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Alexandra Burke - 'Bad Boys' Music Video Premiere!

Alexandra Burke - 'Bad Boys' Music Video Premiere!

Check out the brand spankin’ new “Bad Boys” music video from UK’s The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke featuring rapper Flo Rida.

It’s the lead single from Alexandra‘s upcoming debut album Overcome, out October 12. The vid was directed by Bryan Barber, who also did Kelly Clarkson‘s “I Do Not Hook Up” and OutKast‘s “Hey Ya!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexandra’s new music video — HOT or NOT?

Alexandra Burke – ‘Bad Boys’ Music Video
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  • Eric D. Midget

    Who is this dude?

  • anon

    Eric, LOL! But Alexandra was last year’s winner of “X Factor” , the same show in the UK which launched Leona Lewis 2 years ago. Alexandra already won the heart of Beyonce who performed in the finale, and did a duet “Listen” (Beyonce’s song) with Alexandra.

  • imani arbuah

    i dont like it …………. shes trying to hard ??

  • omg

    I am sorry . . .WHO???
    The video is just like any other video . . .nothing special about it.

  • sel

    Hmm, I like Leona Lewis better. Alexandra is okay but Leona is much better.

  • dee

    If she was any good fine. But why do we have to import more crappy pop music?

  • Orlaith

    I hate Alexandra, I still think JLS should have won. It’s just like having a wannabee version of Leona, and JLS have already done better than Alex.

  • oxford uni student

    omg she definitely should NOT have won the x factor. she’s nothing like leona. JLS really deserved to win.
    Her voice is rubbish!

  • denise

    I agree with @dee. This song is nothing new, nothing inventive. Just another typical pop song with a typical/crappy video.

  • dan

    I’m so sick of all the Leona comparison rubbish! Seriously, just shut up! They are totally different singers… Leona is a total ballad singer and cannot dance as good as Alex who comes out with more dance music.
    Alex is a major hit.

  • Stacey

    Alexandra won fair and square :D. JLS didn’t won cause their fans didn’t vote enough as us Alexandra fans :).

    She can’t be compared to Leona as they’re two completely different singers.

  • Brian

    Fantastic track, great video, Alexandra looks wonderful.

    Am soooo tired of the Leona comparisons.

    Orlaith, you sound like a complete loser, Alexandra deserved to win, she won by over 1 million votes!

  • JeromeHolder

    I’m sorry, to the person who said she is trying too hard… SHUT UP! She has to try hard she is a new artist, trying to make it in a very dire industry – you have to pull out all the stops to succeed, and that she did! This video is straight Fire! Give the girl a chance, when have we seen an artist like this emerge from the British music scene, Alex is a fantastic artist, and I think you all know that.

  • sophie

    JLS were much better, and they already got a number one, something i don’t think Alex will get here in the UK. She won because she performed with Beyonce. That’s what got her the votes :\

  • Michael

    @Eric D. Midget Flo Rida is a rapper who spawned to 2 #1 songs in the United States. The question should be: Who is the this girl?

  • pea

    @sophie: if I’m not mistaken, didn’t she have the christmas number one in 08? and she had the fasting selling single ever for a new artist. That said, I’m not feeling this song but I also have little doubt that she will be a brillant artist.

  • Cindy

    Sophie, Alexandra has already had a number one too with Hallelujah. And Orlaith – Alexandra’s single has sold well in excess of 1 million, JLS’s single has sold just over 300 thousand. Please check out your facts before you start wrongly saying JLS have done better than Alex.

  • sara

    seriously people need to stop the rubbish. Firstly Alexandra won NOT JLS, so move on. I love the JLS boys but if JLS fans didnt vote enough for them, you cant complain now. Alexandra deserved her win so pls lets just move on. As for the Leona/Alexandra comparison, its pointless. Leona is more like Mariah, big ballards but no dance moves to speak of. Leona is not very current even though she is a great singer. Alexandra on the other had is more like Beyonce. She can sing and dance and she is current. Both girls are relevant, I dont know why people choose to compare them. I prepare to enjoy Leona and Alexandra as two different type of artist instead of trying to make them one. Finally well done Alexandra, great song and an even better video.

  • sophie

    sorry i forgot she had a number one but every winner of the x factor has got the christmas number one as of present, just saying that JLS are kinda getting more of a likeability factor in the UK, and some people aren’t keen on her because she’s like a leona clone. i’ll give her a chance though, her song is better than cheryl cole’s anyway!

  • cal

    Alex has a UK number under her belt already i beg your pardon !

    This song is AMAZINGG – the video gave new life to the song !


