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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

15+ pictures inside of Reebok hightops hottie Gerard Butler

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gerard butler rebook hightops 02
gerard butler rebook hightops 03
gerard butler rebook hightops 04
gerard butler rebook hightops 05
gerard butler rebook hightops 06
gerard butler rebook hightops 07
gerard butler rebook hightops 08
gerard butler rebook hightops 09
gerard butler rebook hightops 10
gerard butler rebook hightops 11
gerard butler rebook hightops 12
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  • please

    WOW..I think some people need a chill pill or something to relax them..Like these celebrities really care what you write and say..They are laughing all the way to bank with their payroll..and what a payroll..What we nickel and dime ..they throw away… they give a crap about anyone but themselves…some are sooo narsisstic ..they have mirrors on their sleeves..Honestly if EVERYONE paid LESS attention to them and the rag mags and their floppy movies..they would probably “think” alittle harder..but I doubt that’s possible

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @.: I will have a nice day. You have given me the best laugh so far today. You are so blinded by your rapture for Nippy you have lost touch with reality.
    You need to do your homework on your beloved Nippy. She doesn’t speak with her brothers or her mother. When her mother was sick several years ago and needed financial help for her treatment, Nippy refused. Her own mother. After the public got wind of her b!tchiness Nippy finally relented. She has been estranged from her dad since just after her wedding to Brad because her dad spoke the truth about Brad walking reluctantly down the aisle in one of his Soap Opera Digest interviews. They just recently, within the last few years, started to have a better relationship. She has her Goddess Circle and Joe Francis to count as friends but no one else. This is all public knowledge, do some homework.
    Gerry also says he is going to call girls back that he dallies with and doesn’t. Boy are you naive. Best buddy my a$$. He is not stupid. What he really thinks he will keep to himself. You don’t get more work when you are known for bad-mouthing your costars.
    You really need to go to Nippy’s thread. You know the “she’s got a hot bod and nice hair” thread. It isn’t as taxing for your poor little brain.
    BTW adult. Learn to spell or proofread your posts. You look stupid.

  • -

    You are really something you know that tell me why has she seen her father, mother and brother on her birthdayparty all together in the same room. O no she has no contact huh LMAO Do your own homework stupid ….. *fill it in yourself.


    Stop thinking you know her LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    BTW my englisch is not perfect because i am not englisch but i atleast can make comments without the childisch behavior.

    LMAO AT YOU !!!

  • Psycho Celebrity Fans

    Ger ISN’T romantic with Jennifer Aniston – she isn’t his type. Sorry to all of her fans.
    He does however think she is fun and smart and was a good co-star and they are promoting a movie that they want to do well, as how well it DOES will dictate how much they can command come the next dumb rom-com/useless movie about nothing.

    Again, for those of you who tend toward the illiterate: Gerard finds Jen’s company “fun” she is a nice classy girl, but he has no romantic feelings toward her….100% fully a single bloke.;)

    Ladies…start your engines.

  • Questionable

    But is Gerrard GAY? I mean….FACT: 40, no kids, no ex-wife…in fact NEVER BEEN MARRIED. A shameless cad with women in many ways.

    Admits he loves to be out and “flirt” and will get a girl’s number but will rarely, if ever – call the girl.
    Which means the girl goes home, is all excited that GB asked for her number and then will get nothing from him. CRUEL but funny.

    Anyone have an idea what this is about? Are SCottish men like this in general???

  • huh?

    I thought he was gay?

  • -

    @Psycho Celebrity Fans:

    I think you are right but i also think that jen isn’t interested in him either except for friends. So why do you do if jen is interested in him but gerard doesn’t want her. They are just two people who like each other as friends and nothing more. IMO

  • still wondering

    Only time will tell. We aren’t going to solve the ‘mystery’ of Ger and Jen on this board. If they are together, they won’t hide it forever. If not, he’ll be out catting around before long.

  • Maury Povich just twittered

    and said he was driving to ManLESSton’s house to knock a wall down and get her fat ass out of the house after 30 years of confinement. Step away from the computer you fat b!tch and quit cyber-stalking celebs.

