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Sienna Miller Previews 'After Miss Julie'

Sienna Miller Previews 'After Miss Julie'

Sienna Miller and co-star Jonny Lee Miller, pictured below, sign autographs and take pictures with fans after a preview performance of their new play After Miss Julie at the American Airlines Theatre on Friday (September 18) in New York City.

This is the Broadway debut for both Sienna, 27, and Jonny, 36!

You can pick up tickets for the play through December 6 at

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller‘s preview performance of After Miss Julie

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74 Responses to “Sienna Miller Previews 'After Miss Julie'”

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  1. 26
    dani Says:

    Actually Miller works very hard. She is known for getting the job done. She has far more talent than Katie Holmes has and looking at acting skills alone, she’ll probably do a much more credible job than Holmes did in All my sons or Peet did in Barefoot in the Park.
    Just because you and others don’t like her, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have talent. I don’t particularly care for her personal life, but it doesn’t blind me to the fact (based on movies and reviews) that she does have talent.

  2. 27
    Anna Says:

    wow, I can’t believe how mean women can get. She’s beautiful and her talent is undeniable, just watch Edge of Love, Factory Girl, or Interview. Even in lighter fare she still gives a good performance. It’s a little saddening that so many people should criticize her for sleeping with a married man, when he is the one who is breaking his vows, not her. Anyway hope her play does well : ) have a nice weekend everyone

  3. 28
    loyal Says:

    She is gorgeous and talented. Eat your jealous hearts out bitche$.

  4. 29
    Gasman Says:

    @Sabine: I’ve hooked up with a fair few, sweet cheeks & what I get is a whole lotta fun! What the little missus don’t know, don’t hurt her none! So what’s wrong with a little extra marital perk now & then..I don’t see it as being unfaithful. Just because we house a woman & feed a woman & take care of the bills so she don’t have to stress her head don’t mean we can’t take a little me time with a pretty fling once in a while. You all still got your knickers in a twist over Sienna & Getty, I say fair play to them. Life’s too short to shackle yourself to the hausfrau.

  5. 30
    groundcontrol Says:

    Good lord. Another female actor with a horde of ranting females after her for the rest of her life for her imagined sins. LOL!
    These judgmental females are like the witch hunters of old and they have serious issues. Maybe they should try hating on some men once in a while.
    I’m not up on all the intricacies of her personal life but wasn’t that guy separated at the time they were seeing each other? Why is it anyone else’s business? Did these same women hound Jude Law for cheating on Sienna (I did read about that) when they were engaged?
    In any event, I like her and find her interesting. She is indeed talented and willing to challenge herself as an actor. She’s also very attractive and bright. I’ve enjoyed her on talk shows. So kudos to Sienna for taking to the stage and practicing her craft.

  6. 31
    TIM GUNN Says:

    ***** Alert.

    Need more be said?

  7. 32
    tim Says:

    trust me from a guys point of view she’s plain i prefer mad men type girls with lipstick and vintage clothes

  8. 33
    Sabine Says:


    You, men with a little better character than yours can find women who pay their own bills and don’t rely on men to support them. I guess the only way you ever got a wife was to buy one from Russia. But I seriously doubt any woman would come within a hundred miles of your ****** butt voluntarily.

    I do have complete and utter sympathy for your wife. I don’t know what horrible crime she committed to be forced to live with you. Hopefully she’s getting some on the side, as well.

  9. 34
    Diedre Says:

    When has she ever challenged herself as an actor? She’s played the same role in every movie, brainless but pretty twit. Sometimes drug addicted, usually sex addicted. She has marginal talent at best, and will always be better known for having sexy times in public with married men than any acting she may do. Once her looks fade a little more, she’ll have no career at all.

  10. 35
    Karma Says:

    @Anna: That’s just it, if she had any talent, she might get more respect. But she doesn’t, so she doesn’t.

  11. 36
    Gasman Says:

    Hey, you know most of you girls only hook up with rich men so’s you can leech off them. What most of you look for is an open wallet! Damn bunch of whining females is right.

  12. 37
    Et cetera Says:

    Sienna is a beautiful, talented actress who has received a lot of critical acclaim for her films, more so than others I can think of. She works hard and is very professional, also very honest about her shortcomings. She’s far more interesting than the cardboard cut-out manniquins that pose as actresses in LA. She’s human, she make’s mistakes.

  13. 38
    Karma Says:

    @Et cetera: You say “Sienna is a beautiful, talented actress who has received a lot of critical acclaim for her films, more so than others I can think of.” You must not see many films. Sienna is mediocre, at best.

