, not about moderated fandom.

    Time to wake up and smell the coffee dear – work out what your family have been doing over the last eight years while you stalked and srutinized every move of GB.

  134. 134
    Scary PERSON you mean Says:

    I’m new but ManLESSton is the only one scaring me…
    A married woman with kids speculating for two days about what GB was doing with a cup of coffeee in Los Feliz or whatever she said.

    Mmmmhmmm. Like I said.

  135. 135
    sugar Says:

    yeah I am starting to think that he is with Jen too. Hey that would be a ball!!!

  136. 136
    Dear Gerry Says:

    I’ve got two X chromosomes and a snatch and you haven’t fùcking proposed yet. Expect to receive a few turds through your mailbox.

    Vengeance will be mine

  137. 137
    amen Says:

    @trying to figure it out: Gosh the guy has already chewed his way through Beowulf, Dracula and Attila the Hun. Let’s see who’s left for him; Peter the Great maybe, Charlemagne or how about Margaret Thatcher – yeah – that’s the ticket!
    But I agree, no more rom/coms, we’re holding out for a period piece now. If that Aniston thing is released soon after Law Abiding Citizen I think it will be bad… DVDville for that one….oh yeahhhh.
    I saw Love Happens because I was hoping there would be a hint of a surprise that she could put out something worthy of Gerry, but no such luck, that thing was strictly LIFETIME CHANNEL.

  138. 138
    JenIsFugly Says:

    He wouldnt be caught dead being her man. Its a joke.
    He is not my cup of tea but I doubt Jen is his style except to use her for what its worth.

    Jen is a pathetic waste of a woman with no class. And she is fuggin ugly.

    Get a life Jen. You had the hottest man on the planet at your beck and call. He left you bc you are a boring piece of trash.

  139. 139

    Please end the rom-coms!!!!! Katie Heigl has ZERO sex appeal!!
    Jen – even LESS!

  140. 140
    wake up already Says:

    He’s gay.

  141. 141
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ amen
    Margaret Thatcher – YES!! It will be his Tootsie role. How about Mountbatten? Although I think he has been potrayed before by someone.

  142. 142
    his assistant Says:

    This woman must be his assistant….no?

  143. 143
    Rachel Green again... Says:

    ManLESSton…why do you know about this supposed brunette but no one else does? Are you just making things up?
    The man is probably just spending time ALONE because he never gets to jeez.
    I don’t think he is with Maniston either, but I also don’t think he is messing with some “mystery woman” not right now. I wouldnt believe anything unless I saw a picture/photograph. If you have neither or nothing, don’t make up things about the man.
    Info on the mystery brunette came posters in Los Feliz on Perez Hilton’s site. So it take for whatever you want. I personally don’t believe it…
    The dude isn’t messing with just one chick. I DO believe he gets around but is very discreet or as discreet as Twitter allows him to be…
    I don’t think he is just sitting home reading a book waiting for your call.

  144. 144
    amen Says:

    @trying to figure it out: Masterpiece Theatre did a Mountbatten back in 80ies…it was a Scot too, the great Nicol Williamson. Now I love GB but I wouldn’t put him up against Nicol. GB did 2 Masterpiece projects: The Jury & Mrs. Brown. But I’m a huge fan of Peter the Great. He was a hulking, boorish, genius of a man and he kicked a*s on his whole society and dragged them into modernity with the force of his personality. Sorry for the rant – but GB could play that role – he could nail it. Where are screenplays like that?
    Yep, he could do Thatcher too – look at his boobs! LOL I’m sure there are some killer screenplays for the life of The Iron Lady ;-)

  145. 145
    GB's talent Says:

    With the right script GB could do well with all kinds of genres.

    Opinions about his acting talent vary, but IMO he has the rare ability to transform himself into the characters with his whole heart and soul. He is able to put his stamp on the characters with his own interpretations. He can truly call the characters he played his own creations. Very few actors have that innate talent. GB is not merely “playing” a role; he internalizes the role and the final product has his name written all over it. Every role he played he can proudly call his baby.

    Just an opinion.

  146. 146
    Darla Says:

    I’d rather see JA with Gerry than John Mayer, that’s for sure. At least he has a real sense of humor and could help JA lighten up some. And if you don’t look perfect at 40, who cares? He’s still sexy and cuddly.

  147. 147
    shattered Says:

    Just watched “Shattered” I got from Netflix. Gerard was soooo gorgeous when the movie was made. A lot has changed since 2006 as far as his face and body shape are concerned. Well we all getting a little older and even movie stars cannot escape it unless one really stays on top of maintenance like Aniston. It takes hard work to look youthful.

    Shattered is really not a bad movie, a little contrived I have to say. It should have been given a chance to be shown at the theaters when it was released. I think TV stations like Lifetime and Oxygen should pick it up and show it and I am surprised they haven’t done that.

  148. 148
    bj Says:

    @ shattered. It was on a cable channel about 2 years ago. I think it was TNT, if I remember correctly.

  149. 149
    Gerryin06 Says:

    I met him in 06 and you are so right. He was spectacularly handsome.
    I liked the movie and thought it was way under released. It would do well on TV – it’s so much better than the latest JA fluff. I think GB @40 is still a babe…but he should be doing different roles now. Great roles for strong guys in their 40ies – should be anyway.

  150. 150
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    #144 amen @ 09/21/2009 at 12:31 pm
    @trying to figure it out: Masterpiece Theatre did a Mountbatten back in 80ies…it was a Scot too, the great Nicol Williamson. Now I love GB but I wouldn’t put him up against Nicol. GB did 2 Masterpiece projects: The Jury & Mrs. Brown. But I’m a huge fan of Peter the Great. He was a hulking, boorish, genius of a man and he kicked a*s on his whole society and dragged them into modernity with the force of his personality. Sorry for the rant – but GB could play that role – he could nail it. Where are screenplays like that?
    Yep, he could do Thatcher too – look at his boobs! LOL I’m sure there are some killer screenplays for the life of The Iron Lady ;-)
    ITAWY amen. He has a way of taking those kind of roles and making them his. Attila was a surprise and he was great as the Phantom. I too hope that The Bounty is delayed into 2010. Having another release that soon and for a mediocre movie could take some steam away from LAC. The reviews online that I have seen for LAC are positive.
    Another concern is the Nippy can’t open a movie on her own as proven by this weekend’s box office. So a lot of the hype will be the pairing of Gerry and Nippy on screen for TB. Problem is, if the movie doesn’t do well guess who will take the blame? Not Nippy. Her PR is already trying to spin that Sh!t Happens failing at the box office has nothing to do with her. So again, my concern for Gerry’s box office impact is well founded unless his PR can be as aggressive as Nippy’s.
    Larel, I don’t for a second think that Gerry is interested in Nippy. She is too high-maintenance and why should he settle. She has money and that’s about it. She is a high school graduate and he has a graduate degree. He is philosophical and she is self-indulgent. I can’t imagine what a conversation between the two would be like.
    As for the little Jenhen trying to discredit me…whatever. Again regular posters see you for what you are.
    #134 welcome newby if you truly are… And don’t worry about my kids because I don’t have any. And as for being on two days, if you look at my posts I have been on sporadically and only post when I have the time. Unlike some people, I do have a life…

  151. 151
    amen Says:

    he is a high school graduate and he has a graduate degree. He is philosophical and she is self-indulgent. I can’t imagine what a conversation between the two would be like.
    For his good education and post grad law degree I dunno Manless. I don’t think a conversation with Nippy would be any less substantive than one he’d have with any of the stick insects he cycles through his life. I give him credit for his intellectual pursuits of his youth, but that was a loooong time ago. He’s dumbed himself down to the lowest common denominator in Hollywood; he fits right in. I bet he’s just as self-indulgent as JA really, just IMHO

  152. 152
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @amen: You could be right on that. Maybe I am giving him too much credit. He has said in interviews that he reads all the time but he also chases skirt quite regularly too.
    After reading your post something else came to mind. Competition. Gerry might like to be top dog in his relationships and doesn’t want to compete in his career with his SO. Maybe he lives by the adage, one diva in the house is enough…
    You may have a very good point. He hasn’t been acting like a well educated man lately IMO.