  • jess34

    Wow whats up with all the haters? Anyway, this is gonna be a global hit for sure, Alexandra has the whole package going and is amazing just like Leona is. People need to stop acting like she’s out for leona’s spot, theres enough room for every one, my goodness!

  • christine


  • JJ

    I love Alex. She is a great singer and is very pretty. I’m in the US and I can’t wait until she takes it over.

  • music

    Blah, I don’t like that kind of

  • CP


    Alex is good!

    But better than LEONA LEWIS?


    It’s so stupid to say that Leona sings but alexandra is better cause she dances xD


    There are a lot of singers that can dance and better than Alexandra, but how many singers can sing and make stuning performances like LEONA LEWIS? not much yeah?

    Dont be stupids… Alex is quite good… But LEONA LEWIS is in other LEVEL.

  • CP


    Alex is good!

    But better than LEONA LEWIS?


    It’s so stupid to say that Leona sings but alexandra is better cause she dances xD


    There are a lot of singers that can dance and better than Alexandra, but how many singers can sing and make stuning performances like LEONA LEWIS? not much yeah?

    Dont be stupids… Alex is quite good… But LEONA LEWIS is in other LEVEL.

  • chegs

    Hot video! Alex shows she can kick ass. Loving the the leather outfit too. I’m not a big fan of the song but it goes with the vid and AB more than holds her own. Name me one X factor winner who could even move like that in their videos. America has tons of girl stars why do we think we can only have Leona. There’s more than enough room for them both. AleX you’re putting the X in Xfactor. You go girl.

  • http://WWW.AOL.COM bEN mAR

    Let the JLS fans hate on Alex-it is because she beat them that they are on every message board insulting Alex-grow up.She is a rare talent and has the lot a great personality she can sing ballads and up tempo songs and she can dance we do not know if she will be as big as Leona but she has a great future ahead of her.All the haters what have you ever done-she has had the fastest selling and the only 1 million selling song from a UK female artist and JLS HAVE HAD ONE HIT THAT DID NOT SELL A THIRD OF WHAT ALEX DID-GET OVER IT.

  • darrenmatthews

    i think you’ll find alexandra was on xfactor before leona, so i really dont see how you can call her a ‘wannabee leona’

  • mimi



    go Alex!

  • http://hotmail kareena

    wel hate alexandra… only won because of beyonce. JLS have done so much better, no 1 selling single, sell out concert, performed with lemar, lots of concerts, nominated for TWO mobo awards, another brillaint single and album out!

    in your face… just admit it JLS are better and will do better,
    she looks ugly in the video and she is soo rubbish so has to have the
    company of flo rider in her debut single


  • sal

    I really like Alex, i like the video and the song, and she looks great. She is not LEONA LEWIS she is ALEXANDRA BURKE. I think she should feel very proud of herself. I bet all you haters couldn’t do what she has done. You go girl, i look forward to the next single.

  • Paul Cross

    I love her she is great :)

    She well deserved to win and i think this song is great :D

  • jojo

    i love them all three mentioned but LEONA will always be my number 1 girl. she is beautiful and she can sing, she has an amazing voice. And so what if she doesn’t dance it’s just not her thing and i think she is to shy to dance
    i love alex but i hate her new song( it’s not the kinda songs i wanted her to sing when i voted for her)
    and i am glad that JLS are doing so well they all deserve the best
    (especially LEONA) hehe

  • michael

    Brilliant single. The girl is beautiful and figure is gorgeous. I see no similarities with Leona other than the fact they are both women of colour and that is the main reason why they have been compared to one another. They have completely different voices and sing completely different genre of music. Yes they both came from the x factor, but that’s where it ends. The British always try to run down their own artists anyway. They are already dissing poor Leona now! I wish Alexandra all the best as she is a talent! She has had a number 1 debut single and album under her belt so far and lets hope there is more to come. Well done again young lady.

  • michael

    Beautiful girl with a fantastic voice. I see no similarities with Leona apart from both being women of colour. I wish her (Alexandra) all the best as she so deserves it. Congratulations on winning the x factor and having debuting at number 1 with your single and album.
    Please stop all this jealous talk and hating. Everytime a pretty girl with a big voice does well, the British like to run them down. Why? If you don’t like her then don’t google her name. I am also reading some hurtful comments on Leona on other sites, when she was the golden girl. What is going on? Alex is fantastic and everyone to their own taste, yeah?

  • suppress your appetite

    awesome sooong :D, thanks so much´╗┐ for sharing! ;)

  • miley

    I like she

  • alexandra

    Alexandra is 1Million better ols Leona Lewis