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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

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284 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie”

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  1. 151
    amen Says:

    he is a high school graduate and he has a graduate degree. He is philosophical and she is self-indulgent. I can’t imagine what a conversation between the two would be like.
    For his good education and post grad law degree I dunno Manless. I don’t think a conversation with Nippy would be any less substantive than one he’d have with any of the stick insects he cycles through his life. I give him credit for his intellectual pursuits of his youth, but that was a loooong time ago. He’s dumbed himself down to the lowest common denominator in Hollywood; he fits right in. I bet he’s just as self-indulgent as JA really, just IMHO

  2. 152
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @amen: You could be right on that. Maybe I am giving him too much credit. He has said in interviews that he reads all the time but he also chases skirt quite regularly too.
    After reading your post something else came to mind. Competition. Gerry might like to be top dog in his relationships and doesn’t want to compete in his career with his SO. Maybe he lives by the adage, one diva in the house is enough…
    You may have a very good point. He hasn’t been acting like a well educated man lately IMO.

  3. 153
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ amen
    I think good scripts nowadays are few and far between and are offered to much better seasoned actors like Russell Crow, Tom Hanks, etc. I loved The Jury and Mrs. Brown, although the latter didn’t showcase too much of Gerry’s talent with the role he had. Apart from Burns there doesn’t seem to be too many good Scots around that he could play. I guess time will tell where his career takes him; I really don’t think The Bounty is going to help him, and if Aniston uses him as her fall guy he may end up regretting the day he ever took the role.

  4. 154
    sugar Says:

    Perez hilton confirmed that they are together

  5. 155
    Nah Says:

    I dont think Buts is gay but i also dont think he has some mystery chick.
    I think that he and The Man are for real.

  6. 156
    autumnstorms Says:


    I don’t know who you are referring to as being together, but………….I remember a while back, Perez Hilton “confirmed” Fidel Castro had died. He is such a reliable source.

  7. 157
    curious cat Says:

    @sugar. who is together? This thread has lost its thread as all do finally. I can’t see LAC saving GB’s career. It seems like just another bomb-filled action flick maybe a step above “Gamer.” Face it. He is starting to look the same in every movie and grunt out the same role with the same facial expressions.

  8. 158
    howdydarlin Says:

    Ummm that is not Jennifer Anitson… is that not Renee?

  9. 159
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Butler or John Mayer? John, PLEASE take her!

  10. 160
    lilac Says:

    I don’t think at this point his career is in danger and ‘needs saving.’ I, for one, can’t wait to see LAC.

    The same in every movie? Good lord, there is nothing the same about his performances in 300, Rocknrolla or TUT etc., etc. Some movies he’s been in may not be that great as a whole, but he’s always the best thing in them.

    Even if he chooses to be with JA, I don’t see how ticking off a few fan girls would ruin his career. It takes a general audience to make or break a movie, not a few confused fans who delusionally feel he is their personal property.

  11. 161
    sugar Says:

    perez confirmed that jen and gerry are together. He might make a mistake about castro because that’s politics. But we are talking about Hollywood which is his area of expertise if you like

  12. 162
    curious cat Says:

    #153 I respectfully disagree. “Apart from Burns there doesn’t seem to be too many good Scots around that he could play.”

    There are quite a few good historical Scottish characters GB or his colleague Scottish actors McAvoy and McGregor could play–with their own accent yet– if they dug into American, Australian and Canadian history as well as their own and the worldwide British Empire in general. Scottish history is not just Braveheart, Highlander and men in kilts running around with swords. Let’s face it, in the U.S. there isn’t a hot market for serious historical movies, especially about foreign people, including Robert Burns, unless they are super high Oscar caliber. The American market, which is the one they have to make it in to make $$$, doesn’t often support that kind of movie-making. Americans seem to like adolescent clap-trap. Then again, great movies about historical events have done famously well. They are the ones that win Academy Awards. It takes someone with vision, daring, tenacity and a big, big commitment to excellence to make something like that happen, even if they have to do it on a low budget first to make their name. You don’t hear about the people who make that kind of films frittering away time at bars, parties, karaoke joints, trendy celebrity hangouts and fashion shows. GB is looking more and more like a shallow celebrity-monger who doesn’t have the kind of gray matter or focus to do something dazzlingly great, or perhaps the backbone to shoo off the PR people that maybe push him into these things and the paparazzi who cover them. I’m puzzled why people think LAC is the film that can save his career. So far it just looks like more of the same that he’s been doing. Just another (yawn) thriller full of blowups and killings and more ranting and emoting with the same limited facial expressions he’s used in Shattered, 300, Gamer, etc. I’d love to be proved wrong and hope that this movie is a serious look at our justice system a la “Dead Man Walking.” I thought Sean Penn should have won best actor for that role in a tough, hard, unflinching look at a serious issue. I thought GB “coulda been somebody, ” to quote a famous movie. And maybe he still will be. But the prognosis isn’t promising at the moment unless he does a 180 degree turn. Sorry to go on so long, folks. I go now. Have a good week.