  153. 153
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ amen
    I think good scripts nowadays are few and far between and are offered to much better seasoned actors like Russell Crow, Tom Hanks, etc. I loved The Jury and Mrs. Brown, although the latter didn’t showcase too much of Gerry’s talent with the role he had. Apart from Burns there doesn’t seem to be too many good Scots around that he could play. I guess time will tell where his career takes him; I really don’t think The Bounty is going to help him, and if Aniston uses him as her fall guy he may end up regretting the day he ever took the role.

  154. 154
    sugar Says:

    Perez hilton confirmed that they are together

  155. 155
    Nah Says:

    I dont think Buts is gay but i also dont think he has some mystery chick.
    I think that he and The Man are for real.

  156. 156
    autumnstorms Says:


    I don’t know who you are referring to as being together, but………….I remember a while back, Perez Hilton “confirmed” Fidel Castro had died. He is such a reliable source.

  157. 157
    curious cat Says:

    @sugar. who is together? This thread has lost its thread as all do finally. I can’t see LAC saving GB’s career. It seems like just another bomb-filled action flick maybe a step above “Gamer.” Face it. He is starting to look the same in every movie and grunt out the same role with the same facial expressions.

  158. 158
    howdydarlin Says:

    Ummm that is not Jennifer Anitson… is that not Renee?

  159. 159
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Butler or John Mayer? John, PLEASE take her!

  160. 160
    lilac Says:

    I don’t think at this point his career is in danger and ‘needs saving.’ I, for one, can’t wait to see LAC.

    The same in every movie? Good lord, there is nothing the same about his performances in 300, Rocknrolla or TUT etc., etc. Some movies he’s been in may not be that great as a whole, but he’s always the best thing in them.

    Even if he chooses to be with JA, I don’t see how ticking off a few fan girls would ruin his career. It takes a general audience to make or break a movie, not a few confused fans who delusionally feel he is their personal property.

  161. 161
    sugar Says:

    perez confirmed that jen and gerry are together. He might make a mistake about castro because that’s politics. But we are talking about Hollywood which is his area of expertise if you like

  162. 162
    curious cat Says:

    #153 I respectfully disagree. “Apart from Burns there doesn’t seem to be too many good Scots around that he could play.”

    There are quite a few good historical Scottish characters GB or his colleague Scottish actors McAvoy and McGregor could play–with their own accent yet– if they dug into American, Australian and Canadian history as well as their own and the worldwide British Empire in general. Scottish history is not just Braveheart, Highlander and men in kilts running around with swords. Let’s face it, in the U.S. there isn’t a hot market for serious historical movies, especially about foreign people, including Robert Burns, unless they are super high Oscar caliber. The American market, which is the one they have to make it in to make $$$, doesn’t often support that kind of movie-making. Americans seem to like adolescent clap-trap. Then again, great movies about historical events have done famously well. They are the ones that win Academy Awards. It takes someone with vision, daring, tenacity and a big, big commitment to excellence to make something like that happen, even if they have to do it on a low budget first to make their name. You don’t hear about the people who make that kind of films frittering away time at bars, parties, karaoke joints, trendy celebrity hangouts and fashion shows. GB is looking more and more like a shallow celebrity-monger who doesn’t have the kind of gray matter or focus to do something dazzlingly great, or perhaps the backbone to shoo off the PR people that maybe push him into these things and the paparazzi who cover them. I’m puzzled why people think LAC is the film that can save his career. So far it just looks like more of the same that he’s been doing. Just another (yawn) thriller full of blowups and killings and more ranting and emoting with the same limited facial expressions he’s used in Shattered, 300, Gamer, etc. I’d love to be proved wrong and hope that this movie is a serious look at our justice system a la “Dead Man Walking.” I thought Sean Penn should have won best actor for that role in a tough, hard, unflinching look at a serious issue. I thought GB “coulda been somebody, ” to quote a famous movie. And maybe he still will be. But the prognosis isn’t promising at the moment unless he does a 180 degree turn. Sorry to go on so long, folks. I go now. Have a good week.

  163. 163
    pafan Says:

    Oh my. Perez confirmed it? What has that loser confirmed that was true? JA and GB may be together, but I’m not going to believe anything he confirms. These sites breed off each other.

    I’ll wait till I hear it out of Gerry’s mouth.

  164. 164
    One Sugar-Cube Short... Says:

    Haha – are you serious???? PEREZ effing HILTON??
    No, he is NOT a reliable source. Not Not NOT.

    Lemme guess: you think the Enquirer is 100% real news all the time dontcha?

  165. 165
    sugar Says:

    come on people lay off me. Why are these rumours not dying down. There is always smoke to every fire!!!

  166. 166
    ManLESSton needs a lobotomy. Says:

    Instead of making fun of her, somebody should intervene and help this poor woman. She is not well. Celebrity stalking, body dysmorphia, phantom employment and having imaginary husband and children are all symptoms of manic depression.

  167. 167
    aaahhh! Says:

    if you’ve forgotten why you fell for gerry this should remind you

  168. 168
    trying to figure it out Says:

    aaahhh! @ 162

    Lucy Sullivan, I loved that series. great cast of quirky characters. Gerry played such a loveable sleazeball, no wonder Lucy fell for him.

    Sugar @ 165

    Because someone doesn’t want them to die down. They are keeping JA’s mug on the front page.

    Curious Cat @ 162
    You know if Gerry played his cards right Burns could turn out to be one of those “sleeper” movies that ends up winning an Academy Award – I know we are really stretching it here. He hasn’t spoken about Burns lately, I am wondering if he is still interested in that part. Maybe he is happy just playing the sappy roles for the pay cheque now. I think a change of management will do him good, but I don’t think that is going to happen. He is loyal to Alan because he is a friend and I believe friends and business don’t mix.

    On an off-note – does anyone know who else Alan manages?

  169. 169
    markasite madame Says:

    Why does everyone seem to “assume” that Gerry is dating Jennifer Aniston. Because it is proclaimed in a gossip rag, such as the Star and others (and most especially Perez Hilton), that actually is more of an indication that it is NOT TRUE than being true. Has anyone actually seen them out together, other than on the movie shoot, or in the case of being at dinner with a whole group of people, never alone? Although Ms. Aniston has not ever denied a relationship other than a working one, it is so obvious that she has been riding on the heels of Gerry all this time for PR purposes and nothing more. She does this with every costar she makes a movie with, insinuates herself as being coupled with them, just for the publicity it gets her. She cannot seem to get any substantial PR just on her own merit, she has to ride the coattails of someone else. Gerry, on the other hand, has denied multiple times (I lost count around 11 or 12) that there is anything between them other than friendship and a working relationship. He has also said that he is not ashamed of her, and would admit it if he were dating her. He has no reason to lie about it. And the idea of him holding off anything until after LAC premieres, to fool his fans is utterly preposterous. Gerry has alway said and done exactly what HE wanted to, not what his fans wanted him to do. He’s not one to let his fans dictate his life. It’s clear that they became good friends while making “The Bounty,” but it’s also clear that that is all they are. Gerry has been seen with other women in the interim, and his KNOWN association with her since the movie has been very minimal and obviously related to movie business. As for him going to a barbecue at Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s house…he has been friends with David for years, has mentioned him before, and apparently was not there with or for Aniston, as he said in one of his press junket interviews for “Gamer” that he actually left the party for over an hour and took a walk on the beach, running into Justin Timberlake. That doesn’t sound like someone on a date with Aniston, or anyone else. Gerry has many friends that he associates with, and in reading interviews with HIS OWN WORDS, and hearing recorded interviews, this includes Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore among others, and so many of the Hollywood A, B and C listers all run in the same circles, so naturally, he’s going to be in association with a wide variety of people, as he seems to be popular enough now to be asked to various functions around both Hollywood and New York City, but none of it is indicative of him “dating” Jennifer Aniston or anyone else in particular. Gerry is just having a good time with his life now, he can afford to do that. He’s off and running in all different directions, with no real committments (as indicated by his flirty nature, and being reported here and there with various women, and not one in particular). None of us really know the real truth about Gerry, NONE OF US, and we probably never will. But in going by his own words and denials on the Jennifer Aniston issue, I think it is pretty safe to say that there is nothing there of any serious nature, and that is going by what he, himself, has said numerous times over the past weeks. I’ll take his denial as the truth, not Perez Hilton’s proclimation of anything. And certainly not the gossip mongers who seem to want to keep this thing going when there is nothing there to substantiate any of it. Take your best shots, folks, I know you are going to. I really don’t care, you peopel mean absolutely nothing to me. But I’m entitled to what I think the same as anyone else, and apparently I’m the only one that gives a damn about anything. At least I don’t have such a miserable life as to constantly attack someone just because they like Gerry and are not constantly running him down or finding fault in everything he does.

