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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

15+ pictures inside of Reebok hightops hottie Gerard Butler

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  1. 101
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Samantha: Nippy’s Friends gravy train ends at the end of the year. $26M down the toilet. Do you read Forbes? Didn’t think so. She is not the most successful and bankable star out there. Yeah, she has a sh!tload of money and look at her pathetic life.
    As for being a bankable actress, she should be talking to Sandra Bullock. After soundly being beat at the opening weekend box office by a ridiculous rom-com in All About Steve ($11.2M) and the predictable The Proposal ($33.6M), Nippy is in a helluva lot of trouble. BTW The Proposal ytd figure is $275.2M worldwide and All About Steve is at $26.6M worldwide. Sh!t Happens will be lucky to make back it’s production budget of $18M. Credit:
    So guess what Samantha, the public is NOT going to see Nippy’s movies.

  2. 102
    @ Glenda Says:


    That would be more believable if she every questioned some of the things he has done, and there has been some questionable things. Truely. But she can see no fault in him which is unrealistic. Even ManLESSton can see some of his faults, and she is nuts! LOL

    Just because he is HOT, doesn’ t make him perfect.

  3. 103
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@ Glenda: Agreed. I think that he has demons which he fights constantly and he IS his own worst enemy. I like the guy and it is hard to watch him follow the handbook of How to P!ss Away Your Promising Acting Career to boot.
    @Glenda…thanks for the compliment, I think, LOL.

  4. 104
    Seriously??? Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely

    Haha, oh no, you’re not obsessed. Hahahahahaha. You are, however, certifiably NUTZ!!!!! Cut the crap about the size 2, happy marriage and kids thing too. I propose that you are 18 yrs old with 3 kids, 300 lbs, unmarried and ******** around with a married man who is in to fat chicks. Here’s my advice, get a real job, get on birth control, leave the married men alone and skip eating the government cheese right out of the container. Life gets better when you live your life instead of being consumed in anothers. Bwaaaa…size 2, as if, hahaha.

  5. 105
    Seriously??? Says:

    glenda the good witch @ 09/20/2009 at 2:38 pm Just a bit of advice to everyone. There is a poster that comes here called markasite madame.

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 09/20/2009 at 3:07 pm @@ Glenda: Agreed. I think that he has demons which he fights constantly and he IS his own worst enemy. I like the guy and it is hard to watch him follow the handbook of How to P!ss Away Your Promising Acting Career to boot.
    @Glenda…thanks for the compliment, I think, LOL

    Oh, ok, now are we to believe that “ManLESSton, I likely” is really “markasite madame”????? Wow, this is getting richer by the minute. Now remember “ManLESSton, I likely”, back away from the fridge and the government cheese. Be strong!

  6. 106
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Seriously???: Like I said. think what you want. Those who post here know me and know how wrong you are.
    You are a sad little jenhen. Sucks to be you this weekend. Sh!t Happens!

  7. 107
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Seriously???: Sorry not the same person.
    Hey Jentroll, shouldn’t you be out seeing Sh!t Happens so Nippy can get another job?

  8. 108
    Seriously??? Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 09/20/2009 at 3:18 pm

    Ok, I’m only trying to help you…….step away from the fridge. Haha. And secondly, if you consider “those who post here” to really be your friends and really “know you” you are a much more pitiable creature than I thought. I bet you consider them to be your BFF’s right? I mean you are here all the time giving them all of your attention. Gee, where’s your hubby and kids on this sunday afternoon? Or do they only come out at night when you can dream? I’ve heard of imaginary friends but imaginary husband and kids is a bit much honey. And don’t forget…….step away from the fridge, otherwise you will never get that husband and kids you are imagining.

  9. 109
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Listen little sad Jenhen. The posters here are seeing you for the troll that you are. Keep it up. Your relevance is sinking as quick as Nippy’s movie.
    Remember…sometimes when you least expect it…Sh!t Happens!

