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Jennifer Garner & Violet Visit Papa Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Violet Visit Papa Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet Affleck, almost 4, to visit papa Ben Affleck on the set of The Town on Saturday (September 19) in Boston, Mass.

“[Violet] thinks that I work in a trailer. She thinks that my work is getting hair and makeup done,” the 37-year-old actress told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival press conference for her new movie The Invention of Lying. “If you ask her what I do, she’ll say she remembers me bowing on stage when I did a show in New York, and so she’ll say, ‘My mom sometimes will bow on stage and sometimes she gets her hair and makeup done. It’s a great job!”

Jen added, “[Violet] has never seen a set, but she will at some point. She has made it to the trailer and to craft service. She gets M&M’s when she comes.”

Also pictured on set: Jeremy Renner.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner visiting Ben Affleck on set…

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  • lexy

    That’s sweet! Jen & Ben are awesome!!

  • lexy

    That’s sweet! Jen and Ben are awesome!

  • LuckyL

    I’ve been present at one of the scenes they’ve been shooting in Boston Common.

  • *********

    Just wait till little Violet finds out what her parents really do for their careers. They are a lovely family:)

  • go sox

    @LuckyL: I’ve been tempted to just walk around town with Affleck, Jon Hamm, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, etc all over these days!! Must have been fun to watch them shoot!

  • Tazla

    Okay haters what are you going to find to rag about this time? Seems like a pretty happy family to me. A beautiful family too.

  • LOL

    What happy family?
    There are NO pictures of them together!

  • LuckyL

    go sox @ 09/20/2009 at 9:49 am

    @LuckyL: I’ve been tempted to just walk around town with Affleck, Jon Hamm, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, etc all over these days!! Must have been fun to watch them shoot!
    I didn’t get to see Hamm or the Afflecks. =) I saw them walking the cameras up the hill and they had a sign up on Monday, when you could walk through, warning that you you may appear in the scene and not to walk through if you didn’t want to. They were at the Common all last week. On Thursday, they said you couldn’t walk the steps, the ones that go up on Beacon St., and the crew was so sweet about it. I don’t know if it was a small crowd gathered below or extras in the scene.

  • plm

    so sweet

    they’re just adorable!

    best wishesh ben/jen !

  • Michelle


  • becky

    Apparently Ben’s ass took off running when they got there or we would have gotten pictures of them together.

    Why visit the set if you can’t spend five seconds together??? Ya’ll know she went there to check up on him and took that ugly little girl with her to add more pressure.

    Jen’s going to hell for using those kids like that.

  • sunday drive

    Wonderful that Jen and Violet could visit Ben. Jen has to head to the West Coast for interviews early in the week. Nice that they try and fit some family time in, even while Ben is directing.

    Can’t wait to see The Town.

  • haters have arrived


    Someone pee in your cornflakes this morning?

    They don’t take Violet down to the actual set. SO they probably had their private time in Ben’s trailer. Just because we don’t see a picture of Ben and Jennifer throwing down on the sidewalk doesn’t mean he “ran” away.

  • yawn

    Nice that they try and fit some family photo op time in.

  • Michelle

    @haters have arrived:

    I AGREE. He’s the flippin’ director AND starring in it. He’s obviously got a full plate. Plus, it’s not as if they haven’t seen each other in weeks. They’re living right next door in Cambridge for the time being.

  • duh!

    “Why visit the set if you can’t spend five seconds together???”
    To get press.

  • s.i

    sweet! jen looks really pretty and her skin is amazing!

  • Heidi’s used tampon


    I’d hit it.

  • lisa harris

    Show me a picture of Ben with his wife and daughter Jen is somewhere else ..

  • Tazla

    They obviously went right to where Ben was. The paps can’t get in everywhere you know. Why are you griping because there’s no pictures of the three of them together? How stupid you are! LOL

  • Kevin

    This makes me think all those gossip sites were right with saying Ben is cheating on Jen with Blake Lively and that Jen shows up on the set to make sure nothing is going on and to remind him he has a family.

  • lisa

    Yay! So happy Jeremy Renner has made it!

  • boring

    “Why are you griping because there’s no pictures of the three of them together?”
    Because this is just another photo op where Jen pimps her kids and NO BEN to be seen.

  • haters have arrived

    #22, and #24

    Wrong, he goes home everynight to his family. No more reminder than walking in the front door of the family house.

    If they WANTED a photo op then I am sure they could have staged on. How about this for making the front cover of every flippin’ mag out there.

    “Ben in his director chair, turn camera so that it shows the actual word on the back of the chair. Jen in a chair next to him that says Mrs. Affleck, with Ben holding Sera, and Violet sitting on Jens lap”. Talk about a money shot.

    Bottom line: closed set, pics from paps taken from a distance. Jen and Ben are smart enough to have Ben’s trailer and that of the rest of the cast away from the paps.

    Guess Jennifer dropped what she was doing to rush there to check on Ben and Jon Hamm.

  • fangirls are silly

    “Wrong, he goes home everynight to his family.”
    How could you know that?
    You live with them?

  • haters have arrived

    Think if Ben Affleck slept anywhere but the family home in Boston, that it wouldn’t be on every gossip site, blog, magazine site under the sun?

    Jen made one comment about Violet in an interview and it was picked up by about 500 websites.

    Go figure.

  • tv shows

    Jennifer Garner will be on Leno Monday. Ellen D. on Tuesday.