  170. 170
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I once asked the same question about Alan…..I think G is his only client. And you’re right,friends and business should never mix.
    I see JJ has a thread on Paul Bettany filming Priest, G shouldn’t have dropped the project.
    It’s also a shame that Therese Raquin wasn’t produced. Laurent would have been a good role for him.
    I have no idea what’s happening with Burns.But sometimes the small films can surprise you. Not only with critical acclaim but with decent b.o. returns………….500 Days of Summer for example.
    I happened to see Green Mile recently. It reminded me of what LAC could have been in Darabont’s hands. I’ve read that he and G disagreed about the direction of the film and that’s why Gray was hired.It looks like the film was “dumbed down”. What initially began as a psychological drama became an action thriller.But hey, audiences might prefer that.Based on what I’ve seen in clips so far,I’m not impressed with the movie or G’s acting.
    Aniston remains relevant by staying in the tabloids.Especially when a film flops.

  171. 171
    the view from Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Well said Stinky – I have been more than a little interested in what Frank Darabont has had to say! I think that ‘LAC’ HAD (past tense definitely) the potential to be a shocking and telling denunciation of the prision system – something that could have been a real poke to the awards panels and the movie going in general. But reading recently that G didn’t lke the direction that the movie was going and parted company with Darabont seems the flaw at the centre of the project.
    It seems that GB himself rewrote chunks of the character to be more likeable and human – and that the whole plot was redrafted to be a ‘wild-ride white knuckle thriller’ rather than a Darabont classic, and that whilst he had originally wanted to play the Jamie Foxx role, that the production couldn’t actually find an actor who was willing to play the role that GB now does opposite Gerry. I, like you have been disappointed in the trailers, in that it all looks like the Gerry we have seen in other things like ‘Shattered’/ Gamer/ 300 etc etc.

    It would appear that GB has turned the opportunity to be in a really interesting serious movie, in order to be a litte bit edgy, in another version of the ‘same old same old, blow up/shoot up thriller’ that doesn’t interfere too much with his ‘leading man/hottie/stud/paparazzi image’.

    I am not holding out for anything other than a rather longer than usual TV crime story.

    PS: The UK thinks that Alan should go too!

    and more:

  172. 172
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Morning Stinkylouise
    It’s interesting you brought up Therese Raquin, I was wondering where that one went the other day. And Priest too. Too many good roles being passed up. From what I have seen of LAC, it looks OK. Too bad they “dumbed” it down. I’m not going to be rushing out to see it on opening night, as I’ll be cruising the high seas, so will have to catch up with it later along with SNL, which I have to PVR. I haven’t seen Gamer and will probably end up seeing that when it comes out on DVD.

  173. 173
    . Says:

    @markasite madame:

    I think what you are telling makes sence only jennifer aniston had denied that she is in a relationship with him in people magazine, her words were “But when it comes to working with Butler, “They get along really well, but Jen only likes him as a friend,” says a source. “She can’t see herself dating him.”

    So she denied it and still the tabloids are making things up. The tabs want her to be with someone first it was pitt because he was in the same city, then gerard butler because they worked together, now they are going back to john mayer.

    If i were her i would stop also with reacting to every story because they just don’t stop.

  174. 174
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @the view from here- Have you seen this article?,0,6979196.story
    It may give you some of idea of the influence his reps have with regards to G’s films.In particular the changes to LAC.
    I admit I liked Gamer.LOL! But my expectations were low going in, so I wasn’t disappointed.I don’t disagree with the critics tho.
    “…….exudes less charisma than porridge………..” LOL.
    Interesting suggestion from the one critic that G fire his agent.His loyalty to Alan may be tested if his films keep bombing and and he’s no longer offered scripts.
    The filming of Priest overlapped with Bounty.It looks like he dropped one to do the other. Idiot!

  175. 175
    cubedweller Says:

    @the view from: Re Gamer … “miasmic upchuck of techno sludge …” is my new favorite line of any review. Too funny. My first Gerry film that I have decided to ignore.

    I too am not impressed with the trailers from LAC – it looks like a lot of dialogue we’ve heard many times before. So much potential in the supporting cast, but if the story has indeed been diminished intellectually to tv crime drama level, I will be very disappointed.

    IMO Paul Bettany is doing the most interesting roles right now. Loved his character in Ink Heart, and thought he was terrific in The Secret Life of Bees. He brought some pathos to a repellent character in that one. These are all roles that Butler could have gone for as well. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done with them.

  176. 176
    Larel Says:


    Perez Hilton confirming it means nothing imo.

    When was this today or a few days ago.
    Plus G was all over NY & partying it up so no way he is with Jenn & out & doing that too.

  177. 177
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Trying to figure it out, cubedweller and Sintky Louise, thanks for the link and insight. I wondered what happened to Priest and not knowing that the schedules overlapped makes sense. I’m just bummed that Gerry would pick The Bounty over Priest. The Bounty doesn’t have the irreverent feeling of TUT and so I don’t expect it to do well at all. Plus it is directed by Andy Tenant whose last nightmare he directed was that POS Fools Gold. If Alan was a crusader for The Bounty over Priest, he should be fired. The Bounty looks mediocre at best. Plus add in that Gerry’s costar can’t carry a picture on her own. It seems to have a dismal forecast.
    I loved Bettany in The Secret Lives of Bees. I wish that Gerry was looking for roles like that. Even if he is not the headliner of the movie, those kind of roles once again establish the worth of an actor if not box office draw. Maybe that is why he has been so low profile while in LA. He may be trying to line up some new projects or getting Teacher Man or Hanging Tree to come to life.
    Sugar, As for Perez Hilton claiming they are together….BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That d0uche gets all his news from other blogs and emails from anon sources. If you notice his scoops come at least 24-48 hours after someone else, usually TMZ, breaks a story and then he claims he is exclusive. Like I said, total tool.
    Gerry will continue to be tab fodder with Nippy unless he says something again. Nevermind that he has denied numerous times. I believe his last quote on the matter was nobody listens anyway. Nippy’s crew is working overtime for damage control after the disastrous weekend for Sh!t Happens. So don’t be surprised if that rumor doesn’t die soon. Deflection is Huvane’s main tactic.
    Sorry my Jenhen troll keeps trying to interrupt the thread. I am her mortal enemy, obviously, since I don’t buy any hype on that sad excuse for a human being Nippy.

  178. 178
    Larel Says:

    Anyone see the Good Day LA interview JA did a few days ago before LH opened?
    She seemed to stumble over the question of “are you & Gerry dating?”

    She was asked if anything is going on between them since GB was on & said they are just friends.
    She said ……….”no, noth…..isn’t Gerard great though?”
    It seemed liked she was avoiding the question which makes me now think maybe there is something going on. I mean why sneek out of that dinner a couple weeks back if nothing is going on?

  179. 179
    @179 Says:

    Wonder what they ate for dinner.

  180. 180
    @169 Markisite Says:

    1. He was with Aniston on the beach…..just so you know.

    2. You are really scary.

  181. 181
    Stinkylouise Says:

    #178- Don’t underestimate Aniston’s ability to manipulate the media.By avoiding the question and sneaking out of the dinner, she continues to fuel the rumours and remains in the spotlight.
    The only way I’ll be convinced they’re “dating” is an admission from G.

  182. 182
    Please People. Clue Required! Says:

    There is nothing going on. Maniston has only to GAIN by perpetuating RUMOR.
    She is a has-been, and she is busted and lost BRAD PITT to another woman = extreme public humiliation….

    She is trying to save face by being coy and cute.
    They have zero and I mean ZERO heat or chemistry. NONE.

    Don’t be stupid like the herd and take what a tabloid says as rote. They are trying to get you to want to see BOUNTY.

    Don’t fall for it.

