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Kelly Clarkson Covers Miley Cyrus' "The Climb"

Kelly Clarkson Covers Miley Cyrus'

Kelly Clarkson joined Jill & Kate recently in covering Miley Cyrus’ hit song “The Climb” — check it out below!

The 27-year-old original American Idol also wrote a post-VH1 Divas Live blog entry:

“So, Melissa Etheridge is so cool first off, but her voice is absolutely incredible!! I’m so happy I asked her to sing ["Bring Me Some Water"] on the show with me and I’m even more happy that she said yes and I got to perform with her! It was one of my favorite moments of the year…she’s such a class act and rad as can be!

“I also got to meet Adele for the first time and she’s so freaking adorable and sings like an angel! India Arie was really nice and it was pretty much amazing that I got to see her and Sheryl both perform last night because I’m a huge fan of both and had never seen them live before! I knew I’d have fun at the show, but I didn’t think I’d have THAT much fun ha! All the girls on the show are pretty much the opposite of ‘diva’. They were way too nice and friendly and everyone was having a great time! We’re all different but it made for a very eclectic and exciting show! I was super proud to share the stage with such classy girls!

“Although we just finished a tour, I’m back in rehearsals for my upcoming fall tour haha! No rest for the weary :) We’re actually all pretty pumped about it because we’re adding different songs and we just built an entire stage for this specific tour, woohoo! We’re also doing a pre-show party too so we’re all learning songs for that as well. I’ll be singing some covers by artists I like and some unreleased songs which will be fun. Off to bed, later! KC :)”

Kelly Clarkson Covers Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”
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  • Chanel

    Better than Miley.

  • nini

    A million billon times better than the original! Thats cos these people can actually sing and have beautiful voices!

  • wow

    proof that people just need to sell their great songs to great artists instead of wasting them…

  • Carolina; from Brazil

    A million billon times better than the original!
    I don’t like Miley HAHAHAHA! but she has a great voice.

  • cg

    Jill, Kate, and Kelly did a great job. You go girls. It’s a great song and nothing aganist Miley or anything but I would actually like it more if she didn’t sing it.

  • sara

    That’s the first time I’ve kinda liked that song. I’d buy that version! Nice job!

  • Sarah.

    LOL. Indeed, better than the original. :P

  • izzie

    I don’t really know who Jill and Kate are, but wow that was a beautiful cover. Much better than the original, and I even like the original.


    WOW …. Miley pretty much sucks ASS on this song! THey sang much more beautifully than Miley, see, I like Miley’s songs, her voice = BADD.

  • disagree

    Miley’s version is so much better – that should be posted here for comparison.

  • nicole

    This version is so much better than Miley’s version. BTW Jill and Kate are Kelly’s backup singers.

  • rhonda

    i like miley’s version of the song, but i love this version. jillandkate are amazing. the harmonies on this version are incredible.

  • Susan

    who the HECK are jill and kate?! Kelly Clarkson is way better than Miley. Though i admit I do like the climb

  • Gina

    They sound beautiful, but in my opinion, they’re unable to carry the song quite like Miley can. I know Miley has a lot of haters out there, but I’m unable to understand why so many people judge her on how she looks as opposed to how she behaves. She is a grounded and talented young lady–she is the youngest musician to have three #1 records on the Billboard 200, writes and composes the majority of her songs, and has sold millions upon millions of records. It is a sad state when individuals will take talent that should be lauded and ridicule it out of spite and jealousy. Miley should be treated with a bit more respect than many of you are willing to give her.

  • Chau

    WAY BETTER! Those girls kick Miley Cyrus’ butt! Miley’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Brian

    Pretty sure people are judging her on her more so on how she sounds rather than how she looks. And she sounds pretty bad

  • Rebecca

    @Susan: Kelly Clarkson’s backup singers.

  • Steph
  • NativeNYker
  • pam

    this is amazing. i’m not a fan of Miley’s, and this rendition is EPIC! JillandKate are Kelly’s backup singers and have new song on the 17th every month. :)

    check them out: and!

  • lol

    Not only do they sound better than the original version, but they’re voices weren’t edited or anything!