  13. 163
    pafan Says:

    Oh my. Perez confirmed it? What has that loser confirmed that was true? JA and GB may be together, but I’m not going to believe anything he confirms. These sites breed off each other.

    I’ll wait till I hear it out of Gerry’s mouth.

  14. 164
    One Sugar-Cube Short... Says:

    Haha – are you serious???? PEREZ effing HILTON??
    No, he is NOT a reliable source. Not Not NOT.

    Lemme guess: you think the Enquirer is 100% real news all the time dontcha?

  15. 165
    sugar Says:

    come on people lay off me. Why are these rumours not dying down. There is always smoke to every fire!!!

  16. 166
    ManLESSton needs a lobotomy. Says:

    Instead of making fun of her, somebody should intervene and help this poor woman. She is not well. Celebrity stalking, body dysmorphia, phantom employment and having imaginary husband and children are all symptoms of manic depression.

  17. 167
    aaahhh! Says:

    if you’ve forgotten why you fell for gerry this should remind you

  18. 168
    trying to figure it out Says:

    aaahhh! @ 162

    Lucy Sullivan, I loved that series. great cast of quirky characters. Gerry played such a loveable sleazeball, no wonder Lucy fell for him.

    Sugar @ 165

    Because someone doesn’t want them to die down. They are keeping JA’s mug on the front page.

    Curious Cat @ 162
    You know if Gerry played his cards right Burns could turn out to be one of those “sleeper” movies that ends up winning an Academy Award – I know we are really stretching it here. He hasn’t spoken about Burns lately, I am wondering if he is still interested in that part. Maybe he is happy just playing the sappy roles for the pay cheque now. I think a change of management will do him good, but I don’t think that is going to happen. He is loyal to Alan because he is a friend and I believe friends and business don’t mix.

    On an off-note – does anyone know who else Alan manages?

  19. 169
    markasite madame Says:

    Why does everyone seem to “assume” that Gerry is dating Jennifer Aniston. Because it is proclaimed in a gossip rag, such as the Star and others (and most especially Perez Hilton), that actually is more of an indication that it is NOT TRUE than being true. Has anyone actually seen them out together, other than on the movie shoot, or in the case of being at dinner with a whole group of people, never alone? Although Ms. Aniston has not ever denied a relationship other than a working one, it is so obvious that she has been riding on the heels of Gerry all this time for PR purposes and nothing more. She does this with every costar she makes a movie with, insinuates herself as being coupled with them, just for the publicity it gets her. She cannot seem to get any substantial PR just on her own merit, she has to ride the coattails of someone else. Gerry, on the other hand, has denied multiple times (I lost count around 11 or 12) that there is anything between them other than friendship and a working relationship. He has also said that he is not ashamed of her, and would admit it if he were dating her. He has no reason to lie about it. And the idea of him holding off anything until after LAC premieres, to fool his fans is utterly preposterous. Gerry has alway said and done exactly what HE wanted to, not what his fans wanted him to do. He’s not one to let his fans dictate his life. It’s clear that they became good friends while making “The Bounty,” but it’s also clear that that is all they are. Gerry has been seen with other women in the interim, and his KNOWN association with her since the movie has been very minimal and obviously related to movie business. As for him going to a barbecue at Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s house…he has been friends with David for years, has mentioned him before, and apparently was not there with or for Aniston, as he said in one of his press junket interviews for “Gamer” that he actually left the party for over an hour and took a walk on the beach, running into Justin Timberlake. That doesn’t sound like someone on a date with Aniston, or anyone else. Gerry has many friends that he associates with, and in reading interviews with HIS OWN WORDS, and hearing recorded interviews, this includes Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore among others, and so many of the Hollywood A, B and C listers all run in the same circles, so naturally, he’s going to be in association with a wide variety of people, as he seems to be popular enough now to be asked to various functions around both Hollywood and New York City, but none of it is indicative of him “dating” Jennifer Aniston or anyone else in particular. Gerry is just having a good time with his life now, he can afford to do that. He’s off and running in all different directions, with no real committments (as indicated by his flirty nature, and being reported here and there with various women, and not one in particular). None of us really know the real truth about Gerry, NONE OF US, and we probably never will. But in going by his own words and denials on the Jennifer Aniston issue, I think it is pretty safe to say that there is nothing there of any serious nature, and that is going by what he, himself, has said numerous times over the past weeks. I’ll take his denial as the truth, not Perez Hilton’s proclimation of anything. And certainly not the gossip mongers who seem to want to keep this thing going when there is nothing there to substantiate any of it. Take your best shots, folks, I know you are going to. I really don’t care, you peopel mean absolutely nothing to me. But I’m entitled to what I think the same as anyone else, and apparently I’m the only one that gives a damn about anything. At least I don’t have such a miserable life as to constantly attack someone just because they like Gerry and are not constantly running him down or finding fault in everything he does.