    Saw GAMER. Awful. GB looks HOT as always, but jeeeez Amber Valleta is the world’s WORST actress. And the movie jumps around and tries too hard.

    I am not sure GB trusts his acting chops? Why NOT choose roles like Paul Bettany type leads???

    ManLESSton/markasite madam….the fact that you have time to write a TOME is what is scaring everyone. Who are you that you care so much?
    The rest of us are just here for fun/discussion…not taking any of this remotely seriously.

  183. 183
    still wondering Says:

    That Good Day LA interview made me think twice about GB and JA as well. It was a perfect opportunity for her to set the record straight once and for all – and she didn’t. When the interviewer noted how much the staff likes GB and that he used to go out on the smoking deck with them, JA responded something like, ‘that was before he quit smoking,’ in a way that indicated she’s pretty tight with him.

  184. 184
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Larel: Larel, I wouldn’t read anything into it. Nippy was trying to decide what she could get away with. She is notorious for lying in interviews and getting busted by saying the opposite in the next interview. Go visit US Weekly’s site, they seem to be enjoying pointing these faux pas out lately.
    Notice when the interviewer said Gerry was going to be on, then she knew she had to be careful. One thing that you can count on with Gerry is being unpredictable. Imagine if she had eluded to them being an item and Gerry came on next and blew her outta the water. She is desperate for PR that will deflect from her 2nd bomb in a row.
    I wouldn’t put any weight into the rumors until Gerry says it is so. Nippy has a career to save and will do whatever or say whatever to save it. As for the dinner thing, was that the Silver Lake(?) dinner where there were 6-8 people and Gerry and Nippy weren’t anywhere near each other at the table or on the way in or out? Like I said, I wouldn’t give these rumors any weight…

  185. 185
    I Agree... Says:

    At Still Wondering….um, no! “Setting the record straight” would have ended thepublic specualtion about her. Why the heck would she want that to end????
    They are both part of a media roller coaster. You either choose to get on it with them or not.

    I know media and how it works – this is all part of The Game. There is no Geraniston.

  186. 186
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Please People. Clue Required!: thanks for the insight. I didn’t think expressing an opinion made me look so serious.
    Hey I like the guy but I can’t explain why. I enjoyed his earlier work and have been cheering for him since I saw Dear Frankie.
    I enjoy sharing intelligent discussions as much as the next person. I’m a nurse and after some shifts this blog is a great form of release. I can rant, cheer, sneer, gloat, etc. in a harmless and fun way while decompressing from my stressful shifts. Quite cathartic really.

  187. 187
    markasite madame Says:

    @@169 Markisite: And how do you know this, were you walking beside them on the beach. Gerry’s statement about leaving the party was that he more or less sneaked out, and took a walk on the beach, walked for about an hour, ran into Justin Timberlake and talked to him for a bit, and then went back to the party. He NEVER indicated that he was with anyone, for all intents and purposes he was alone. So how do you concretely KNOW that she was with him. None of us KNOW that, not you, not me, just the ones that were actually there, BUT I based what I said on what Gerry said in the interview, from his lips, nobody elses, he snuck out of the party, walked on the beach for an hour, ran into Justin Timberlake and went back to the party. That is ALL that has been reported about this incident and this from Gerry, himself. So unless you were walking on the beach with them, you need to shut up and stop trying to keep all this nonsense and garbage going. You don’t know anymore than anyone else does.

  188. 188
    cents and pennies Says:

    It’s a matter of if GB is willing to do interesting yet supporting roles. However once established as a leading man it could backfire playing minor roles. It may take a while to regain the alpha male status.

    He needs some career counseling which could provide him with a fresh professional perspective on role picking instead of him solely depending on gut feeling. It’s a shame Gamer turned out the way it did. I don’t know what those directors were thinking (or lack thereof). GB should never have agreed to join the Gamer team to begin with. These two directors don’t possess the skills and visions to make good movies and they don’t have the record to back up either (Crank, anyone?). GB must have been 1) in need of $$$; 2) doing his friend a favor (one of the directors); 3) in high testosterone rush. It makes one wonder, does GB take his career seriously all the time?

  189. 189
    Gamer=Embarrassing... Says:

    That movie sucked. Saw it last night. AWFUL.
    GB looked hot. Amber V, not. MC Hall looked like a burn victim and cannot ACT his way out of a paper bag. I’m serious.

    Too much senseless gore and a dumb storyline. The whole thing makes no sense. GB should FIRE his managers unless he is the one making the final decisions.

    He needs Russell Crowe’s management team (he needs soemthing with MEAT).

    And No he AIN’T with The Man. LOL it’s an obvious SMOKESCREEN meant to throw off people who aren’t all that SMART.

    What category do you fit in….??

  190. 190
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Stinkylouise – Thanks for the link to the article, it was very interesting.

    ManLESSton – Ditto your sentiments at the end there. It’s also a great place to come when you are fed up at work!

  191. 191
    @187 Says:

    wow – you are scary.

    Actually, I do know they were together, but won’t say how. YOU are just assuming he was alone. He never said he was alone.

  192. 192
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@187: cough up the proof then…

  193. 193
    LAC Says:

    Oh no Gerry got beaten up by Jamie Fox!!

  194. 194
    markasite madame Says:

    @@187: You won’t say how, because you KNOW NOTHING OF IT! If you can’t prove it, you have no right to say it is so. I’m with ManLESSton, if you know so damned much, show us some kind of proof. Otherwise, shut up with your nonsense. You are just one of the ones that like to keep things stirred up and going, knowing not a bit of what you are talking about. If you can produce some concrete proof of this, then we MAY believe it. Otherwise, Gerry indicated that he was alone. I believe that if he had taken her with him, the reports from the party would have noted that bit of news, but it didn’t. We don’t even know how long he stayed, he may have taken his walk, come back and bid everyone adieu. Just because Gerry and Aniston happen to be at the same party together, or at the same restaurant at the same time, DOES NOT mean that they are there together. And clearly, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, so you need to just sit down and be quiet and listen for a change instead of talking.

  195. 195
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@187: Are we supposed to believe he tapped your @ss on the beach….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

  196. 196
    . Says:

    What a sick people you have in the world. urghhhhhhh

    Why don’t you give more meaning to your own life instead judging other people’s life. You don’t know them personally.

    I think that a few posters on this board need seriously help, they are obsessing about jen (and ger less) 24/7 every day off the week and they don’t know her. If she has so many friends and you hear nothing but good from her friends and people who she works with. Ger said she is great who are you to judge about someone you don’t know.

    I think the few posters need to get help and seek treatment it is getting scarry.

  197. 197
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @LAC: thanks for the clip, I hadn’t seen that one. I am really hoping for good things for Gerry with LAC.

  198. 198
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @.: Are you sure you are on the right thread? This is a Gerry Butler thread not Nippy’s. If you are her good friend then go see her movie Sh!t Happens and try and save her career.
    BTW, if Nippy has so many friends and is so well-loved, why did her movie tank? Why doesn’t she have contact with her family? Why can’t she keep a man? Just a little food for thought…
    Of course Gerry is going to say she was nice to work with. He just finished a movie that he has to promote with her in the future. He isn’t stupid.

  199. 199
    @markasite and manlesston Says:

    you both are wacko…..seriously.

    No proof needed. I know.

  200. 200
    . Says:

    You are really sick. !!!

    What have her friends to do if her movie is going to tank or not? LMAO So stupid.

    Who says she is not in contact with her family. Are you with her when she is not seen. Maybe she wants her family to stay out of the media because they will write about them.

    Who says that she wanted that men for the keeps and don’t come with they dumped her, nobody has prove of that alone the tabs write it and you eat it. (the only you know for sure is the first time with mayer).
    And you have never been dumped? Sure….

    You can say what you want but that women has a lot of fans around the world but that doesn’t mean that you have to like every movie she makes.

    So Gerry is a liar when he said that she is like his best buddy. If he didn’t like her he would have said something different without being awful. You get my point.

    I think you really need help, it is not normal how you react to someone you don’t know.

    And btw try to write without the nasty stuff and make a point with normal words. But i don’t think you are a addult because they wouldn’t write and behave like the way you do.

    Have a nice day !!!!