  • tish

    I’ve always loved the song but I don’t like Miley’s voice…..

    Great job KC, Jill and Kate.

  • Violette

    Awww I love it!! What a voice / voices!

  • Lucy

    Amazing! I like the original, but this was so much better!

  • Carly


    you are either crazy or 13 years old

  • Angie

    Wow. Just think how great that would have sounded if it had gone through production. That was just a cell phone recording. Kelly Clarkson has such an amazing voice.. I would like to hear on more on this youtube version of The Climb. But, just absolutely awesome when you think about the rawness of it.

    I agree Miley is a teen sensation that has every kid from 3 to 15 begging their moms to buy her stuff. No wonder she has sold so much. I do like The Climb, but, it is a strain for Miley to sing and it is very produced.

  • Jen


    I think Kelly, Jill, and Kate did a wonderful job, but I do agree that Miley sounds amazing singing live…

  • Shannon

    Miley’s music is not my personal style, but to say that she is talentless or that her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard is just ignorant.

  • whatever, yo

    this version is better than Miley’s… it sounds better with a higher range.

  • Melissa is the bomb

    kelly’s duet with melissa etheridge was by FAR the highlight of the night. smart move asking Melissa to sing with you, kelly, because Melissa is THE diva of rock’n roll and you can’t fail with her!

  • tt

    Kelly was phenomenal. Can’t say the same about Jill and Kate but w/e,.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who cares
    she’s really a nobody
    i rather hear miley’s ugly voice over kelly

  • bino756

    I am not a huge miley fan and though I like this, I think mileys voice suits it better. Itis also better with just one voice. Suits the song better.

  • bino756

    @Shannon: agreed

  • flashmob

    Divas Live “with such classy girls”. Amen.

  • 32

    jump in a lake and drown

  • three times teh charm

    genti go jump in a lake and drown

  • genti is guilty

    taking my life back from you and all your cash too

  • hmmm

    that’s only if you are admin

    not directed to joe public on 37 38

  • and now…

    37-40 are only directed to 32 if 32 is admin..
    otherwise if 32 is joe public please ignore
    if 32 is virusspinner, heat up and fry to death and be snared by your own devices and captured by powers that be thus says moi

  • question

    who was on duty at 3-7 pm est? on this thread?

  • what is the deal

    i meant who was on duty at jj between 3-8 est…
    anyway i don’t expect my concerns to be brushed off that easily. i think it would be unlegal to blow off that report. intentionally misspelling to make sure this posts.

  • bella

    Do not like Miley but I like this song.
    These three do a WAY better job at it. beautiful.

  • Jaybird

    What are you people smoking?! Miley OWNS this song! This cover doesn’t come close.

  • meeeeee


    So yall might be like “omgahh kelly’s great” but really, that is Jill’s vocals you hear stand out the most. She has an amazing, superific, fantastic voice.

    I don’t mean to be hating on Kelly, because I’m not. I love her, I’m a huge fan of hers, have been for about 4 years now. BUT I just want people to realize that this isn’t totally Kelly’s voice. It’s more so JillandKate’s. They are outstanding and you deeefinitely need to check them out. Go to their youtube page for more videos with awesome performances. they do it once a month. and then check their blog at it is seriously WORTH your time.


    jillandkate, i love you.

    jill, will you marry me??

  • lalala

    Better than Miley. Duh! Everyone sings better than Miley.

  • kamilah

    im so glad they covered this. ive always wanted to hear this song done by a different artist because i love this song but i cant really stand mileys voice. much much better than the original

  • dorie

    This is a Jill&Kate cover, Kelly is only singing the lower harmony. It’s great that Jill & Kate are getting the recognition they deserve, I wish they would put out an album of their own. They write their own material, too.

  • Jacinta


    Jill and Kate are Kelly Clarkson’s background vocalists, but they also have their own EPs out. Great music. Check em out.

  • Jacinta

    For those who don’t know: Jill and Kate are amazing and have 2 eps out. You should go to youtube and search ” jillandkate ” or go to their site which is jillandkate dot c o m