  • amazing

    I, too, thought he was probably with someone when he left that party to walk on the beach for an hour. I doubt he would just leave a party to walk the beach by himself. He does live there, and walking on the beach isn’t something novel for him. I figured he went for a walk with a date (if he brought one) or a friend or someone else from the party. Perhaps he went with Aniston. They are friends and co-workers, afterall. Just because he didn’t mention that he was with someone, doesn’t mean he was alone. He was telling a story about seeing Justin Timberlake running down the beach, not what he was doing on his walk or if he was with someone, therefore there is no reason for him to comment on it.

    Markasite Madam, you read too much into things and imagine the rest. And Manlesston, you sure do talk about Jen Aniston a lot for someone who doesn’t like her, not to mention how much you apparently know/read about her. Seems like a lot of effort to put into someone you supposedly “hate”. That is just a different form of obsession. …

  • hypocrite

    @markasite madame:

    Where did he say that he snuck out of the party etc? He said he disappeard from the party for about an hour. He also did not indicate that he was alone – or with someon else for that matter. He just didn’t say. You really need to quit stating as fact your own speculations while jumping on other posters for their speculations. I personally don’t think that Gerry and Jen are a couple, but I’m not going to make up facts about an interview to back that up.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Maury Povich just twittered @ 09/22/2009 at 7:18 pm
    and said he was driving to ManLESSton’s house to knock a wall down and get her fat ass out of the house after 30 years of confinement. Step away from the computer you fat b!tch and quit cyber-stalking celebs.
    Maury just left after a nice lunch. He has the paternity results for your baby daddy. He said this is the 7th time he has had to help you identify your spawn. He feels you should be neutered.
    Sorry again Gerry fans. It seems this poor little troll can’t keep from changing her name to get attention is targeting me again today.
    Nippy is everything I hate in people. Exploitive, manipulative, self-centered, self-absorbed, needy, undignified, and the list goes on. What little value she may have had for me disappeared when she flashed her cooch at Gerry on the set of The Bounty. Sorry to share my disgust so adamantly for Nippy. I will try to keep it to myself.
    BTW little troll, you have been reported…
    Just saw this on Twitter and thought I would share…
    @F_Gary_Gray just saw the first trailer on TV for “Law Abiding Citizen” — looks great! Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx for the win… BOOYAH!.

  • JackAsses the lot of you…

    ANOTHER MALE FAN: wtf u women are pathetic.
    Gerard always hangs out alone. The dude ADMITTED he was kind of a loner.
    He is not with that old skag maniston.
    He is not with anyone – at least not seriously since that Bianca model chick (his admitted “type”).
    He has also admitted that yes he likes partying, hanging out with his blokes, lame girls hanging on him and being flirty at parties, but the man is a man and it doesnt make him stupid.
    Gerard friggen BUTLER is NOT going to bring just any random whores home.
    I AM SURE the man has a babe or two somewhere – I sure wold if I was a famous guy, but you can all guaran-goddamn-TEE that the h*es he actually does allow in his bed (and not just slutty dance floor dancing)
    have been vetted and hand-picked by him, his people whatever – because they can have to be able to shut their trampy trap(s) and not call the tabloids, etc etc. some “regular” chick? PLEASE.
    Its 2009. The wrong girl could ruin your life. You dumb women don’t think G or his handlers know that???
    This is not some regular guy, why do you “ladies” try and act like he IS?

    And I am a 29 year old guy and I do not find Jennifer Aniston the least bit attractive. When she was on the cover of GQ I almost felt like writing in like the fellows who got King magazine in their mailbox and saw that monster Brandy on the cover.

    Angelina – used to be hot. Megan Fox IS hot. Kim Kardashian SHOULD be hot, but we all know (yes as men we do know) that she is USED GOODS and that makes her not so hot unless you are Jon Gosselin.

    Sorry for the segue. Carry on.

  • Ummmm…ok

    I think I agree with what, er, Jackass is saying on that idea…
    he has said he likes getting numbers but rarely if ever calls the girls that give him their number. He has actually been called on that in interviews
    Our Ger is not some Dlister that can fly under the radar and act too stupid. Maybe thats why his hoe-ing has been so hollywood based. His “no-namers” are probably “vetted” (good term there lol) by his people.
    Things can surely get scary. People are bloid happy and money crazy.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Is LAC screening in NYC tomorrow for a test audience? F. Gary Grey was just twittered about 10 passes for the screening.