  201. 201
    please Says:

    WOW..I think some people need a chill pill or something to relax them..Like these celebrities really care what you write and say..They are laughing all the way to bank with their payroll..and what a payroll..What we nickel and dime ..they throw away… they give a crap about anyone but themselves…some are sooo narsisstic ..they have mirrors on their sleeves..Honestly if EVERYONE paid LESS attention to them and the rag mags and their floppy movies..they would probably “think” alittle harder..but I doubt that’s possible

  202. 202
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @.: I will have a nice day. You have given me the best laugh so far today. You are so blinded by your rapture for Nippy you have lost touch with reality.
    You need to do your homework on your beloved Nippy. She doesn’t speak with her brothers or her mother. When her mother was sick several years ago and needed financial help for her treatment, Nippy refused. Her own mother. After the public got wind of her b!tchiness Nippy finally relented. She has been estranged from her dad since just after her wedding to Brad because her dad spoke the truth about Brad walking reluctantly down the aisle in one of his Soap Opera Digest interviews. They just recently, within the last few years, started to have a better relationship. She has her Goddess Circle and Joe Francis to count as friends but no one else. This is all public knowledge, do some homework.
    Gerry also says he is going to call girls back that he dallies with and doesn’t. Boy are you naive. Best buddy my a$$. He is not stupid. What he really thinks he will keep to himself. You don’t get more work when you are known for bad-mouthing your costars.
    You really need to go to Nippy’s thread. You know the “she’s got a hot bod and nice hair” thread. It isn’t as taxing for your poor little brain.
    BTW adult. Learn to spell or proofread your posts. You look stupid.

  203. 203
    - Says:

    You are really something you know that tell me why has she seen her father, mother and brother on her birthdayparty all together in the same room. O no she has no contact huh LMAO Do your own homework stupid ….. *fill it in yourself.


    Stop thinking you know her LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    BTW my englisch is not perfect because i am not englisch but i atleast can make comments without the childisch behavior.

    LMAO AT YOU !!!

  204. 204
    Psycho Celebrity Fans Says:

    Ger ISN’T romantic with Jennifer Aniston – she isn’t his type. Sorry to all of her fans.
    He does however think she is fun and smart and was a good co-star and they are promoting a movie that they want to do well, as how well it DOES will dictate how much they can command come the next dumb rom-com/useless movie about nothing.

    Again, for those of you who tend toward the illiterate: Gerard finds Jen’s company “fun” she is a nice classy girl, but he has no romantic feelings toward her….100% fully a single bloke.;)

    Ladies…start your engines.

  205. 205
    Questionable Says:

    But is Gerrard GAY? I mean….FACT: 40, no kids, no ex-wife…in fact NEVER BEEN MARRIED. A shameless cad with women in many ways.

    Admits he loves to be out and “flirt” and will get a girl’s number but will rarely, if ever – call the girl.
    Which means the girl goes home, is all excited that GB asked for her number and then will get nothing from him. CRUEL but funny.

    Anyone have an idea what this is about? Are SCottish men like this in general???

  206. 206
    huh? Says:

    I thought he was gay?

  207. 207
    - Says:

    @Psycho Celebrity Fans:

    I think you are right but i also think that jen isn’t interested in him either except for friends. So why do you do if jen is interested in him but gerard doesn’t want her. They are just two people who like each other as friends and nothing more. IMO

  208. 208
    still wondering Says:

    Only time will tell. We aren’t going to solve the ‘mystery’ of Ger and Jen on this board. If they are together, they won’t hide it forever. If not, he’ll be out catting around before long.

  209. 209
    Maury Povich just twittered Says:

    and said he was driving to ManLESSton’s house to knock a wall down and get her fat ass out of the house after 30 years of confinement. Step away from the computer you fat b!tch and quit cyber-stalking celebs.

  210. 210
    amazing Says:

    I, too, thought he was probably with someone when he left that party to walk on the beach for an hour. I doubt he would just leave a party to walk the beach by himself. He does live there, and walking on the beach isn’t something novel for him. I figured he went for a walk with a date (if he brought one) or a friend or someone else from the party. Perhaps he went with Aniston. They are friends and co-workers, afterall. Just because he didn’t mention that he was with someone, doesn’t mean he was alone. He was telling a story about seeing Justin Timberlake running down the beach, not what he was doing on his walk or if he was with someone, therefore there is no reason for him to comment on it.

    Markasite Madam, you read too much into things and imagine the rest. And Manlesston, you sure do talk about Jen Aniston a lot for someone who doesn’t like her, not to mention how much you apparently know/read about her. Seems like a lot of effort to put into someone you supposedly “hate”. That is just a different form of obsession. …

  211. 211
    hypocrite Says:

    @markasite madame:

    Where did he say that he snuck out of the party etc? He said he disappeard from the party for about an hour. He also did not indicate that he was alone – or with someon else for that matter. He just didn’t say. You really need to quit stating as fact your own speculations while jumping on other posters for their speculations. I personally don’t think that Gerry and Jen are a couple, but I’m not going to make up facts about an interview to back that up.

  212. 212
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Maury Povich just twittered @ 09/22/2009 at 7:18 pm
    and said he was driving to ManLESSton’s house to knock a wall down and get her fat ass out of the house after 30 years of confinement. Step away from the computer you fat b!tch and quit cyber-stalking celebs.
    Maury just left after a nice lunch. He has the paternity results for your baby daddy. He said this is the 7th time he has had to help you identify your spawn. He feels you should be neutered.
    Sorry again Gerry fans. It seems this poor little troll can’t keep from changing her name to get attention is targeting me again today.
    Nippy is everything I hate in people. Exploitive, manipulative, self-centered, self-absorbed, needy, undignified, and the list goes on. What little value she may have had for me disappeared when she flashed her cooch at Gerry on the set of The Bounty. Sorry to share my disgust so adamantly for Nippy. I will try to keep it to myself.
    BTW little troll, you have been reported…
    Just saw this on Twitter and thought I would share…
    @F_Gary_Gray just saw the first trailer on TV for “Law Abiding Citizen” — looks great! Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx for the win… BOOYAH!.

  213. 213
    JackAsses the lot of you... Says:

    ANOTHER MALE FAN: wtf u women are pathetic.
    Gerard always hangs out alone. The dude ADMITTED he was kind of a loner.
    He is not with that old skag maniston.
    He is not with anyone – at least not seriously since that Bianca model chick (his admitted “type”).
    He has also admitted that yes he likes partying, hanging out with his blokes, lame girls hanging on him and being flirty at parties, but the man is a man and it doesnt make him stupid.
    Gerard friggen BUTLER is NOT going to bring just any random whores home.
    I AM SURE the man has a babe or two somewhere – I sure wold if I was a famous guy, but you can all guaran-goddamn-TEE that the h*es he actually does allow in his bed (and not just ****** dance floor dancing)
    have been vetted and hand-picked by him, his people whatever – because they can have to be able to shut their trampy trap(s) and not call the tabloids, etc etc. some “regular” chick? PLEASE.
    Its 2009. The wrong girl could ruin your life. You dumb women don’t think G or his handlers know that???
    This is not some regular guy, why do you “ladies” try and act like he IS?

    And I am a 29 year old guy and I do not find Jennifer Aniston the least bit attractive. When she was on the cover of GQ I almost felt like writing in like the fellows who got King magazine in their mailbox and saw that monster Brandy on the cover.

    Angelina – used to be hot. Megan Fox IS hot. Kim Kardashian SHOULD be hot, but we all know (yes as men we do know) that she is USED GOODS and that makes her not so hot unless you are Jon Gosselin.

    Sorry for the segue. Carry on.

  214. 214
    Ummmm...ok Says:

    I think I agree with what, er, Jackass is saying on that idea…
    he has said he likes getting numbers but rarely if ever calls the girls that give him their number. He has actually been called on that in interviews
    Our Ger is not some Dlister that can fly under the radar and act too stupid. Maybe thats why his hoe-ing has been so hollywood based. His “no-namers” are probably “vetted” (good term there lol) by his people.
    Things can surely get scary. People are bloid happy and money crazy.

  215. 215
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Is LAC screening in NYC tomorrow for a test audience? F. Gary Grey was just twittered about 10 passes for the screening.

  216. 216
    a male fan indeed Says:

    Kev, it’s time to come out of the closet and stop hiding behind a straight internet persona. Be not afraid, son, we will not judge you and neither will your parents. Embrace the **** burgling and be at ONE with your soul and conscience.