  14. 39
    A Says:

    ‘talent’? what talent?? there’s none, nada, zilt zero:
    now go there and look at the “In Development:” section- that’s where the proof of talent is:
    SM has only one discernible ‘talent’, it’s between her legs.
    every woman has this ‘talent’, but not every woman can stoop so low and make a living from peddling it.

  15. 40
    talented Says:

    found her boring and i only get to know her trough her affairs and jude law never saw a memoriable movie of her and here is everyone OHHmy gosh she is soooootalented!! she is actually like other actresses who are not that succesful affairs,smalmovies,fashionistas funny blabla

  16. 41
    carmen Says:

    Why do these fan groups always argue that the only reason for not liking their idol is because they are jealous? No, people don’t like Sienna Miller because she has no respect for other women, never takes responsibility for her actions, is always playing the victim, tries to justifu her behavior with a married man by spreading lies about his wife, and who has so little respect for herself that she equates her worth in life by the number of times she is spotted publicly engaging in pda with a man. No one is jealous of a woman who is so insecure that she tries to upstage a mother and her 4 kids.

  17. 42
    yeah, that's right Says:

    Gasman, I don’t know who it was who hurt you so much but she really got you good.
    But just because you got hurt once doesn’t mean that there aren’t women out there who appreciate more than a d*ck and a meal ticket, just apparently not where you hang out (Hooters? Never a good idea!)
    If you keep protecting yourself like this you will end up totally embittered and disillusioned and you miss out on essential things in life. Poor soul, try being respectful to other people and respect will be returned.

  18. 43
    Susan Says:

    I haven’t seen this chick in ANY movie!

  19. 44
    Roni Says:

    I think that she deserved all the public criticism and backlash during her affair with Getty. However I also cannot forget that her married lover was far more to blame than her for the public humiliation of his wife and family and at that time Miller took most of the heat for their joint behaviour. It is always the way – the public believes that the woman is more to blame and the man is considered to be “led on” and “seduced” by the woman even if he is the one who had more responsibility towards his family. Believe me, men are not so childlike and those who are predators, like Getty, understand exactly what they are doing.

    As for her latest role in ‘After Miss Julie’, I am sure that she wouldn’t have been offered this very difficult part if the producers and director didn’t think that she had the ability to succeed, particularly with a co-star like the very talented Jonny Lee Miller. It is considered one of THE most important parts for young actors and has been performed by the greatest actresses working today. I wish her luck in the role.

  20. 45
    Renton Says:

    Forget this chick, where the hell are the Jonny Lee Miller pictures? Give us a break!

  21. 46
    groundcontrol Says:

    A @ 09/19/2009 at 1:12 pm ‘talent’? what talent?? there’s none, nada, zilt zero:
    now go there and look at the “In Development:” section- that’s where the proof of talent is:
    SM has only one discernible ‘talent’, it’s between her legs.
    every woman has this ‘talent’, but not every woman can stoop so low and make a living from peddling it.
    Boy A sure is invested in hating on Sienna Miller.
    First, anyone who cites imdb as a reliable source is pretty green in the film department. It is notorious for its inaccuracies and its immature fangurl and fanboy tirades on the boards.
    Second, how does the imdb “In Development” section offer proof of talent. That’s one of the most hilarious and off base statements I’ve read in a long time. It proves nothing. Plenty of hacks have tons of movies lines up or “rumored” to have lined up – because that’s what a lot of that sections contains: rumors..
    And, lastly, but maybe most importantly, your sexist insults directed at Miller are simply misogynist tripe. Save your foolish hausfrau comments for ivillage.

  22. 47
    Eloisa Says:

    I want to see Johnny Lee Miller pictures!!!!!!

  23. 48
    Lplusfpluse Says:

    Is it just me or is everyone in the second to last picture staring at her ass???!!!!

  24. 49
    Lplusfpluse Says:

    Actually if you check here on JJ you’ll see that Josh Hartnett has a girlfriend, she’s really pretty but she kinda looks like Sienna and they’ve got the same style.

  25. 50
    Diedre Says:

    No “in developement” means that no one else thinks she has enough talent to risk putting her in a movie. Every movie she’s been in has flopped, including GI Joe which hasn’t even made back anywhere near the amount of money that was spent on it. Some people may think she has talent, but just as many others think that she wouldn’t act if she didn’t audition on the casting couch on her knees.

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