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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

15+ pictures inside of Reebok hightops hottie Gerard Butler

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gerard butler rebook hightops 01
gerard butler rebook hightops 02
gerard butler rebook hightops 03
gerard butler rebook hightops 04
gerard butler rebook hightops 05
gerard butler rebook hightops 06
gerard butler rebook hightops 07
gerard butler rebook hightops 08
gerard butler rebook hightops 09
gerard butler rebook hightops 10
gerard butler rebook hightops 11
gerard butler rebook hightops 12
gerard butler rebook hightops 13
gerard butler rebook hightops 14
gerard butler rebook hightops 15

Photos: GSI Media
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  • the only time

    G shows up on gossip sites or on TMZ is when his people call and alert the paps. obviously they don’t want or need gossipy stuff said about him right now.

  • butler fan

    He should be back in NY now at the LAC -Urbanworld Premier -should see some pictures soon – he had to fly in from LA to NY on Tuesday or Wed….

  • curious cat

    @#242 have to disagree and #246 GB. Sorry, I didn’t mean to blast the opening scene in PSILY so hard. It wasn’t a BAD scene, just too long, I thought. I recall that in one interview GB himself said it was too long, that few scenes in movies go on that long, that this is risky and hard to sustain. (He does seem to know his stuff, I’ll say that.)

    The trouble with that long talky scene to me, is that it does what writers call “telling” the story rather than “showing” it. In the first few minutes, Jerry and Holly “tell” us all that’s wrong between them. They could have started out in the scene at Holly’s mother’s place that triggered that fight and started the fight as they left. Mother becomes important in the plot and Jerry’s ally eventually and that relationship could have been established at once. And it didn’t ring true for Holly to call Jerry the happy go lucky singing Irishman (however it’s worded, I did NOT memorize the script) when he is clearly the responsible one in the marriage, the one who keeps a steady job. The scene could have been broken up a little and moved faster and moved around, that’s all. As Toby Keith sings, “A little less talk and a lot more action!”

    The jump from that scene to Jerry’s death was abrupt and that was a decision someone made, not necessarily bad, but abrupt. I know people who just stopped watching after that first scene. I have seen somewhere outtakes of Jerry visiting the travel agency to set up the trip to Ireland when he was looking pretty sick. Maybe a little more warning of the tragedy ahead would have made the film even more dramatic. Hey, here I am being an impromptu critic and I’ve never made a movie!

    @#243 cubedweller and #246 manlesston, thank you for your condolences. It is truly nice to read, “I am sorry for your loss,” from strangers on a thread where a lot of people do a lot of rude crude bashing of others. I truly thank you and want you to know I am fine now. In my case, I married a much older man I fell in love with in my 20s, knowing I was surely increasing my chances of being a fairly young widow, but knowing NOTHING is certain in this life. You can fall in love, go with it, and take what comes, or wait for someone with all the right credentials and never find that someone. Or, as PSILY makes clear, it can be all cut short no matter how you plan. The film is about two young people who took a chance across boundaries. I used to tell my husband, I could walk out one day, get in a car accident and YOU would be the one left raising young children that people already assume are your grandchildren. Let’s assume nothing. Just live our lives. As usual, I have babbled on too long. Thank you again for your courtesy.

  • sugar

    what happened to Kristi? Is it possible that they are still together, but keeping it secret?

  • an observer

    Has Gerry been acting like he’s “together” with anyone? He’s a fairly easy guy to observe really. He has been quite visible to his public these past few months. Nothing I have seen has led me to think he might be secretly involved. If you have seen something we’ve missed, please fill us in.

  • Stinkylouise
  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Stinkylouise: thanks for the link Stinky. Our boy is looking mighty fine in that suit.
    You are a wealth of knowledge. Appreciate your time and posts.
    BTW, I usually only watch the beginning of PSILY and then skip to the Gerry parts. Not a big fan of this movie but love the part that Gerry plays. I like the part when he first appears over the hill in Ireland. He smiles and that’s it for me! As much as I like Gerry I can’t buy Hilary. When they are in the hospital and she is b@tching him out, I so want to pop her in the nose.