  217. 217
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: F.Gary Grey just confirmed the screening is at 7p tomorrow. Did not say where… I guess if you are NYC fan you might get to see the movie early. Would love to hear reviews…

  218. 218
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    So throwing out a question to Gerry fans…Would PSILY have been better with another actress other than Swank?
    I personally found her character a little too whiny…thoughts…

  219. 219
    WTF Says:

    @a male fan indeed:

    how come i dont get this comment?

  220. 220
    LAC Says:

    LAC is part of the Urbanworld Film Festival that starts tomorrow in NYC. It is being aired the first night of the festival

  221. 221
    SwankHater Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    She is too unattractive and overall a bad choice. I dont know ANY GB PSILY fans that agreed with that choice in the least.

    Maybe Charlize or Halle would have worked. Im sure Gerry woudl have loved Halle. lol

  222. 222
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @SwankHater: I found her the wrong choice for the part, too. You are supposed to feel a bond with her and her choice to play it whiny was really hard to watch let alone feel sorry for her. About midway through the movie, I asked my husband how a man could stay with a constant nag like that. He said he wouldn’t, even if the sex was hot. My hubby’s joke was that Gerry died in the movie because it was cheaper than divorcing her.
    Plus I thought Gerry should have won an Oscar for making her seem desirable. She was the most unkissable heroine in a movie that I have seen in a long time. It was a shame. Two sexy male stars to kiss and no chemistry.

  223. 223
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Check this out. A remake of the film Highlander. Gerry in the lead role?

  224. 224
    cubedweller Says:

    @ Stinky Good news – thanks for the link. I’d love to see a remake of this. That would be a great role for Gerry. I could even see him in the Juan Sanchez role, with someone younger as Connor.

    My two cents on Hillary Swank. Too intense, mature and serious to play Holly. That role needed somebody who could do cute and adorably whiny, if there is such a thing LOL. She could not pull off endearing in that part. Really looking forward to Amelia Earhart, tho. Loved the trailer for that. From the look of it she owns that role.

  225. 225
    SwankHater Says:


    AGREED on ManLESS’s points and CubeDweller’s. My sister and I were talking about this tonihgt. May have to go rent it just so I can see it and hate on her some more….. ;-)

  226. 226
    PSILY Says:

    In the scene where Gerry and Holly meet in Ireland they both look much older than 20. Hillary’s trying to act cute and innocent is kinda cringe worthy. The scene where she listens to the greeting on Gerry’s company phone always makes me teary. She did a good job playing a New Yorker with that attitude.

    I don’t remembe I had cried that hard watching a movie as I did watching PSILY. I seriously used almost a quarter of a box of Kleenex.

  227. 227
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Yeah, the choice of Swank really threw me off in that film. Just from the standpoint of chemistry and the grand social order it didn’t work. A charmer like Gerry was wouldn’t need to “put up with” a whiner like Holly. He seemed too loyal and she was undeserving and it always disturbed me. I do feel she did a great job with the acting though, can’t fault her there. The role was chosen for her and she knocked it out. Not her fault that the chemistry didn’t seem to be there….or was it?

  228. 228
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ManLESSton – I really don’t think it mattered who played Holly in the film, her character in the book was a whiney *****, period. I don’t know how her husband (Gerry) put up with her for as long as he did.

    And please don’t stop sharing your disgust for Nippy. Here’s something else you can rant about.

    I am watching Showbiz Tonight and they did a segment on JA – Has Aniston Lost her Mojo? – Not good. 83% of people polled said they are not surprised S…. Happens tanked at the box office. They are fed up with her playing the same role – Rachel. Does this sound familiar? It was suggested she change her management team (perhaps Alan can take her on?) and stay away from rom-coms. Why do I get the sinking feeling Gerry is in deep doo doo? I just hope The Bounty goes straight to DVD.

    Oh, and did you hear she dated a Mormon but I guess the no sex and drinking cramped her style!

  229. 229
    amen Says:

    Hey – Mormons are sexy folk. From wht I remember the girls often marry in their teens and start families very young. I’m pretty sure Aarok Eckhart is a Mormon. I know he went on a mission to Europe…read it somewhere. Just thought I’d put in a good word for the old LDS folks.

  230. 230
    still wondering Says:

    For me, PSIY is one of my favorite movies. Would I have liked it better if someone else had the female lead? Maybe, but I can’t think of who at this moment. Maybe Kate Winslet. The movie was a deffinite improvement over the book. I could never get through it. But Gerry was definitely Jerry Kennedy. He was the heart and soul of that movie. He is my favorite actor. I’m a GB fan. The first ten minutes were the best.

  231. 231
    ManLESSton, she envies Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: About midway through the movie, I asked my husband how a man could stay with a constant nag like that.
    ManLESStons beleaguered husband answered “Well I have”

  232. 232
    that was good Says:


    Congrats. You gave her a taste of her own medicine. No offense ManLESSton, but #231, that was good you were spot on.

  233. 233
    butler fan Says:

    I am a woman, but if we are all honest here, we can all be a bit of a nag and a B..tch……it takes a man who loves us any way and overlooks our faults, like we ovelook theirs… this is marriage…

  234. 234
    @213 Says:

    Interesting you’re the first guy that said he didn’t find JA attractive. You sound more like a woman…LOL.

    G needs new handlers. He is a train wreck waiting to happen and not a serious actor, just loves the perks from “Hollywood”. He doesn’t have to be over here in the US to make movies or be an actor.

    He probably was walking on the beach with another guy.

  235. 235
    butler fan Says:

    Post 228 – I did see that on Showbiz that JA needed to get away from ROMCOMS and get into action movies with a gun.. The Bounty, I think ,will be different, not a typical romcom as they are being pursued by killers, trying to keep JA’s character from testifying against police corruption. I hope the viewing audience will give this movie a chance. I don’t know if it will be good, but I know GB is in it and i will see it.. ALso, no matter what anyone thinks of JA, and none of us actually know her, she really is a beautiful woman…. to have her hair, eyes, and legs are to die for….maybe she has had work -don’t know???, but if I had the $$$, and my job depended on my looks, I probably would have some done, too.

  236. 236
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ManLESSton, she envies
    That sounds like something my husband would say, which would prompt me to roll my eyes, laugh and tell him he’s an old fool! But that’s not likely to happen, he wouldn’t be seen dead watching a Gerry film.

    @butler fan
    Agree with you – I’ve earned the privilege of being a nag 50% of the time and a b…tch the other 50%.

  237. 237
    butler fan Says:

    I am lucky, my husband also likes Gerry…. I’m sure not in the same way I do……but, he thinks he is one of the best actors around today because you don’t see the actor – you see the character he is playing. Also, what do they say about Gerry – men want to be like him and women want to be with him…. he is a man’s man…my opinion also – may not be yours, I understand that and it is okay….

  238. 238
    JJ take notice Says:

    Hi JJ,

    The tooth is getting long on this thread. We are in need of some fresh pix of our man Gerry. Where is he hiding? Wow he is really lying low these couple of weeks to avoid paps in anticipation of the release of LAC. It’s an impossible dilemma: we want paps to leave Gerry alone while at the same time we are craving for any bits of news about Gerry and new pix of him. Lord help us.

  239. 239
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @butler fan
    My husband thinks he’s GAY – end of story!

    I agree, he’s a man’s man. I’d go out with him once and that would probably be it, I wouldn’t put up with his crap and would probably end up kicking his ****. Which is something he needs someone to do anyway.