  20. 170
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I once asked the same question about Alan…..I think G is his only client. And you’re right,friends and business should never mix.
    I see JJ has a thread on Paul Bettany filming Priest, G shouldn’t have dropped the project.
    It’s also a shame that Therese Raquin wasn’t produced. Laurent would have been a good role for him.
    I have no idea what’s happening with Burns.But sometimes the small films can surprise you. Not only with critical acclaim but with decent b.o. returns………….500 Days of Summer for example.
    I happened to see Green Mile recently. It reminded me of what LAC could have been in Darabont’s hands. I’ve read that he and G disagreed about the direction of the film and that’s why Gray was hired.It looks like the film was “dumbed down”. What initially began as a psychological drama became an action thriller.But hey, audiences might prefer that.Based on what I’ve seen in clips so far,I’m not impressed with the movie or G’s acting.
    Aniston remains relevant by staying in the tabloids.Especially when a film flops.

  21. 171
    the view from Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Well said Stinky – I have been more than a little interested in what Frank Darabont has had to say! I think that ‘LAC’ HAD (past tense definitely) the potential to be a shocking and telling denunciation of the prision system – something that could have been a real poke to the awards panels and the movie going in general. But reading recently that G didn’t lke the direction that the movie was going and parted company with Darabont seems the flaw at the centre of the project.
    It seems that GB himself rewrote chunks of the character to be more likeable and human – and that the whole plot was redrafted to be a ‘wild-ride white knuckle thriller’ rather than a Darabont classic, and that whilst he had originally wanted to play the Jamie Foxx role, that the production couldn’t actually find an actor who was willing to play the role that GB now does opposite Gerry. I, like you have been disappointed in the trailers, in that it all looks like the Gerry we have seen in other things like ‘Shattered’/ Gamer/ 300 etc etc.

    It would appear that GB has turned the opportunity to be in a really interesting serious movie, in order to be a litte bit edgy, in another version of the ‘same old same old, blow up/shoot up thriller’ that doesn’t interfere too much with his ‘leading man/hottie/stud/paparazzi image’.

    I am not holding out for anything other than a rather longer than usual TV crime story.

    PS: The UK thinks that Alan should go too!

    and more:

  22. 172
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Morning Stinkylouise
    It’s interesting you brought up Therese Raquin, I was wondering where that one went the other day. And Priest too. Too many good roles being passed up. From what I have seen of LAC, it looks OK. Too bad they “dumbed” it down. I’m not going to be rushing out to see it on opening night, as I’ll be cruising the high seas, so will have to catch up with it later along with SNL, which I have to PVR. I haven’t seen Gamer and will probably end up seeing that when it comes out on DVD.

  23. 173
    . Says:

    @markasite madame:

    I think what you are telling makes sence only jennifer aniston had denied that she is in a relationship with him in people magazine, her words were “But when it comes to working with Butler, “They get along really well, but Jen only likes him as a friend,” says a source. “She can’t see herself dating him.”

    So she denied it and still the tabloids are making things up. The tabs want her to be with someone first it was pitt because he was in the same city, then gerard butler because they worked together, now they are going back to john mayer.

    If i were her i would stop also with reacting to every story because they just don’t stop.

  24. 174
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @the view from here- Have you seen this article?,0,6979196.story
    It may give you some of idea of the influence his reps have with regards to G’s films.In particular the changes to LAC.
    I admit I liked Gamer.LOL! But my expectations were low going in, so I wasn’t disappointed.I don’t disagree with the critics tho.
    “…….exudes less charisma than porridge………..” LOL.
    Interesting suggestion from the one critic that G fire his agent.His loyalty to Alan may be tested if his films keep bombing and and he’s no longer offered scripts.
    The filming of Priest overlapped with Bounty.It looks like he dropped one to do the other. Idiot!

  25. 175
    cubedweller Says:

    @the view from: Re Gamer … “miasmic upchuck of techno sludge …” is my new favorite line of any review. Too funny. My first Gerry film that I have decided to ignore.

    I too am not impressed with the trailers from LAC – it looks like a lot of dialogue we’ve heard many times before. So much potential in the supporting cast, but if the story has indeed been diminished intellectually to tv crime drama level, I will be very disappointed.

    IMO Paul Bettany is doing the most interesting roles right now. Loved his character in Ink Heart, and thought he was terrific in The Secret Life of Bees. He brought some pathos to a repellent character in that one. These are all roles that Butler could have gone for as well. It would have been interesting to see what he would have done with them.

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