    BTW for the posters that matter, Oct. 16 is opening day for LAC. Doesn’t Gerry show up on SNL the next night? If so, great timing on his and his management’s part. Maybe we will get lucky and they will do a skit about the Nippy rumors. I would love to see a bit about the crotch shot on set. Yup, that would be funny!

  10. 110
    Seriously??? Says:

    And you’re still talking about Aniston, haha. I bet you have posters of her on your walls (right next to the posters of 2 other celebrities) and you throw darts at it daily. I think you just need to realize that you have an obsession about her. It’s really not healthy to think about 1 person this often – especially if you don’t even know them. Seriously, are you going to some day hunt her down and try to kill her or something? Do you have any idea how you sound when you state these supposed facts about someone you so much contempt for? I hope that if anything ever happens to her by some crazed loony the police will have enough sense to check the ip addresses of some of you on here. It’s incredible how much seething hate for her comes from some like you.

  11. 111
    Larel Says:

    Is GB going to the Emmy’s tonite? probably not since he is not in TV. lol guess I answered my own question.
    I bet he will be hitting up the afterparties though, the man really need to calm down & stop the running around every night imo.

    So JA movie bombed this weekend? lol shocking since she can only play one character no matter what she is cast in.

    IMO JA is not dating GB never was never will be & all this STAR **** is made up & the cover shot is so photoshopped.

    G even said himseld that savey fans will see that pretty much every pic of them put on covers is from the Bounty set.
    He also recenlty said in a BBC interview that why bother “setting the record straight” about him & JA anymore since no one seems to get it anyway, he went on to say there is nothing going on with me & Jen.
    Also the release of LAC means nothing about if they are or aren’t dating that is so silly, if he was he would say it.

  12. 112
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Larel: ITAWY.
    Don’t think that he will be at the Emmy’s either. IIRC correctly, he will be heading back to NYC midweek. I have actually been proud of him this week. He has been in LA and not been shot at any of the HW hot spots. Maybe he is spending more time up in Los Feliz with that mystery brunette 20-something. Who knows…
    Just ignore Seriously??? I am. If you see the name just skip the post like I am. Bet she is getting nasty now that she isn’t getting any attention.
    Amen, if you are still lurking, any news on Burns from Scotland lately? I keep thinking that their national film department will continue to underwrite that film and hopefully to a greater degree in the future. Still hoping for that film soon.
    Hang in there Gerry fans. BBL. Hubby and I are going to the see The Informant again. Ciao

  13. 113
    Seriously??? Says:

    Hubby and I are going to the see The Informant again. Ciao

    Now I’m positive you are not married. Men rarely do that but obsessive women do… the time. Do people look at you strange when you are talking to someone that isn’t there in public? Or do you just reserve that for when you are home by yourself? No, seriously, how do you handle that?

  14. 114
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I haven’t heard any buzz on Burns for ages. I suspect that all will be very quiet with GB and anything in his future until after Law Abiding Citizen is out and well established as the successful film I think it will be. I’m guessing we’ll see movement on projects after that time.

  15. 115
    trying to figure it out Says:

    It would be so nice to see Gerry do Burns. A while ago financing looked promising in a round about sort of way, but what happened? I read somewhere recently that he was being looked at to play Captain Britain (correct me if I am wrong on that one, but it was some sort of comic hero); it would be worth the price of admission to see him in a spandex Union Jack. I’m sure he’ll diet and tone up before the role!

  16. 116
    amen Says:

    @trying to figure it out: I too heard that Captain Britain reference – I think it was in the British press and not here.
    He always gets in shape for his films so I’m not worried about spandex at all LOL But I’d surely rather see him play a dramatic role than action again. What he chooses after LAC will be telling won’t it?

