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Michelle Obama: US Health Care is Unacceptable

Michelle Obama: US Health Care is Unacceptable

First Lady Michelle Obama attends an event discussing the need for health insurance reform and its impact on women and families on Friday (September 18) at the White House in Washington, D.C.

“The status quo is unacceptable,” Michelle said. “It is holding women and families back. [Women are] disproportionately affected by this issue because of the roles that we play in families. [And women] are more likely to work part-time, or to work in small companies or businesses that don’t provide any insurance at all.”

Other pictures include President Barack Obama and the First Lady at a ceremony to award the Medal of Honor posthumously to Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti at the White House on September 17. Monti sacrificed his own life in an effort to save a injured comrade while on patrol in Afghanistan June 21, 2006.

Also pictured: Michelle visiting the opening of FRESHFARM‘s newest farmers’ market on September 17. The idea to have a farmers market just a block from the White House came about from Michelle‘s popular “White House Garden” that she started back in March. The garden has inspired people around the world to start growing their own produce and to start buying from the local farmers.

25+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama looking classy as ever…

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Photos: Jim Watson/Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty, GSI Media
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  • Amanda

    Gosh I wish I had her height and brains! I love the first lady


    JustJared why do you put “US Health Care is Unacceptable” as post title? This is not what Mrs Obama say…. Are you republican? lol

  • whortenia

    What is surpassing funny is to see the very people who would benefit from Obama’s proposals out in force to scream in opposition to them. Talk about deluded dupes (of the private health care insurance industry).

  • annab

    She seems like a lovely and caring person. Not afraid to get her hands dirty unlike the prissy and proper first ladies of the past.

  • salma

    she souds nice but she’s scary looking she’s looks like a witch


    The First Lady need to adhere to the long held policy of only wearing solids.

    Jackets and more tailored clothes also befit her new status.

    Prints diminish her uniqueness, make her more difficult to be seen, and are too casual for state affairs.

    Her position requires her to stand out, not bend into the crowd. As First Lady her job is to represent the Unitesd States, not her own taste in clothing.

    Carla Bruni is a shining example of propriety in attire during official appearances.

  • hmm

    why not offer free health care to everyone 18 & under? it could be used as a form of prevention in young people & hopefully catch small problems before they become major problems in adulthood.

  • hmm

    @TIM GUNN:

    carla bruni was an underwear model & she’s not a very bright woman.

  • Dieter

    She should defintely work out her ass. I have nothing against fat asses but her ass is just don’t right. She should better work out her ass and let the politcians do their job !!!!

  • LuckyL

    And Carla Bruni is famous for her flings and only acting conservative for her conservative husband.

    Anyway, she looks great, going to ignore this thread now before Rhonda Rashananana gets here.

  • anonymous

    US healthcare is the best in the world. That’s why people from all over the world come here for care, and US citizens never need to go elsewhere. If you get the government involved in the health care system it’s gonna go to heck in a handbasket just like the post office, DMV, and other government-run entities. Another teensy weensy problem: we’ll go even into more debt than we already are.

  • LuckyL

    And how does someone’s clothing represent the US anyway, LOL? So when Mrs. Bush wore Oscar De La Renta or Chanel, a South American brand and French brand, she was representing the US? LOL, Isn’t it our policies? Oh Gunn…you’re off today.

  • LuckyL

    anonymous is obviously underage and lacks real employment or hasn’t talked to a knowledgeable Republican, Democrat, Independent, economist or doctor–anyway, I’m out.

  • Dieter


  • Maria

    It’s about time the situation with the US health care industry was addressed. It’s appalling the way it’s weighted in favour of the rich and at the detritiment of the poor. Money should not be an issue in health care treatment. The NHS has problems, true, but only because greedy, lying politicians completely f***** it general though the care received is good. My mum went private with her first heart op coz she could, at the time, afford too…her second heart op was done on the NHS and she received excellent treatment. If she were american, she’d have been a goner.

  • Mary

    Go Michelle!

  • coza


  • Rhonda

    How come Just Jared you didn’t show the bondage belt holding her boobs up picture?? notice you got the picture in but not the “full picture effect” picture. Kinda selective isn’t it?

    The First Acorn is a total fraud, she had her law license suspended for “patient dumping” that is taking poor blacks out of the beautiful Univ Of Illinois hospital at Chicago and “dumping” them in Nation of Islam hospitals.

