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Jennifer Hudson: VH1 Divas Performance Videos!

Jennifer Hudson: VH1 Divas Performance Videos!

Jennifer Hudson performs at 2009 VH1 Divas at NYC’s Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday (September 17).

The 28-year-old American Idol vet performed her hit song “Spotlight” and her own rendition of Stevie Wonder‘s “All In Love Is Fair” (with Stevie himself).

Jennifer has a 1-month-old son named Daniel David Otunga (named after her fiance). She said she looks forward to seeing “who he becomes, who he takes after, what he decides to do, if he’ll sing.”

Click inside to watch Jennifer‘s performances on VH1 Divas…

Jennifer Hudson – “Spotlight”

Jennifer Hudson & Stevie Wonder – “All In Love Is Fair”
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jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 01
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 02
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 03
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 04
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 05
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 06
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 07
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 08
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 09
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 10
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 11
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 12
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 13
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 14
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 15
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 16
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 17
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 18
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 19
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 20
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 21
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 22
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 23
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 24
jennifer hudson vh1 divas performance 25

Photos: Christopher Polk/Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • -!-

    Hell, she’s huge!

  • k8

    No to the pants!!!!

  • Powersaver

    I think she’s lost some weight! She’s becoming Hollywood slowly but surely, no matter what if when she broke into the biz she wanted to embrace her Plus size..I’m amazed she’s done it so much faster after pregnancy coz that’s the hardest time to keep the weight off, maybe she got sick a lot with her first child.

  • -!-

    Man, I think she ate the audience!

  • muchas gracias

    those trouser are not a good idea luv

  • ?

    yikes, that is one BIG momma
    dang girl, cover that sh!t up, there’s no sense trying to flaunt it, it’s making up all sick

  • viva la vida

    I am all about embrancing your body type/weight but one shoud wear outfits that are becoming. Those leather pants are absolutely not flattering. Since this happens a lot with Jhud, I suggest she changes her stylist ASAP.
    On a side note, she is incredibly talented.

  • ava

    Jared there are Cloony pictures with his GF coming out of a restaurant in LA that you have not posted WHY, Cindy Crawford and kids are in them as well, GO FIND THE PICTURES AND POST, thanks.

  • nikomilinko
  • Bill


  • LadyB

    Is she kidding me?

  • Anastacia

    what the hell was she thinking???!!
    she looks just super ugly!!

  • abigail

    She’s gorgeous.
    Beautiful face.
    Beautiful skin.
    Shame about the pants…not a good look, Sweetheart.

  • abigail

    Oh yeah….and incredible voice and great boobs!!
    Love ya Jennifer!

  • ha

    american idol vet?? why not academy award / SAG / golden globe winner?
    don’t dumb down her achievements, use her as a role model. she just has to win a grammy and she has them all.

  • GIuliano

    We call this “Presswurst” in Germany…

  • pup

    Well. That’s….something.

  • .

    She’s too tall.

  • Amanda

    She’s was bigger than that

  • @ha

    Don’t you notice that JJ always dumb down the ones ‘he’ don’t like much…but always bigs up the one’s ‘he’ likes. Like ‘he’ makes ones like Rachel Bilson, Taylor Swift, Kristen Bell etc, sound more important than they are, yet don’t give no respect to those who work hard, have heaps more talent and achieve more like Jennifer.

  • media robot

    JP’s “Style Team” SUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!

  • media robot

    ooops…meant to say JH’s

  • jaker

    OH DEAR!

  • Dylan



  • anon

    She is gorgeous! So talented and such a sweet woman. I wish her only the best with her career and family.

  • ann

    Uh…you guys do remember she just had a kid 5 weeks ago and she was not exactly skinny pre-pregnancy. Give her a break. The pants would have worked if her top was longer.

  • Susan

    ah, WHATEVER. great voice. what a way to show off your boobs

  • emma lee

    I agree with Ann #26.

    It is mentioned that she had a baby one month ago. I think she looks good. It takes a long time to drop the baby weight and like Ann mentions she was not “skinny” before.

    Having said that, I also agree that wearing tight leather pants was not flattering choice. Longer top or better yet, no leather.

  • the dq

    I’m so sick of seeing this woman’s pictures popping up where she’s spilling, popping, bulging out of everything she’s wearing. Learn to dress appropriately. Otherwise it totally detracts from everything you’re doing. You look AWFUL and NO, I don’t care that she just had a baby.

  • NativeNYker
  • meee

    WOW who told her skintight leather pants were a good idea?!

  • clay

    I like her singing this song. If this is her song it is great. I like her better singing her own stuff.

  • Black

    with all the money why can’t she hire a personal traner or a fashion guru?

    Those clothes don’t look appealling on her at all :(

  • Kimberly

    I thought her singing was utterly terrible. It sounded like she was screaming and yelling when she was singing, that’s not cool Jennifer. ;)

  • norma

    @Powersaver: Stop worring Jennifer can handel hers. She is beautiful and doing very well.

  • norma

    @muchas gracias: Those trouser is her diva look and she did not need your premission. Jennifer controls her own life and look.

  • roger

    The pants are NOT good. I do not care for her music either. She seems like a very nice person though.

  • Keyla89

    Yeah, somehow I don’t think Oscar-winner Jennifer would give a sh** about what you all say about her weight. Wait to go for being curvy and proud, Jen! Put em all in their place

  • twpumpkin

    Great singer and a beautiful girl but come on ……hit the gym!

  • ana

    Jennifer’s such an amazing singer but she really needs to lose some weight for the sake of her own health. The tight leather pants are not a good look for her. I hope her baby is healthy and happy, and I wish her and her family to have a long, happy life together.

  • Melissa

    With as much as she has gone through within the past 2 years she’s looking nice, the outfit on the other hand was a big no no. How about some of you go through the senseless murder of your family and then having a baby just recently and see how that fairs on your body.

  • http://myway Ms. Bitch

    Umm A-holes, shes a singer/actress not a swimsuit or runway model, keep the focus. One thing she is, she is talented with awards to boast, can YOU say the same. LOL, sorry Im sure you all look like a victorias secret model..pul-leeeease!

  • norma

    Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful and fabulous lady. She has class and she is very talented. One of the most humble people you will ever meet. This young multi-talented Diva has a powerful voice, and she is a beast on the mic. Jennifer have already earned so much, and she only have one album under her belt. She have not even scratch the surface yet. There are so much more to come from this Diva.