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Sienna Miller Previews 'After Miss Julie'

Sienna Miller Previews 'After Miss Julie'

Sienna Miller and co-star Jonny Lee Miller, pictured below, sign autographs and take pictures with fans after a preview performance of their new play After Miss Julie at the American Airlines Theatre on Friday (September 18) in New York City.

This is the Broadway debut for both Sienna, 27, and Jonny, 36!

You can pick up tickets for the play through December 6 at

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller‘s preview performance of After Miss Julie

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Photos: Fame Pictures, L.Gallo/WENN
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  • clay

    @Avalon: That is so true. But why do we let the men get away with it. We have to learn to crucify them both.

  • RealityCheck

    Gimme big break! Can anyone explain why this woman gets any press at all? Nobody cares about her – nobody in the UK and nobody in the US. She’s neither talented nor beautiful enough to deserve attention – she can’t act her way out of a paper bag, her love affairs are pathetic and she’s a homewrecker, too. At least, unlike her, Jolie aims high and has a talent that excuses her presence in the spotlight while this one doesn’t have even that. Aren’t there more talented and more attractive actors and actresses out there?

  • clay

    @RealityCheck: She or someone must be paying her way. I wonder how she get Anna Wintour to put her on the cover of Vogue (more than once). Then she gets movie roles to boot. Something isn’t right here.

  • clay

    @clay: Here are some punctuation and spelling correction:

    @Avalon: That is so true. But why do we let the men get away with it? We have to learn to crucify them both.

    clay @ 09/19/2009 at 5:20 pm @RealityCheck: She or someone must be paying her way. I wonder how she gets Anna Wintour to put her on the cover of Vogue (more than once). Then she gets movie roles to boot. Something isn’t right here.

    Read more:

  • carmen

    Getty got as much slack for the affair as Sienna Miller. Teh difference is that he LAID LOW and kept QUIET, while Seinna miller staged photo-op after photo-op, played the victim, blamed the media/press for not spinning it in her favor, and tired to justify her actions by claiming that she was “naive or in love”.

    Sienna is one of those women who judges other women-she publicly berated JL nanny and then set out to destroy RG image by spreading lies about her. If SM is sleeping with someone else’s spouse, then why shouldn’t she be held by the same standards that she imposed on the nanny? Why should things be different for her now that she is playing the role of the other woman.
    She had the nerve to talk about there being no sisterhood and then she turns around and is spotted kissing another woman’s husband. And people want to act like people “hate” on her for no apparant reason. She has no respect for other women, so why should women have respect for her?

    It is not true that the women get most of the slack while men get away? Jude Law. He got so much slack for the affair that he had to make an apology to SM and he still to this day continues to get slack for the affair. Everytime his name is mentioned, the media makes sure to in how he cheated on SM.

  • A

    try a little harder to whitewash your client, coz you’re gonna be unemployed by the end of that Broadway idiocy.

  • A

    as for that your ingenious remark about “In Development”:
    “Plenty of hacks have tons of movies lines up or “rumored” to have lined up”
    well, genius, your client is sooooo talented, that she doesn’t even have those rumours. haha
    let alone real productions

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, look at all these haters
    ffs girls, it’s been a whole f’ing yr, get over it already
    you act like if you were the 1 that got cheated on
    she’s already moved on 2 her slinky wizard
    congrats on the debut sienna =]
    she looks beautiful as always, simple outfit yet she looks nice

  • carmen

    You what’s funny? When her fans scream “get over it” and then Sienna Miller proves them wrong by “reuniting” with the married man or has a public pda session with him.

    I believe what you are referring to is EMPATHY. And if she has moved on why is she now putting out stories about kissing JH, which is just code for I am still sleeping with BG and I will stage a public pda session with him really soon. Why is she talking about moving to NY, which is also code for: i am still sleeping with the married man despite the fact that he is paying attention to his family.

    The truth of the matter is that everyone knows how this is going to end. By the end of the year she is going to be back with BG because she can’t be upstaged my a mother and her 4 kids. So don’t get mad because people are calling it as they see it.

  • liverwurst

    Well she is pretty though isn’t she?

  • liverwurst

    @fug pug: Frenchy, stop your yelling.

  • Sabine

    Carmen you are so right. I am projecting something by Christmas if not sooner. Anyone who believes they have broken up is an idiot.