  • butler fan

    Stinkylouise – thanks much for pics I have been waiting for these and looking on every site for them. He looks great in the suit. Hope he had a great time. He has worked hard for this.. Should be a great movie….hope so..

  • hawt

    SL, thanks for the link. This guy can really clean up. What do you know? Looks sloppy one day and fab another. Chubby cheek one day and gone another. The hair is cute and youthful. Gerr is back!!

  • Maria

    I could have sworn the premiere was supposed to be Thursday night. Must have read something wrong. Oh well, we should be getting a lot more gerry from now on. It is amazing how he changes in looks overnight.

  • yrrej

    Ger IS SINGLE SINGLE…kristi? ha be real.
    She was a one off kiss to a friend buddy. hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes, i get the feeling he DIDNT….
    He is a single guy. no girlfriend. none, repeat. NONE.
    all u stalker one night stands need to face facts in the face and move the f*** ON

  • What?

    ‘A kiss off to a buddy’?

    That just begs more details. He looked really into it.

  • trying to figure it out

    There’s a bunch more photos. Hope the link works.

  • rainy day

    Ha. You guys are beating JJ at his own game. Shame, shame JJ.

  • Carmen

    WHO IS THAT HOOKAH, he with?!!!!

  • Carmen

    MY GAWD, HOLLYWEIRD IS EATING HIM ALIVE!!! He looks like crap.

  • rainy day

    Oh Carmen. He’s gorgeous. To each his own.

  • Carmen

    He does look good most of the time. THIS is NOT one of his days. You are lying to yourself if you think he looks good in those pics. His clothes and his moobs look AWFUL!

  • rainey day

    Carmen, we have moved on to the LAC NY pictures. No bloat, no moobies, just hawtness. He’s just the best there ever was. Get with the program. You are a day late and a dollar short.

  • sugar

    I have to admit, he doesn’t look good in these pics

  • Who is Woman in Link pics?

    Who is that girl in the pics in that link?
    A new one? An old one???

    Note to Kristi or Kristin from LAST YEAR: you can stop coming on message board after message board bringing your name up on every single GB thread. It is really getting pathetic. You got your 5 minutes of fame after you called the paps on GB. Let it be geez.

  • thought this was

    interesting. Gerry used an acting coach for the first time to prepare for his role in LAC
    This is Butler’s first foray into producing, and he not only worked on the Kurt Wimmer script but was willing to forgo his original intention to play the hero to get the movie made.

    “We were having a hard time finding the right actor for the role,” he said. Jamie Foxx was interested, but only in the district attorney role.

    “ ‘I’ll swap,’ ” Butler said. “He said, ‘Yes,’ at which point I went ‘Oh … I wish I hadn’t said it.’“

    Butler wound up working with an acting coach for the first time on a movie, and now seems happy about his psycho turn. “I’m proud of it.”

  • twitter…..
  • sugar

    I am not Kristi, although I WISH I was the one who was kissing him that night!!!

  • markasite madame

    The woman in the pictures with Gerry is Viola Davis, one of the stars in the movie. Look a the pictures, people. Not every woman Gerry is seen with is a girlfriend. Apparently Gerry, Viola and Gary Gray were then only ones at the festival. Gerry apparently gave a very inspirational speech and complimented Viola on her dress. But that is Viola with him.

  • DanaReed


    Um, for someone who is “not her” – I have been reading all of Gerr’s threads before bed reading and you are the only person bringing some random one-nightstand’s name up over and over a year and a half later.
    No one remembers her. Move on. We have.
    Get a job and a nice man, “Kristy”/sugar.