  • a male fan indeed

    Kev, it’s time to come out of the closet and stop hiding behind a straight internet persona. Be not afraid, son, we will not judge you and neither will your parents. Embrace the turd burgling and be at ONE with your soul and conscience.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @ManLESSton, I likely: F.Gary Grey just confirmed the screening is at 7p tomorrow. Did not say where… I guess if you are NYC fan you might get to see the movie early. Would love to hear reviews…

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    So throwing out a question to Gerry fans…Would PSILY have been better with another actress other than Swank?
    I personally found her character a little too whiny…thoughts…

  • WTF

    @a male fan indeed:

    how come i dont get this comment?

  • LAC

    LAC is part of the Urbanworld Film Festival that starts tomorrow in NYC. It is being aired the first night of the festival

  • SwankHater

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    She is too unattractive and overall a bad choice. I dont know ANY GB PSILY fans that agreed with that choice in the least.

    Maybe Charlize or Halle would have worked. Im sure Gerry woudl have loved Halle. lol

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @SwankHater: I found her the wrong choice for the part, too. You are supposed to feel a bond with her and her choice to play it whiny was really hard to watch let alone feel sorry for her. About midway through the movie, I asked my husband how a man could stay with a constant nag like that. He said he wouldn’t, even if the sex was hot. My hubby’s joke was that Gerry died in the movie because it was cheaper than divorcing her.
    Plus I thought Gerry should have won an Oscar for making her seem desirable. She was the most unkissable heroine in a movie that I have seen in a long time. It was a shame. Two sexy male stars to kiss and no chemistry.

  • Stinkylouise

    Check this out. A remake of the film Highlander. Gerry in the lead role?

  • cubedweller

    @ Stinky Good news – thanks for the link. I’d love to see a remake of this. That would be a great role for Gerry. I could even see him in the Juan Sanchez role, with someone younger as Connor.

    My two cents on Hillary Swank. Too intense, mature and serious to play Holly. That role needed somebody who could do cute and adorably whiny, if there is such a thing LOL. She could not pull off endearing in that part. Really looking forward to Amelia Earhart, tho. Loved the trailer for that. From the look of it she owns that role.

  • SwankHater


    AGREED on ManLESS’s points and CubeDweller’s. My sister and I were talking about this tonihgt. May have to go rent it just so I can see it and hate on her some more….. ;-)


    In the scene where Gerry and Holly meet in Ireland they both look much older than 20. Hillary’s trying to act cute and innocent is kinda cringe worthy. The scene where she listens to the greeting on Gerry’s company phone always makes me teary. She did a good job playing a New Yorker with that attitude.

    I don’t remembe I had cried that hard watching a movie as I did watching PSILY. I seriously used almost a quarter of a box of Kleenex.

  • amen

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Yeah, the choice of Swank really threw me off in that film. Just from the standpoint of chemistry and the grand social order it didn’t work. A charmer like Gerry was wouldn’t need to “put up with” a whiner like Holly. He seemed too loyal and she was undeserving and it always disturbed me. I do feel she did a great job with the acting though, can’t fault her there. The role was chosen for her and she knocked it out. Not her fault that the chemistry didn’t seem to be there….or was it?

  • trying to figure it out

    @ManLESSton – I really don’t think it mattered who played Holly in the film, her character in the book was a whiney bitch, period. I don’t know how her husband (Gerry) put up with her for as long as he did.

    And please don’t stop sharing your disgust for Nippy. Here’s something else you can rant about.

    I am watching Showbiz Tonight and they did a segment on JA – Has Aniston Lost her Mojo? – Not good. 83% of people polled said they are not surprised S…. Happens tanked at the box office. They are fed up with her playing the same role – Rachel. Does this sound familiar? It was suggested she change her management team (perhaps Alan can take her on?) and stay away from rom-coms. Why do I get the sinking feeling Gerry is in deep doo doo? I just hope The Bounty goes straight to DVD.

    Oh, and did you hear she dated a Mormon but I guess the no sex and drinking cramped her style!

  • amen

    Hey – Mormons are sexy folk. From wht I remember the girls often marry in their teens and start families very young. I’m pretty sure Aarok Eckhart is a Mormon. I know he went on a mission to Europe…read it somewhere. Just thought I’d put in a good word for the old LDS folks.