  • doris got her oats

    It’s rather sad the vitriol which is so oft-times spewed in pages like these, isn’t it? From finger-pointing to gossip to innuendo to outright lies – all under the cover of convenient anonymity, mind you – everyone has an equal seat at the table in these forums and can get away with just about anything they damn well please. Maybe it makes these folks feel better about themselves, to somehow feel above the fray. Some sit around dinner tables and talk about politics, who’s an idiot, and who isn’t – as if they really walk the walk in D.C. Well, you gotta problem with politics – go out and volunteer, be of public service. You gotta problem with the entertainment industry – go out and try it on for size, take classes, audition, write something. You gotta problem with somebody else’s love life – take care of your own, go buy a flower, some chocolate, call someone close and tell them how much they mean to you. But no, it’s all too easy to criticize, especially in subjective matters. And to be critical of the work is one thing – it’s everyone’s right to like or not like whatever the hell they want. But to judge the person behind it without knowing what’s going on is a completely different matter altogether. No, I don’t know Ms. Miller and I don’t work for anyone associated with anything having to do with her (though I’m sure some of you paranoid conspiracy whack jobs will trump up something). I simply admire the work. She’s done quite a bit more than some think, and her acting chops – some of which were borne from being trained at Strasberg – are considerably more 3-Dimensional than what’s been described here. You don’t like her as an actress – simply don’t go. It’s the most profound criticism any artist ever faces – no audience. As for her love life lessons being played out in the press – she’s certainly not alone in that regard as far as being fodder for the front pages. Sells a good magazine. And the media, their sponsors and advertisers know that – they revel in exactly the kind of judgment/gossip-mongering people on these pages engage in. And because it’s a symbiotic relationship with these personalities, you bet there are flacks and p.r. hacks complicit in much of it. But some of these personal events (i.e. involving drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, etc.) are not orchestrated. They just happen. These people are human. The funny/tragic thing is those are the headlines that sell the most – the bringing of someone perceived as elevated celebrity brought crashing to Earth, so that we can scorn them or pity them as the case may be. Maybe makes some on Main Street feel better about their own insecurities, their own mundane lives. And the Barnum-esque media is all-too-eager to sell tickets to a good train wreck. So how ’bout this – if you wish to continue to throw darts at Miller’s personal life, start your own freakin’ blog – about your life. Go back to your teens and twenties and share your life experiences with the rest of the world. Let’s hear all the dirt about your love escapades. And let’s open that up and have reporters and photographers snoop around, research your past, talk to your friends, your neighbors, your past loves and see what they drum up. See what happens when you put yourself on the line – and then see what comes back. Maybe you’ll have an audience which, in turn, will make you prone to the same kinds of criticism people so freely dole out. Or maybe you won’t have an audience, because people simply won’t care what you have to say.

  • carmen

    Don’t you just love when posters take the time and energy to write these “GET A LIFE” posts or “you are horrible people for picking on Sienna Miller just because she disrespects other women and flaunts it “posts? The truth of the matter is that Sienna Miller is not a woman of her word and we can probably predict with 85% certainty that she will be back to her old stunts. Why would people think this? Because that’s what she put out. After that Vogue interview where she claimed to be single and had learned her lesson, what did she do? She showed up with her tongue in the married man’s ear. Just because she said that she moved on, it doesn’t make it true.

  • ri

    @lakers fan in boston:
    And you are still a dumb f’ing idi0t.

  • lauren

    I think she’s fantastic, I’m confident she’ll do well.

  • Sabine


    Like anyone’s going to read anything that long. Really, no one has that much to say. Do you worfk for her PR, because you must have been getting paid by the hour.

  • kk

    I want to watch the play!!!!

  • Teri


    Well, I’m sure you will still be able to get tickets. I predict this is going to bomb. The reviews have been so so. This part requires a stellar ectress, and that is NOT Sienna.

  • Hollyb

    Girlfriend should go star in a live S-E-X show. Then she could really show the world where her real talents lie…

  • sunny

    I’m from Germany and unfortunately I’m not able to see her live but I would love to!! I like Sienna…mean she seems to be so down to earth and fun to be around and she’s really beautiful!! Maybe she did some wrong things in the past but come on she is only human and by the way Getty was the one who was married while he made out with her not Sienna but apparently that doesn’t count. And I think Jude Law must have been crazy when he cheated on her with his nanny. SIENNA rocks!!

  • Smartblond

    Female actresses with blond hair are always hated by brunette women. This is because a long time ago most models and a lot of coveted female acting roles went to blonds, and so brunette women understandably came to resent this one-dimensional ideal of beauty in the media. However, now that times have changed and women of different races and hair colors are all depicted evenly I wish that brunettes would just get over it. As a blond I often think about dying my hair brown just because I get tired of being labeled in this way.

  • margieE

    A w**** playing the part of a w**** is acting?
    I’m afraid Miller and her reps will have to come up with something a little better than this before Hollywood comes a knocking!!
    Believe it or not, even Hollywood has its limits when it comes to w****s

  • carmen

    So you think that people are “hating” on Sienna Miller because the color of her hair? Sorry to burst your bubble, but the color of one’s hair has nothing to do with why people dislike Sienna. People dislike Sienna because she has no respect for other women, is a hypocrite, is always playing the victim, never takes responsibility for her actions, had a very public affair with a married man knowing all too well about the hurt she was causing because she was in the same position and never let anyone forget about how JL affair hurt, kept rubbing the affair in BG wife face, tried to justify her affair by spreading lies about the married man’s wife, acted like she was suffering more than the married man’s wife and kids or as if they were not suffering at all, continued to stage photo-op after photo-op with the married man, expects people to take her seriously but then pulls those childish “Look at me” stunts, had the audacity to claim that she had a very public affair with a married man because she was “naive and in love” not once but TWICE, who whines about there being no sisterhood despite the fact that she was sleeping with another woman’s husband, after declaring that he was hirt by JL public affair she is spotted in public sticking her tongue in the married man’s ear, and who publicly berated JL nanny and expected to be treated differently now that the roles have been reversed and she is the other woman.