    Im sure after pulling that year old stunt and calling the paparazzi your dreams of graduating from the arcade to the red carpet never materialsized did they? tsk tsk tsk…

  • Gooberino

    Does this guy have hep B or was that some nasty broad’s idea of trying to start a rumor about the guy??
    I mean….I keep hearing people saying “get tested ladies”…

    But no one has come forward and said I heard he has specifically this or specifically that STD until I read that Hep B thing. Are we sure the guy even HAS stds??? Why would you ladies start a rumor about a dude having VD if he doesnt?? Fun and games?
    Nice girls.

    So??? Truth to Hep B rumor or just some ugly rumor?

  • curious cat

    @244 Manlesston
    In my last reply, #252, I incorrectly identified your comment as #246 instead of #244. Sorry. Later I tried to post a brief addition because I sent it and realized I failed to say I am also sorry for YOUR loss of a child. That is, I know, a dreadful experience. The comment seems not to have been posted, perhaps because I had the wrong #. Since there is now a new LAC thread, this one is probably pretty much finished but I hope you see this.

  • maria

    #276: It’s sad but true, there are a lot of nut cases who have posted on GB boards. They love to make up stories and post them as fact. These tales of woe can be about Gerry or sometimes they branch out to include friends and ex-girlfriends. If these boards weren’t anonymous and there was some way to hold people accountable for what they post, I’m sure they would take their crap elsewhere. I don’t see how making up lies about people is fun for these creeps, but it seems to be. Maybe they could put their time to better use and try writing a novel. Their imaginations seem pretty good.

  • curious cat

    I believe there are legal efforts even as we write to make the Internet more accountable.

  • maria

    I think you are right Curious. Wasn’t Twitter forced to hand over someone’s account who was making libelous or threating remarks about or to a model? I’m amazed it’s gotten this far without some kind of responsibility for malicious statements on the net. I don’t know anything about laws that govern the Internet, but when did saying libelous things get covered under freedom of speech?


    @Gooberino: Is it possible that you are so out of touch with reality that you would be commenting on idiot posts on a celebrity gossip thread, and THEN asking for confirmation on the same topic? Is this a forum of ultimate truth? I think not. Get real.

  • psily death

    @curious cat:
    I agree about the jump to news of jerry’s death and how abrupt and unsettling that was. i also did not like it when gena gershon quips (paraphrase) “wait until you see jerry. you’ll die.” i thought that was a crass, tasteless bit of humor that left a sour taste. I knew he was gonna die, but still stunned the way they revealed it was not good. and that may have been what turned the audience off and kept it from being a hit. because if that had been handled better, i think more people would’ve gone to see, and loved the movie.
    however, i loved the movie, because of gerry butler. the opening scene was not too long for me. in fact, i think the movie could’ve been a hit if they would have had MORE of him–his illness, his demise, making us care more about him. But, I think they wanted the movie to be more light-hearted, and not so much of a movie like Sweet November, but more of a death-lite kind of flick. It was about HER, how she coped and moved on. I think they started “moving on” way too early in the movie, is all. Meh. HE made the movie good. Without him, wouldn’t even watch it. Because of him, I own it.

  • juliette

    Excuse me…jill…lurking…manlesston…all mean little w*h*o*r*e*s…photos…pleeeze?? I’m going to post them on my website right next to Jennifer’s to show everyone how perfect you must look compared to someone who’s looks you can’t seem to stop making fun of 24/7.

    Just say the word & I’ll give you my email address I set up just for this special occasion where you all will grace me with pictures of perfection…right??

    Pffft…just kidding…
    I’ll put them on my MySpace Profile so everyone can compare & make fun of what f*u*c*k*i*n*g dogs I’ll bet any money you are & see how you like it…okay??

    I wear wedges in my bras sometimes when I have strapless bras & special dresses to wear wtf is it any business of yours & who gives a f*u*c*k other than you meddling s*l*u*t*s…sooo what if she wears something in her bra good lord…..that’s really trivial & petty…

    What’s the matter you either got saggy granny boobs or size A’s & still wear a friggin training bra? My breats are nice & so are Jen’s jealous much??