  • stupid fangirls are here

    No one checks out Ben’s house at night, in the morning or during day.
    No one knows where and with whom he sleeps.

  • DeeDee

    She has a big @ss. That is probably why they hardly ever showed it on Alias.

  • stupid fan girls are here

    Are you an idiot? THey have paps outside their house morning, noon and night and have since they’ve been together. They have NO PRIVACY not because they ask for it but people that frequent these sites ask for it. They do not pimp their daughter out, they are hounded by the pap press. You confuse this family with the Holmes-cruises and Gavin, Sefanis and Jolie-Pitts. NOw THEY give out the money shots!

  • Ben in Boston

    stupid fangirls are here @ 09/20/2009 at 3:49 pm No one checks out Ben’s house at night, in the morning or during day.

    Wrong! 100% Wrong!

  • anja

    I think that instead of dragging her everywhere it would be better if they put Violet in some institution, where she’d meet similar retarded kids

  • lisa harris

    If he was cheating with anyone it would be Rebecca Hall he has way
    more stuff with her…the looks the eye contact the laughing and smiling.

  • Make you feel big?

    Hey #33, make you feel like a big person to call a young child names?

  • lexy

    Please no one thinks this man is cheating and especially not with Blake Lively who’s running around trying to film this movie, a tv show and spend time with her boyfriend.

    Jen and the girls probably moved nearby so they could be near Ben. It’s not like Jen and the girls are the first family to visit their husband/dad at work.

    Thankfully the paps are only allowed so far on to the set so the family can have some privacy.

  • don’t kid yourselves

    Ben is more than capable of cheating with no regard to being married. He went after J.Lo while she was still married to Chris Judd. Jennifer Garner has gone from one man to another as well, dumping one for another. I see a marriage born from PR machines that thought these two both had something to gain from it. Ben looks like he’s had enough for some time now. Jennifer looks desperate to keep him. Then again, she did get herself knocked up to get him in the first place.

  • you must be kidding

    #37, Really?

    Same stuff posted different day. Ben did not break up a happily married JLO. Really think Chris Judd was her soul mate? Please! She had left Chris they just weren’t divorced yet.

    20 years from now, Vartan vans and Judd fans will be singing the same song.

  • Moore

    Ben, looking good. So want to see this movie.

  • don’t kid yourselves

    @you must be kidding:

    I’m not a Vartan or Judd fan. I think its asinine to believe that Ben and Jen are immune to cheating, having problems in their marriage, or that they will remain married happily ever after. Both of their reputations proceed them, and history has a way of repeating itself, even if obsessed Jen fans continue to live in denial.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she actually looks a little clean for once
    at least the hair that is
    best ive seen her in a while, you wont be seeing that many complements from me tho jen

  • you must be kidding

    @ don’t kid yourselves @ 09/20/2009 at 6:52 pm

    So not one of the “obsessed Jen fans” don’t live in denial. Same as I am not dumb enough to believe rag mag/gossip mag stories. Nor stories with “sources say”.

    Not going to look at a picture of Ben Affleck smiling at a co-star and run off about how he is cheating with her.

  • Polo

    The clueless idiots have finally realized that the constant pictures of jennifer with her kids alone at the park in Boston were only fueling all the marriage problem rumors now they have her showing up to visit Ben at work like a good little wife. Still doesn’t change all the pictures of Ben flirting with Blake, looking happy with Blake like he never does with his wife and the pictures of Ben smoking again, a sure sign there is trouble.

  • you must be kidding

    Polo @ 09/20/2009 at 7:39 pm
    Ben smoking again, a sure sign there is trouble


    Smoking is a sure sign of marriage trouble, really? Maybe cig. companies can use that for a new marketing campaign.

    Because it certainly couldn’t have been stress (directing a movie), or that his character in the movie smokes, nope to haters it only has to mean one thing; Ben and Jen are getting a divorce.

  • citylove

    Orlando Bloom look better as a cop !!!!! :P

  • citylove

    Orlando Bloom look better as a cop !!!!! :P

  • Stupids are here

    THe haters are the idiots thinking that someone smiling at a co-star (he’s supposed to frown while she’s telling a story to him?) makes him a “cheater” you are an idiot. She’s doing what a normal person would -visiting her husband at work, that doesnt mean she’s checking up on him. He is right there where they are living- she is not even going out of her way. If she was at the park with the girls -= another normal thing most families do – you would say where is Ben and make a big deal out of it. You are the only ones making a big deal out of nothing . You and the most unrealiable tabloids. When People or US start talking about ‘something’ going on maybe I’ll believe it but they say the opposite.

  • ana

    I’m glad they didn’t show Violet’s face because she is one unattractive little girl, which is weird because both of her parents are reasonably attractive.

  • lollipop

    Why on earth is the Affleck defense team on here? Don’t they have better things to do than quibble over what the audience may or may not think. Like eating caviar and grey poupon. It’s simply human nature to speculate. As for her visiting the set, it looks needy and clingy. No amount of watching Ben on the set is going to change him. He’s just not into Jen anymore. If she were a cool calm kitty she’d go about her business as usual and mind the children and just look the other way. Either that or she can take the consequences and become a single mom.

  • megameg

    As always, poor Seraphina is home with the nanny. It’s awful how she favors Violet.

  • Tazla

    No 23 – How stupid you are. Are Jen and Violet not allowed to visit Ben on set? Hardly a “photo op”….in most of the shots they have their backs to the camera. Some “photo op”….you are a tool.