    I know the public schools don’t really want kids to “educated” .studies show their are only 1 in 4 teens know that the first president of the United States was George Washington and the odds get even worse when they are asked to name all three branches of the US government. Its really sad, and doesn’t make for a very “educated” USA voter base. There are some Acorns that feel that you don’t really want people “to smart” you can watch the videos at big or big Acorn-n-chief front line workers telling fake prositute and pimp not to “educate” their 13-15 years old, imported from a Latin american company (Acorn willing to help with travel for girls) sex slave girls, “don’t want them to smart”

    Challenge: Chief Acorn and First Acorn are out telling sob stories of the US medical system: Challenge Please ask either Chief Acorn or First Acorn to tell sob story of DONTAE ADAMS and his MOTHER!

  • Rhonda

    correction : that should read Latin American country not company!

  • for sure

    Don’t think the facts are true! However, the healthcare system we have now is better than the one the government proposal! With the system they are talking about taxes will be higher and less health care!!!!!!!!!!

  • TAL

    wow, she looks fabulous!!!!

    I don’t know why you stupid Americans are so against health-care? Look how fat and unhealthy you are.

    You guys are the ONLY western industrialized country without universal health care!! So backwards, and you wonder why your life expectancy in the United States is soooooooo low compared with other nations.


    lmao, I live in Paris and WE SEE THE NEWS and it’s so embarrassing!! EVERYONE is laughing at America FIGHTING over HEALTH-CARE!!! PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, AND THOSE AMERICAN HILLBILLY’S PROTESTING.

    Calling your president a Hitler because he wants people to have health care? I just realized yet again how DUMB OF A COUNTRY AMERICA IS.

    ….And then I checked the IQ of nations and SURPRISE !! AMERICA IS LIKE NUMBER 25. LMAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

    You guys deserve your misery!!!!

  • Catalina

    Is this a celebrity website or what? This site is getting old and tired. If I want to read about health care, I’ll go to Fox news.

  • Susan

    she thinks she’s ALL that. Definitely no Jackie O!

  • coza

    @EUROPRINCESS: Well said girl, i’ve leave in some many rich country’s and i can say they all feel bad for all the americans, The nation with more obesity, and look at your economy.. is going down because you guys any know how to spend money that u dont have… so sad because america is an amazing country . sad

  • to maria

    Good post and I agree.
    It’s about time the situation with the US health care industry was addressed. It’s appalling the way it’s weighted in favour of the rich and at the detritiment of the poor. Money should not be an issue in health care treatment. The NHS has problems, true, but only because greedy, lying politicians completely f***** it general though the care received is good. My mum went private with her first heart op coz she could, at the time, afford too…her second heart op was done on the NHS and she received excellent treatment. If she were american, she’d have been a goner.

    Read more:

  • Rhonda


    Good, while your laughing, SOME of us “hillbilly’s, Don’t want to be like pathetic Europe! That’s the whole point, DUH
    Remember when Madonna was pregnant and living in london and married to the Brit, SHE rushed home to AMERICA to have that baby, didn’t she!

  • coza

    so what if she did, that doesnt tell me anything, even if she had the baby in europe the baby will be american, just because she is american… so then why is that Angelina jolie didnt rush to the states to have the shilo? or the twins? the twins born in france and shilo some place in africa…. and her kids they are all americans,..

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Catalina @ 09/19/2009 at 2:13 pm Is this a celebrity website or what? This site is getting old and tired. If I want to read about health care, I’ll go to Fox news.
    Dear catalina, faux news is where intelligence goes to die.

  • truth

    Those who have adequate health care just don’t get it – they have blinders on. If you have good health care coverage through your emplyment you really need to shut up and lets hear from those who have not coverage and have to make a choice between a doctor or food.

  • to TIM GUNN

    The First Lady need to adhere to the long held policy of only wearing solids.

    hello, what planet are you living on? this is the 21st century; not 1950. adhere to wearing only solids! are you kidding. the first lady is not a lemming. just because other first ladies chose only solids does not mean that she is required to do so. as far as i’m concerned our first lady looks lovely in what she is wearing. and for the record; no where in the list of duties for a first lady does it say that that she must give up her own taste in clothing in favour your out-of-date fashion sense. if you dont like what our first lady is wearing; deal with it!


    is the united states really at 25. i’m surprised; for some reason i thought they were much lower than that.

  • Rhonda


    Didn’t have anything to do with citizenship, their child would have had dual citizenship.

    Madonna was a older mom (not being rude, having babies gets more dangerous the older you get, for both baby and mom) She wanted the BEST care and rushed home to LA to get it!

    angelina is a bird of a different feather, she had one kid in Africa but took a staff of world class doctors with her. I’m sure in Paris she HAD the best they had. Angie is a bit neurotic while I’ll think Madonna is a lot wiser.