  240. 240
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    trying to figure it out @ 09/23/2009 at 11:32 am @butler fan
    Gamer was perfect for me and my hubby. He loves action and I adore Gerry. If only every movie could be like that. Inglorious Bast*rds was the same way, hubby loves Quetin Tarantino and I love Brad Pitt.
    As for another actress to play Holly in PSILY Sandra Bullock came to mind but a younger version. She can be annoying and cute at the same time. I just found Hilary more annoying than cute. Plus there was no chemistry between Gerry and Hilary. Gerry exudes sexiness but she acted like she was kissing a really good friend.
    Jury is out for The Bounty for me. With all the paps photos and plot insights it sounds like a mediocre Bird on a Wire type escapade. Plus Andy Tenant is on a losing streak too…

  241. 241
    curious cat Says:

    @231 ManLESSton Good joke there! ;) On the question of Hilary in PSILY, I agree with #227 amen. I don’t think it was the way Hilary played it so much as the way the character was written. I have to admit I cried/laughed in PSILY as much as anyone, thought it was because I was a recent widow myself and related to some of her grieving behavior after Jerry’s death, piles of dirty dishes, lying around depressed, not answering people’s phone calls, etc. At the same time I felt manipulated in the way only Hollywood can manipulate. I found Holly an unsympathetic character. She seemed immature and shallow from start to finish. When she threw one of her absurd designer shoes in her husband’s face in that absurdly long, tedious opening fight, she lost me. She quit jobs at will but complained about how they lived poor. He was the one who had left his country to be with her, (hey, maybe he just wanted to come to America) and got up every day to put on a suit and drive a limousine to make a living. And he tried to get a loan to foster the business. Who knows what HE really wanted? Did he want to drive a limo all his life? Hey, a remake…I see it coming.
    As far as any other actress playing Holly, wasn’t Hilary involved in producing this film or am I mistaken? Was another actress even an option? And would it have mattered? I don’t think so.
    #213 Jackasses. I liked some of what you say, but the use of the term “used goods” turned me off. Sexism is still alive and well, it seems. If a man tomcats around, he’s just a man. If a woman she-cats around, she’s “used merchandise.”
    This infuriated me all my life, as I don’t think of myself as a piece of merchandise, but as a human being who has needs, feelings and desires, including sexual; a person who lives, loves, makes mistakes and moves on; and has as much right to and need for sex as the male of the species.What happened to equality on these threads? We are getting so much 50s attitude, mostly in defense of GB’s presumed ho-ho wink lifestyle. You think Megan Fox is HOT, but Kim Kardashian is NOT because she’s used goods? Do not pass go, go back to the 19th century. Rethink, buddy.

  242. 242
    have to disagree Says:

    Wow, I have just the opposite feeling about the first 10 minutes of PSILY. I thought it was the best part of the movie. When I want some GB, I usually just run that until the the opening credits start.

  243. 243
    cubedweller Says:

    @ Curious (re remarks to jackass), I couldn’t have said it any better. Curious Cat, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  244. 244
    He's a slut Says:

    If all his womanizing is true (?) than he would be considered a ****. If he ends up getting married she would have to be pretty forgiving – but, on the other hand, I doubt he would get involved with someone who had a “busy” past like him…..double standard…..

  245. 245
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @cubedweller: I’m with you…Curious Cat I am also sorry. I have lost a baby but was lucky to have a great hubby who I could work through the loss with. We had our rough patch but things are even better than before. I remember that feeling of no hope that overtook for the first few weeks after the accident. Again, I am so sorry for your loss but I also find hope in that you are a spunky gal.

  246. 246
    GB as Jerry Says:

    I too love the first scene until the credits come on. For the rest of the movie I just jump to scenes with Gerry in it. I don’t know about you but if a prequel were made I would definitely go see it. But I think it would be a stretch to have Gerard and Hilary play 20 some year olds.

    In the beginning scene when they are done fighting and Holly goes to pick up the scattered shoes, there is a close-up shot of Gerry’s face. He looks very serious and solemn as if he can sense something bad is approaching. That look on his face is forever etched in my mind. I couldn’t think of anybody else to play Jerry’s role because Gerard is perfect in it.

  247. 247
    SO RIGHT Says:

    No one else could ever do that role. Gerard was/is/always will be Jerry. I know the look you’re talking about and every other look as well. In fact, I can probably recite the dialog right along with them I’ve watched that scene so often! I know a lot of his dialog from 300 as well.

  248. 248
    amen Says:

    The movie seemed to tap into Gerard’s fans in a specific way I have noticed. You can love this guy Jerry because he’s lovable yet unattainable and therefore safe. Gerry the man with his feet of clay is all too present and on the scene. He’s almost too out among us so we can see, evaluate and gab about his faults – guilty as charged. Imagine what these threads would be like if he were the late Jerry Kennedy, idolized in death and imbued with all manner of masculine perfection by all of us crazed GB fans.
    I think I’ll stick with Mr. wonderful but imperfect. I can at least wrap my mind around the real Gerry. He’s many things, but not other worldly.

  249. 249
    Amen to amen Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    It’s scary though that some fans already have deified him. He can do no wrong as they see it. You can’t even innocently criticize something he wears without getting your head bitten off on the fangirl boards. Saint Gerard.
    God forbid anything ever happens to him, but had he ever gone out in a blaze of glory like James Dean I’m afraid a new religion would have been invented.

  250. 250
    Larel Says:

    So no new sightings of the G man? LOL
    He must be laying low for a while now.

  251. 251
    the only time Says:

    G shows up on gossip sites or on TMZ is when his people call and alert the paps. obviously they don’t want or need gossipy stuff said about him right now.

  252. 252
    butler fan Says:

    He should be back in NY now at the LAC -Urbanworld Premier -should see some pictures soon – he had to fly in from LA to NY on Tuesday or Wed….

  253. 253
    curious cat Says:

    @#242 have to disagree and #246 GB. Sorry, I didn’t mean to blast the opening scene in PSILY so hard. It wasn’t a BAD scene, just too long, I thought. I recall that in one interview GB himself said it was too long, that few scenes in movies go on that long, that this is risky and hard to sustain. (He does seem to know his stuff, I’ll say that.)

    The trouble with that long talky scene to me, is that it does what writers call “telling” the story rather than “showing” it. In the first few minutes, Jerry and Holly “tell” us all that’s wrong between them. They could have started out in the scene at Holly’s mother’s place that triggered that fight and started the fight as they left. Mother becomes important in the plot and Jerry’s ally eventually and that relationship could have been established at once. And it didn’t ring true for Holly to call Jerry the happy go lucky singing Irishman (however it’s worded, I did NOT memorize the script) when he is clearly the responsible one in the marriage, the one who keeps a steady job. The scene could have been broken up a little and moved faster and moved around, that’s all. As Toby Keith sings, “A little less talk and a lot more action!”

    The jump from that scene to Jerry’s death was abrupt and that was a decision someone made, not necessarily bad, but abrupt. I know people who just stopped watching after that first scene. I have seen somewhere outtakes of Jerry visiting the travel agency to set up the trip to Ireland when he was looking pretty sick. Maybe a little more warning of the tragedy ahead would have made the film even more dramatic. Hey, here I am being an impromptu critic and I’ve never made a movie!

    @#243 cubedweller and #246 manlesston, thank you for your condolences. It is truly nice to read, “I am sorry for your loss,” from strangers on a thread where a lot of people do a lot of rude crude bashing of others. I truly thank you and want you to know I am fine now. In my case, I married a much older man I fell in love with in my 20s, knowing I was surely increasing my chances of being a fairly young widow, but knowing NOTHING is certain in this life. You can fall in love, go with it, and take what comes, or wait for someone with all the right credentials and never find that someone. Or, as PSILY makes clear, it can be all cut short no matter how you plan. The film is about two young people who took a chance across boundaries. I used to tell my husband, I could walk out one day, get in a car accident and YOU would be the one left raising young children that people already assume are your grandchildren. Let’s assume nothing. Just live our lives. As usual, I have babbled on too long. Thank you again for your courtesy.

  254. 254
    sugar Says:

    what happened to Kristi? Is it possible that they are still together, but keeping it secret?

  255. 255
    an observer Says:

    Has Gerry been acting like he’s “together” with anyone? He’s a fairly easy guy to observe really. He has been quite visible to his public these past few months. Nothing I have seen has led me to think he might be secretly involved. If you have seen something we’ve missed, please fill us in.

  256. 256
    Stinkylouise Says:

    The first pics from tonights NY premiere:

  257. 257
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Stinkylouise: thanks for the link Stinky. Our boy is looking mighty fine in that suit.
    You are a wealth of knowledge. Appreciate your time and posts.
    BTW, I usually only watch the beginning of PSILY and then skip to the Gerry parts. Not a big fan of this movie but love the part that Gerry plays. I like the part when he first appears over the hill in Ireland. He smiles and that’s it for me! As much as I like Gerry I can’t buy Hilary. When they are in the hospital and she is b@tching him out, I so want to pop her in the nose.