  • still wondering

    For me, PSIY is one of my favorite movies. Would I have liked it better if someone else had the female lead? Maybe, but I can’t think of who at this moment. Maybe Kate Winslet. The movie was a deffinite improvement over the book. I could never get through it. But Gerry was definitely Jerry Kennedy. He was the heart and soul of that movie. He is my favorite actor. I’m a GB fan. The first ten minutes were the best.

  • ManLESSton, she envies

    @ManLESSton, I likely: About midway through the movie, I asked my husband how a man could stay with a constant nag like that.
    ManLESStons beleaguered husband answered “Well I have”

  • that was good


    Congrats. You gave her a taste of her own medicine. No offense ManLESSton, but #231, that was good you were spot on.

  • butler fan

    I am a woman, but if we are all honest here, we can all be a bit of a nag and a B..tch……it takes a man who loves us any way and overlooks our faults, like we ovelook theirs… this is marriage…

  • @213

    Interesting you’re the first guy that said he didn’t find JA attractive. You sound more like a woman…LOL.

    G needs new handlers. He is a train wreck waiting to happen and not a serious actor, just loves the perks from “Hollywood”. He doesn’t have to be over here in the US to make movies or be an actor.

    He probably was walking on the beach with another guy.

  • butler fan

    Post 228 – I did see that on Showbiz that JA needed to get away from ROMCOMS and get into action movies with a gun.. The Bounty, I think ,will be different, not a typical romcom as they are being pursued by killers, trying to keep JA’s character from testifying against police corruption. I hope the viewing audience will give this movie a chance. I don’t know if it will be good, but I know GB is in it and i will see it.. ALso, no matter what anyone thinks of JA, and none of us actually know her, she really is a beautiful woman…. to have her hair, eyes, and legs are to die for….maybe she has had work -don’t know???, but if I had the $$$, and my job depended on my looks, I probably would have some done, too.

  • trying to figure it out

    @ManLESSton, she envies
    That sounds like something my husband would say, which would prompt me to roll my eyes, laugh and tell him he’s an old fool! But that’s not likely to happen, he wouldn’t be seen dead watching a Gerry film.

    @butler fan
    Agree with you – I’ve earned the privilege of being a nag 50% of the time and a b…tch the other 50%.

  • butler fan

    I am lucky, my husband also likes Gerry…. I’m sure not in the same way I do……but, he thinks he is one of the best actors around today because you don’t see the actor – you see the character he is playing. Also, what do they say about Gerry – men want to be like him and women want to be with him…. he is a man’s man…my opinion also – may not be yours, I understand that and it is okay….

  • JJ take notice

    Hi JJ,

    The tooth is getting long on this thread. We are in need of some fresh pix of our man Gerry. Where is he hiding? Wow he is really lying low these couple of weeks to avoid paps in anticipation of the release of LAC. It’s an impossible dilemma: we want paps to leave Gerry alone while at the same time we are craving for any bits of news about Gerry and new pix of him. Lord help us.

  • trying to figure it out

    @butler fan
    My husband thinks he’s GAY – end of story!

    I agree, he’s a man’s man. I’d go out with him once and that would probably be it, I wouldn’t put up with his crap and would probably end up kicking his arse. Which is something he needs someone to do anyway.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    trying to figure it out @ 09/23/2009 at 11:32 am @butler fan
    Gamer was perfect for me and my hubby. He loves action and I adore Gerry. If only every movie could be like that. Inglorious Bast*rds was the same way, hubby loves Quetin Tarantino and I love Brad Pitt.
    As for another actress to play Holly in PSILY Sandra Bullock came to mind but a younger version. She can be annoying and cute at the same time. I just found Hilary more annoying than cute. Plus there was no chemistry between Gerry and Hilary. Gerry exudes sexiness but she acted like she was kissing a really good friend.
    Jury is out for The Bounty for me. With all the paps photos and plot insights it sounds like a mediocre Bird on a Wire type escapade. Plus Andy Tenant is on a losing streak too…