  17. 117
    a thought Says:

    These days it seems comic book adaptations, rom-coms and animated movies are sure things to make money (I agree some made more than others in those categories). Anything else is less certain in profitability. It seems the demographics of movie viewers are changing with middle-aged and older population prefer staying home or waiting for DVDs. Also good scripts are hard to come by and unless an actor holds out for better scripts the chance of making a box office stinker is quite high even for big name stars.

    As someone pointed out, the box office number for the movie “Bright Star” should be indicative of the fate for “Burns” as both are about the lives of poets from a couple of centuries ago.

  18. 118
    Larel Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Doubt that mystery brunette was anything at all.

    He would have been seen with her before this again, why do you say Los Feliz is where they would spend time, just curious?

  19. 119
    asl Says:

    You know, if this was a woman, there would so be pregnancy rumors ..

  20. 120
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Hey BG fans. Just got back from The Informant. We really enjoyed it. My friend and her husband hadn’t seen it before.
    I see my stalker Seriously has been back. Oh well…
    Larel, I was just saying Los Feliz because that is where they were spotted having dinner at the beginning of last week. Remember the “seeming very pleased with herself” girl. That was what I was referencing. More of a joke than anything. I believe that one to be as serious as a coupling with Nippy.
    Gerry has a hard time staying away from the clubs in West Hollywood. This week has been pretty quiet for him in LA. Maybe him being out somewhere else has contributed to the silence.
    Amen, thanks for weighing in on Burns. I think that the movie would be glorious but not a successful box office hit. That’s why I am hoping the Scottish government film dept will be more involved. It is sure to be something all Scots will want to see since Burns is so much of their culture. I would love to see Gerry in a period piece like that. My understanding is that it needs to be made in the next couple of years or Gerry may miss the opportunity to play Burns. We’ll see…
    When we went to the theater today, my hubby wanted to see Gamer again. He really loved the action. Go figure. If we hadn’t been meeting friends we would have seen Gamer again. A little Gerry on a Sunday afternoon can be a very good thing.

  21. 121
    Love that hint of a smile Says:

    ‘K’ or ‘Gerry’s Fantasy Woman’ as she is known on IMDB
    How are the steamy erotic stories coming along? You, Gerry, animal lust, etc, etc. Have you published any more? Congratulations. I’m sure Gerry’s management are aware of you…or at least how disturbed you seem to be.

    I have. All is well! Got something exceptionally extra steamy and highly erotic taking place in an olive green velvet chair right about… now. And boy-oh-boy can I describe in grand details… some things. Actually, I can describe a lot of things that are highly erotic and sexually charged very well indeed. [wicked grin] And my hand-selected readers since 2006 love it. What better way to end a long tiring stressful day than a new post waiting for you? :o)

    K, GerrysFASCINATINGWoman

  22. 122
    mj Says:

    Boy all you people have such nice things to say about Gerard. I feel sorry for you not him. I like tight jeans at least their not hanging down to his knees so his but crack shows .

  23. 123
    Larel Says:

    @Love that hint of a smile:

    Sorry but whoever is responsible for post #122 WTF is going on there? lol sounds a little insane to me.

  24. 124
    Seriously now Says:

    I don’t think GB is fighting any demons. He himself has said he doesn’t care anything about booze anymore.

    Who the heck is K? I read IMDb on a somewhat regular basis, and I haven’t run into any discussions about a K. Except back when the Kristy video was on TMZ, and she’s referred to on IMDb humorously as Arcadia, not K.

    I’ve still got my fingers crossed that Burns will go forward. I know it won’t be a big financial hit, but it will be one for the ages.

  25. 125
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ amen: If he is serious about his acting career he’ll choose something with depth; if it’s just for the money, then it will be another rom com. I’m with ManLESSton on this one, I’d like to see him do a period piece too. Didn’t Burns die at the ripe old age of 38? That being the case, the more it is delayed the older Gerry gets, and it may get to the point where he is considered too old for the part. I do hope LAC does well for Gerry; I think the down side to this is having Bounty released at the end of the year to capitalize on it.

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