  258. 258
    butler fan Says:

    Stinkylouise – thanks much for pics I have been waiting for these and looking on every site for them. He looks great in the suit. Hope he had a great time. He has worked hard for this.. Should be a great movie….hope so..

  259. 259
    hawt Says:

    SL, thanks for the link. This guy can really clean up. What do you know? Looks sloppy one day and fab another. Chubby cheek one day and gone another. The hair is cute and youthful. Gerr is back!!

  260. 260
    Maria Says:

    I could have sworn the premiere was supposed to be Thursday night. Must have read something wrong. Oh well, we should be getting a lot more gerry from now on. It is amazing how he changes in looks overnight.

  261. 261
    yrrej Says:

    Ger IS SINGLE SINGLE…kristi? ha be real.
    She was a one off kiss to a friend buddy. hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes, i get the feeling he DIDNT….
    He is a single guy. no girlfriend. none, repeat. NONE.
    all u stalker one night stands need to face facts in the face and move the f*** ON

  262. 262
    What? Says:

    ‘A kiss off to a buddy’?

    That just begs more details. He looked really into it.

  263. 263
    trying to figure it out Says:

    There’s a bunch more photos. Hope the link works.

  264. 264
    rainy day Says:

    Ha. You guys are beating JJ at his own game. Shame, shame JJ.

  265. 265
    Carmen Says:

    WHO IS THAT HOOKAH, he with?!!!!

  266. 266
    Carmen Says:

    MY GAWD, HOLLYWEIRD IS EATING HIM ALIVE!!! He looks like crap.

  267. 267
    rainy day Says:

    Oh Carmen. He’s gorgeous. To each his own.

  268. 268
    Carmen Says:

    He does look good most of the time. THIS is NOT one of his days. You are lying to yourself if you think he looks good in those pics. His clothes and his moobs look AWFUL!

  269. 269
    rainey day Says:

    Carmen, we have moved on to the LAC NY pictures. No bloat, no moobies, just hawtness. He’s just the best there ever was. Get with the program. You are a day late and a dollar short.

  270. 270
    sugar Says:

    I have to admit, he doesn’t look good in these pics

  271. 271
    Who is Woman in Link pics? Says:

    Who is that girl in the pics in that link?
    A new one? An old one???

    Note to Kristi or Kristin from LAST YEAR: you can stop coming on message board after message board bringing your name up on every single GB thread. It is really getting pathetic. You got your 5 minutes of fame after you called the paps on GB. Let it be geez.

  272. 272
    thought this was Says:

    interesting. Gerry used an acting coach for the first time to prepare for his role in LAC
    This is Butler’s first foray into producing, and he not only worked on the Kurt Wimmer script but was willing to forgo his original intention to play the hero to get the movie made.

    “We were having a hard time finding the right actor for the role,” he said. Jamie Foxx was interested, but only in the district attorney role.

    “ ‘I’ll swap,’ ” Butler said. “He said, ‘Yes,’ at which point I went ‘Oh … I wish I hadn’t said it.’“

    Butler wound up working with an acting coach for the first time on a movie, and now seems happy about his psycho turn. “I’m proud of it.”

  273. 273
    twitter..... Says:

    pix of gerry from tonight

  274. 274
    sugar Says:

    I am not Kristi, although I WISH I was the one who was kissing him that night!!!

  275. 275
    markasite madame Says:

    The woman in the pictures with Gerry is Viola Davis, one of the stars in the movie. Look a the pictures, people. Not every woman Gerry is seen with is a girlfriend. Apparently Gerry, Viola and Gary Gray were then only ones at the festival. Gerry apparently gave a very inspirational speech and complimented Viola on her dress. But that is Viola with him.

  276. 276
    DanaReed Says:


    Um, for someone who is “not her” – I have been reading all of Gerr’s threads before bed reading and you are the only person bringing some random one-nightstand’s name up over and over a year and a half later.
    No one remembers her. Move on. We have.
    Get a job and a nice man, “Kristy”/sugar.

    Im sure after pulling that year old stunt and calling the paparazzi your dreams of graduating from the arcade to the red carpet never materialsized did they? tsk tsk tsk…

  277. 277
    Gooberino Says:

    Does this guy have hep B or was that some nasty broad’s idea of trying to start a rumor about the guy??
    I mean….I keep hearing people saying “get tested ladies”…

    But no one has come forward and said I heard he has specifically this or specifically that STD until I read that Hep B thing. Are we sure the guy even HAS stds??? Why would you ladies start a rumor about a dude having VD if he doesnt?? Fun and games?
    Nice girls.

    So??? Truth to Hep B rumor or just some ugly rumor?

  278. 278
    curious cat Says:

    @244 Manlesston
    In my last reply, #252, I incorrectly identified your comment as #246 instead of #244. Sorry. Later I tried to post a brief addition because I sent it and realized I failed to say I am also sorry for YOUR loss of a child. That is, I know, a dreadful experience. The comment seems not to have been posted, perhaps because I had the wrong #. Since there is now a new LAC thread, this one is probably pretty much finished but I hope you see this.

  279. 279
    maria Says:

    #276: It’s sad but true, there are a lot of nut cases who have posted on GB boards. They love to make up stories and post them as fact. These tales of woe can be about Gerry or sometimes they branch out to include friends and ex-girlfriends. If these boards weren’t anonymous and there was some way to hold people accountable for what they post, I’m sure they would take their crap elsewhere. I don’t see how making up lies about people is fun for these creeps, but it seems to be. Maybe they could put their time to better use and try writing a novel. Their imaginations seem pretty good.

  280. 280
    curious cat Says:

    I believe there are legal efforts even as we write to make the Internet more accountable.

  281. 281
    maria Says:

    I think you are right Curious. Wasn’t Twitter forced to hand over someone’s account who was making libelous or threating remarks about or to a model? I’m amazed it’s gotten this far without some kind of responsibility for malicious statements on the net. I don’t know anything about laws that govern the Internet, but when did saying libelous things get covered under freedom of speech?

  282. 282
    @GOOBERINO Says:

    @Gooberino: Is it possible that you are so out of touch with reality that you would be commenting on idiot posts on a celebrity gossip thread, and THEN asking for confirmation on the same topic? Is this a forum of ultimate truth? I think not. Get real.

  283. 283
    psily death Says:

    @curious cat:
    I agree about the jump to news of jerry’s death and how abrupt and unsettling that was. i also did not like it when gena gershon quips (paraphrase) “wait until you see jerry. you’ll die.” i thought that was a crass, tasteless bit of humor that left a sour taste. I knew he was gonna die, but still stunned the way they revealed it was not good. and that may have been what turned the audience off and kept it from being a hit. because if that had been handled better, i think more people would’ve gone to see, and loved the movie.
    however, i loved the movie, because of gerry butler. the opening scene was not too long for me. in fact, i think the movie could’ve been a hit if they would have had MORE of him–his illness, his demise, making us care more about him. But, I think they wanted the movie to be more light-hearted, and not so much of a movie like Sweet November, but more of a death-lite kind of flick. It was about HER, how she coped and moved on. I think they started “moving on” way too early in the movie, is all. Meh. HE made the movie good. Without him, wouldn’t even watch it. Because of him, I own it.

  284. 284
    juliette Says:

    Excuse me…jill…lurking…manlesston…all mean little w*h*o*r*e*s…photos…pleeeze?? I’m going to post them on my website right next to Jennifer’s to show everyone how perfect you must look compared to someone who’s looks you can’t seem to stop making fun of 24/7.

    Just say the word & I’ll give you my email address I set up just for this special occasion where you all will grace me with pictures of perfection…right??

    Pffft…just kidding…
    I’ll put them on my MySpace Profile so everyone can compare & make fun of what f*u*c*k*i*n*g dogs I’ll bet any money you are & see how you like it…okay??

    I wear wedges in my bras sometimes when I have strapless bras & special dresses to wear wtf is it any business of yours & who gives a f*u*c*k other than you meddling s*l*u*t*s…sooo what if she wears something in her bra good lord…..that’s really trivial & petty…

    What’s the matter you either got saggy granny boobs or size A’s & still wear a friggin training bra? My breats are nice & so are Jen’s jealous much??

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