  • curious cat

    @231 ManLESSton Good joke there! ;) On the question of Hilary in PSILY, I agree with #227 amen. I don’t think it was the way Hilary played it so much as the way the character was written. I have to admit I cried/laughed in PSILY as much as anyone, thought it was because I was a recent widow myself and related to some of her grieving behavior after Jerry’s death, piles of dirty dishes, lying around depressed, not answering people’s phone calls, etc. At the same time I felt manipulated in the way only Hollywood can manipulate. I found Holly an unsympathetic character. She seemed immature and shallow from start to finish. When she threw one of her absurd designer shoes in her husband’s face in that absurdly long, tedious opening fight, she lost me. She quit jobs at will but complained about how they lived poor. He was the one who had left his country to be with her, (hey, maybe he just wanted to come to America) and got up every day to put on a suit and drive a limousine to make a living. And he tried to get a loan to foster the business. Who knows what HE really wanted? Did he want to drive a limo all his life? Hey, a remake…I see it coming.
    As far as any other actress playing Holly, wasn’t Hilary involved in producing this film or am I mistaken? Was another actress even an option? And would it have mattered? I don’t think so.
    #213 Jackasses. I liked some of what you say, but the use of the term “used goods” turned me off. Sexism is still alive and well, it seems. If a man tomcats around, he’s just a man. If a woman she-cats around, she’s “used merchandise.”
    This infuriated me all my life, as I don’t think of myself as a piece of merchandise, but as a human being who has needs, feelings and desires, including sexual; a person who lives, loves, makes mistakes and moves on; and has as much right to and need for sex as the male of the species.What happened to equality on these threads? We are getting so much 50s attitude, mostly in defense of GB’s presumed ho-ho wink lifestyle. You think Megan Fox is HOT, but Kim Kardashian is NOT because she’s used goods? Do not pass go, go back to the 19th century. Rethink, buddy.

  • have to disagree

    Wow, I have just the opposite feeling about the first 10 minutes of PSILY. I thought it was the best part of the movie. When I want some GB, I usually just run that until the the opening credits start.

  • cubedweller

    @ Curious (re remarks to jackass), I couldn’t have said it any better. Curious Cat, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  • He’s a slut

    If all his womanizing is true (?) than he would be considered a slut. If he ends up getting married she would have to be pretty forgiving – but, on the other hand, I doubt he would get involved with someone who had a “busy” past like him…..double standard…..

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @cubedweller: I’m with you…Curious Cat I am also sorry. I have lost a baby but was lucky to have a great hubby who I could work through the loss with. We had our rough patch but things are even better than before. I remember that feeling of no hope that overtook for the first few weeks after the accident. Again, I am so sorry for your loss but I also find hope in that you are a spunky gal.

  • GB as Jerry

    I too love the first scene until the credits come on. For the rest of the movie I just jump to scenes with Gerry in it. I don’t know about you but if a prequel were made I would definitely go see it. But I think it would be a stretch to have Gerard and Hilary play 20 some year olds.

    In the beginning scene when they are done fighting and Holly goes to pick up the scattered shoes, there is a close-up shot of Gerry’s face. He looks very serious and solemn as if he can sense something bad is approaching. That look on his face is forever etched in my mind. I couldn’t think of anybody else to play Jerry’s role because Gerard is perfect in it.


    No one else could ever do that role. Gerard was/is/always will be Jerry. I know the look you’re talking about and every other look as well. In fact, I can probably recite the dialog right along with them I’ve watched that scene so often! I know a lot of his dialog from 300 as well.

  • amen

    The movie seemed to tap into Gerard’s fans in a specific way I have noticed. You can love this guy Jerry because he’s lovable yet unattainable and therefore safe. Gerry the man with his feet of clay is all too present and on the scene. He’s almost too out among us so we can see, evaluate and gab about his faults – guilty as charged. Imagine what these threads would be like if he were the late Jerry Kennedy, idolized in death and imbued with all manner of masculine perfection by all of us crazed GB fans.
    I think I’ll stick with Mr. wonderful but imperfect. I can at least wrap my mind around the real Gerry. He’s many things, but not other worldly.

  • Amen to amen

    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    It’s scary though that some fans already have deified him. He can do no wrong as they see it. You can’t even innocently criticize something he wears without getting your head bitten off on the fangirl boards. Saint Gerard.
    God forbid anything ever happens to him, but had he ever gone out in a blaze of glory like James Dean I’m afraid a new religion would have been invented.

  • Larel

    So no new sightings of the G man? LOL
    He must be laying low for a while now.