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Reese Witherspoon is Pilates Pretty

Reese Witherspoon is Pilates Pretty

Reese Witherspoon sips on her Starbucks iced coffee as she heads to her car on Friday (September 18) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress had just taken a pilates class and a brief shoppiing trip.

Inside Reese‘s bag was the “Peace Love Math” water bottle from SIGG, which is made from a single piece of aluminum with an EcoCare BPA-free lining. To minimize unwanted tastes and scents, the inside is lined with a water-based, non-toxic epoxy resin that exceeds FDA leaching requirements. Available at

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Credit: Pedro Andrade/Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • pup

    She always looks so cute. ^^

  • Stephanie

    I have to say I would hate to leave pilates and have people take my picture!

    I look crazzzzzy after pilates… she does look great!

  • she has an ugly shape


  • spoon fed diva

    witherhead is a total phuckwad in person – inside knowledge!

  • ewwwwwww

    where is the gayblade????

  • autumnm

    How does Reese Witherspoon work out all the time and still have such a medicore body? Her legs are okay, but her arms still don’t look that toned to me. It must be the sugary starbucks drinks she consumes or she must be consuming fatty foods, otherwise I don’t get it.

  • mika

    shoppiing.. two i’s.

  • flic

    ha ha makes me laugh, she has this eco water bottle and then is always being paped drinking drinks from wasteful unbiogradable plastic cups from that eco friendly firm starbucks…give me a break.

  • fug pug

    pignosed midget pretends she works out, but only wears the outfits.

  • liz86000

    WOW, that’s a bunch of stupid haters we have here!!
    I think Reese is really lovely, and an amazing actress. She made me cry in the wonderful “Walk the Line”, and laugh so hard in the “blond” something film (can’t remember the title).
    She is a strong woman, and a wonderful mother form the look of things. I’m glad that she’s found happiness with Jake (good looking guy!). These gay rumors are just because in was amazing in that movie with Heath.

  • Bernadette

    Now that she’s back in LA she jumped right on arranging those photo ops. She buys a Eco friendly bottle but runs around in the biggest, gas guzzling SUV and flies around in private planes. Can you say hypocrite? and #10 liz86000 tell your PR bosses at CAA that they are laying it on to thick, the intern on the last paid for post was much better.

  • PeePee

    @Bernadette: Why is everything PR related to you, do you honestly think Jake and Reese or their PR give a f&ck about a moronic tinhat like you?.

    Jared why don’t you make this a registered only site then the same person would not keep posting under different names, you would be surprised how on other sites there is only ever 1 or 2 stupid comments like “Bernadette’s”!.

  • Bernadette

    PeePee @#12 – Truth hurts? You must be another paid stooge from CAA. PR and image control is everything to Reese.

  • team_jen

    @Bernadette: you sound like a crazy cat lady and please dont say reese is paying me 2 you truly r pathetic

  • PeePee

    @Bernadette: Truth hurts, why on earth would it hurt me, I know what I have seen and it wouldn’t make you very happy, I think the truth hurts for you actually, probably killing you in fact, you admit you post under different names, poor little tinhat has to resort to posting multiple times using different ID’s shouting the same old “PR PR PR.”

  • twit

    Hey jj do you mean pilates fugly! j j you are so enamored by these white woman , j j did you know that there was a poll which stated that white women were less attractive to asian males , they were #1 on the least of the most unattractive to white women, but white males love the asian women and they were #1 on the list for marriage.

  • lennie

    I dont get the hype about this lady. When I look at her, I’m just like yeah get me a real star!

  • Reese stinks

    rat faced b!tch

  • essie

    starbucks iced coffee is the best!!!!!!

  • Biographies of Famous People

    Awesome. Pilates is a pretty fun fitness exercise and I’m glad to see Reese doing it!

  • madmax

    when was the last time this bitch had a successful movie? (aside from animated M VS A) Can’t think of one? Neither can I. I’ve TRIED to watch her movies, wanting to give her a chance. I think her acting sucks. I can see why she’s Hollywood’s ‘darling’ but they are more interested in $$$$. She and Jake live in ground zero when it comes to paps. So they can’t complain when pics are taken. But most of the pics taken outside of LA I can say it’s their PR people making sure the paps KNOW where they are. When she was in Philly there were NO pics taken of them by the paps. And in DC they were doing outside shoots so of course it was easier to spot them.

    I have no idea if Jake is bi sexual or straight as a stick. I just think this pairing is strange. And in Hollywood you never know if couples will stand the test of time or crumble like a house of cards. Time will tell if we’ll hear wedding bells or headlines talking of a split

  • julie

    She needs a good trainer to pinpoint some hip/thigh work that will help her not look like a pear.

  • Reese Witherbeard

    Can’t stand that overrated phony woman.

  • Justme24

    I will never look any of her movies the same ever again. She’s such a bitch!

  • Susan

    she’s cute, but has WEIRD legs

  • Dee dee

    Can’t act it’s way out of a paper bag

  • whortenia

    @pup: Do you have any other word than “cute” or do you apply it to any and everything? Did you think 9/11 was “cute”? Did you think Kennedy’s death was “cute”? Did you think the “Dirty Dancing” guy looked “cute” just before he died? Probably you did.

  • whortenia

    Ohhhhh I’m so glad HE isn’t with her. Maybe he has stopped putting his thingy into her wingy and the you know humpppppp humppppp humppppp. Oh that idea is so awfully waffly. It makes me just sicky wicky. And beyond that, vomittywommity. I need to be told it is a fomance and that he is gayyyy gayyy gayyyy. Other wise the vomittywommity feeling comes all over me and it ain’t ””””cute”.

  • whortenia

    Dedodedodedodedodedodedoooodeeeedooooo. A question, dear? Have you ever acted your way out of anything? Like a job? A marriage? A loony bin? Color me curious.

  • yuck!

    Jake’s beard is ugly

  • witheredtits

    dump the beard Jakey

  • Dee dee

    @whortenia: have you ever *not* posted less than 3 fail replies in a row

  • withered bits

    Jake is soooooooo cute, RW makes a cute beard as well (in a sikkywikky way)

  • whortenia

    So “cute” what happened to Farrah:

    Cancer is so “cute”, isn’t it?

  • whortenia

    @Dee dee: I do it to keep you away for a while. That is good for everyone. Now go back and get into your paper bag. Are you comfy there?

  • liz86000

    WOW, who are you people?

  • withered bits

    @liz86000: lol

  • fauxmance

    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.
    His bearding with fake-nice publicity wh0re Reese Witherspoon is pathetic.

  • lj

    she’s awesome I wish she would hurry up and make another chic flick

  • lakers fan in boston

    nothing sexier than a woman working out, it means she likes 2 stay in shape =D
    i like her legs, for her height i think they’re amazing
    such a cutie that reese

  • whortenia

    @lakers fan in boston: Dont’ you think she’d be “cuter” if she had cancer? That’s very very “cute” you know.


    I think the frosty blend frappucino with whipped cream are the best.

  • sows ear

    @whortenia: avon products can cure anything

  • old news

    Reese Witheredpoon is yesterday’s news.

  • lola

    Um, like all Sigg bottles? Duh.

  • whortenia

    If she were diagnosed with cancer or a brain tumor of some sort I think she’d get more attention. Maybe she should try it. Then she wouldn’t have to dress up and go out and walk around with coffee in hand. LOL