  • I luv our first lady

    Im happy that she is also speaking out about health care reform. I thought her story was amazing and sweet. She is a good mother that wants the best for her family and I think this is what the US needs to do to. We need this health care for all of the people who need it the most, people who are sick or ill or hurt. They need the medical help and they need it to be affordable and available to all.

    GO Michelle, you rock!

  • Rhonda

    Remember boys and girls under Obama care YOU will be REQUIRED to have GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE, not sure how much thats gonna cost a twenty year old, but something to think about: the penality on your yearly TAX BILL for NOT having it has been set by Obama at $3800.00 a year. Hope your first job is a good one, glad I’m not 20!

  • I luv our first lady

    @TAL: I agree we do have a low life expectancy. We need this health care so why do my fellow (uncivilized)Americans don’t want it, I dont know. It has to be nothing but pure ignorance and hatred toward Obama and his great plan. He wants the best for us not the worst.

    Bush never cared about anyone but himself and the oil. Now that is evil. He even attacked Iraq which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack and killed over a million people. That’s evil. Who has Obama killed? No one as a matter of fact he doesn’t want anyone to die so he is pushing free health care.

  • to rhonda

    09/19/2009 at 2:56 pm

    very good; however i think there’s one question i would like you to answer. what do you suppose should happen to the excess of 42 million americans who are without any form of health insurance. are you suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that those millions are not entitled to affordable health care. oh wait, since all you can think of is how much it will cost you personally i suppose you are. i mean; god forbid we should deprive you of your second car or that vacation to where ever.

  • I luv our first lady

    @EUROPRINCESS: Don’t blame all of America, its just the dumb republicans that are doing all of the protesting against health care. They are the hillbillies and they are also the racist people mocking Obama. They hate him and don’t want his health care. The Smart Americans are the ones that do want free health care but the dumb ones are the ones that don’t.

    If you have to blame anyone blame the republicans, they are the ones that voted for Bush 2 times, they are the ones that wanted to go war for oil in the first place.

  • yada

    I’m not American, have never even been there. However, the Americans must own their first lady. She sounds decent and she is trying to change things.
    Go, first lady!

  • kit

    We should try to respect our first lady people!

  • whortenia

    @anonymous: You’re dead wrong about it all. US healthcare is fine for the rich; for those who have no insurance it is just not there. All developed nations have universal care, free or nearly so, except the backward USA. In the USA lots of whites don’t want universal health care because they don’t want blacks and hispanics to have it. In short they are racist. You’re a insurance company DUPE.

  • whortenia

    @for sure: The costs of universal care could be paid for by taking money from our imperial wars in Afghanistan that do nothing for us at all but consume billions of dollars that could be spent on better healthcare for ALL Americans. The private insurance companies don’t want it though. For one clear reason. They want to take in as much in premiums as possible and pay out as little as possible but dumpimg people who dare to make a claim they don’t want to pay for.

  • whortenia

    @Rhonda: Dead wrong, dear. There is NO compulsory clause in Obama’s proposal. A government insurance plan would be 100% voluntary. Available for those who want it. I rather suspect you’ve been duped by insurance company propaganda.

  • marainsconset

    She’s so practical and totally down-to-earth first lady, meaning she’s trying her best to help people who are less fortunate – especially the poor and the middle class. So selfless.

  • whortenia

    You see people, profits for the people who run the private health insurers come first and take money from the sick people they insure. In 2005 the CEO of United Health made more than 100 million dollars. That could have paid for lots of medical bills for its customers, but it didn’t because it went into his pocket.

  • ganymede30324

    Only notice how fabulous Michelle looks while her Administration’s Big Government fingers tighten around your throat and wallet. HER elite family never had to worry about healthcare (and never will), but they darn well want control over every aspect of your life, and healthcare is the means to that end.

  • ava

    Those huge belts with every outfit are UNACCEPTABLE!

    Less heart-warming is her prior involvement in “patient dumping” the poor, when she advised a hospital in Chicago. Where she got paid 350 thousand annually, maybe if Hospital’s didn’t have to pay wife’s of politicians so much protection money, American healthcare could be a bit cheaper.

  • Pandora

    @ Tim Gunn — she needs to adhere to solids so she can stand *out*? Honey, if she stood up, or out more than she already does that’d be way (way!) too in your face. This woman is the envy of trannies everywhere. The more she adorns herself in a feminie manner the more she stands out as being manly. She gives me the creeps.

  • Chantelle

    She looks stunning here, and I loved the speech. What a great women, very smart and caring to those in need.

  • American

    She does not have the elegant look of a First Lady! Sad…