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Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe: Lemonade Lovely

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe: Lemonade Lovely

Reese Witherspoon and 9-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe take sips from their lemonades after picking up lunch at the Tavern restaurant on Saturday (September 19) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress recently wrapped a new movie, tentatively titled the Untitled James L. Brooks Project. The film, scheduled for release in late 2010, is set in Washington, D.C., and based around the love triangle between a female softball player (Witherspoon), Major League pitcher (Owen Wilson) and investment broker (Paul Rudd).

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Credit: Pedro Andrade/Bret Thompsett; Photos: Flynetonline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • mz.atlanta

    OMG, ava is a serious SPITTING IMAGE of her mom!!

  • alycia

    ava looks just like reese!i can’t wait to see reese’s new movie next year!

  • Reese stinks

    Another boring photo op from that hag ?

  • rebekah

    seriously she looks just like her mum!!

  • Lilith

    looks like Ava is going to be prittier and taller than her stunning mum. Hopefully, she isn’t a case of good genes gone bad, like Rumer

  • casey

    i can’t believe she’s only 9!
    Ava is going to be tall and gorgeous when she’s older.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard is as dull as dirty dishwater.

  • LuckyL

    Thank God she won’t be cursed with her mother’s bad body.


    she’s so boring

  • emma

    Ava just turned 10 jared

  • Kristen

    Ava’s not 9, she turned 10 on September 9th.

  • Scott Summers

    What an adorable little girl!

    For who’s sake, #6? Hers or yours?

  • viv

    @mz.atlanta: it’s splitting! not spitting, ew!

  • Olivia

    she is 10

  • whortenia

    God I thought the first post would be “CUTE”. I count the times the word “cute” is used to estimate the IQ of the commentators. Aside from that I would say that AGAIN the kid never smiles or laughs. She also needs glasses it would seem. I have never seen Reeese’s kids laugh or smile when they are with her.

  • lj

    what a little doll total cutie pie

  • Alex

    awwh i love reese her daughter is so beautiful

  • Mike

    Reese Witherspoon is obnoxious b!tch.

  • abbot

    amazing how reese is back in LA for a few days and the kids get photographed immediately she just needs people to see her with her kids and think she’s a great mother they manage to fly totally under the radar when she’s not around marching them to Brentwood Country Mart where there are photographers stationed 24/7

  • sara

    Wow, a mini Reese!

  • missme

    They are identical! This is precious!

  • missme

    They are identical! This is precious!

  • ANON

    Poor Ava looks uncomfortable and Reese looks disgusted. While I love seeing pictures of them, I think it is SO wrong for the paparrazzi to harrass and stalk and take pictures of the minor children of celebrities without their parents’ permission. We have no idea how many there were or how they were shouting at them. I have seen enough videos to be sickened by that kind of thing. I guess I don’t mind it if the people don’t mind, OR if they are so far away they don’t notice it, but this “in your face” stuff is just wrong.

  • ewwww

    “Wow, a mini Reese!”
    Poor kid!

  • jOANNA

    Reese has the most funny looking legs.

  • Don’t be so naive

    “I think it is SO wrong for the paparrazzi to harrass and stalk and take pictures of the minor children of celebrities without their parents’ permission.”
    LOL, don’t be so naive.
    This is arranged photo opportunity.
    Witherspoon is just another publicity wh00re and has no problem pimping her kids for press.

  • Harvey levin

    Reese goes to known paparazzi hang outs like 3rd St and Brentwood Country Mart and shops up and down San Vicente so don’t cry too many tears for Reese. Do feel badly for the kids though because they don’t want this attention and their mother does nothing to keep them away from it.

  • liz86000

    @Harvey levin:
    Are you stalking her?

  • lexy

    I agree Arnold needs to do something about the paps stalking these people when they are with their kids. Of course Ava looks sad, there’s a mob of people around her.

    What should Reese and Ryan (b/c they are photographed with him too) do to keep the kids “away from it” – should they lock then in their rooms? Send them to a boarding school? Reese and Ryan are trying to be normal parents and normal parents take their kids shopping and they take them out to eat and drive them to activities. Reese and Ryan aren’t exposing their children to this foolishness – the paps are!

  • phony and fake

    Reese Witherspoon is pimping her kids for publicity – remember when Reese arranged paparazzi for the pig farm pictures ?

  • Liffey

    Spitting image is correct, you stupid know all!

  • Harvey levin

    I can recall two pictures of Ryan with the kids this year once with Ava buying a bagel and once at a tball game. This is Reese’s third photo set of the month with the kids and she spent most of September in NYC and Philly. You really are naive as hell.

  • Allison

    Reese is right back on schedule for her staged photo ops. Pretending to exercise photo op-done. Pimping the kids photo op-done. Coffee/shopping/hand holding with the fake boyfriend photo op-fly to Pittsburgh next weekend for a set visit. And of course the pap pics are by Flynetonline-the official pap agency for the Reese and Jake showmance.

  • bella

    Its like a mini Reese.

  • nurd
  • Pattycake

    There’s no doubt that Ava is going to be a stunning looking woman. She has her mother’s beautiful legs but they are almost as long already. I think she’ll be taller. I see both of her parents in her features and body. For one thing she has her father’s broad shoulders as well as his lips and chin. How could she lose with two such beautiful parents?

  • Vera

    Fugly twins.

  • Realme2008

    Why do you guys keep saying that the little girl is going to be tall? Reese is 5’1″ or 5’2″, and Ryan is all of 5’8″. Those aren’t really tall genes. Just, because the girl has long legs doesn’t mean she’s going to be tall. lol, just means she has long legs. That’s actually fairly common.

  • Jen

    aw. She is identical to her mom

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow her daughter looks exactly like her
    i bet that’s exactly how reese looked when she was that age =p
    so cute seeing both of them together, i mostly see her with her son
    reese looks great as always
    so cute and being a good mom =]

  • eme

    Genetics aren’t cut and dry. We don’t know about either of Reese’s or Ryan’s family history as far as height. Ava and Deacon will most likely be as tall or taller than their parents.

    It’s not uncommon for parents of average (or below average) height to have offspring end up taller than them.

  • yuck

    Reese is rat ugly, has terrible thighs and zero appeal.

  • DElaware

    Ryan’s father is really tall. Well over six feet and two of his sisters are tall Ryan is a bit of a runt I know someone who went to school with them and he was tiny in grade school. It actually surprises me he is a normal height because he was such a small kid.

  • Realme2008

    It’s not uncommon for parents of average (or below average) height to have offspring end up taller than them.

    What I’m saying is you usually take after either parent. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to be tall. She might be taller then Reese, but that’s not hard. lol

  • Shauna

    What? no mention of Witherbeard’s gay boyfriend by JJ? I’m shocked!

  • Pattycake

    @lakers fan in boston: You can look up pix of both Ryan and Reese when they were each around 15-17. Ava has the look of each of them. Ryan did a made for tv movie when he was 19, The Secret of Lake Success, in which you can really see the resembance between him and his daughter. And Reese made a fim when she was 15 or so, The Man in the Moon, in which you can see Ava too. Howard Stern asked Ryan during his interview who the kids look like and he replied, they both look like both of us.

  • Tom

    They filmed that movie in Philly. I hate when they film in one city and claim it is another.

  • christine


  • ana

    Aw, little Ava is as pretty as her mom. I love Reese!